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  • nvot9's 2008 mock 1.0

    This is my very first mock of the season, so be nice. I’m sure there are tons of mistakes, tons of ill-advised projections etc. I tried to anticipate the future a little bit, but for the most part this is a post-Senior bowl mock draft with me utilizing the information provided at this moment, so things can and will definitely change in this mock as I update it sporadically until the day before the actual draft. I didn’t attempt to predict trades for my first mock, although I will see how it goes for my later mocks, because there will inevitably be some big trades in the first round. Just one round for now, tons of analysis…probably even too much. Let me know how you guys feel, cause this took me a while to make.

    1. Miami Dolphins – DE/OLB Chris Long

    Lately there has been a large amount of talk regarding the Dolphins trading the pick away. To that, I say, well I say no. Even if they wanted to, it is virtually impossible to complete a trade for the number one pick, so I’m ruling that out. Every year, Bill Parcells falls in love with a DE/OLB tweener prospect who’s versatility he utilizes to the utmost. Go back and check…Therefore, I feel it comes down to Chris Long and Vernon Gholston for the pick. Despite Sedrick Ellis’s tremendous display the last week, and Dorsey’s tremendous display of talent this whole year, neither fits the 3-4. You can argue their talent being number one worthy all you want, but when it comes down to it, Parcells is a smart guy, and Tony Sparano is no dummy either. Gholston might easily shoot up the draft boards more than he already has, come the combine, but with a solid 40, so could Chris Long. Long’s ability to play perhaps every front seven position in the 3-4 (even if it’s for only a play or two) will inevitably make him the ideal choice for the Dolphins, and the heir to Jason Taylor’s throne.

    2. St. Louis Rams – OL Jake Long

    The Rams could also go a number of directions with this pick. Again Dorsey and Ellis could be the pick here, but only a year removed from taking Carriker, I think they’d look to shore up the DL with Gholston (or Chris Long if available) first before looking at a DT. Gholston is a real nice fit here, being a speed (and power) rusher, he can replace the speed rusher in Leonard Little. He can also aid a pretty poor pass rush that the Rams have. However, the Rams are a much worse team protecting their QB. Giving up more sacks than they recorded themselves as a team, the Rams must protect Bulger first and foremost, because believe it or not, he is a good QB, he just needs time to throw. Steven Jackson also needs some help. A team so invested in the success of Steven Jackson, it is to their benefit that he is given every opportunity to run to his fullest. In addition, with Pace’s future up in the air, a replacement will be necessary. Whether due to injury, or simply leaving/retiring when his contracts up, Pace can’t be relied on too much anymore.

    3.* Atlanta Falcons – QB Matt Ryan

    With its current status in disarray, the Falcons need to bring someone in to help turn things around. McFadden is still the best player around, but with the recent coaching signings, I don’t see them going with a flashy RB like he is. Sedrick Ellis seems to be a fan favorite pick right now, the Falcons had a horrendous pass rush, and bringing in Mike Smith, who has coached some tremendous DT’s with the Jags, he seems like a very likely candidate. However, I just can’t see it, I’m sorry, I can’t see it. With as many woes as they have, QB is by far the worst. The Falcons need a new face of their franchise, and with some pretty talented WR’s, Matt Ryan would look pretty good with this team. Compare the players…their DL has some nice talent, featuring John Abraham, Rod Coleman, Jonathan Babineaux, and recently drafted Jamaal Anderson…compared to Byron Leftwich, Joey Harrington, and Chris Redman…you tell me what needs more of an upgrade?

    4.** Oakland Raiders – RB Darren McFadden

    Plain and simple, unless the Raiders resign Justin Fargas, Al Davis will not pass on Dmac. It’s become almost a cliché, but Al Davis loves the flashy, game-breaking, playmakers. I’m sure he’s drooling at the though of pairing McFadden with Russell. If Fargas IS resigned, then Sedrick Ellis is the pick here.

    5.** Kansas City Chiefs – DT Sedrick Ellis

    Well this stinks for Cheifs fans. Jake Long was their number one choice, but he’s gone. OT is still the number one need, but with Clady being a reach and the ridiculous depth at OT, they can wait. Ellis is a tremendous, disruptive force on the line, and has vaulted his stock over that of Dorsey. Herman Edwards has always been a defensive minded coach, so Ellis makes sense, to create a dominant, dominant defensive line, but ultimately, if this is the situation, the Chiefs undoubtedly trade and find they can get Clady.

