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Updated Mock - 1 round w/ explanations 2/7/08

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  • Updated Mock - 1 round w/ explanations 2/7/08

    Updated, trying to take all the feedback that I got into account for the teamsÖif you posted that you didnít like a pick and couldnít explain why, then itís your own fault.

    This will probably be the last mock that I post until something significant happens, like FA or the combine.

    I also flipped up the Oakland and Atlanta picks for giggles.
    The top half is pretty much the same, but the second part is probably going to get shaken up.

    If the reasoning doesnít make sense Iíll try to explain it, if it seems contradictory its cause I was debating to myself in the explanation, more than likely.

    1. Miami - Chris Long, DE, Virginia
    My reasons for this are the same as before, I just canít help but think that Parcells is going to go with a guy who should really help their d-line. Heís not in the same class as Mario Williams was coming out a couple years ago, but he will have the chance to make an immediate impact at Miami. I would not be surprised if Miami traded down from here for more selections to aid their rebuilding process.

    2. St. Louis Rams Ė Jake Long, OT, Michigan
    Iíve seen a couple Rams fans that arenít in favor of this pick, so I gave consideration to Vernon Gholston here, but I just canít see the Rams going to their defense with this pick unless itís Chris Long here. Pace is getting older, Barron hasnít been the most consistent. Even if they use this pick just to groom him behind Pace, it would probably be better down the long run than taking Gholston.

    3. Atlanta Falcons Ė Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
    They need a new face to their franchise. Who better than a guy who came in second in the Heisman voting two years in a row and is well known across the country. Their QB situation isnít settled, but it isnít hard to see them taking a guy later on like John David Booty.

    4. Oakland Raiders Ė Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
    I went with this pick in my last mock, and I havenít heard from any Oakland fans so Iím sticking with it. If McFadden was still here I find it hard for Al Davis to pass on him, but he isnít. Davis and Kiffin are USC guys, so why not go to their alma mater for an impressive physical specimen like Ellis. His weight was an issue, as I thought he was 285 until the senior bowl, but as soon as I saw he was 305, he rocketed up my board and leap frogged Dorsey, who has had some injury problems.

    5. Kansas City Ė Glen Dorsey, DT, LSU
    Well, Dorseyís fall didnít last very long here. KC gets to address one of their needs, though it may not be the one that they wanted to. Jake Long would probably be the best fit, but I donít have him falling this far.

    6. New York Jets Ė Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio St.
    This is by far the most popular pick on the site with the 3-4 that Mangini runs. This adds another piece to his puzzle, and if Gholston lasts this long, I think it will take a whole of 10 seconds for the Jets to decide to draft him. Another excellent reason to pick him, the Patriots canít get their hands on himÖthat may be enough of a reason for Mangini anyways.

    7. New England Ė Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy
    Even with DRC rocketing up boards after the Senior Bowl I doubt he is going to go here. McKelvin is still the best corner in the draft and with Samuel likely leaving in free agency, they have little depth at the secondary position. I doubt they go S since they have Meriweather and Harrison there, but a lot can happen in the time between now and the draft.

    8. Baltimore Ė Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
    Iím sorry Ravens fans, but I donít see the Ravens going corner here. New coaching regime usually means a changing of the guards at QB, so I have them taking Ryan. CB is a thought, but defense doesnít win championship by itself anymore. They need to come up with a turnaround offensively quickly, and in Ryan they get a guy who has a ton of intangibles and the top QB in this draft.

    9. Cincinnati Ė Keith Rivers, LB, USC
    Oh CincyÖhow you have disappointed once again. This pick was fairly easy for me as the Bengals have absolutely no depth at LB and never know when the next one is going to end up in prison or suspended by the league. Both Keith Rivers and Dan Connor would suit their needs, and they both have so much going for them. Rivers has played for a national championship team, Connor is from the ďLB UĒ. Rivers wore the legendary 55 jersey, Connor just won the best LB award. Ultimately, I give the spot to Rivers because I believe that he has more upside than Connor.

    10. New Orleans Ė Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
    Lets face it, the Saints secondary has sucked it up, and they still havenít found someone to play opposite of Mackenzie. Mike Jenkins is a solid player who fills a need, and in the process becomes the highest drafted player in USF history.

    11. Buffalo Ė Dan Connor, LB, Penn St.
    It would be nice if the Bills could give Trent Edwards another target to complement Evans, but unless they trade down, I donít see them taking a WR in the first. I am tempted to give them Connor, yet they drafted Pousluzney last year. With Kenny Philips still on the board that was an interesting thought, but they need more help in stopping the run. Even though I didnít want to do it, I had to give them Connor as there are no DL on the board worthy of this pick, and by drafting Connor they can improve both their run and pass (hopefully) defenses.

