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T24L and Chucky's Mock: 1/30

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  • T24L and Chucky's Mock: 1/30

    I did the odds and Chucky did the Evens, comments are welcome!

    1. Miami - DE Chris Long Virginia
    This seems just the sort of move Parcells would make. A hard worker, Long can be the first cog in Parcells 3-4 D. I wouldn't doubt a trade here, as I'd think Parcells might take less value if he sees some later prospects he likes, but without trades, Long is the selection.

    2. St. Louis - OT Jake Long, Michigan
    With Chris Long gone, the second long becomes the obvious pick in my eyes. For the Greatest Show on Turf to continue, they need their 60+ million dollar QB to stay off his back. With Jake Long, they will be able to solidify the Tackles of their offensive line for a long time. Not to mention Jake Long is an mauler who will greatly help S-Jax succeed and continue to be one of the elite backs in the land.

    3. Atlanta - DT Sedrick Ellis, USC
    With Jake Long gone, and Atlanta not having Value for Ryan, this pick becomes obvious in my eyes. New Head Coach Mike Smith will want a dominate interior player on the line and Ellis could be that player. Dorsey was also a thought, but the injury concerns push him down in my opinion.

    4. Oakland - RB Darren Mcfadden, Arkansas
    This is a classic Al Davis move. While the OAK coaching staff and management might see that Dorsey would clearly be a better pick for them, considering they already have a solid rushing attack. Al Davis will clearly override them to make the sexy pick, who he believes will help them win next year. This pick very well could change if Al Davis gives the new coach(assuming Kiffen is gone) complete control.

    5. Kansas City - OT Ryan Clady, Boise State
    Kansas City's most pressing need has to be that offensive line, and Clady will go up draft boards after the combine. This pick will start to rebuild the trenches in front of LJ, and also help the pass protection in front of Croyle/Incumbent, and will improve their entire offense. I considered Dorsey, but I feel LT was a more pressing need.

    6. New York Jets - OLB Vernon Gholston, OSU
    Luckily for the Jets dropping from 3 to 7 doesnt end up making a big difference for them seeing as they get the player they would have wanted, but now get to pay less. With Mangini being very stubborn and stupid about sticking to the 3-4 defence, Gholston becomes the obvious pick. He provides the Jets with a gamechanging Blitzing OLB, which is one of the most important positions in the 3-4.

    7. New England (from San Francisco) - CB Mike Jenkins, U-S-F!
    Still the #1 Corner in my eyes, New England replaces Samuel with a good physical Man-Man corner with ideal physical attributes. I know a lot of people are plugging DRC into this pick now, but I think Jenkins' Ballhandling and physicality questions are severely overblown, and he is still the top corner in the draft.

    8. Baltimore - QB Matt Ryan, Boston College
    I think Baltimore will stop Matt Ryans minifall. While some Ravens fans might not be a fan of this pick, this is what I think the pick will be. It would be stupid for the Ravens to believe that Troy Smith is the QB of the future for them at this point, and for that reason it makes sense for the Ravens to pick someone who will become their unquestioned Franchise Quarterback and a very good one at that.

    9. Cincinnati - DT Glen Dorsey, LSU
    Cincinatti's defense was absolutely pathetic last year, and they're ecstatic to have arguably the best Defensive player in the draft. When healthy, Dorsey is as dominant player as you'll get, but that health is the risk. A LB like Connor could be considered, but if Dorsey is available, I doubt it, Cincinatti's interior defense takes a big step forward after this selection.

    10. New Orleans - CB Leodis Mckelvin, Troy
    After just missing out on the their number 1 player in the Dorsey, Saints fans will be pretty pissed. But in getting McKelvin the saints fill in their number 1 need, with arguably the number one player at that position. By getting McKelvin and pairing him with McKenzie the saints will actually have one of the better CB duos in the league. Not to mention Jason David can be taken out of the starting lineup, and groom Usama Young to be the future number 2 CB once McKenzie moves on.

    11. Buffalo OLB Kieth Rivers, USC
    What they started with Paul Posluzney, they'll continue with Kieth Rivers. A perfect fit for the Bills, he can play WLB next to Pusluzney and start building one of the better LB cores in the league. Rivers is a speedy linebacker who can cover or go up and play the run, I also considered a WR, but no possesion receivers have really distinguished themselves.

    12. Denver S Kenny Phillips, Miami
    With Kenny Phillips the Broncos get one of the truly elite prospects out of this draft. They get a miami safety I believe will continue the strong tradition of other miami defensive players such as Ed Reed and Sean Taylor. Kenny Phillips can come in and instantly improve the broncos defence, by helping out at one of their worst positions, as well as making the Broncos Pass D's one of the best in the league.