    6. New York Jets – OLB Vernon Gholston

    Not much to say about this pick, I think Gholston is their ideal choice. They get their version of Merriman and Ware to finally give them the pass rush they’ve needed to give them a somewhat successful defense.

    7. New England Patriots (from San Francisco 49ers) – CB Leodis McKlevin

    Honestly, I see the pats trading down, out of the top ten, and taking DRC with this pick, but for my first ever 2008 mock, I’m not going to predict trades. Many people seem to think that the Pats have the luxury of simply going BPA, but I think that’s just not so. Their defense is aging and will open a bunch of wholes this off season. Kenny Phillips is an interesting idea, to replace Rodney, but the likes of Meriweather and Sanders have stepped it up this post-season. Their entire starting LB core is 30 or older, and their two starting ILB’s only have one or two more years left in them, if that, but no ILB is worth the pick or fits their scheme. Derrick Harvey is a very, very likely choice, and I can see them going with him to move Adalius Thomas back inside, but for now, considering that Samuel is likely leaving, and *** is a FA also, I think they invest in a CB to replace them. McKlevin is my number one CB right not, especially ahead of Jenkins…who doesn’t even fit the Pats defense, but as I mentioned before, I think DRC is going to shoot up even more than he already has come combine time.

    8. Baltimore Ravens – CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

    QB seems like an obvious choice, but Troy Smith looked real solid in his time, and I feel that the Ravens fans and staff are liking him, they seem to love him there, and I think they will gamble on another late round QB to compete with Smith for the starting spot next year before they take one in the top ten. Offensive line could use an upgrade as well, with the future of Ogden up in the air….Clady’s a nice pick. Defensive end is a need as well, Suggs and Pryce are both rumored to be on the way out, but when it comes down to it, this Ravens defense looked worse than it was for one reason…the lack of depth at CB. Mcallister is declining and they could really use an upgrade. I don’t think Jenkins is necessarily worth a top ten pick, and neither is DRC at this point, but DRC’s my number two CB right now, and I can see him going even higher come combine, so I’m using a bit of anticipation for this pick and having the Ravens reach just a little.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals – DT Glenn Dorsey

    Wow, this Benglas D has been so horrendous the last few years, and they’ve needed help all over their defense. The pass rush has been the worst in the NFL, so they will jump all over the opportunity to snag the once regarded “once in a life time DT prospect.” Ellis’s success and Dorsey’s knees combined, will drop Dorsey come draft day, and I truly believe he will not be a top 5 pick. Bengals faint at the thought of getting him at 9 and take him immediately.

    10. New Orleans Saints – OLB Keith Rivers

    The Saints regret passing on LB’s for the last two drafts now. Two years later, and the LB core has only gotten worse. Rivers is the top LB in the class and shows great speed and instincts. Learning from past mistakes, the Saints grab their number one coveted guy.

    11. Buffalo Bills – OLB Dan Conner

    The Bills get their LB and re-unite Conner with Paul. Not much to say about this pick, I think the Bills desperately need another impact player like Conner on their defense, and he can help them become a very good team, because they’re close. WR is a big possibility also, but I think they realize the depth at that position in the draft, and pass for now.

    12. Denver Broncos – S Kenny Phillips

    This was a really tough one for me. The OL is in shambles, both Clady and Otah would fit their ZBS and I can see them doing all they can to protect Cutler and this impressive pass offense. Phillip Wheeler is a perfect fit for their defense and he’s been rising up the draft boards lately, but I think this is just a little too early at the moment. Meanwhile, their safety situation is causing the most problems for this team. John Lynch is not a good player anymore, I truly believe he’s lost a step, and I don’t even know who their other safety is. Phillips is a terrific safety and a very nice fit for them at number 12.