    12. Denver Ė Kenny Phillips, S, Miami
    Denver is in an interesting dilemma, they have a system where they believe that anybody can run the ball for 1,000 yards in. However, their o-line has just not been up to it lately. Another option is Kenny Philips, and with an aging secondary, including John Lynch a year or two away from retirement, I just canít see them passing on such an exceptional talent if he actually falls this far in the draft.

    13. Carolina Ė Ryan Clady
    What am I supposed to do with CarolinaÖthey have problems all over the place. My first thought was to give them Malcom Kelly, as there were no defensive players worthy of this pick. With Clady falling this far it was an interesting debate, but I think that if your going to have a one player passing attack, you should at least have another option to take away the double teams from Steve Smith. Ultimately I believe that they have to settle (ha) for Clady as he solidifies their o-line.

    14. Chicago Ė Jeff Otah, OT, Pitt
    Chicago just misses out on Clady, but I canít really feel bad for them getting a consolation of big Jeff Otah. They may take a big NT to help shore up their defense and replace Tank Johnson, who they missed this last year, or perhaps take a QB of the future such as Brohm or Woodson. This may be a little early for Otah, but this may help out with their QB problem too.

    15. Detroit Ė Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida
    The Detroit fans donít want a corner, so Iím not obliged to give them one. One commented that they needed a pass rush and I believe that Harvey is going to be one of the best in a strong class of pass rushers. Perhaps RB is a thought here and Kevin Jones potentially leaving in FA.

    16. Arizona Ė Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon
    Arizona fans want a RB to replace Edge. Donít really see why, as I believe that most of the fault lies with the line. However, it is not my place to say what the fans of a particular team want, since they get to watch them roughly 14 more times a season than I do. Iíll trust their judgment, but I would not be surprised if Arizona goes defense here, especially if Harvey manages to fall.

    17. Minnesota Ė Reggie Smith, S, Oklahoma
    Minnesota is set on their o- and d-lines. If they do have a problem, itís that they donít generate a pass rush on d, and they have an ineffective QB. I donít think they are going to give up on Jackson yet, however, I can see them addressing their pass defense with a pass rusher or a corner. I honestly donít think that Talib is worthy of this pick, so I go with Smith, who will learn under Sharper and eventually replace him.

    18. Houston Ė Malcom Kelly, WR, Oklahoma
    Iím not really sure what to do with Houston. In my last draft I gave them Kelly to compliment Andre Johnson and give Schaub another target to throw to. O-line is a big need, and Iím not really quite sure about their defense. In the end though, I think the player that best fits their needs is Kelly.

    19. Philadelphia Ė Calais Campbell, DE, Miami
    Talib gets some thought here, but I canít see the Eagles going CB with this pick. DeSean Jackson would give them a home-run threat on KR, PR, and any time he touches the ball, but itís not too hard to see the Eagles going after a guy like Donnie Avery later on. Ultimately I was down to Campbell and Merling, but I had to go with Campbell who I believe has far higher upside.

    20. Tampa Bay Ė DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal
    This pick is one of the easiest for me. Tampa Bay has a couple of really good WRís, but they are getting older. DeSean Jackson is a burner who will be able to learn under Joey Galloway until the time comes for him to take over full time. He will make an immediate impact on special teams, and is an explosive playmaker whenever he touches the ball.

    21. Washington Ė Limas Sweed, WR, Texas
    I really donít know much about Washington. I think that they could use a premier pass rusher, but Iím not so sure that there are any left. They may decide to grab Talib here, but I donít really think that they are thinking he is worth it. They could take Balmer, a big DT, who could be a good pass rusher. Merling is the next best DE, so he deserves a thought, but ultimately I think that Sweed is the best pick, though I was really tempted by Balmer or Merling.

    22. Dallas Ė Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas
    This would be quite a fall for Talib according to some people, but I believe that he is the third best corner in the draft and Dallas doesnít want to risk him going to one of the teams before they pick again. Deserving of thoughts here are Rashard Mendenhall (if they lose Jones), Balmer, and perhaps Early Douchet.

    23. Pittsburgh Ė Sam Baker, OL, USC
    This pick ultimately rests with the decision that Faneca makes. He leaves, I think that they have no choice but to address their o-line, but with the depth in this draft they may be able to get away with picking up one later on like an OíNeil Cousins. I was thinking maybe Quentin Groves since Mike Tomlin is transitioning to a 4-3 and he will be able to play in the 3-4 for now and 4-3 later. The two OL that I am debating here are Baker and Cherilus, and since Iím not that familiar with Cherilus, I have to settle for Baker here.

    24. Tennessee Ė Early Douchet, WR, LSU
    The ideal pick here would probably be for Sweed to fall this far which is entirely possible. That would reunite Young with him, and give Young a familiar target to continue his growth process. CB is a thought here, and DRC gets huge considerations. Balmer is a thought here, but I donít think he is capable of playing NT and stuffing the run like Haynesworth (if Haynesworth leaves). I go with Douchet here as a skilled WR that will enable Young to develop even furtherÖif he stays healthy.

