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  • bleh - 3 rounds

    I have two mocks that I’m working on, didn’t know which one I liked better. Also have some duo mocks that were started earlier. Went with this one, but I imagine I’ll hear things about this mock. Eh, I’ll have to go over it again. Bleh, some folks now how annoyed I’ve been with trying to get this done. Not too pleased with it, but better than I felt a couple days back. As always, the later it gets, the less I think on deals.


    First Round

    Dallas gets the 6th overall
    New York Jets get the 22nd, 62nd (61st), and 93rd (92nd) along with Bobby Carpenter

    - Had a variant involving both firsts, but went with this. Carpenter should get
    good reviews from Parcells.

    Minnesota gets the 7th overall
    New England gets the 17th overall, 83rd overall (82nd), and a 2nd rounder in 2009

    - If they can make said deal without giving up their 2nd … it’s got to tempt. NE is
    a team that might be amenable to futures.

    Pittsburgh gets the 18th overall
    Houston gets the 23rd and 89th (88th) overall

    - I think Houston will be open to any deal to get more assets.

    Baltimore gets the 27th overall
    San Diego gets the 39th overall (38th), Ravens 4th rounder in 08, and 3rd rounder in 09.

    - San Diego could use the assets after dealing away their 2nd (Chambers), 3rd (Weddle) , and 4th rounder (Oliver)

    Atlanta gets the 28th overall
    Dallas gets the 49th (48th) overall (from Houston), the Falcons 4th rounder, and a 2009 3rd rounder

    - I think Dallas’ willingness to accept an 09 pick could help facilitate things.

    Second Round

    New Orleans Saints get the 38th (37th) overall
    Oakland Raiders get the 41st (40th) overall and the Saints 5th rounder

    - additional assets could tempt the Raiders, who lack a third

    Seattle gets the 54th (53rd) overall
    Pittsburgh gets the 56th (55th) overall and a 5th rounder

    - could look for an additional asset, but 2 spots isn’t going to kill them

    St. Louis gets the 60th overall (59th)
    Indianapolis gets the 66th overall (65th) and the Rams 5th and 6th rounder

    - rams have 2 6th rounders

    Third Round

    New England gets the 67th (66th) overall
    Atlanta gets the 69th (68th) overall and a 6th rounder

    Denver gets the 96th overall
    New England gets the latter of their 4th rounders (Washington’s) and a 2009 4th rounder

    1st Round

    1. Miami Dolphins - OLB/DE Chris Long, Virginia

    Versatility is always something a Parcells influenced regime likes. Still don’t buy either DT as a 3-4 worthy first overall pick. Trading down would be the preference, but who? More rush backer if drafted, Chris could spot at numerous places.

    2. St. Louis Rams – OT Jake Long, Michigan

    OT or RB (need issue) or DE (value issue) here? Ugh. A lot of people pushing Dorsey or Ellis here, which is a tempting thought, but does that really improve their pass rush by sliding Carriker out to end? Jake can start at guard, giving them a more physical look, and move to tackle in a year or two (whenever Pace calls it quits or Barron’s contract situation).

    3. Oakland Raiders – DT Sedrick Ellis, USC

    Will Kiffin have any say? If so, I think they shore up that defense. The potential Davis overrule may exist … but since the last time they took a RB in the first, they’ve taken 2 defensive linemen, so it’s possible that Davis buys into this. I think Dorsey is the better player, but the ties with Ellis may bind. Ellis is more Tank Johnson than he is Tommie Harris, but should still be an impact player.

    4. Kansas City Chiefs – DT Glenn Dorsey, LSU

    I think they are going to face a small dilemma. They need a LT badly. The way things are shaking out, the LT options in round 2 might be iffy projections or iffy fits. Can they afford that route? At the end of the day, for now, I think yes. Dorsey is too good to pass up here, moving McBride to a swing role.

    5. Atlanta Falcons – QB Matt Ryan, Boston College

    It was time for them to go 5th (put them higher in previous mocks). I wish the coin flip happened earlier. I’m waiting to see who the HC is. That said, the options here seem to be Ryan or McFadden, and it’s tough for me to buy McFadden over a much needed QB with value. Ryan is fine value here for now.

    6. Dallas Cowboys f/ New York Jets – RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas

    Jets could certainly decide that the value was too good to not exercise the pick. In some respects, that was part of the feeling they had on Ferguson, even though Mangini came from a structure that didn’t draft OL that high. So they’ve shown some willingness to go on value. That said, if a trade materializes, I have to wonder if it’s too hard to pass. There’s more than enough needs that need filling. For the Cowboys, this feels like a Jones type move. If they can keep one of their firsts, I think they’d be tempted.

