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Bar-bq's post declaration January Mock Draft

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  • Bar-bq's post declaration January Mock Draft

    Number one of the upcoming draft season. Explanations in full for each team. Took me a fair while, and I'd like to know what I can change.

    The picks I'm most unsure about are Baltimore, Detroit, and Tampa.

    1. Miami Dolphins-

    Alright; just bite the bullet. I’ve been stewing and stewing and procrastinating over this pick long enough. We all know Parcells likes his linebackers BIG. Look at Bobby Carpenter and DeMarcus Ware from his tenure in Dallas. Here, the nod goes to Vernon Gholston for being an athletic freak; Better as an outside linebacker prospect in a 3-4 than draft classmate Chris Long. McFadden was an option, but Julius Jones and Marion Barber were found in later rounds, and Ronnie Brown was a stud this year. Therefore….

    Miami Dolphins Select…Vernon Gholston, OLB/DE, OSU.

    2. St. Louis Rams.

    For me, easy pick. As a Ram fan, this will be the point I’ll hammer home until draft day about the OL. You don’t know what you’ve got. You just can’t tell with 4 of 5 starters being inured at various points throughout the season. Which is why it makes no sense to draft an offensive lineman in round one. Why pay a guy millions upon millions when he might not even see the field for two years, when you can pay a Chris Williams less money for doing arguably the same job? Pace is coming back from injury, and it would be wise for the Rams to look for a free agent inside (Jacob Bell, Stacy Andrews, maybe). Therefore, what you have with Jake Long, in the context of the Rams OL, is another unknown commodity. If you’re going to pay millions to a player, you might as well pay the man who is going to see the field. With Leonard Little old, injured, and no guarantee to return, James Hall being stunningly mediocre, and nobody else worthy of a starting job, the obvious selection is….

    St. Louis Rams Select…Chris Long, DE, Virginia.

    3. Atlanta Falcons

    Toughie, here. A franchise signal caller could make all the difference in the world. But Darren McFadden is clearly BPA. I have to think that Ryan is the type of player that can come in, and can make Norwood that much better. Because when you’re actually a threat to pass the ball, there’s more than one aspect of your game opposing defenses have to pay attention to. Chris Freakin’ Redman should be all the reasoning required.

    Atlanta Falcons Select…Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College.

    4. Oakland Raiders.
    Just how far does McFadden fall? I think it’s DBPA here Vs. OBPA. IMO, the winner here is Glen Dorsey. The defense was 31st against the run with Warren Sapp. Without replacing him, there’s probably only one place that I think they could go. I’m working under the assumption that 1000 yard tailback Justin Fargas will return.

    Oakland Raiders Select Glen Dorsey, DT, LSU.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs.

    Virtual no-brainer.

    Kansas City Chiefs Select Jake Long, OT, Michigan.

    6. New York Jets

    A dream come true. Thomas Jones cost them a second-rounder last year, but BPA in this draft and probably the next one, too, is McFadden, a rare and gifted athlete who adds a whole new dimension to the Jets offense. Quarterback could also be considered, but, really, who’s available? Brohm will not be a Jet in 08, unless he slips rather dramatically.

    New York Jets Select Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

    7. New England Patriots

    Possibly the only team who can afford to reach here, and the one position that they could use some help with is corner. They would have been devastated to see Jenkins and Laurinitis return to school. The only other choice here is BPA- a guy like Ellis or Clady.

    New England Patriots Select Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida.

    8. Baltimore Ravens

    Pending Terrell Suggs’ FA heave-ho, this is potentially the pick I’m least confident in. But Suggs will shimmy on out of Baltimore for the big bucks elsewhere, leaving this pick wide open. I considered Keith Rivers, but he’s probably too small for a 3-4, I considered Brian Brohm, but it’s too big of a reach here, I thought about BPA and Clady or Ellis again, and the only prospect I’m left with is…

    Baltimore Ravens Select Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals

    Things just fall into place for Cincy; they grab a top flight DT to fill a hole where they really need it. Go Trojans!

    Cincinnati Bengals Select Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC.

    10. New Orleans Saints.

    There’s two ways they could go here, and I can probably see either as an alright fit. Best Player Available wins out though. Keith Rivers is again pipped at the post.