    25. Seattle Ė Martellus Bennett, TE, Texas A&M
    Mendenhall is the popular pick here. I donít like it. Alexander is coming back and so is Morris. I donít think that Holmgren thinks that Alexander is doneÖso if they do take a RB, itís not going to be in the first round (unless itís Stewart). Itís going to be someone that can come in and contribute right away and possibly help with their running game. Judging by the value on the table, it is really hard to say no to Balmer, but having a guy like Martellus Bennett, all 6í7 of him catching touchdowns in Seattle is very attractive to me.

    26. Jacksonville Ė Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee St.
    Jacksonville is an enigma to me. They have the players it seems like every year to be competitive. Only a few more pieces and they could be going to the Super Bowl. I think one of their big needs is in the secondary and so DRC is the easiest pick here, especially with the way he has been rocketing up boards.

    27. San Diego Ė Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College
    Getting DRC may not be ideal, but it may be the best they can hope for. Unfortunately for San Diego, he goes one pick before they get a shot at him. This pick is left between Cherilus and Mendenhall, as I remember a Chargerís fan saying he thought that Mendenhall would be a good pick here. I just donít see it, and so Cherilus is the most obvious pick.

    28. Dallas Ė Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois
    Dallas is afforded a luxury pick with two first rounders so close together. They may pool them and make a trade up, but since I donít like messing with trades, I have to give them Rashard Mendenhall as a replacement to Jones if he leaves in FA. If he stays they will not use this pick on him, but could possibly go with Balmer.

    29. San Francisco Ė Chris Williams, OL, Vandy
    I honestly donít know what to do with SF. They could use some WRís, since theirs grossly underachieved last year. They may decide to part ways with Alex Smith, or at least push him and draft a QB here. Steve Justice gets a thought here since Iím not quite sure how they are set at center. Ultimately the WRís donít match up with the value anymore, they probably wonít take any of the QBís here since that would be the same as shoving Alex Smith out the door. This is way too early to reach for Justice, so I have to go with the last first rounder at OL in Chris Williams.

    30. Green Bay Ė Patrick Lee, CB, Auburn
    Iím not really impressed with the depth the Green Bay has at CB, though Iím not that familiar with their needs. Before I gave them Justin King, but that was simply because he was rated higher than the other CBís I didnít know much about. Felix Jones gets a thought here because of his potential, but I donít really see that happening. The corners that Iím really going back and forth on are Charles Godfrey, Tracy Porter and Patrick Lee. I ultimately have to go with Lee, because he is probably the most polished at the moment.

    31. New England Ė Forfeited

    32. New York Giants Ė Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina
    Iím not really what way to go with the Giants. They could go CB, S, or DT. At CB thereís Porter and Godfrey, S thereís DeCeod left, and then at DT there is Balmer. Of those players, Balmer is the one that scares me the most when I picture the giantís d-line with the addition of him. They are set at DE until Strahan retires, but DT could be a weakness. Balmer is a boom or bust guy, and him falling almost out of round one justifies this pick. Though with the way their DL dominated in the Super Bowl, they could go any other direction, maybe take Cason here or something.
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    good pick for the giants. dan connor could go there as well. balmer probably will be gone by time we pick # 32 though.

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      Originally posted by hugegmenfan View Post
      good pick for the giants. dan connor could go there as well. balmer probably will be gone by time we pick # 32 though.
      thanx. I have connor going 11 to the bills (which may be a bit high).

      Ya, I can easily seeing Balmer going earlier...I didn't give him to the Seahawks because I don't think that he would be a very good run stopping DT. The way this fell he just happened to be sliding...we'll have to see what he does at the combine.
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        Balmer, Porter, Dajuan Morgan, Jeremy Ito. All acceptable picks there
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        BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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          malcolm kelly is not a need for houston. we have kevin walter, owen daniels at TE, jacoby jones as an up and comer, and we are going all out to resign andre davis

          give us rashard mendenhall


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            love all the effort put into the analysis. not so much aqib talib tho. DRC would be an alternate


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              Great pick for the Chargers. If Reggie Smith is gone Cherilus is the second best option for the bolts imo. It was probably me that mentioned Mendenhall. I only said that if there was no DB or OT worth the pick and Mendenhall was still around he wouldn't be a bad pick.


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                Okay Ravens pick, but Houston probably takes DeSean Jackson (a small speed guy) to complement Andre Johnson (a tall guy)

                Baltimore: 7-4


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                  I wouldnt mind that pick for Buffalo.
                  Malcolm Kelly would be a good choice too.

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                      acceptable bears pick


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                        good raider pick

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                          OK Saints pick, but I don't think Jenkins is worth the #10 overall even though we really need a corner.

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                            Good Raider pick.


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                              horrible Lions pick. With Merling and Campbell available you chose the worst of the three to give to the Detroit franchise.



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