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2008 Round 1 Mock V. 1 - Post Senior Bowl

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  • 2008 Round 1 Mock V. 1 - Post Senior Bowl

    This is my first mock of the year. I probably don't get to see as much college ball as most of you so if I stuff up anywhere go easy! I am interested in as much feedback as possible and have tried to explain each pick. I started out offering analysis on each pick, but given the time, this descended into mere random thoughts! Quite a lot of the time, especially in the Mid part, I felt I was just shooting into the air, but hopefullly it isn't that bad!

    1. Miami Dolphins

    The biggest thing you can be sure of here is that Miami will want to move down. However, I canít see anyone who would want to move up this high when you consider that there is no agreed #1 pick in the draft. I donít think Jake Long or Matt Ryan worth the #1 selection and I canít see the Phins wanting to take Darren McFadden here. Iím also not sold that the Glenn Dorsey and Sedrick Ellis are good fits here. Therefore, by process of elimination as much as anything, the Miami Dolphins go for a guy who can play DE or OLB in the 3-4 and will upgrade their D.

    Selection : Chris Long, Defensive End/Outside Linebacker, Virginia.

    2. St Louis Rams

    The Rams wonít want a QB here, and Iím also not sure that they go for a RB here with Steven Jackson and their second round pick from 2007, Brian Leonard, invested in the position. Would a DT appeal? Dorsey and Ellis are great talents but would the Rams want to disrupt the Carriker/Ryan pairing which looked impressive towards the end of last year? Especially when they have so many O-line questions, including the age of Orlando Pace.

    Selection : Jake Long, Offensive Tackle, Michigan.

    3. Atlanta Falcons

    So, Darren McFadden or Matt Ryan here? Ryan is passable value here and McFadden would improve their running game which was poor last year, although Petrino did mess with the O-line which canít have helped. However, I just wonder what impact Mike Smith may have here. Sure, Thomas Dimitroff has the last say, but could Mike Smith convince him the importance of a monster DT given the impact that Stroud and Henderson had for him in Jacksonville? Could his ties with Leftwich mean anything? I know most people wonít like it, but this could be the first curveball of the draft.

    Selection : Glenn Dorsey, Defensive Tackle, Louisiana State University.

    4. Oakland Raiders

    McFadden is the obvious choice here, but would Al want to dish out $25 million guaranteed to a running back? Especially when you consider how Justin Fargas performed last year, the fact that Dominic Rhodes makes for at least a capable #2 and Lamont Jordan could also be kept on if he restructures his deal. Add in last yearís potential steal in Michael Bush and the situation becomes murky. Especially when the Raiders have lost Warren Sapp and they have seen a ready made replacement look so impressive in the Senior Bowl and the fact upgrading the DT is more of a need than RB.

    Selection : Sedrick Ellis, Defensive Tackle, University of Southern California.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs

    The Chiefs are unlikely to have any interest in McFadden and will be reeling from the fact that their obvious three targets have all fallen off the board in front of their eyes. Matt Ryan will draw consideration, but the Chiefs have been very complimentary about Brodie Croyle. Could that be a smokescreen? Would they entertain offers to trade down for a team keen on McFadden, or might the Chiefs replicate the tactic that Arizona used with the 5th pick of the draft in 2007?

    Selection : Ryan Clady, Offensive Tackle, Boise State.

    6. New York Jets

    McFadden is on the board and he would appear to be the pick ahead of a guy like Vernon Gholston. However, you can be sure that the Dallas Cowboys will be waiting to pounce. The Jets went for quality over quantity last year and given how that worked out, might be open for some additional help this year.

    TRADE Ė Dallas Cowboys send Bobby Carpenter, Marcus Spears, the 22nd pick in the 2008 Draft and the 62nd pick in the 2008 draft.

    I can see the Jets driving a hard bargain and being interested in both Carpenter and Spears, who both seem to be on the trade block and who would be good fits in the New York Jetsí defence.

    The Cowboys pick would then be obvious.

    Selection : Darren McFadden, Running Back, University of Arkansas.