    7. Minnesota f/ San Francisco via New England – S Kenny Phillips, Miami

    I think most think that the Patriots want to deal out. Do they? We don’t really know. If they stayed put, it’d be one of the edge guys in all likelihood, although I wouldn’t rule out a Kentwan Balmer here. They’ve never been wary of drafting for the future Seymour’s only got 2 years remaining on his deal, and in all honesty, he isn’t the player that he was. Jarvis Green also only has 2 years remaining. That said, with Clady, DL talent, and other pieces available here, I think they get a trade option. I have to wonder if Minnesota would be tempted. This is a team that must think they are “close”. Their top needs look to be WR/DE/S/TE. WR doesn’t seem like a first round nod for them. What about the rest? At 17, the ideal DE’s for their defense may be off, and the only safety value is likely off. A pass catching TE at 17 isn’t all that necessary. I just wonder if they get antsy to slide on up. Who? I’m thinking defensive end or S here. Let’s forget the whole “who’s going to take Phillips aspect”, as the chances exist that someone might have the same thought running in their minds on safety value (and New Orleans is an outside shot to go safety). They have a good pass rush, but it’s debatable if they have an elite pass rusher in the bunch. At the end of the day, though, while they lack an elite pass rusher, they had a good pass rush and Phillips is the only safety value of note.

    8. Baltimore – OT Ryan Clady, Boise State

    I think OL is the big question for the Ravens. If Ogden retires, which looks likely, do they really trust Adam Terry/Jared Gaither? For that matter, while Marshal Yanda wasn’t bad, he isn’t really an ideal right tackle (he’s more a depth tackle, IMO, although he could perhaps be a starter at guard). All that said, their pass rush wasn’t exactly superb, with only 26 sacks from the front 7. CB is definitely a need. QB value is off. At the end of the day, the nod goes Clady. I just don’t buy them necessarily going into the year with that tackle trio as their main options, and I find it unlikely they go after a big ticket tackle.

    9. Cincinnati`- DE Vernon Gholston, the Ohio State

    Where on defense? 3 options. Worst pass rush last year and only 13 of 22 sacks from the DL. Harvey’s tempting, but the OSU affiliation may play the deciding factor for the two edge guys.

    10. New Orleans – DT Kentwan Balmer, North Carolina

    LB and CB need to be addressed, but CB options are raw to some extent, and is LB really a position they look this high? Middle of the pack pass rush, and only 20 of 32 sacks from the DL, with 7 from Will Smith. Even if Grant bounces back, an interior pass rush would be nice. LB/CB depth in this draft make value selections in the 2nd/3rd more worthwhile.

    11. Buffalo – LB Keith Rivers, USC

    Contemplated a trade here, but with Rivers coming in at a solid weight, and with the additional third they have from Baltimore anyways, I think they pull the trigger on their weakside backer.

    12. Denver – OT Chris Williams, Vanderbilt

    Phillips and Rivers being off bites as the value at those positions is likely off here. There is a LB I have in mind, but it seems unlikely here. What else? DT value is off as well. The options really thin out, so I reluctantly pull the trigger on OL. A trade might be nice, but that would beg the question, who?

    13. Carolina – OT Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh

    In previous iterations of this mock, I had them dealing up for a tackle. Maybe I should’ve stuck with that. Now, they are looking at Jeff Otah, and their need is at LT. Does it fit? They really don’t have as many glaring needs as people seem to say in that, safety is a position they likely wait on, as is LB, and DT value is off. What other options? DE is a thought. A WR has to be a sleeper idea. So, I’m looking at Otah, Harvey, or Jackson, all the values being fine here. In the end, OL is still the biggest concern, so nod goes with Otah.

    14. Chicago – RB Jonathan Stewart, Oregon

    I want a trade, but who? I mean, there’s an inviting target in Derrick Harvey, someone the Lions may look at. There are other possibilities here, such as a team bolting up for a RB, something the Lions and Cards both may study. I just can’t find a team that I really buy making this move. For the Bears, offseason moves will determine a lot. Unfortunately, I’ve taken OL value off here. What else? RB is a thought, as is QB. Safety value is gone, as is DT value in all likelihood. LB is unlikely, as is CB. TE is a no. Not many options here. RB or QB? Nod goes RB, although not the RB I want. As teams sign free agents, the dynamics on needs will change. I could see Angelo’s preference being to move down and selecting, say, Gosder Cherilus.

    15. Detroit – DE Derrick Harvey, Florida

    Well, the OL value is likely off here. RB is a thought. Defensive end is also a thought. Is there a LB? CB value is fine here, but is it necessary and is the fit good? A dominant pass rusher seems the best nod here, and Derrick Harvey compares well with Gaines Adams last year, someone they were rumored to be intrigued with.

    16. Arizona – CB Mike Jenkins, South Florida

    I reluctantly took the bruising RB that might tempt Whisenhunt off the board. Would Mendenhall tempt? It’s a thought. But between Rashard/Felix and the CB’s, I lean CB. Jenkins or McKelvin? Closer to a toss-up than one might think.

