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    1. Miami Dolphins - Chris Long – Rush – Virginia
    43 or 34 this guy is a stud, Parcells always builds defense first wherever he has been, although he will probably try and trade down Chris would be a great guy to build around early on as he can fit seamlessly in a hybrid defense. Has a understanding of the game you cannot teach and will be a very successful pro.

    2. St. Louis Rams – *Vernon Gholston – Rush – Ohio State
    “The Physical Specimen” ideal for either the 34 or 43 defense, can either bookend with Adam Carriker and play Right End or he could play beside him with Carriker at the under tackle. Holds the point exceptionally well for being slightly light for 43 end. Has yet to even scratch the surface of his potential, could give the Rams an elite defensive line.

    3.** Oakland Raiders – Sedrick Ellis – DT – Southern Cal
    A true 1 gap penetrator, has everything you look for in a under tackle and then some. Versitile can play in any system, with Sapp retired could add a spark and help ignite the talent around him in Oakland.
    4.**Kansas City Chiefs – Jake Long – OT – Michigan
    Willie Roaf is gone, Kansas City’s oline and team is in a stage of flux, must rebuild through the trenches to get team back on track. Long is a very talented prospect and brings an attitude to the table any team would want.
    5. ** Atlanta Falcons – *Darren McFadden – RB – Arkansas
    Flashy pick for a franchise that has dealt with a lot over the past year, there isn’t a QB worth taking at this point in the draft, probably the best prospect in the entire draft, a game changer, will give the Falcons a marketable player again and help them build on an area of strength with a tandem of him and Norwood to help ease a QB into the offense without having to win games by himself

    6. New York Jets – *Derrick Harvey – Rush – Florida
    34 Defense requires linebackers who can rush and get after the QB, with David Harris proving to be a stud in the middle the Jets need to find someone who can get after the QB. A pure pass rusher Harvey will be tested as a OLB and get a chance to prove he can turn his hips in coverage, could take Jets 34 to a new level. Shows up on the biggest stages, should have a great combine and elevate himself to this spot.

    7. New England Patriots (from San Francisco 49ers) – Keith Rivers – Southern Cal
    Seau, Bruschi are both on the wrong side of 30. Rivers is an athletic linebacker who can play sideline to sideline and drop back in coverage, could contribute right away in New England as a coverage linebacker and eventually grow into a rock inside for their 34 defense.

    8. Baltimore Ravens – Glenn Dorsey – DT – Louisiana State
    Entering a stage of flux, Dorsey can play either the End in 34 or DT in 43 but his greatest value will come paired beside Haloti Ngata in the 43 defense. Taking a page from the Ravens superbowl blue-print and re-establishing their inside dominance Ngata and Dorsey could reign-dominance over the AFC North for years to come. With a coaching change at hand I don’t they’ll go for a QB simply because I feel Troy Smith could be the answer for them and being traditionally a defensive team they don’t want to spend another first round pick on a QB with so many other areas of need.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals – *Phillip Merling – DE – Clemson
    Boom or bust type, has all the ideal measurables you look for in a DE. Can play the run or pass, can play in the 34 or 43. With Justin Smith being a FA the Bengals could use Merling early as Marvin Lewis could be entering a “win or get out of town” year.

    10. New Orleans Saints – Leodis McKelvin – CB – Troy
    McKelvin is seeing a rise up boards much like Dunta Robinson did, could easily see himself selected higher then this with a solid combine. It’s hard to win games with the 30th rank pass defense in a conference that isn’t particularly known for their great quarterbacks. Everyone and their momma know the saints need to address their secondary.

    11. Buffalo Bills – Ali Highsmith – LB – Louisiana State
    The ideal weakside LB in a cover 2. Buffalo has been quietly building a solid cover 2 over the last few years…. Whiter, McCargo, Schobel,Poz…. All they really need now is perhaps one of the most important positions to the defense, which is exactly what Highsmith is. Could be a reach at this point but many cover 2 prospects are commonly reached for as teams have different views on different players. With Poz manning the middle Highsmith will be able to roam the field and wreck havoc.

    12. Denver Broncos – *DeSean Jackson – WR – California
    Could really make Shanahan’s offense dynamic, with Walker returning next season (maybe?) and Marshall establishing himself as a top WR in the league DeSean could provide immediate help in the return game and in the slot. He could eventually develop into a fantastic compliment to Marshall down the road as Cutler develops as a Passer. Shanahan’s magic with Rb’s is not over, and he will not draft one, especially this high. DeSean is underrated as a WR as he runs some of the best routes around and is a much better prospect then Ted Ginn Jr. was a year ago.

    13. Carolina Panthers – Matt Ryan – QB – Boston College
    Before I get all the guff from Panthers fans that they don’t need a QB and it’s a must win year for Fox to keep him job I’d like to remind you that you have the 29th rank pass offense. Matt Ryan is ready to play right away and is able to get the ball to your player makers. Matt Moore looked good in his three starts but do you really want to bank your future on him after those three starts when you can grab Ryan at this point? Its time for the Panthers to draft a QB in the first round and start building a team around him.