    7. New England Patriots

    I think the Pats would like to trade down here, but I canít see anyone being interested in moving up this high. Especially not at the required price. Gholston could draw some interest although if we assume Samuel is going to leave, then a CB could be of some interest. I donít see Phillips as an option unless they choose to give up on Merriweather or move him to CB. Therefore, they go for the CB they have rated #1.

    Selection : Leodis McKelvin, Cornerback, Troy.

    8. Baltimore Ravens

    Two things jump out at you about Baltimore. The QB situation and the age of this defense, especially at Corner. I can really see the Ravens therefore being interested in a CB, especially given the injuries to their CBs in 2007 and the disappointing play of the back-ups, who just did not look good enough last year. However, Matt Ryan has slipped down the board and needs to be considered. Could he be the end to the QB issues that have plagued the Ravens this decade. The fact that Jim Harbaugh will surely have time to develop the team could be the deciding factor.

    Selection : Matt Ryan, Quarterback, Boston College.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals

    The value here lies with defense and thatís fine with Cinci who need to upgrade their pass D, especially with Cleveland and Pittsburghís improved pass play. The question therefore is CB (Jenkins), S (Phillips) or DE (Gholston/Harvey). Given the LB health issues, Keith Rivers canít be ruled out as well. However, I think the secondary is young enough and with Justin Smith likely to leave, a pass rushing DE could be the best answer, even if the scheme fit is not perfect.

    Selection : Vernon Gholston, Defensive End / Outside Linebacker, Ohio State University.

    10. New Orleans Saints

    Again, the value is with defense and primarily pass D. The whole secondary needs work but a young corner opposite Mike McKenzie could be the best answer. The Saints gave up too many long plays last year.

    Selection : Mike Jenkins, Cornerback, South Florida.

    11. Buffalo Bills

    I am starting to feel that the value for the next few picks will be poor and teams will want to trade down. That said, who would want to trade up? I donít see S here, Simpson/Whitner is a promising combo. A LB is a possibility, but they need to surround Edwards with weapons to assist his development. They showed in 2006 they are willing to reach, and even if Levy isnít in charge, a lot of the same guys remain so might they do so again? I donít like it but I donít see much else.

    Selection : Malcolm Kelly, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma.

    12. Denver Broncos

    The Broncos arenít that far away, especially if their young D line can mature. The top value appears to lie with Phillips and Rivers. Given how bad their run defense was last year, and with Lynch likely to return, their good corners and the possibility of a good pass rush if Moss and Crowder develop, I think the edge goes to LB. That said, I could easily see a RB here to end the in/out saga and help Cutler if one separates himself from the field before the draft. Not now, though.

    Selection : Keith Rivers, Linebacker, University of Southern California.

    13. Carolina Panthers

    This is a tough pick to project until we know the results of FA. An OT could be a must here in April but for now itís just a want. A DE could be used as well in Harvey or Calais Campbell. However, they need to upgrade at FS and one has fallen through the cracks and offers good value, here.

    Selection : Kenny Phillips, Safety, Miami.

    14. Chicago Bears

    The Bears have a lot more needs than you think at first, especially on offense where nearly every position could do with an upgrade. That said, I donít see any QB/RB/WR value here, unless they fall for someone. They are pretty set at DE as well so D value is also off here. Might they slightly reach for some needed youth in the O-line?

    Selection : Jeff Otah, Offensive Tackle, Pittsburgh

    15. Detroit Lions

    The Lions are another team who have several needs. A RB could be considered, but that will likely depend on Kevin Jonesí rehab plus thereís likely later value. O-line help is needed, but value is off. Same with the secondary and LB really. Pass rush help could be utilised though. They were interested in Gaines Adams last year and a pass rusher who could grow into a fulltime DE could be the best fit given the way the board has gone.

    Selection : Derrick Harvey, Defensive End, Florida.

    16. Arizona Cardinals

    The one thing the Cards need is a #1 CB. However, I donít see one around here with McKelvin and Jenkins gone. Iím not sold on any real value here. However, with Edge lacking explosion and on the decline, a RB makes the most sense.