    13. Carolina - S Reggie Smith, Oklahoma
    A great example of Need over Value, the safety position has become a bit of a joke for Carolina, and even though Smith may be a reach, the value after him dips severely, so Carolina snatches him up now, A Corner in Oklahoma, Smith is a likely Safety in the NFL and has good cover skills. I considered Brohm, but felt Safety a bigger need at this point.

    14. Chicago - QB Brian Brohm, Louisville
    With Rex Grossman being a free agent, and Brian Greise and Kyle Orton both not being viable options as QB's of the future, the Bears select the best QB chicago has seen in a long time. Brohm will probably sit on the bench for a year, but if needed he can come in and play next year. By pairng Brohm with a healthy chicago defence, the bears could very soon be back as super bowl contenders Of course if Grossman is resigned then it is highly unlikely that the bears make this pick

    15. Detroit - RT Gosder Cherilus, BC
    George Foster suuuuucks. With martz gone, they'll need a legitamate big road grating Tackle, and Cherilus is definitely that. After a great senior bowl, Cherilus has himself back in the top 20, I love his nastiness and size, and he gets the job done. A lot of people have them picking a corner, but I don't buy it for a Tampa 2 team to grab a corner in the first round.

    16. Arizona - RB Jonathon Stewart, Oregon
    With Edgerrin James getting up there in age, and JJ arrington being a complete bust I expect Ken Wisenhunt, Russ Grimm, and co to go after a running back who can play smashmouth football, and that is the kinda guy they get with Stewart. He can be a workhorse who Matt Leinert can rely heavily on throughout his development.

    17. Minnesota - DE Derrick Harvey, UF
    Minnesota is great on the interior line, but are horrid outside. A speed rusher like Harvey would be great for them. While some might say Harvey is more of a 3-4 OLB, I don't necessarily agree with that, and feel he'd be better playing with his hand down as a RE. I thought about a QB like Henne, but felt they would wait on Jackson for another year.

    18. Houston - OT Jeff Otah, Pitt
    Since the beginning of their franchise's history the Texans have been searching for a stud LT, starting with their first pick in the expansion draft, Tony Bosseli. With Jeff Otah the Texans have finally filled this void. Otah will greatly help the development of Matt Schaub. While it may not be the sexiest pick for the Texans, it is the smartest.

    19. Philadelphia - WR DeSean Jackson, Cal
    Even if Donovan doesn't come back next year, Kevin kolb is going to need a go-to receiver, and Jackson is all that and more. After the catch, Jackson is clearly the best in class, and is also an explosive kick and punt returner. I could see a corner here, but Jackson is too good to back up.

    20. Tampa Bay - DE Calais Campbell, Miami
    With the number one person on the Bucs board gone(in Desean), the bucs decide to fill one of their other holes, and continue from last years draft in going defence. With Calais Campbell the bucs get a physical freak who they can pair opposite last years pick in Gaines Adams, and give the bucs a scary pair of DEs.g defence. With Calais Campbell the bucs get a physical freak who they can pair opposite last years 1st round pick. Calais will greatly help the Bucs run D, as well as provide some pressure on the QB. With Greg Whites rumoured switch to LDE, Calais will face an uphill to get into the starting lineup and will have to show Monte that he wants it by shaking off his rep as being lazy

    21. Washington - CB Dominique-Rodgers Cromartie, Tennessee St.
    Washington's corners are old and DRC was downright jawdropping at times during the senior bowl, and should be around this area for the combine. I considered a D-Lineman but decided none were worth the pick.

    22. Dallas (from Cleveland) - RB Felix Jones, Arkansas
    While the Cowboys decide it would be way too pricey to trade up for the Jerry's Arkansas boy in Run DMC. The cowboys decide to pick Arkansas's other running back in Felix Jons. Jones will be able to provide the lightning to the Barbarians thunder, and become what the 'Boys envisioned in getting when they picked Julius Jones.

    23. Pittsburgh - DT/DE Kentwan Balmer, North Carolina
    A tweener between DT and DE, a 3-4 DE seems like a logical fit. Pitt doesn't have any options at O-Line so they take a 3-4 DE they need. I was thinking Malcolm kelly with Big Ben's demands, but I decided against it, Sweed or Hardy can be had later.