    17. New England f/ Minnesota – WR Desean Jackson, California

    New England dealt down earlier. What now? Is there a trade? I think they’d be willing to look again, but as was the problem for a couple teams higher, I have a hard time finding someone (and I can usually come up with something, as some of my past mocks would show). What now? Edge options are off the board, unless they like someone from the next tier. As noted, if they like a DL guy, I wouldn’t be surprised. CB? Is it necessary? OL seems unlikely. A RB surprise? Nod goes WR. Desean may go higher, but it’s hard to fit him in. Stallworth is likely gone, Gaffney is a FA last I checked, and Brown/Washington are filler. Chad hasn’t developed. Value works here.

    18. Pittsburgh f/ Houston –OT Gosder Cherilus, Boston College

    Initially, I made a pick here. After further consideration, with 4 offensive linemen off, I wonder if Pittsburgh gets antsy and pulls the trigger. Sure, they could use the picks, but they could really use an offensive lineman next year. Houston, I think, would listen to a deal to add assets. Is this high for Cherilus? Probably. Is it possible a team takes him before 23? Yes. I don’t think they can sit pat. I doubt a team bolts up higher to nab Cherilus, but I could see it here value wise (that is, it’s a stretch, but the OT’s falling off early forces someone’s hand).

    19. Philadelphia – DE Phillip Merling, Clemson

    I thought superbly long and hard on defensive backs. McKelvin seems like such a tempting fit. At the end of the day, I went with DL. Howard/Kearse, if they aren’t gone, aren’t going to be depended upon. Can they really count on Thomas/Cole/Abiamiri? The former two are fine, but not guys you want to stick out there way too much. Toss up on value here, and I lean Merling.

    20. Tampa Bay – DT Pat Sims, Auburn

    I think Tampa Bay would like Jackson, but the Patriots move could surprise them. What now? Certainly a lot of WR possibilities. Gruden/Allen have some safety now, so looking QB wouldn’t be surprising. I don’t think OL is really a big need, as Penn played well. RB can likely wait as they are looking more for a complement to Earnest. CB seems like something to wait on. DL, though, is something to watch, both at DE and at DT. So … what is it? I wonder if Chucky thinks he might be able to motivate Pat Sims.

    21. Washington – CB Leodis McKelvin, Troy

    I contemplated a couple deal variations, but then I realized that McKelvin had slipped and the value was too good. The position is also an area of concern, with Rogers coming off injury, Macklin and Smooth not exactly top tier guys, and Springs aging. That said, the Redskins contract issues with veterans (Daniels/Griffin/Springs and perhaps Jansen) may determine their course of action.

    22. New York Jets f/ Cleveland via Dallas – CB Aqib Talib, Kansas

    In the initial deal down, they might’ve thought some DL value would be here. Barring a man love for, say, Dre’ Moore, it’s actually off in regards to guys that could fit outside of the iffy fit of Calais Campbell. Let’s look at what else first. I threw Carpenter into the package, but that said, they could still use a LB, inside or out (if Carpenter is inside). A CB could be a look. Offensive line is a need, but value seems superbly iffy. WR/TE/RB are possibilities. Another trade is possible, but I think they make a nod here. Value wise, I’m looking WR/RB/CB. I’ve got it down to CB or RB, and I’m going CB here. I think Talib could fit them, although it’s not an ideal pick.

    23. Houston f/ Pittsburgh – S Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tennessee St.

    They moved down. A quick scan of the board shows it didn’t really hurt them that much. DL seems really unlikely. Is LB needed? OL seems likely to be off the board with Gibbs. Thus, LB/RB/DB. The move down helps, as it gives them an asset later and puts them into better range on a DB pick. The nod here goes to DB, as I think they would prefer to wait on RB. So, who? Nod goes to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie as a safety. A little thin, but the playmaking instincts may tempt them. Reggie Smith was plan B.

    24. Tennessee – WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma

    DT value is cleaned off, but DE value exists, so we’ll see how their DE situation plays out. LB can wait. Offensively, it’s all about weapons. Interior OL depth can wait. They could use a TE or WR. Campbell/TE/WR? I’m going WR.

    25. Seattle – RB Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois

    Is this Holmgren’s last ride? If so, could that play a role in draft decisions (looking to fill more immediate needs?) Let’s look at them. Defensively, their isn’t a glaring need, but DB talent is still possible. Front 7 seems unlikely here, with only DE value being tempting and that clearly isn’t a need. OL is a brief thought here, but value/fit seems iffy as well. TE? An area to look at. WR? A darkhorse. Value on RB is too good. I don’t want to make this pick, with Shaun/Maurice both signed down, but I don’t see a trade that really excites.