    Selection : Jonathan Stewart, Running Back, Oregon.

    17. Minnesota Vikings

    I really donít know what the Vikings will do. I canít see Childress taking a WR, and I think Tarvarisí play down the stretch stopped a first round QB. Especially at this point. TE value is way off. RT help is an option, as is DE, although I donít see any great fits. I guess S could be sold, especially one who is versatile and could help at corner in a pinch if needed.

    Selection : Reggie Smith, DB, Oklahoma.

    18. Houston Texans

    Another selection that could go several ways. RB is a need but might Kubiak wait? The WRs stepped up last year and Iím loathe to give an OT until we know more about Charles Spencerís recovery. Might Campbell/Dan Connor draw interest? Possibly. However, the Texans need secondary help, especially with Dunta Robinson severely injured and his 2008 status in doubt. Perhaps a guy who can play CB/S and can start regardless of Robinsonís status? A CB/S who had a fantastic Senior bowl week, is this too high?

    Selection : Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Defensive Back, Tennessee State.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles

    The Eagles have comparatively few needs. They are a young team who normally do well in the draft. However, needs exist Ė secondary help? The value looks off. A DE in Calais Campbell might appeal. TE value is also way off. However, Donovan McNabb wants playmakers, and Iím sure that Kevin Kolb would want one as well, maybe one who could help in the return game?

    Selection : Desean Jackson, Wide Receiver, California.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    One of the hardest to project and not due to lack of needs. QB Ė would Gruden be interested in one at this point? Probably too early for RB and WR. Secondary youth is an issue but Iím not sold on one so early. O-line help is needed at LT long term unless the coaches are sold on Donald Penn. Iím not sold, and their line is already very young, but I see little better.

    Selection : Sam Baker, Offensive Tackle, University of Southern California.

    21. Washington Redskins

    The Skins look like they are blowing it up so they could go several ways here. O-line, Secondary, D-line and WR look to be the most in need. From a pure value and need perspective however, DE looks the most obvious.

    Selection : Calais Campbell, Defensive End, Miami.

    22. New York Jets Ė Acquired from Dallas through Cleveland.

    The Jets got a lot of Defensive help in the trade although they could still do with some more. Another target for Kellen Clemens could also be useful. That said, some time in the pocket and a running game would be useful, too. I saw Anthony Clement in Arizona and he can be upgraded. Big time. Heís also aging. Iím not certain on the pick however.

    Selection : Gosder Cherilus, Offensive Tackle, Boston College.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers

    I feel the Steelers possibly overachieved last year. They have a lot of holes which could do with being filled. The D-line lacks youth and the secondary, at best, is average. Could a RB be a left field selection? Big Ben wants a tall WR although maybe he could do with some time to find his short guys? Thereís a run on O-line guys even if the value is lacking.

    Selection : Chris Williams, Offensive Tackle, Vanderbilt.

    24. Tennessee Titans

    The Titans are in decent shape defensively, although secondary help would be welcomed. They have a youngish, under-rated O-line. They also appear to be fine at RB. However, if Vince Young is to become a good Quarterback he needs targets to aid his progression. Perhaps a former team-mate?

    Selection : Limas Sweed, Wide Receiver, Texas.

    25. Seattle Seahawks

    If this is Mike Holmgreenís last shot, he is likely to push for immediate help, which probably suggests offense. Interior O-line help could be used but value? Same with TE. RB is probably the best bet, but donít rule out WR with Branch rehabbing, Hackett a FA and Engram aging.

    Selection : Rashard Mendenhall, Running Back, Illinois.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars

    I canít see the Jags going offense. WR would be useful, but given their track record, I think they stay clear. O-line value is off. Way off. Could a QB come from left field Ė Garrard is 30, but a young 30 so unlikely. Therefore, they look D. They are set at LB so secondary or D-line? Both are needs. Probably more value in going D-line first, but who? Their tactic of picking up mid round specialist pass rushers hasnít worked. Perhaps a DE they can ease into the rotation behind Spicer and Hayward who could go up value boards after the Combine and could turn into an excellent pass rusher? It may be a reach but it could pay off big.