    24. Tennessee - WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma
    The Titans exceeded everyones expectations this season by making the playoffs. It was mainly their defence that go them there. The titans are going to continue to stick with Vince Young as their QB of the future, even though he has not proven that he can be one(but thats for a whole different argument). If the Titans want Young to succeed they will need to surroud him with some weapons at the WR spot. The titans get an absolute steal here with Malcolm Kelly, and give Young that number 1 reciever

    25. Seattle - RB Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois
    Menden hall could prove to be the top RB in the draft at the end of his career, but for right now he'll fall to Seattle who'l happily take him. Sean Alexander is pretty much done, and nobody else has stepped up to grab the job, so Mendenhall it is.

    26. Jacksonville - DE Phillip Merling, Clemson
    At this point there seems to be a strong case for Merling going to the Jaguars. One of the main reasons that Jax was unable to beat the Patriots was their inability to get constant pressure from the ends, Merling should be able to come in and help solve this problem, He provides another piece to Jacksonvilles already amazing D-Line

    27. San Diego - RT Carl Nicks, Nebraska
    An Absolute monster at RT, Nicks has immense size and will not only help LT in the run game, but looks decent in pass blocking during senior bowl practices as well. San Diego doesn't have many glaring needs, a DB isn't likely here, and neither is a skill position, so this seems like a good fit.

    28. Dallas - CB Aqib Talib, Kansas
    After going offence in the first round, the Cowboys decide to go defence, fill thier need at CB. With Newmans injury concerns, Anthony Henrys age, and Jacque Reeves suckiness, the Cowboys need new CB. Talib is someone who will be able to play man to man with most recievers which is needed when Roy Williams is your safety. Not to mention Talib can also be a KR/PR for them

    29. San Francisco (from Indianapolis) - WR Mario Manningham, Michigan
    The Wide Receivers for San Fransisco were awful, so they get a big play threat in Manningham. Manningham was very inconsistant last year, but no one can doubt his natural ability. He should also help out Alex Smith by stretching the field out to let gore and Vernon Davis be more effective.

    30. Green Bay - LT Sam Baker, USC
    The Packers need some help at LT, considering their current LT blows. Sam Baker who has taken a big fall mainly because of his lack of strength, fits in great in the Packers ZBS. He will be a great pass blocker for Brett Favre until Baker retires.

    31. New York Giants - OLB Dan Conner, Penn State
    Assuming Strahan retires, this pick is a slam dunk for the Giants. Kiwanuka would return back to DE, continuing the 3 DE rotation. Conner was a beast at Penn State and should be a day one starter for the Giants.


    1. Miami - OT Chris Williams, Vanderbilt
    After picking up a key cog for their D in Long, they go and fix a long standing need at LT with Chris Williams. After a good Senior Bowl, Williams takes his key physical tools to Miami to anchor an Offensive line that has been pathetic.

    2. St. Louis - DT Pat Sims, Auburn
    For the second straight year the Rams decide to go with a DT in the first two rounds. Pairing the 315 pound Pat Sims with the UT Adam Carriker the Rams have a great start to rebuilding their defence. I think the Rams are clearly showing a change in philosiphy with both of their first two pickes being in the trenches

    3. Kansas City - QB Chad Henne, Michigan
    After brodie Croyle failed to light the world on fire, I think its safe to say that KC will be looking for a QB. Henne was the best at his position at the Senior Bowl, and even though he was inconsistant, showed some promise at Michigan. Henne to D-Bowe could be a dangerous combo going forward.

    4. Oakland - DE Lawrence Jackson, USC
    After seeing Chris Long taken before them, and Derrick Burgess getting up there in age, The Raiders logically decide to take the best DE left. With Lawrence Jackson the Raiders are getting a player who will greatly improve their pourous D-line and help bring back their defence to where it was two years ago

    5. Atlanta - QB Andre Woodson, Kentucky
    After a horrendous season, It's clear Atlanta's top need is QB. With no value in the 1st, Atlanta has to wait to the Second to get a plummeting Andre Woodson. Woodson may have his stock falling, but I feel he can still be a very solid NFL QB, and think his windup problems are a bit overstated.

    6. New York Jets - DT Dre Moore, Maryland
    The Jets continue to restock their defence with players who fit their personell. With Dre Moore, the Jets add a good young player to add to improve their pathetic D-Line

    7. San Fransisco - DE Quentin Groves, Auburn
    After grabbing a true Receiving threat, The 49ers will turn to their pass rush with Quentin Groves. Groves had a down year but he'll put up some numbers at the combine and was solid at Auburn. i thought about Offense but couldn't find any good fits.