    26, Jacksonville – DE Calais Campbell, Miami (Fl.)

    I think their top two needs are DE and WR. Safety has been brought up, but Sensabaugh will be back. CB is an idea, but it likely can wait. OL is also a thought. With Campbell on the board, it may be too tempting to pass.

    27. Baltimore f/ San Diego – QB Andre’ Woodson, Kentucky

    I think they look trade. They could use the picks. Their secondary could use another asset, and they could use a RT. Taking a DB here seems a bit unnecessary (not a glaring need), and RT is off. Some team may look to move up to snag a QB or RB. I don’t want to make this move for Baltimore. I had the Josh Johnson plan (the Harbaugh connection). Add in a need at CB, and I wanted to wait. At the end of the day, though, can they? Troy Smith is nice, but the chances of them going in with Troy as the man? I find it unlikely.

    28. Atlanta f/ Dallas – RB Felix Jones, Arkansas

    They picked up a stud back. CB is a thought. WR is a possibility. OL? DL? They could look to deal down, and I wonder if a team decides to bolt up for the falling Felix Jones. Before I forget, it’s not inconceivable that the Niners look at Jones. I still have my doubts on the Gore fit for Martz. Who? Some Falcons fans probably hate this draft. Let’s get something out of the way. Jones isn’t Norwood. He’s not a bruiser, but he’s a potential everydown back. I think Dallas, like New England, would look at futures as well.

    29. San Francisco f/ Indianapolis – WR Early Doucet, LSU

    WR is a thought. Manningham/Avery, though, seem like the fits, which makes me pause. What else? DL is nice. Is Moore nice? LB? I wouldn’t rule out QB, to be honest. DB seems like something that they can wait on. TE? Seems unlikely here. As much as Mario and Donnie may be better fits, I could see them liking Doucet the way they liked Bowe last year.

    30. Green Bay – LB Dan Connor, Penn State

    I’ve got a darkhorse in mind, but other things would need to happen. As such, your standard CB/LB look here. I’m thinking of two in particular, Ikegwuonu or Dan Connor here. After much debating, the nod goes to Connor.

    31. New York Giants – OT Sam Baker, USC

    A lot of areas they could look. WR can wait. Defensively, DT value is off. LB? DB? Ikegwuonu gets a long look, but I end up going with Sam Baker here.

    32. New England – forfeited

    2nd Round

    33. Miami Dolphins – DL Dre’ Moore, Maryland

    I thought OL here for the longest time, but who really fits the type of player that Parcells likes and is of value here? Perhaps Nicks? Seems more prudent to go OL with their late 2nd rounder. I wouldn’t rule out QB here just yet. Same goes for TE. Is there a trade? Perhaps, but I’m going Moore here, provided he has a solid postseason the rest of the way.

    34. St. Louis Rams – WR James Hardy, Indiana

    Could big workout numbers get them to pull the trigger here on say, Quentin Groves? Lawrence Jackson as a DE thought is another option. I can’t help but wonder if the WR value is too good. There’s guys with size, something Linehan might desire. Waiting on the 40’s.

    35. Kansas City – OT Carl Nicks, Nebraska

    This was the risk in passing on OL earlier. The options look iffy here. I don’t think they can afford to wait anymore, though. I’m looking Collins or Nicks here, and leaning Nicks. Does this address their LT question? Not sold.

    36. Atlanta Falcons – OT Anthony Collins, Kansas

    They need OL help. Might be a slight reach, but can they wait with the way OL talent is coming off the board?

    37. New York Jets – WR Mario Manningham, Michigan

    They nabbed a CB earlier. What now? LB, inside or out, could be a look. Defensive line would be nice. WR? OT? RB? The value is at WR, although Rubin is awfully tempting and may end up here.

    38. New Orleans Saints f/ Oakland Raiders – LB Phillip Wheeler, Georgia Tech

    Is there a trade? They could use additional assets considering they lack a 3rd. There’s a lot of intriguing DB talent lying around. I wonder, considering the small price, if the Saints may jump up to get someone they want with San Diego perhaps looking DB and the Niners perhaps looking LB. The nod goes to Phillip Wheeler as a big LB presence in the middle for the.

    39. San Diego f/ Baltimore Ravens – OT Heath Benedict, Newberry

    OL or DB? Tough calls. OT seems a small reach here. The value of the DB’s are good. At the end of the day, I go OT to fill a more immediate need.

    40. San Francisco 49ers – NG Ahtyba Rubin, Iowa State

    They hope they added a lead receiver earlier. What now? OL is a possible thought, although they have some chips in place. QB is something I wouldn’t rule out just yet. Part of me thinks DB is a darkhorse. LB is still a look, despite missing on Wheeler. DL and Rubin? They’ll get a long, hard look at Rubin at the Senior Bowl

    41. Oakland Raiders f/ New Orleans Saints – DE Lawrence Jackson, USC

    The rebuilding of that defense continues with another USC tie. Is 2 DL guys necessary? Probably not, but it would really help.