    Selection : Quentin Groves, Defensive End, Auburn.

    27. San Diego Chargers

    The Chargers have few picks and few obvious needs. An RT could be an option but value? D-line depth? A LB to develop? Safety help? Nothing stands out and I feel think would be willing to deal. QBs have slipped. Might that interest someone? Someone with an additional second round pick to deal with?

    TRADE Ė Atlanta Falcons send the 49th pick in the 2008 Draft and the 69th pick in the 2008 draft.

    QB value is fine here and a low first round pick will have less pressure on his shoulders and time to grow.

    Selection : [Brian Brohm, Quarterback, Louisville.

    28. Dallas Cowboys

    The Cowboys donít have many holes that require a first round pick. Perhaps WR although Austin and Hurd are developing nicely. However, last year it was obvious that when the Cowboys went to nickel, all the opponents had to do was find Roy Williams or Jacques Reeves. I canít see Dallas replacing Williams, but maybe a CB who can play nickel and start should a starter go down. I am not sure on the fit but the valueís acceptable.

    Selection : Aqib Talib, Cornerback, Kansas.

    29. San Francisco 49ers

    Another team with a lot of holes. The O-line needs help but value? D-line needs help. Could Balmer be an option? He is good value. Has Mike Singletary found a new Patrick Willis in Mobile? WR need looks palpable, but Martz has found success with undrafted guys and Hill and Lelie could prosper in his scheme. However, they could do with a top WR to draw some coverage and open things up. Not fully sold on the value / fit, however.

    Selection : Mario Manningham, Wide Receiver, Michigan.

    30. Green Bay Packers

    The Packers also suffered from the Cowboysí curse; see Bigby and their Nickel CB. Again, O-line could be considered but quickly rejected. LB in Dan Connor? Possibly but CB need trumps that. Maybe a guy who could play CB/S. Value is probably way off here but does need trump that? If so, go for a guy with high upside who could mask that, although are they wary of Ahmad Carroll II?

    Selection : Charles Godfrey, Defensive Back, Iowa.

    (Listed Alphabetically)

    31/32. New England - Forfeited

    31/32. New York Giants

    Another team who could benefit from O-line help, but again value issues? As there is with CB/S help and the need isnít as obvious. Therefore, LB? Especially if Kiwanuka moves back to the D-line.

    Selection : Dan Connor, Linebacker, Penn State.
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    phillips or otah to denver.. i dont think rivers would be a great pick there. i love his athleticism, but we need a bigger lb that can take on blockers (like shawne merriman) or a solid mlb so we can kick dj will outside
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      I would really like Rivers there.

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        I think Cherilus is perfectly fine for the Jets. Not sure if we'd want Spears in a deal with the Cowboys but I wouldn't be shocked if a deal happened there provided DMC is on the board.


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          ok phins pick

          Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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            calais is a much better bucs pick. penn can hold us over.

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              Rivers over Jenkins for Saints.


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                I don't see the Jets trading away the pick if Gholston or either Long is available.
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                  Originally posted by ripdw27 View Post
                  phillips or otah to denver.. i dont think rivers would be a great pick there. i love his athleticism, but we need a bigger lb that can take on blockers (like shawne merriman) or a solid mlb so we can kick dj will outside
                  Thanks for the comments.

                  I think Otah may be a reach at 12. I'm also not sure if he's the type of player Denver would want. You guys usually have success finding O-linemen lower in the draft and when you have drafted high previously, it hasn't worked too well. (George Foster). Add in Ryan Harris, who was surely drafted with a view to playing LT down the line, and I am not sold, personally, on Otah although I can buy it.

                  Phillips is another one which I'm not sold on. Lynch seems to be returning and Abdullah was decent enough. I mean, he wasn't great, but he was good, and young so can develop. Add in the skill at CB, and I'm not sure that a ballhawking safety is a big enough need to require a #1 pick. Again, though I can buy it.

