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    Contrary to popular belief, I along with many others at the site where I gather draft information, don't believe Darren McFadden is worthy of a top10 pick, nor do I think he will be a top10 pick. Besides the fact that someone always drops farther than people think they will, I believe McFadden will drop because he runs to upright, is not very good between the tackles, and with those chicken legs he is an injury waiting to happen. Of course I could be wrong, but this is what I see and how I feel. The Senior Bowl definately helped a lot of people out. Cromartie went from being a late 1st-early 2nd, to a top 15 pick. McKelvin had a great game as well and improved about 10-15 picks. Sedrick Ellis was an absolute beast and I am VERY VERY TEMPTED to put him ahead of Dorsey. The reason I am tempted is because Ellis' hand work and leverage technique is far superior to Dorsey's. Dorsey actually might never be that good due to the fact that he is lacking in those two things. Chris Williams had a great game and might jump Ryan Clady, but he probably has no shot at passing Jake Long. Cherilus also had a good game, but he has way to many attitude problems for that game to bolster him. Also, look out for a guy named Matt Forte. He was a projected 3rd-4th round pick, but he earned MVP honors of the Senior Bowl by absolutely ripping through the opposing D. He is probably a early-mid 2nd round pick now and if he can run under a 4.5, he will probably jump Felix Jones and maybe even Mendenhall. Anyways, here is my mock, feel free to leave feedback. I will try to respond to your guys comments or questions of why I did this or that.

    1. Dolphins - Chris Long DE, Virginia

    2. Rams - Glenn Dorsey DT, LSU

    3. Falcons - Jake Long OT, Michigan

    4. Raiders - Sedrick Ellis DT, USC

    5. Chiefs - Mike Jenkins CB, South Florida

    6. Jets - Vernon Gholston OLB, Ohio State

    7. Patriots (f/SF) - Leodis McKelvin CB, Troy

    8. Ravens - Matt Ryan QB, Boston College

    9. Bengals - Keith Rivers OLB, USC

    10. Saints - Dan Connor OLB, Penn State

    11. Bills - Antoine Cason CB, Arizona

    12. Broncos - Kenny Phillips S, Miami (FL)

    13. Panthers - Ryan Clady OT, Boise State

    14. Bears - Chris Williams OT, Vanderbilt

    15. Lions - Dominique Rogers-Cromartie CB, Tennessee State

    16. Cardinals - Darren McFadden RB, Arkansas

    17. Vikings - Derrick Harvey DE, Florida

    18. Texans - Jonathan Stewart RB, Oregon

    19. Eagles - DeSean Jackson WR, California

    20. Buccaneers - Jeff Otah OT, Pittsburgh

    21. Redskins - Calais Campbell DE, Miami (FL)

    22. Cowboys (f/CLE) - Malcolm Kelly WR, Oklahoma

    23. Steelers - Sam Baker OT, USC

    24. Titans - James Hardy WR, Indiana

    25. Seahawks - Rashard Mendenhall RB, Illinois

    26. Jaguars - Phillip Merling DE, Clemson

    27. Chargers - Reggie Smith DB, Oklahoma

    28. Cowboys - Felix Jones RB, Arkansas

    29. 49ers (f/IND) - Kentwan Balmer DE, North Carolina

    30. Packers - Aqib Talib CB, Kansas

    31. Giants - Gosder Cherilus OT, Boston College

    32. Patriots - FORFEITED

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    Its possible that McFadden falls but I highly doubt he'll drop that far . Okay Raven pick


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      Sweet chargers pick im glad people are startin to stay away from Balmer


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        calais is better for the bucs

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          Talents like McFadden dont drop out of the top 10. I comprehend your reasoning but its a little too premature at this point to make such drastic considerations when we have yet to see him participate in a post-bowl event. Just wait til the combine is where Ill leave this at.


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            McFadden dropping out of the top 10, let alone the top 15, is just foolish.

            ok phins pick.

            Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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              WOW!KC would take Clady then go CB in RD 2


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                I would like to say greatest Cardinals draft ever


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                  McFadden has bust written all over him.

                  Brian Baldinger, The Sporting News.

                  I hate to burst the bubble of Darren McFadden and all the draftniks who think he's the second coming of Adrian Peterson, but he isn't. Honestly, you shouldn't even use both names in the same sentence.

                  Yes, McFadden ran for a ton of yards at Arkansas and was a two-time Heisman Trophy runnerup. But I've watched him on film and up close in the Cotton Bowl, and I've seen no special qualities that will make him an exceptional running back.

                  McFadden has breakaway speed, I'll give him that. And he's fearless putting hits on defenders. But that's part of his problem -- he initiates contact. Unless you're built like Earl Campbell -- a mountain of a man whose career was nevertheless shortened to eight seasons because of injuries -- you won't last as a running back in the NFL by seeking contact.

                  A running back's most important quality is elusiveness. Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Walter Payton -- all the great ones had it. So do current stars such as Peterson and LaDainian Tomlinson. Their methods differed, but these backs had the key to turning a 2-yard gain into a 22-yard gain -- and to surviving a brutal profession. They knew how to make tacklers miss. McFadden doesn't.

                  He also lacks the vision that is critical to finding open field. That's why he initiates contact -- he can't see the daylight to run to. He's a classic I-formation back who needs a fullback to lead the way. If the fullback gets caught in traffic, McFadden runs right up his back, rarely making the cut that would allow him to gain more yards.

                  I do believe an Arkansas running back should go in the first round of the draft. That would be Felix Jones, who, like McFadden, is a junior who is expected to declare for the draft. With his vision, moves and speed, Jones will be a better pro than McFadden.

                  When the Saints played at Chicago in Week 17, Pierre Thomas of New Orleans made his first NFL start. Thomas was an undrafted rookie out of Illinois, but you couldn't tell by watching him. He showed nifty moves, great vision and balance, power up the middle, soft hands and the ability to break tackles. He ran for 105 yards on 20 carries and caught 12 passes for another 121 yards. Reggie Bush has never had an NFL game like that.

                  Fact is, I'd take Thomas over McFadden, straight up. In a heartbeat.


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                    terrible giants pick

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                      LOL at this guy. Chiefs run a cover 2 defense. they dont need a CB this early in a draft that has plenty solid cover 2 CBs in round 2-5. so clady, mcfadden, anyone but a cb would be better
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                      What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                        Nice pick for the Chargers. Smith is a perfect fit.


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                          Brian Balldinger is a clown(I base those fact solely on when he talks on tv, and does eagles games), i read that article, it was up in these forums at one point and time people were arguing about it.

                          Anyways if McFadden falls sure, but why do the Bear pass him up or raiders Al Davis passing on that yeah right.

                          I guess its a good pick for the Cards, but I am not a fan of him.

                          Eagles why do they pick WR rather Cb or De or S hell even OT, with all the corner getting picked really high, that leaves the Eagles to choose from Reggie Smith someone who can play cb and S, or an OT.

                          Steelers I guess Sam Baker is a good pick I would have went with a run blocker OT, they need to get back to running it hard up the middle. I like Gosder Cherilus better but still a good pick.


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                            Bad Bills pick. If you want us going CB there, Talib is better, IMO.

                            also, I really dont see McFadden falling out of the top 15, let alone the top 10

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                              That has to be the best Cardinals pick ever.




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