    14. Chicago Bears –* Ryan Clady – OT – Boise State
    Time to rebuild that oline, Clady has as much potential as any Olineman in this draft. Great Value at this point.

    15. Detroit Lions – *Jonathan Stewart – RB – Oregon
    Mike Martz is gone, which is good news for the defense as they shouldn’t be on the field for what seemed like the entire game. Lions had 31st ranked rush offense last year which can be attributed to both Martz extreme ways and the lackluster Lions run game. Duckett is a FA and Kevin Jones can never seem to stay healthy. Stewart offers a unique combination of speed and strength and can contribute right away and make a big impact in his first season. Lions oline is not as bad as the 54 sacks would leave you to believe, most of that can be attributed to Martz wanting to throw the ball 40+ times a game, Oline can be addressed later in draft or through free agency.

    16. Arizona Cardinals – *Rashard Mendenhall – RB – Illinois
    Edgerrin James will finally reached the dreaded age of 30 by seasons start. Whether or not he stays in Arizona remains to be seen but with Whisenhunt wanting to build a team that is respected in the trenches this would be a great selection. Mendenhall is a very good runner with a low center of gravity and leg drive, as well as being a great pass catcher out of the backfield to compliment the Cardinals fantastic passing game. He is a very similar prospect to James when he came out and could learn a lot from him early on and then take over for him full time further on down the road. Leinart and Mendenhall could form a great backfield duo, and with the play makers on the outside in Boldin and Fitzgerald, and the Oline playing the best it has in… well as long as I can remember this would be an ideal fit.

    17. Minnesota Vikings – *Kenny Phillips – DB – Miami
    Great gift to the best Run Defensive in the league, Phillips can play in the box and drop back to cover the pass. With the early run of Defensive lineman causing Phillips to fall this would be an ideal selection. It would give Minnesota a true playmaker in the secondary and help elevate their defense to a new level.

    18. Houston Texans – Mike Jenkins – DB – South Florida
    After having almost everyone and their momma mockin’ the Texans to take a RB they find themselves at this selection with both Mendenhall and Stewart off the board. Jenkins would be a great compliment to Fred Barrett or Dunta Robinson. Houston has been building a defense to stop, and beat the Colts. This selection takes the defense to a new level as it gives the Texas 3 quality Corners for the first time in franchise history.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles – Phillip Wheeler – LB – Georgia Tech
    Jim Johnson’s system relies heavily on blitzing Linebackers and being able to man up when needed. Wheeler is one of if not the best athlete at Linebacker in this years draft and is a ferocious blitzer. He could be groomed behind Takeo Spikes to take over the weak side position. Coming from a similar system at Georgia Tech Wheeler can help the Eagles get back to their sacking ways and offer the athleticism to man up in the pass game.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Trevor Laws – DT – Notre Dame
    Strong, Stout and Quick off the ball. Laws was done wrong at Notre Dame for his senior season and wasn’t truly able to showcase his skills while being engulfed in the Notre Dame 34 defense. Laws is a natural under tackle and has seen his stock rise quite a bit over the last month. He could give the Buccaneers the three technique they have been looking for since Warren Sapp’s departure.

    21. Washington Redskins – *Malcolm Kelly – WR – Oklahoma
    With Santana Moss and Randel El both under 5’11 this would finally give the Redskins and Jason Campbell a big target in the pass game. With Kelly’s hands and body control he would give Campbell a fantastic target in the redzone.

    22. Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland Browns) – Dominique Rogers-Cromartie – DB – Tennessee State
    A Natural athlete Cromartie has seen his stock rise dramatically since the senior bowl. Raw but talented Cromartie can learn from the two veterans on the outside while adjusting the nfl and playing in the nickel. May be the best athlete of all the Defensive Backs this year, high ceiling.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers – Chris Williams – OT – Vanderbilt
    The Oline is in a stage of flux, Faneca looks to be gone, and Marvel Smith is better suited for the right side. Williams is raw but has as much talent as anyone. A true Left tackle Williams could start day one for the Steelers and offer Roethisberger protection for quite some time.

    24. Tennessee Titans – *Devin Thomas – WR – Michigan State
    Big Physical target that is gives the Titans a weapon at WR they do not currently have. Will help with Vince Young’s development as a passer while being strong after the catch. Thomas is a bit of enigma coming through the juco ranks but seemingly only having 1 great year in college but he is a great athlete who should test very well and see his stock soar.

