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  • new mock 1/18/08

    - The Patriots trade the #7 pick to Atlanta for their 2009 1st round pick and CB DeAngelo Hall.

    1) Miami Dolphins: Glenn Dorsey DT LSU

    - The Tuna will build the D and it starts on the Dline in the middle.

    2) St. Louis Rams: Jake Long OT Michigan

    - Rams will need to replace Pace soon and Long is the guy.

    3) Atlanta Falcons: Darren McFadden RB Arkansas

    - The Falcons have no good RBs and McFadden would take everyones mind off Vick.

    4) Oakland Raiders: Chris Long DE Virginia

    - The Raiders need some help in the run D and Longs father played for the Raiders.

    5) Kansas City Cheifs: Ryan Clady OT Boise State

    - The Cheifs need to give LJ some running room hes the best back in the league when hes got some blockers.

    6) New York Jets: Vernon Gholston DE Ohio State

    - The Jets need a QB but i think Mangini will go D and start getting the peices for the 3-4.

    7) Atlanta Falcons (f/NE): Matt Ryan QB Boston College

    - The Falcons trade their 1st round pick next year and disgruntled CB DeAngelo Hall for their franchise QB.

    8) Baltimore Ravens: Brian Brohm QB Louisville

    - The Ravens offense has been a mess for like forever and it starts at QB.

    9) Cincinnati Bengals: Sedrick Ellis DT USC

    - The Bengals defensive is horrible and there are no linebackers to take so they go Dline.

    10) New Orleans Saints: Kenny Phillips FS Miami

    - The Saints offense is fine the D needs work, Phillips would add a defensive precense to the secondary.

    11) Buffalo Bills: Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma
    12) Denver Broncos: Calais Campbell DE Miami
    13) Carolina Panthers: Sam Baker OT USC
    14) Chicago Bears: Andre Woodson QB Kentucky
    15) Detroit Lions: Mike Jenkins CB South Florida
    16) Arizona Cardinals: Kentwan Bulmer DT North Carolina
    17) Minnesota Vikings: DeSean Jackson WR California
    18) Houston Texans: Felix Jones RB Arkansas
    19) Philadelphia Eagles: Adarius Bowman WR Oklahoma State
    20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Aqib Talib CB Kansas
    21) Washington Redskins: Derrick Harvey DE Florida
    22) Dallas Cowboys (f/CLE): Reggie Smith S Oklahoma
    23) Pittsburgh Steelers: Gosder Cherilus OT Boston College
    24) Tennessee Titans: Limas Sweed WR Texas
    25) Seattle Seahawks: Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon
    26) New York Giants: Keith Rivers OLB USC
    27) Jacksonville Jaguars: Quentin Groves DE Auburn
    28) San Diego Chargers: Tracy Porter CB Indiana
    29) Dallas Cowboys: James Hardy WR Indiana
    30) San Francisco 49ers (f/IND): Mario Manningham WR Michigan
    31) Green Bay Packers: Dan Conner OLB Penn State
    32) New England Patriots: stolen from commish

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    I wouldnt mind that pick.
    I also wouldnt mind Rivers, and Mike Jenkins.

    Originally Posted by scottyboy
    my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
    But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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      Interesting idea on the trade but be prepared to be flamed by Falcons fans.


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        Personally HATE the Ravens pick, rather have Woodson, Jenkins or Campbell.

        Baltimore: 7-4


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          That would be an exciting day for Falcons fans to say the least.


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            Bad Miami pick, people just don't seem to understand that Dorsey will not be in Miami next year, he does not fit our defense AT ALL. I'm willing to GUARANTEE Glenn Dorsey will not be Miami's pick. I think Matt Ryan has a much better chance of coming to Miami than him.

            I think that's also a bad Buffalo pick with who's on the board, I don't think they would pass on both Mike Jenkins and Keith Rivers if they were there. They could get Bowman or Sweed in the second. I believe Rivers would be the pick there.... and no way he falls to number 26, that's just ridiculous.

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              Campbell to Denver??? Not going to happen.


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                Why would the Cardinals draft another DT that's almost our deepest position on the team beside WR, we have no need at all right now for one, we can't even get Branch some playing time

                Give us Jonathan Stewart there
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                  i wont complain with woodson. better he than any of the other QBs.


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                    Another mock having the Bears drafting Andre Woodson. How original.


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                      if rivers somehow falls to the giants, which he wont i could never complain about that pick

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                        Wow...the Falcons making a HUGE splash there to reach for Matt Ryan. Oh boy! How exciting giving up a top 3 corner to get an overrated QB! Perfect trade! I love it!


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                          First rule of the draft: never trade a future first round pick.

                          The last time the Falcon did it pick for pick we lost out on Jamal Lewis. The last time we did it pick for player we lost out on Willis McGahee.
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                            Bad Steelers pick...right position, but Jeff Otah and Chris Williams are both better prospects than Cherilus


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                              I don't know what to say. I guess since everyone that has ever come to the Patriots has conformed to their system, I would think DeAngelo would be no different. I would think Atlanta would pick after #7 the next year, but as long as they are not after 28 it's an upgrade from the original pick the Pats traded to San Francisco. I guess I could live with this.

                              I think Matt Ryan is going to be an outstanding QB, too.



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