    13. Carolina Panthers – OT Ryan Clady

    QB definitely gets a thought here. DE as well, Harvey would be a sexy pick for them, however, it comes down to basic need to rebuild. They’ve got a nice young RB in Williams, and need to build for when they get a franchise QB. With both OT’s headed for FA, it’d be impossible to bring back both, so the Panthers have to go out and get a top one via the draft. Clady compares nicely to D’Brick and some say he might even go higher than this, so the Panthers should get him while they can. Otah should get a look as well.

    14. Chicago Bears – QB Brian Brohm

    I think this pick has to be. The Bears have refused to take a QB for too long, Rex, Kyle, and Brian can’t get it done for them. OL is a big need as well, hopefully they understand the depth at that position and decide to wait a little. Same goes for RB.

    15. Detroit Lions – OT Jeff Otah

    The Lions need some OL help…badly. Otah is a top talent with great size and immense potential, and for him to fall to them, the lions must be ecstatic. It’s possibly Otah’s taken ahead of Clady, but for now, I think he slides. DL will get a look, but ultimately, I don’t think Balmer’s good value right here. RB will get a look too, but I think Otah fills their biggest need.

    16. Arizona Cardinals – CB Mike Jenkins

    Edge has been the Cards workhorse the last two years, and at only the age of 29 he’s definitely not ready to call it quits yet. With a young and impressive offense, the Cardinals will probably look to bulk up their defense. A decent pass rush and terrific run defense, yet a dismal group of CB’s and the rumors surrounding Rolle moving to FS, the Cards are desperate for a lockdown corner. Jenkins is considered by many to be a top 10 prospect and the number one CB. I see differently, but regardless, the Cardinals will not hesitate to select him.

    17. Minnesota Vikings – Derrick Harvey

    The Vikings have a very strange team. They are the best team running the ball in the NFL, but they are the 4th worst passing it. They are the best team stopping the run in the NFL, but the worst defending the pass. This leads me to believe, that WR, a pass rushing end, and a DB of some sort, are their biggest needs. Desean Jackson makes the most sense for this team, but he seems like the same speedy, deep threat, impact player that Sidney Rice is supposed to be and Troy Williamson was supposed to be. But, as long as AP is on your team, you’re gunna be a run oriented team, and as long as Childress is your coach, you’re not gunna go for a big play WR round 1, so DE is the pick. Now it’s between Harvey and Campbell. Harvey is the best pure pass rusher in the draft, and gives them the kind of edge rusher they need to challenge the QB every now and then.

    18. Houston Texans – RB Rashard Mendenhall

    The Texans don’t have one pressing need, but they have a bunch of positions they could upgrade at. LT is a possible position of need, but with Charles Spencer coming back from injury, I think they wait to see how that plays out. CB is another possibility, but I don’t see Aqib Talib going this high. I think another offensive playmaker is necessary, and the 4 or 5 decent RB’s they have is not gunna cut it, they need a big-time RB, and I think Mendenhall can be that guy. I think when it’s all said and done, Mendenhall will be the best back coming out of this draft, and despite ideally wanting to trade down and pick up a 2nd rounder, but Mendenhall is too good to pass up for now.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles – WR Desean Jackson

    The Eagles could go WR, DE, or CB. At this point, I think there CB’s are good enough to wait at least another round, and at DE, I don’t think Campbell fits the bill and there’s no other good value. So at WR, it’s between Malcolm and Desean. Desean is better at returning kicks than Kelly and is a bigger play maker than him. Kelly might be more complete, but Jackson fits McNabb’s style more, the way TO once did.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DE/DT Kentwan Balmer

    QB will get some thoughts, but I don’t see a fit right now. WR might get a look too, but despite their age, I think they’re pretty solid at WR. They could use an LDE, Campbell would be a really nice fit, but in the end, I think a run stuffer who can play both DE and DT like Balmer can, is more valuable for them. Balmer might not be a perfect fit, and he’s not the flashiest player, but I think he’s just what they need to perhaps balance out Gaines.

    21. Washington Redskins – DE Calais Campbell

    I’m not sure exactly why the Skins need a first round WR. No, they don’t have the best WR core, but they have 3 pretty decent WR’s in Moss, Randel El, and Lloyd. Yes, they definitely need another WR, but I don’t think that’s a first round need. Campbell fits their defense perfectly and can give them a pass rush they could get some help in, and overall will help bolster their less than impressive DL.