    8. Baltimore - WR Limas Sweed, Texas
    Even though the Ravens invested a first rounder in mark clayton a few years ago, it seems like he will not develop into anything more than a 2nd reciever. By taking Limas Sweed the Ravens are getting a player who can eventually take over Derrick Masons spot as number 1 reciever. If not of Sweeds injury this past season it is very likely that he would have been a top 20 pick, and the Ravens are luck

    9. New Orleans Saints - LB Jered Mayo, Tennessee
    New Orleans has ignored their LB position for far too long, they begin to by bringing in Jared Mayo. Mayo was an animal in the SEC and reminds me of a poor man's Patrick Willis.

    10. Buffalo - CB Brandon Flowers, VTech
    With Nate Clements leaving the past offseason it left a huge void in the Bills secondary. While Ashton Yabouty has showed a bit of promise the Bills need a true number 2 CB across from McGee

    11. Denver - OT Barry Richardson, Clemson
    Denver needs a new tackle, and I like Richardson for the job. Some may call this a reach but I feel he has great size, strength and athleticism. May be a bit of a project but worth it IMO.

    12. Carolina - TE John carlson, Notre Dame
    Carolina desperately needs some more weapons for their offence. Carlson can come in and be a very good all around tight end for the Panthers. He also provides great value at this point.

    13. Chicago - OG Brandon Albert, Virginia
    Chicago's Run game was pathetic last year, and while some blame goes on Ronnie Brown some has to go on the O-Line. Brandon Albert is a very versatile guard who'll step right in and improve that line. Easily the top guard in the draft.

    14. Detroit - CB Charles Godfrey, iowa
    Flat out the Lions probably have the worst set of corners in the league. Luckily for the lions Cover 2 Corners are not too hard to find in the later round. With Charles Godfrey the Lions are getting a great physical Cover 2 corner who will fit in Miranellis scheme

    15. Cincinatti - ILB Curtis Lofton, Oklahoma
    Cincinnati's D = Terrible. But snagging a steal in Dorsey in the first, they set their sights again in the middle with Curtis Lofton. Lofton comes out early after a monster Junior campaign, with good size, I see the Bengals taking him here.

    16. Minnesota - WR James Hardy, Indiana
    Well, it seems like Childress is gonna give Tavaris at least one more year. If childress really wants Tavaris to suceed, hes gonna need to give him some more options to pass to. While Sidney Rice seems like a keeper at this point. A huge target like James Hardy can really help Tavaris's development, especially with the lack of top flight TE

    17. Atlanta - RB Ray Rice, Rutgers
    Jerious Norwood and Warrick Dunn were solid, but the falcs need a pund it up thr middle type back to really help their new QB.Rice was insanely productive for Rutgers and has great vision and runs with purpose, and should be the thunder to Norwood's Lightning.

    18. Philadelphia - DE Chris Ellis, Vtech
    With Jevon Kearse and Darren Howard probably gone this offseason, the Eagles have a void at DE opposite Trent Cole. With Trent Cole excelling at getting to the QB, getting a solid run stuffing DE like ellis on the other side, can greatly improve their defence. If ellis can keep focused he will be a steal for the Eagles

    19. Arizona - CB Tracy Porter, Indiana
    Antrell Rolle is a fabulous corner, but next to him they don't have much. Porter has good size and speed, and also will help on ST. He's got great ball skills and should help the Cards secondary be formidable for years to come.

    20. Washington - DE Jason jones, Eastern Michigan
    After getting DRC in the first round, I doubt that Was will take another DB in the second round(although Decoud was tempting). I think the Redskins will adress one of their biggest needs in DE with Jason Jones. While a bit of an unknown, Jones can be a great DE for Was for years to come

    21. Tampa Bay - CB Patrick lee, Auburn
    With the news that Brian Kelly is leaving via Free Agency, CB shoots up to the top of the List of needs. Lee is a very physical corner who's tough and physical, two attributes important for the Tampa 2 Defesne.

    22. Pittsburgh - OT Anthony Collins, Kansas
    It looks like their will be a lot of changeover for Pitt this year when it comes to the offensive line. With the possibililty of many leaving, Collins is a logical pick. He will be a solid starting OT for Pitt, and will hopefully do a better job than the Pitt OL did against the Jags

    23. Tennessee - DT Trevor Laws, Notre Dame
    Assuming Haynesworth is gone, The titans will be in the market for a Defensive Tackle. Laws is a hard worker with good strength and penetration ability. He was a leader and was productive, So I see him rising up to this point.