    42. Buffalo Bills – CB Reggie Smith, Oklahoma

    They added a LB earlier. What now ? TE is tempting. WR is a thought. Defensive line wouldn’t hurt if there was value. But the top value may be Reggie Smith, and he may fit as a corner for the system.

    43. Denver Broncos – LB Ali Highsmith, LSU

    I looked for a deal, but I couldn’t find one. They do have 2 4th’s, which should help. They went OL earlier. LB/S/DT could be possibilities. DT lacks value. S is fringy, so nod goes LB here.

    44. Carolina – WR Andre Caldwell, Florida

    They picked up an OT earlier. WR could be a long look here. DL is a thought as well. Nod’s going WR as I don’t like the DT value enough, and not sold on DE being worth it here. Perhaps instead of a big guy, they look for the speed to open things up for Smith.

    45. Chicago – QB Brian Brohm, Louisville

    They added a big, bruising back earlier. Hopefully, he’s better than Benson. What now? OL should get consideration. Safety value seems fringy. WR can’t be ruled out. Neither can DT, but value is gone. OL/WR or the solid QB values? OL is fringy. WR/QB? Ugh, I hate this.

    46. Detroit – LB Jerod Mayo, Tennessee

    They added a DE earlier. What now? I still say DT shouldn’t be written off. LB/CB are thoughts. RB likely can wait if they pass early. Nod goes LB. I wanted to get Mayo higher.

    47. Cincinnati – LB Xavier Adibi, Virginia Tech

    They got a pass rusher earlier. What now? While offense is a thought, I’m still leaning defense. DT value seems fringy. A LB might be nice, even with Brooks returning. A weakside backer that can fly around like Adibi might fit well.

    48. Minnesota – WR Earl Bennett, Vanderbilt

    For some reason, I just think Bennett is the type of WR they may look at. Reggie Brown-ish perhaps.

    49. Dallas f/ Houston via Atlanta – CB Jack Ikegwuonu, Wisconsin

    Another trade may be a thought, but Ikegwuonu’s value is too good here.

    50. Philadelphia – DB Charles Godfrey, Iowa

    Defensive end earlier. OL is a thought in a developmental mode. WR is a possibility. Then, there are the DB needs. I wonder if Godfrey may tempt them. If he struggles at CB, he could become their free safety replacement for Dawkins.

    51. Arizona – OT John Greco, Toledo

    They added a CB earlier. What now? OL? DL? Rush backer? RB? I wonder if a workmanlike tackle like Greco could interest Grimm. With Leinart as the QB, Greco at LT is more palatable.

    52. Washington – WR Limas Sweed, Texas

    Eh, feel like I’ve been lazy on looking for 2nd round trades. I have some target ideas here, but nothing comes to mind for a partner. Adding McKelvin earlier could have them looking WR/DE/OL here. Nod goes to WR and the big Limas Sweed. Of course, we’ll have to wait on the HC/OC to see if he fits.

    53. Tampa Bay – RB Chris Johnson, East Carolina

    WR is tempting, but a good value RB like Johnson to pair with Graham may be enticing.

    54. Seattle f/ Pittsburgh – TE Martellus Bennett, Texas A&M

    I wonder if Seattle may decide to secure the TE they want, as Tennessee is a thought. They may move higher to secure that player. TE fills an immediate need. Pittsburgh may be amenable to a move down. Character is an issue, but well, they did take Stevens once upon a time, and Bennett’s issues aren’t that bad.

    55. Tennessee – TE Fred Davis, USC

    The add weapons for Vince offseason continues.

    56. Pittsburgh f/ Seattle – WR Devin Thomas, Michigan State

    Bolted up for OL earlier. What now? WR/RB both have to garner some consideration. More DL might be nice. CB? I’m tempted with 2 DL guys here but opt for WR in the end and a potential big, explosive target.

    57. Cleveland – RB Jamaal Charles, Texas

    What do they do here? There isn’t an offensive need that could/should be addressed here. WR can wait. So, defense. What? DL would be nice. Who? A pass rusher is a thought. Ellis’ character will have to check out. But Jamaal Charles is too tempting as someone to groom behind Jamal Lewis.

    58. Miami f/ San Diego – OL Oneil Cousins, UTEP

    I feel like there’s a trade that should be made somewhere here with some guys that are slipping, but I am having a hard time pinpointing who. Thus, a pick we go. More DL is a thought. OL is a definite focus. What else? DB is a possibility. OL talent has flown off the board. Cousins reminds me a bit of Vernon Carey, but they can use whatever help there is and he could be an interesting developmental project for Sparano.