    22. Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland Browns) – RB Felix Jones

    It doesn’t make much sense to me. I don’t understand why Marion Barber can’t handle being the feature back, but that’s for another time. The fact is, the Cowboys are going to look for a speedy back to replace Jones. A trade is very likely, but for this draft, we’ll rule that out. Jonathan Stewart is the best back left, but he doesn’t compliment Barber quite as well as Jones does, so Jones gets the nod for this pick.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers – OT Gosder Cherilus

    Not much to say other than at the moment, this seems to be the consensus Steelers pick. A mauling RT, Cherilus can start right away and help with the run game to make up for the likely loss of Faneca. CB might get a look, as well as FS.

    24. Tennessee Titans – WR Malcolm Kelly

    When I think Titans, I think wide receiver. Not because they’ve got a ton of good ones, but quite the opposite. The Titans staff and their fans, have made excuses year in and year out not to invest a top draft pick in a top WR. Well now, with perhaps the draft’s best WR prospect falling all the way to 24 and with the NFL’s 5th worst passing offense, the Titans must take Kelly, if not for need, then purely for the development of Vince Young.

    25. Seattle Seahawks – RB Jonathan Stewart

    It seems every year the Seahwaks have a dire need at TE, and every year pass on it in the first round…clearly Holmgren doesn’t use the TE that much. Add to that the fact that there’s no one TE deserving of a first round pick, and the fact that Holmgren is disgusted with their run game, and you clearly have them taking an RB. Stewart is certainly not the 4th best back from the draft, some argue he’s the 2nd, some argue even 1st, but the fact is, he fell, and the Seahawks should love it.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars – DE Phillip Merling

    I don’t really like this pick at all, I don’t think he’s worthy number one, but he seems to be flying up draft boards as of late, so the Jags old D-Line gets a young pass rusher to rejuvenate them. I don’t see them going WR round one…

    27. San Diego Chargers – S Reggie Smith

    This is a tough decision because the Chargers have absolutely no glaring needs. A trade is ideal. OL can get some looks, Sam Baker’s a nice option here, but I think Safety gave them the biggest trouble this year, so they go with the second best safety in the draft.

    28. Dallas Cowboys – CB Aqib Talib

    Again, I think they look for a trade, but we’re not doing trades so that doesn’t happen. DL might deserve a look here. The Boys are always looking to bulk up their LB core, but in the end, I think the Cowboys look to a CB and attempt to convert Anthony Henry to safety. I think Aqib Talib’s size and playmaking ability gives him an edge over many other CB’s, such as Patrick Lee and Jack Ikegwuono.

    29. San Francisco 49ers (from Indianapolis Colts) WR Devin thomas

    I think WR is clearly the choice here. Coaching the Senior Bowl, Nolan fell in love with Early Doucet, and then I think kinda cooled off him, realizing how injury prone he really is. I think we could se Manningham here but he won’t be for the same reason as Doucet. When it comes down to it, I think Nolan goes with Devin Thomas because he’s the healthieset of the potential first rounders and has good size and hands.

    30. Green Bay Packers – OT Sam Baker

    This team has become all about Favre, and when it comes down to it, I think in order to ensure Favre another year, this draft is gunna have to give him every opportunity to continue to succeed. He’s finally got his offensive weapons, so now we’ll give him a little more protection. Baker is considered one of the better pass protectors in the draft.

    31P. New York Giants – OLB Phillip Wheeler

    I think LB and CB are the two biggest needs for the Giants. Eli Manning and the Giants offense has looked very good down the stretch, and leads me to believe that WR can wait till later rounds if at all, OL seems to be their only offensive need, but not a first round one. Their aging corners are all solid but not spectacular, and they’re going to need a compliment to Ross soon, but I think Webster and R.W.’s fantastic play in the playoffs thus far has granted the Giants a free pass in the first round, so LB it is. I think Wheeler, coming in at a very solid weight at the Senior Bowl, will be the pick. He’s terrific ability to get behind the line and make plays is exactly what the Giants defense is about, and I think the Giants get a HUGE steal here. Wheeler’s one of my favorite’s in the whole draft.

    32P. New England Patriots - Forfeited as penalty for cheating
    Glenn Dorsey will slip...