    New Orleans Saints Select Kenny Phillips, S, Miami.

    11. Buffalo Bills

    Well, well. I can’t tell you how much trouble this is causing me. You could go Keith Rivers, you could reach for the DL, you could go BPA and take Clady by the jugular, or you could go WR. Now, DeSean Jackson is my no.1 Wideout prospect, and Josh Reed just doesn’t excite me…but…

    Buffalo Bills Select Keith Rivers, LB, USC

    12. Denver Broncos

    What they really need is help up front. I really can’t see that being available here. Phillips would have been nice, but really, all I can see here is BPA.

    Denver Broncos Select Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St.

    13. Carolina Panthers

    This here is selection by elimination. They really could use a replacement QB to groom behind Delhomme if they aren’t sold on Matt Moore, who looked good late in the season. They have so much money tied up in the quarterback position that overpaying another one, especially a guy like Brohm, who still has a lot of question marks, could be a mistake that kills the rest of the team. Jordan Gross and Travelle Wharton are free agents, and my guess is that one of them will be eliminated. See what I mean now? Elimination?

    Carolina Panthers Select Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh.

    14. Chicago Bears

    What do you do if you’re a sinking team that starts a QB platoon of Rex Grossman and Brian Brohm? You board the Brian Brohm lifeboat and hold on for dear life.

    Chicago Bears Select Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville.

    15. Detroit Lions

    The consensus pick seems to be Otah, who is gone. Maybe the 54 sacks had something to do with Mike Martz’ 3-step-drop-BANG approach to getting your quarterback killed. The next best thing, IMO, is any defensive player.

    Detroit Lions select Calais Campbell, DE, Miami (FL)

    16. Arizona Cardinals

    What’s better than one Edgerrin James? Two Edgerrin James’!

    Arizona Cardinals select Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon.

    17. Minnesota Vikings

    I believe that the reality of the situation for the Vikings is that if you’re dead last in passing defense, you didn’t get to the QB nearly enough, despite spending first round picks on Erasmus James and Kenichi Udeze. This pick is a bit of a reach, but the guy has an unbelievable motor and played great against Auburn.

    Minnesota Vikings Select Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson.

    18. Houston Texans

    The running game is non-existent, but neither, really, is the offensive line. Schaub got hurt last year, and they could find a great runner in round two. That’s why the pick here is not Mendenhall, as I thought it would be. It’s Oher, to start opposite Eric Winston, who was great last season.

    Houston Texans Select Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles

    There are probably no DE’s to go with, here, as much as I’d like to slip one in. They need depth in the secondary, and a wide receiver. This gives the new QB a new toy.

    Philadelphia Eagles Select DeSean Jackson, WR, California.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    You never know how long Jeff Garcia will last. Wide Receiver is probably the next option, and Sam Baker could be a go-er, but the time is now to get your future QB. You can find good depth at WR and OL in rounds 2 and three. Maybe a team takes a liking to Ernest Graham.

    Tampa Bay Selects Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky.

    21. Washington Redskins

    Defensive End is the trendy pick, but I seem to have exhausted my options, there. Wideout is an option, but a true presence along the DL is also needed.

    Washington Redskins Select Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina

    22. Dallas Cowboys (Via Cleveland)

    In some form or another, the Cowboys will probably lose one back from their platoon this off-season, with Barber being a RFA, and Jones a UFA. Look for them to compensate with this pick. Jones has the breakaway speed and playmaking ability the Boys would love to add to their offense; just look at his 8.0 YPC average this season. That’s the primary reason he gets the nod over Mendenhall.

    Dallas Cowboys Select Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Ben Roethlisberger took a beating this season, with the line giving up 53 sacks, six of them coming against Jacksonville in the playoffs. This should help to change that, and should also fill an immediate need with Starks and Faneca potentially departing as free agents.

    Pittsburgh Steelers Select Sam Baker, OT, USC.

    24. Seattle Seahawks

    Like, Duh.

    Seattle Seahawks Select Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois.

    25. Tennessee Titans

    Despite an injury marred season, this player could find himself going in the late first, and fills an immediate need for the Titans. Would make a nice pair with Williams on the outside. He has a history with Vince Young, making him the choice over Malcolm Kelly. Stock will probably be altered by 40 time, as it always is.