    59. Jacksonville – WR Jordy Nelson, Kansas State

    They could use a speedy WR to stretch things. I wonder if Jordy Nelson is tempting here. The issue is, he’s so much like their other WR’s. He’s fast, but not quick.

    60. St. Louis Rams f/ Indianapolis – DE Chris Ellis, Virginia Tech

    Finally pull the trigger on a deal. Indianapolis could certainly be open to adding assets. St. Louis could find Chris Ellis quite tempting. Sure, some character concerns, but worth the risk here.

    61. Green Bay – CB Antoine Cason, Arizona

    After passing on CB, they look here. A lot of options still on the board in this mock. A solid player like Antoine Cason may be quite tempting here.

    62. New York Jets f/ Dallas – DL Demario Pressley, North Carolina State

    They do need to address the DL, and while this may be a little early, better safe than never.

    63. New York Giants – CB Tracy Porter, Indiana

    CB and LB could receive looks here. Coach up King? Porter’s ready in coverage though.

    64. New England – ILB Curtis Lofton, Oklahoma

    I had a trade lined up, but passed. I was trying to get Lofton in earlier, but where? And who? Who moves up for Lofton?

    3rd Round

    65. Miami – CB Justin King, Penn State

    More OL was a thought, but King seems tempting to start day 2.

    66. Indianapolis f/ St. Louis – OL Chad Rinehart, Northern Iowa

    Could use OL and DL looks. Leaning OL here initially.

    67. New England Patriots f/ Atlanta Falcons – OLB Ezra Butler, Nevada

    Jumping his protégé for a rush backer.

    68. NY Jets – OT Tony Hills, Texas

    Need a RT.

    69. Atlanta Falcons f/ Oakland via New England – OL Branden Albert, Virginia

    More OL is a possibility.

    70. Kansas City Chiefs – CB Terrell Thomas, USC

    CB or WR? CB value is probably better.

    71. San Francisco – OLB/DE Quentin Groves, Auburn

    Don’t discount QB here. That said, I’m thinking defense and the falling Groves as being too tempting here.

    72. Buffalo f/ Baltimore – TE John Carlson, Notre Dame

    2 defensive pieces earlier. DL is a thought here, but the look goes to offense. First up, TE.

    73. Buffalo – WR Jerome Simpson, Coastal Carolina

    Again, DL is a thought. But WR gets the nod.

    74. Minnesota f/ Denver – TE Jermichael Finley, Texas

    S and WR have been added. DE is a thought, but at this point, it seems unlikely. Nod goes to TE or RT. TE has better value.

    75. Carolina – DT Trevor Laws, Notre Dame

    Defense or QB here? It’s all about the upcoming year for now.

    76. Chicago – OL Drew Radovich, USC

    OT is the need, but the value is weak. An OG could be a useful addition next year as well.

    77. Detroit – CB Dwight Lowery, San Jose State

    CB help is needed.

    78. Cincinnati – DT Andre Fluellen, Florida State

    They could use an interior pass rush. There are some offensive areas of concern.

    79. New Orleans – CB Brandon Flowers, Virginia Tech

    I wonder if Usama Young convinces them to pass on a CB if they wait this long.

    80. Houston – RB Steve Slaton, West Virginia

    One of the few places Slaton makes a lot of sense. The lightning to the load that is Dayne.

    81. Philadelphia – WR Lavelle Hawkins, California

    A number of directions pondered. Just wonder if another weapon would be a thought.

    82. Arizona – LB Erin Henderson, Maryland

    The falling Henderson may be a tempting interior backer option.

    83. New England f/ Minnesota – CB Trae Williams, South Florida

    Just seems like their type of corner.

    84. Tampa Bay – QB Joe Flacco, Delaware

    Wanted WR, seems better to wait another round to fill that void. A lot of QB value here.

    85. Washington – DE Kendall Langford, Hampton

    Snatching DE before the Titans. OL is a concern.

    86. Tennessee – DE Jeremy Thompson, Wake Forest

    If Odom leaves, he’s a somewhat similar talent.

    87. Seattle – DB Jonathan Hefney, Tennessee

    I’m thinking DB and the versatile Hefney.

    88. Cleveland – DL Marcus Harrison, Arkansas

    They gambled on Wright last year. A gamble here might be smart.

    89. Houston f/ Pittsburgh – LB Geno Hayes, Florida State

    Tempted with some edge guys, but value looks to be there in the 4th. Hayes could be a playmaker.

    90. Jacksonville – OG Chilo Rachal, USC

    Could use an interior guy to develop.

    91. Chicago f/ San Diego – S Quintin Demps, UTEP

    An area that could sorely use an upgrade.

    92. Green Bay – QB Chad Henne, Michigan

    What? Here’s a question they have to ask. There’s 2 more years left on Rodgers contract. If Favre plays 2 more years, are they certain Rodgers will come back? They get good value and a 3rd QB to work in there for now, with Rodgers as the steady backup.

