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    Basically, this is who i think the team will take. For example, I believe Miami, should they trade down, will take matt ryan. Throughout the draft i lessened that theme to reduce complication. Basically, i made a simple, straight up mock.

    EDIT: It seem some of the teams may be out of order, sorry guys, i just used the order on Scotts mock.

    1. Miami Dolphins – Matt Ryan QB
    Dolphins Problems start at the quarterback position, so thats where they will start their rebuilding process. Plus, gotta figure Tuna loves the intangibles.
    2. St. Louis Rams – Vernon Gholston LB
    The Rams have alot of holes, but Gholston gives them pressure on the quarterback, which may help the others who are struggling. Plus, they may not feel like picking a DT is necessary.
    3. Atlanta Falcons – Glenn Dorsey DT
    They couldn't stop the run, they'll plug up some holes with Glenn.
    4. Oakland Raiders – Darren Mcfadden RB
    Typical Al Davis pick. Sexy big talent pick.
    5. Kansas City Chiefs – Jake Long OT
    They Need an OT, so they'll get one.
    6. NY Jets – Chris Long DE
    The perfect 3-4 End going to a 3-4 team, just not the dolphins.
    7. Cheaters – Keith Rivers LB
    The Cheaters got alotta old LB's and Rivers is great. Just makes sense.
    8. Baltimore Ravens – Brian Brohm QB
    I don't know if the Ravens really will pick a quarterback, it seems that they could go another direction. But with a new coach, that defensive theme may change.
    9. Cinncy Bengals – Sedrick Ellis DT
    Bengals defense is atrocious, Ellis is a genuine top 10 pick.
    10. New Orleans Saints – Kenny Phillips S
    I really wanted to put Phillips hirer, i think hes a great talent. I thought about a few teams, but in the end this is the first place i think he could go.
    11. Buffalo Bills – Mike Jenkins CB
    Jenkins is a good corner. Buffalo has traditionally been a defensive team, so they'll strengthen that defense somehow. Mike is a good option.
    12. Denver Broncos – Ryan Clady OT
    The need a Tackle, so they'll get one. They may take a different OT, Otah and Cherilus are sexy picks, but in the end i think It'll be Clary.
    13. Carolina Panthers – Jeff Otah OT
    Otahs a big guy, and he'll fill carolinas big need at tackle.
    14. Chicago Bears – Gosder Cherilus OT
    The Bears could go a few ways here, but Tackle makes the most sense to me.
    15. Detroit Lions – Jonathon Stewart RB
    Kevin Jones is a good back, I like him personally. Stewart is a monster, and with a new OC a big run game may be just whats coming to detroit. I'd predict a successful duo run game.. for detroit.. go figure.
    16. Arizona Cardinals – Leodis Mckelvin CB
    I really like Leodis, somehow the Cardinals will find a way to get him on their roster.
    17. Minnesota Vikings – Derrick Harvey DE
    The Vikings may not want another DE, but they need pressure on the quarterback. My guess is that it'll be Want vs Need
    18. Houston Texans – Rashard Mendenhall RB
    The texans have problems in alot of places. Their injury to Duante Robinson may cause them to take a CB, but i just don't think they'll do that in the first round. Ron Dayne may have been servicable, but they'll try to capitalize of their offensive success last year and try to help the passing attack.
    19. Philly Eagles – Desean Jackson WR
    Jackson should not be a 19th pick, so hell go here for Value. The eagles may not want another shifty wr and instead pick a guy like Kelly or go somewhere else.
    20. Tampa Bay Bucs – Malcom Kelly WR
    Quick, name the bucs Wr's after Galloway.
    21. Washington Redskins – Phllip Merling DE
    My belief is that the Redskins will pick defense in the first round and that Defensive end is the place they'll look at first. They may go with campbell here but my guess is that they'll pass on him.
    22. Dallas Cowboys – Limas Sweed WR
    I intended on not putting Sweed in the first round, but I figured given TO's age (He'll play a few more years i know but not forever) and Glenns.. also figuring in Crayton isnt a real number one.. Sweed is the WR i see being a good future Number one. Not immediately, but i think the pick makes sense.
    23. Pittsburg Steelers – Chris Williams OT/OG
    Steelers are gonna have a spot open on the Offensive Line somewhere Chris could cover both.
    24. Tennessee Titans – Dan Connor LB
    I'm not convinced they'll pick an offensive player.
    25. Seattle Seahawks – Felix Jones RB
    Alexander is over the hump, Jones is the next guy on the board. Seattle may trade up to get a different RB but i doubt that.
    26. NY Giants – Aqib Talib CB
    They need a CB, if not now in a few years definitely. They'll get it out of the way now.
    27. Jacksonville Jaguars – Calais Campbell DE
    I'm not sold on Campbell but i am sold on the Jaguars taking an End. Calais is just next in line.
    28. San Diego Chargers – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB
    Surprise pick of the draft. Florence, the trash player that he is, will not be a charger next year. That'll leave a huge hole at nickel, and Rodgers Cromartie fits that need like a glove.
    29. Dallas Cowboys – Reggie Smith S/CB
    Good versatile player.
    30. San Francisco 49ers – Mario Manningham WR
    Martz will want a WR, and I think I'll get one.
    31. Green Bay Packers – Tracy Porter CB
    I know the packers got good corners, but not a good nickel guy. Depth is always good too.
    32. Cheaters – don’t pick, because they cheat.
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    good KC pick