                  I just think Denver is in a crummy position. Too low to miss out on the top tier talent and too high for a lot of guys who may interest them. I take on board what you say about Rivers, but Gold was poor last year. Might he be gone? Add in your poor Run D and Rivers, even if not an ideal fit, is surely an upgrade?

                  What do you think about RB? I could possibly see Mendenhall if he has great workouts, but that's unknown at the mo. I think you need a #1 back. Travis Henry was a disaster and Selvin Young reminds me of Tatum Bell with better hands. A very good #2 guy and a guy who can spot start, but not someone you want to rely on.
                  Will post for +rep.


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                    Originally posted by Bills2083 View Post
                    I would really like Rivers there.
                    I can buy that, but I'm not crazy on it. Posluszny is a sure start, and you guys also have Angelo Crowell. Keith Ellison also offers something and John DiGiorgio flashed last year.

                    I hate the value of Kelly, but I think you guys need a WR and a TE big time. Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish are good #3 options but they struggle as #2. I don't think Peerless is good enough for #2 now and Lee Evans was way inconsistent when Losman went out. The guy seemed to sulk a lot and drop more balls than normal. TE value is way, way off and maybe a reliable large intermediate target could be the answer to assist Edwards and the need might make it alright. That said, I can totally buy Rivers there, but I just think surrounding Edwards with talent is such a need.
                    Will post for +rep.


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                      Originally posted by BeansDooma View Post
                      calais is a much better bucs pick. penn can hold us over.
                      I did think about that, I am not sold on the Baker pick, but would Campbell really fit your scheme? If he would, then him and Adams would be an impressive young pairing for the next few years and produce a good pass rush, but I just see the Bucs leaning offense, especially after the playoff loss.
                      Will post for +rep.


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                        Originally posted by Seasonticketholder View Post
                        Rivers over Jenkins for Saints.
                        Rivers is a thought there for sure, but I am not sold. Fujita is a relatively solid starter and Shanle isn't that bad. Could you use an upgrade, sure, especially at MLB but I don't see the fit there.

                        I like Jason David but he was awful last year. Unless he can stop peeking into the backfield, and I don't think he can, he just doesn't fit. Unless Usama Young can step up, you guys need help and quick. David's side of the field was a walking completion last year, and you guys can't live with that. McKenzie is also no spring chicken and wasn't he badly hurt last year as well?

                        Perhaps the swinger could be value. LB value later on exceeds CB value and I think that could swing it.
                        Will post for +rep.


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                          Originally posted by TimDris View Post
                          I don't see the Jets trading away the pick if Gholston or either Long is available.
                          I agree on Long, but Gholston? Sure the kid would be a good pick and is a need, but is he enough to stop a deal entirely? Sure, the deal would need to be special, but last year showed the amount of needs you guys have. Marcus Spears won't be an All Pro for you, but he can be an efficient starter, whilst I could see Bobby Carpenter really blossoming in New York. Add in the extra two day one picks, and that would give you three extra players to help rebuild the team. Is Vernon Gholston really enough value that you can delay fixing those three holes?
                          Will post for +rep.


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                            I dont like the idea of taking a QB round 1 for the ravens but If John Harbaugh really wants his own QB to develop then so be it but I would MUCH MUCH rather have us take Gholston or Calias Campbell. They just be the finishing touches to our defensive line that already have Ngata, Kelly Gregg, and Terrell Suggs.


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                              Originally posted by BmoreBlackByrdz View Post
                              I dont like the idea of taking a QB round 1 for the ravens but If John Harbaugh really wants his own QB to develop then so be it but I would MUCH MUCH rather have us take Gholston or Calias Campbell. They just be the finishing touches to our defensive line that already have Ngata, Kelly Gregg, and Terrell Suggs.
                              I agree kind of. I gave them Ryan from very much a value perspective. I really think the defence needs some youth, but a QB at the top may be too much for a new coach to turn down.

                              However, I thought more CB than D-line? Gholston is too much like Suggs, IMO, to co-exist unless the Ravens go 3-4 full time or Suggs does not re-sign and Campbell is nowhere near value with the 8th pick at the moment.
                              Will post for +rep.



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