    93. New York Jets f/ Dallas – OLB/DE Darrell Robertson, Georgia Tech

    A rush backer to develop.

    94. Indianapolis – DT Richard Clebert, South Florida

    Time to look DL? I really like this … so it probably won’t happen.

    95. New York Giants – LB Beau Bell, UNLV

    Seems too tempting to pass here.

    96. Denver f/ New England – S DaJuan Morgan, NC State

    One final trade for good measure? That said, if the Pats do as they have done above, I wouldn’t be shocked to see them slide out. If Denver only has to give up one 4th rounder, I think they’d be intrigued. WR is a thought, but can they sit on wait on a safety?

    Some names left:

    QB: Josh Johnson, John David Booty, Colt Brennan, Kevin O’Connell, Dennis Dixon
    RB/FB: Kevin Smith, Ray Rice, Matt Forte, Tashard Choice, Mike Hart, Owen Schmitt, Peyton Hillis
    TE: Martin Rucker, Jacob Tamme, Brad Cottam
    WR: Adarius Bowman
    OL: Mike Pollak, Steve Justice, Kirk Barton, Roy Schuening, Robert Felton, Mike McGlynn
    DE: Wallace Gilberry, Jason Jones, Johnny Dingle
    DT: Frank Okam, Red Bryant, Nick Hayden, Lionel Dotson
    LB: Shawn Crable, Bruce Davis, Tavares Gooden, Jordon Dizon, Titus Brown, Cliff Avril
    CB: Chevis Jackson, Patrick Lee, DeJuan Tribble, Terrence Wheatley
    S: Thomas DeCoud, Jamar Adams, Craig Steltz, Tyrell Johnson

    What am I significantly bothered by (names that I think should be in the top 3 rounds)

    I think another QB sneaks in, and the favorite would be Johnson. I wonder if I’m not giving interior OL guys enough value. Some of those edge guys, particularly Crable, should be in there, and maybe Avril. Jackson and Lee not being in bothers me a bit.

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    CB is near the bottom of the list of needs for the Jets, if that scenario played out I'd much rather have Malcolm Kelly there


    • #3
      The trade is interesting, and I definitely coudl see it happening one way or another with DMC on the board especially since it seems we have a good trading relationship with the Cowboys. That said, where do you see Carpenter fitting in for us? The only problem I have with the deal is we're drafting Robertson and you don't have us trading Vilma. Unless you see Bryan Thomas as on the outs (he did sign an extension last year so I'm not sure what we'd do with him) that leaves us with Carpenter as an inside or outside guy, Vilma and Harris inside, and Robertson and Thomas on the outside. I kind of like Carpenter better inside for us since we need to generate some sort of a pass rush and I don't see us doing that with Carpenter, Harris, Vilma, and Thomas starting. I'm also not sure where that leaves Robertson long-term as neither Thomas nor Carpenter would likely be leaving soon. All in all, just wondering how you thought that would work out.

      As for the picks, both third rounders are very solid, how is Hills in the run game? Improving our blocking there is very important, though protecting Clemens is possibly more important. I'm starting to think that we'll look there within the first two picks. Second round is interesting, Rubin is tough to pass on though Manningham has nice value and Pressley is a solid pick, a bit of a reach as you said but fills a need. Talib I do think would be a great fit there, Kelly is very tempting as I think he'd fit a big need of ours in helping our RZ offense but I think as a #2 across from Revis he's a very nice fit. Overall a very interesting mock, huge increase in overall talent with the trade I'm just curious how you see the linebackers working out. Also, what would the variation with the two firsts have looked like?


      • #4
        Packers picks are good. Cason in the second is a gift.


        • #5
          Headed out, but caught this and since it's both for the same team

          1. I didn't do veteran trades. That is, a trade centered around veteran. If things were to fall, I'd expect Vilma to be moved for something, with Carpenter/Harris inside, with Thomas outside and Robertson/someone pairing. Yes, it's an odd situation, but I just didn't do pure veteran deals.

          2. By no means would this be an ideal mock for the Jets. It happened that the DL talent went early. If there's DL talent, I think they look that way. If there's edge talent, I think they look that way as well.

          3. The variations would've been both firsts and maybe the third, or something more expansive where the Jets would have to toss a pick back. Just got complex. I also think Dallas would be more amenable to dealing if they could keep a first.


          • #6
            Absolutely beautiful Vikings picks. I think there will be some good DEs in free agency this year.