    24. Seattle - TE Fred Davis, Seattle
    After the failed Jerramy Stevens expirement, and Marcus Pollard clearly not being the answer. THe Hawks decide to go with the athletic Fred Davis. With Great hands, and a tough attitude, Davis should instantly become one of hasselbacks favourite targets

    25. Cleveland - DT Marcus Harrison, Arkansas
    Again, Cleveland's big Achille's heel was on the Defensive side on the ball, and since they don't have a first round pick, they weren't asble to get a Pat Sims or a Kentwan Balmer. So they'll take Harrison, Who does a very good job of penetrating and leverage.

    26. Miami - WR Early Doucet, LSU
    After taking two picks for the trenches, the phins decide to take a player at a skill position. With Early Doucet the phins get a future replacement for Chris Chambers and another weapon for Beck to work with

    27. Jacksonville - WR Lavelle Hawkins, Cal
    After a great year be Garrard where he had no go-to target, WR is a big need for the Jags. They decide to take Senior Bowl darling Lavelle Hawkins here, who's a fast and tough receiver who'll do anything to make the grab, which is exactly what the team needs.

    28. Indianapolis - Kevin SMith, ucf
    While it was shown that Addai can carry the full load, I see no need for Indy to try and push Addai so much harder. By going back to the 2 RB set that worked so well during their Super Bowl Run, I feel that Indy's offence will greatly improve and be fresher for the playoffs.

    29. Green Bay - OLB Erin Henderson, Maryland
    A tough pick to project, but I see them going OLB to really make that core nasty. Henderson is an underrated Athletic Outside Linebacker whoput up some good numbers while at Maryland.

    30. Dallas - WR Earl Bennett, vandy
    With Glenn's injury problems getting worse, and Owens getting up there in age, I think it would be smart to adress the WR position before it is too late.

    31. New York Giants - CB Antoine Cason, Arizona
    If you could make one criticism of the New York team, its most likely the lack of depth in the secondary. Cason was a beast at Arizona and should make a nice pair with last year's 1st rounder Aaron Ross.

    32. New England Patriots - OLB Shawn Crable, Michigan
    With the Pats LB corps getting way up there in age, i think now is the time to pick up a LB. I think it is Crable's versitility that will catch the eyes of the Pats here and make him their pick

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    Also dont just say short stupid comments like: your mock blows or Bucs draft sucks


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      Originally posted by Chucky View Post
      Also dont just say short stupid comments like: your mock blows or Bucs draft sucks
      like a bucs draft made by two bucs fans is going to suck

      (it doesnt)

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        Sam Baker, Chris Williams, and Pat Simms would be better pick then Mario Manningam. I don't think Manningham fits Martz system very well, Manningham is more of an outside the hash receiver, Martz uses alot of crossing routes.


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          Good Cardinals draft.



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            A surprise pick I think I like it.
            I remember: Sean Taylor



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              Ya good Cardinals draft but weird explanation, Rolle isn't a good corner he had two good games but besides those two he was just plain terrible, Hood & Green are our starting CB's with the pick of Porter we can move Rolle to FS


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                i dont think ive heard the guy you have the browns picking mentioned in discussion for players who could play in the 3-4 so i was wondering what others think of him (Marcus Harrison DT Arkansas) in the 3-4

                Sig by jkpigskin , thanks.


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                  I like the chargers pick of a RT there but I don't understand what you mean when you say a DB isn't likely here. DB is probably our most glaring need right now and and we have pratically no depth behing Jammer and Cromartie.

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                    Sam Baker isn't the worst pick in the world but your explanation is. The Packers LT is Chad Clifton and he's headed to Hawaii

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                      Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
                      Sam Baker isn't the worst pick in the world but your explanation is. The Packers LT is Chad Clifton and he's headed to Hawaii
                      Ya Sorry, I meant to say LG. I think it would make sense to start Baker of at gaurd, and one clifton is gone, they can move him outside


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                        Good pick for the Chargers considering that Rodgers-Cromartie, Cherilus and Smith are all gone.


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                          Ravens get tempted to take Leodis Mckelvin, Ryan is okay. Good Houston pick.
                          Limas Sweed would be a good value pick for the Ravens, but that would move Mark Clayton to slot because Demetrius Williams still ALL THE WORLD potential to be out number one. Not to mention we have DeVard Darling who has really developed this season.

                          Baltimore: 7-4


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                            Pretty solid Raiders draft!


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                              i like the bills draft a lot

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