    Tennessee Titans Select Limas Sweed, WR, Texas.

    26. New York Giants

    Anyone who watched injury decimate the Giants secondary Sunday against the Cowboys will hardly be surprised by this pick. I think Sam Madison’s age will eventually catch up to him, and Corey Webster probably doesn’t see much more time as a starter.

    New York Giants Select Leodis McKlevin, CB, Troy.

    27. San Diego Chargers

    The OL has been consistent throughout the playoffs, and San Diego really has very few needs. Godser Cherilus seems to be the right fit on the right side, especially considering that Shane Olivea lost his job there earlier this season. Other option here was BPA; Dan Conner.

    San Diego Chargers Select Godser Cherilus, OT, BC

    28. Jacksonville Jaguars

    I wanted to go defense with this pick, specifically at end, but I can’t see anyone other than Moses or Jackson here, both of whom would be slight reaches. Chris Ellis is a guy I could see sliding up some draft boards with a good combine. I guess the guy here is Malcolm Kelly, to give Garrard a new target. Reggie Williams has a knack for the end-zone, but Matt Jones has done little to show he’s the star everyone thought he could be.

    Jacksonville Jaguars Select Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma.

    29. Dallas Cowboys

    Back to back Sooners, here, as the Cowboys find a great player late in the first. This pick may have even made sense at 22, especially with the giants looking Corner, and not too may guys chasing top backs this late.

    Dallas Cowboys Select Reggie Smith, DB, Oklahoma.

    30. San Francisco 49ers (Via Indianapolis)

    The Niners are disappointed to see Jackson, Kelly and Sweed all taken, but find a nice consolation prize in James Hardy. Big threat for the red-zone, should fit well into a Martz’ style offense, and give Alex Smith his another chance to prove his worth.

    San Francisco Selects James Hardy, WR, Indianna

    31. Green Bay Packers

    The last pick of round one, and it’s a fairly obvious one for me. The Packers have needs in the secondary, and there are a few guys to have fallen through the cracks. For me, the competition is between Godfrey, Cason, Talib, and Ikegwuonwu. Cason wins out as the most proven corner, and the Thorpe award winner of 2007.

    Green Bay Packers Select Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona.

    32. Forfeited.
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    Given who's available at the Eagles pick,Desean Jackson is a good pick.He would also give us the KR/PR we really need.
    ~Its only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything~


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      BOO Matt Ryan to ATL.


      • #4
        If the Jets passed up McFadden.. Arghhhhh...

        Thanks to darnik44two for the sig

        Dream Pats Draft:
        1. Vernon Gholston, LB, tOSU
        2. Adarious Bowman, WR, Ok St
        3a. Charles Godfrey, CB, Iowa
        3b. Kevin Smith, RB, UCF
        4. Peyton Hillis, RB, Ark
        5. Jermichael Finley, TE, Texas
        6. Brian Witherspoon, CB, Stillman
        7. Pierre Garcon, WR, Mt Union


        • #5
          awesome KC pick


          • #6
            i give u credit for going against many trends with your selections

            the steelers actually pick 23, and sam baker is a decent slection for them... no complaints

            thanks to steel man for the fresh sig


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              good Oakland pick.
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                I'd take Baker or Cason at 21 for the Skins. Balmer is good and all, but we have plenty of young depth at DT.


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                  campbell isn't (even if WMD is in love with him) a cover 2 DE, Lions will look for DE if a speedy one falls or go with OL, CB or LB (or DT, or RB) really we have so many holes...

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                    Good draft. I like it alot, all the effort you put into it and doing alot of picks your own way and not the way people want them to go but the way you think they will. As for the Packers draft, it works.


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                      Good pick for Buffalo.

                      BTW, Clady would not be a good pick for us. We just signed Langston Walker to a $25 million contract last offseason.

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                        Josh Reed is the epitome of excitement.

                        Pretty good pick, I'm not pledged to anything at the moment


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                          Love the Rams pick :)


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                            Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
                            Love the Rams pick :)
                            I agree (10 characters)

                            R.I.P Sean Taylor

                            Thanks to Renji for the AVI


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                              its a good giants pick. im more of a reggie smith/cason guy but mckelvin is cool too

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