            • #7
              Not really a fan of Greco in the 2nd and Henderson in the 3rd is good value but would only be used as a backup, unless we move Dansby back outside. We need a speed pass rusher, it's our 2nd biggest need, as we averaged just over 2 sacks a game, and pressuring the QB would help take some pressure off our secondary. We could possible select Lofton in the 2nd and move Dansby outside, he has 8 sacks last year as an OLB or take Shawn Crable in the 3rd


              • #8
                I'm not going to argue Ryan, most know what Falcons fans think of that. Though we need a RB, Felix Jones isn't the type of guy we are looking for. We are looking for a big bruising back to pound out the yards, as we already have a speedster in Norwood. I see that as a wasted pick and would much rather have a guy like 'Dre Moore or Sam Baker here.


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                  Just looking at it again Run DMc, Sam Baker, and Brian Brohm looks so much better than Matt Ryan, Felix Jones, and Anthony Collins.


                  • #10
                    Toonster, great work as usual.

                    I love the Cards' first round pick. We definitely need a #1 CB. Roderick Hood / Eric Green are good #2 CBs but struggle against a team's #1 WR. Jenkins / McKelvin both seem good enough options as potential #1s especially if Stewart is off the board (and we can always draft a RB later.) One question however, do you think Calais Campbell can play a 3-4 DE or OLB? If he could, I think he could be an alternative option, unless we sign a 3-4 OLB and resign Pace.

                    The second round pick works, although personally I'd like to see us getting John Carlson. Ben Patrick and Leonard Pope are both good receivers but both struggle heavily with blocking. Having a TE who can stay in and block (even average) and catch the ball could be an option with Whiz's background as a former TE, and as someone who likes to get the TEs involved (especially with the Cards likely to lose Bryant Johnson this offseason.)

                    The third round pick works (we drafted an ILB last year in round three that didn't quite work out!) although I believe Dansby is slated to be more of an ILB in the 3-4 and Gerald Hayes is a pure MLB. Can Henderson play outside as if not he would likely be a pure depth guy? I think the Cards would want a guy who could play outside or inside depending upon Pendergast's scheme, especially if we can't agree terms with Calvin Pace. I'd also think we may look towards RB in 3 given the depth (Ray Rice / Kevin Smith?). Edge isn't getting younger and is particuarly unexplosive; and Arrington has shown nothing to suggest he is a primary RB. Marcel Shipp also didn't get a lot of touches so I don't think he's likely to be an option there, unfortunately.

                    One additional question. Do you think there's any chance the Cards go QB in 3/4/5, especially if Warner gets moved on to avoid a QB issue? A guy like Colt Brennan, or Erik Ainge later could be an option? I know plenty of Cards fans, and apparently some of the players/coaches aren't totally sold on Leinart. (Arm strength and dedication being the key concerns.) I guess a pick around that range could be insurance incase Leinart bombs (and to provide potential competition to get Leinart commited) without necessarily being an automatic takeover.
                    Will post for +rep.


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                      Give the giants Dejuan Morgan 3rd round and it is a great mock draft. SAm Baker is a total steal there, but the giants have a history of passing up on USC tackles.

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                        Originally posted by toonsterwu View Post
                        Headed out, but caught this and since it's both for the same team

                        1. I didn't do veteran trades. That is, a trade centered around veteran. If things were to fall, I'd expect Vilma to be moved for something, with Carpenter/Harris inside, with Thomas outside and Robertson/someone pairing. Yes, it's an odd situation, but I just didn't do pure veteran deals.

                        2. By no means would this be an ideal mock for the Jets. It happened that the DL talent went early. If there's DL talent, I think they look that way. If there's edge talent, I think they look that way as well.

                        3. The variations would've been both firsts and maybe the third, or something more expansive where the Jets would have to toss a pick back. Just got complex. I also think Dallas would be more amenable to dealing if they could keep a first.
                        That makes a lot more sense then. Thanks for clearing up the LB situation.

                        Obviously it's not an ideal mock for the Jets, but it's really not too bad. More realistic than most mocks because you have trends, DL and OL talent going early which are our biggest needs, causing us to go in other directions. A guy like Cherilus would be a great fit at 22 if available, but he's not and I think Talib was the right call there and a good fit. Not sold on the Manningham fit but it's interesting and he does seem to add a nice element to our offense that would fit with Clemens, he could fill a role sort of similar to Berrian who supposedly we've shown an interest in. Overall I like it because a lot of needs got filled, some of them were more minor but I think a draft like this would really increase the talent level of our team and I wouldn't be surprised if something like that went down for us.

                        In that case, I think I prefer the trade you did because it allows us to fill more needs (assuming Vilma's definitely on the outs, if not obviously the one with both firsts is probably better).


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                          Bad Jags mock.


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                            still not sold on Nicks personally.Collins is my preferred choice(of course I am a KU homer) other two picks I love


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                              1. Campbell
                              2. Flowers
                              3. J. Johnson

                              Would be the best draft a man can ask for. The first 2 picks were decent, but not the best. I don't like Flacco in the WCO so I didn't like that pick at all.

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