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      yee nasty chargers pick


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        good giants pick but the order is wrong- the gmen have the last pick in the 1st round

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          Great pick for the Bolts. I have to admit though, I'll miss Florence a little. He might have been a bonehead but he is still very good when he keeps his head.


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            I don't see why you didn't just project the trades, since there's no way Miami takes Ryan at #1, but that's your call I guess. The Bears pick is realistic, probably a toss up between Cherilus, Chris Williams, and Mendenhall in that spot.

            I don't like Rivers to New England at all, he doesn't fit inside or outside in the 3-4.

            I don't see how Connor fits in Tennessee, the OLB spots are filled by Bullock/Thornton, and they seem to be happy with Tulloch/Fowler in the middle.

            No other glaring mistakes.


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              Good Steelers pick A+


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                I hate the Chargers but I loved their pick.

                Thanks to darnik44two for the sig

                Dream Pats Draft:
                1. Vernon Gholston, LB, tOSU
                2. Adarious Bowman, WR, Ok St
                3a. Charles Godfrey, CB, Iowa
                3b. Kevin Smith, RB, UCF
                4. Peyton Hillis, RB, Ark
                5. Jermichael Finley, TE, Texas
                6. Brian Witherspoon, CB, Stillman
                7. Pierre Garcon, WR, Mt Union


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                  Originally posted by Average OT LB View Post
                  31. Green Bay Packers – Tracy Porter CB
                  I know the packers got good corners, but not a good nickel guy. Depth is always good too.
                  we are 30 overall but good postin bad player for the packers
                  Brandon Flowers, Charles Godfrey, Patrick Lee 3 players that would fit us better

                  also where would Rivers fit in there system? Sedrick Ellis, Kenny Phillips would be better imo
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                    Good pick for Buffalo

                    Originally Posted by scottyboy
                    my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
                    But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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                      B+ Saints pick


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                        Originally posted by The Legend View Post
                        we are 30 overall but good postin bad player for the packers
                        Brandon Flowers, Charles Godfrey, Patrick Lee 3 players that would fit us better

                        also where would Rivers fit in there system? Sedrick Ellis, Kenny Phillips would be better imo
                        I kinda get the feeling that the Pats wouldnt see Rivers as useless just because hes a different kind of linebacker. Perhaps i think too much of the coaching level of the patriots, but I think Rivers could very easily be an ILB there.. especially considering his talent. LB is a LB in my opinion.. and especially considering the team is the pats..

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