    Jets will not take McFadden...

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    pretty solid phins pick.... I wouldn't mind Sedrick Ellis or Vernon Gholston either though!

    Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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      Good Cardinals draft, and by the explaination I know that you understand our needs, Come draft day i hope that one of the big 3 CB's is available for the Cardinals, all of them are good man to man corners so they all fit perfectly in our scheme


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        Glenn Dorsey doesn't fall all the way to #9 he's a top 5 pick


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          At least you backed up your opinion. Good job.

          "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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            Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
            Glenn Dorsey doesn't fall all the way to #9 he's a top 5 pick
            Hmm I dnno about that. I have more than 8 reasons why he will be taken at 9 by the Bengals. I agree that he's a top 5, top 3 even, talent, but I don't see any fit for him on the 8 teams in front. We see a top player fall every year, in fact, we see many...whether it's because of injury concerns, attitude problems, or simply lack of a need for the player...
            Glenn Dorsey will slip...

            Jets will not take McFadden...


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              Good pick for Buffalo.

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              But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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                Fantastic Vikings pick and explaination.



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                  Calais is still prolly a better pick for Tampa.

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                    i understand why u say OLB before CB for the Giants- im impressed by all of the explanations (good job on that) but webster is still not a sure thing despite his excellent string of about 4-5 games. Mcquarters is ok but old. Madison is nothing like he used to be. We def have a keeper in Aaron Ross, but another good youthful CB is more important. I like wheeler too and its def not a bad pick tho

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                      I like Ellis but doubt KC passes on Glenn Dorsey if he's at 5


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                        Originally posted by BeansDooma View Post
                        Calais is still prolly a better pick for Tampa.
                        You think he's a better fit? I really think he needs to show some incredible strength and decent speed at the combine for that to happen, he's definitely not as good a run-stopper as Balmer and not big/strong enough to play DT if needed, which is something I think the Bucs need...

                        Curious as to why you (and other Bucs fans if there are any...) why you think Campbell is a better fit or why he's more likely to be the pick.
                        Glenn Dorsey will slip...

                        Jets will not take McFadden...


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                          Steelers don't need much help, in the db, other than Cb a shut down guy with hands.
                          Line is the way to go
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                            Originally posted by hugegmenfan View Post
                            i understand why u say OLB before CB for the Giants- im impressed by all of the explanations (good job on that) but webster is still not a sure thing despite his excellent string of about 4-5 games. Mcquarters is ok but old. Madison is nothing like he used to be. We def have a keeper in Aaron Ross, but another good youthful CB is more important. I like wheeler too and its def not a bad pick tho
                            I agree with all that 100% which is a little visible by my explanation of the pick, and if not my bad...cause I do believe CB is a need. But you just listed 3 quality CB's to compliment Ross. Noone's saying they're future answers...or even answers for the Giants, but I think R.W.'s proven he can be an adequate starter at the very least, and Webster has show he's got a little potential that Spags can work with. I think given the giants huge success this year, they can afford to go in next year testing the waters with Webster. I think with the need between LB and CB so close, it's just a matter of BPA (amongst those two positions) at that point, and my eyes, is by far the BPA at that point, any CB they'd take at that spot, one can be found of equal value in the 2nd or even 3rd round, while noone like Wheeler will be found in those rounds, certainly noone as good a fit in their defense and with as much talent as him.

                            Then again I am forgetting about Kiwanuka who plays sorta an OLB pass rusher for them, so CB might be a more viable option...
                            Glenn Dorsey will slip...

                            Jets will not take McFadden...


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                              Originally posted by T-RICH49 View Post
                              I like Ellis but doubt KC passes on Glenn Dorsey if he's at 5
                              Curious as to why you say that? Someone above said Dorsey doesn't slip out of the top 5 either, but given all Ellis has done to boost his stock, I think Dorsey NOT being able to improve his stock yet, actually hurts him a bit, in the sense that Ellis has now become the number 1 DT. I could be wrong, but again, I'm just wondering what it is about Dorsey, that in your mind has him as a more favorable prospect to NFL teams AT THIS POINT.
                              Glenn Dorsey will slip...

                              Jets will not take McFadden...



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