    25. Seattle Seahawks – Kentwan Balmer – DL – North Carolina
    2008 is Holmgren’s final season as head coach in Seattle and he will want to make for the title. Balmer can contribute right way and is already nfl ready physically. He can contribute inside at tackle and outside at end and really make an impact as a rookie. The Tightend class is deep and the Seahawks feel there truly isn’t one player worth this pick as non have come off the board yet.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars – Charles Godfrey – DB – Iowa
    Expected to test off the charts, Godfrey while probably a better athlete then football player will see his stock soar. When you play in the same conference as Peyton Manning you need to be able to stop him to get to the playoffs and advance. Jags love these physical freaks and if Godfrey develops he would be an excellent option opposite of Mathis.

    27. San Diego Chargers – Jeff Otah – OT – Pittsburgh
    Big and Athletic Otah can be developed as a Right tackle moving Shaun Olivea inside to guard to give the Chargers 2 great bookends in the future. Has as much potential as any Lineman in this draft and at this point in the draft its too tempting too pass on.

    28. Dallas Cowboys – Limas Sweed – WR – Texas
    TO is 34 and not getting any younger, with Terry Glenn on the downside of his career and Crayton not being anymore then a slot WR this could be a steal at this point of the draft, would probably go much higher if not for a season ending injury. Jason Witten and Sweed would ensure the Cowboys passing game does not fall off in the coming years.

    29. San Francisco 49ers (from Indianapolis Colts) – *Pat Sims – DL – Auburn
    With Bryant Young’s fantastic career coming to an end the 49ers need to find someone to replace him along the dline. Sims, a little bit of an enigma having essentially come out of no-where this season is a great athlete and moves well in space. He is long, strong and fast enough to play End for the 49ers immediately and help Nolan keep his job. Could potentially grow into a 34 Nose Tackle.

    30. Green Bay Packers – *Aqib Talib – CB – Kansas
    With two of the best and oldest starting corners in the league its time to start looking for some depth to develop for the future as the Packers showcase one of the youngest and best defenses in the league. With the Packers front 7 being one of the best in the league the ball-hawking Talib would get plenty of opportunities to make plays on the ball as he learns from two of the leagues best. Can contribute right away in the nickel and return game. Similar to Charles Woodson.

    31. New England Patriots - Forfeited

    32. New York Giants – *Reggie Smith – DB – Oklahoma
    Outside of Aaron Ross there isn’t much there, however with the giants amazing front 4 it might not be necessary to spend this high of a pick on a DB, however with Smith’s versility… being able to start at safety or corner the giants opt for him at this point, he offers a unique set of skills where he can man up with WRs or Rbs from all three DB Positions.

    33. Miami Dolphins – Dan Connor – LB – Penn State
    Good Blitzer, Tough, instinctive . Parcell builds defence first, can be a stalwart inside for the Dolphins defense, 43 or 34 Connor can succeed in either system. Zach Thomas has had a terrific career but can no longer stay healthy.

    34. St. Louis Rams – *Calais Campbell – DE – Miami
    Its been proven you cannot have too many good Dlineman in the nfl. With Leonard Little, Glover all getting up in age and Hall being nothing more than a rotational guy Campbell can step in right away and be an every down player. Imagine a defensive line with Campbell at LE, Carriker at 3 tech, Wroten at Nose and Gholston at RE. Could add an olineman but at this point its too tempting to bookend Campbell (a potential top 20 pick) with Vernon Gholston.

    35. Oakland Raiders – *Mario Manningham – WR – Michigan
    Go get the Franchise a WR to stretch the field, run after the catch.

    36. Kansas City Chiefs – *Felix Jones – RB - Arkansas
    Got Jake Long in the first, Felix could help Larry Johnson actually play some of his contract out. It’s a too back league and it doesn’t look to change in the near future. A steal at this point.

    37. New York Jets – Gosder Cherilus – OT – Boston College
    D’Brickashaw may never be elite but Cherilus can be an elite RT, giving the Jets 3 young guys at the 3 most important positions on the Oline. If you were to make a RT from scratch he’d look a lot like Gosder.

    38. Atlanta Falcons – Brian Brohm – QB – Louisville
    Get the QB they may have wanted all along, can sling the ball around and has proven he can be relatively safe with it.

    39. Baltimore Ravens – Patrick Lee – CB - Auburn
    Provides immediate help at corner

    40. San Francisco 49ers – Carl Nicks – OT – Nebraska
    Gives San Fran 2 fanastic longterm options at Otackle for whoever plays QB for them.

    41. New Orleans Saints – *Curtis Lofton – LB – Oklahoma
    How Mark Simoneau is still starting in the nfl is beyond me

    42. Buffalo Bills – *Martellus Bennett – TE – Texas A&M
    Provides a massive red zone target forever the man who under center for the Bills next season. Very Talented. Fills immediate need.

    43. Denver Broncos – Red Bryant – DT- Texas A&M
    Stout at the POI, help keep lineman off the undersized Bronco Linebackers.

    44. Carolina Panthers – *Anthony Collins – OT - Kansas
    A good athlete the All-American Collins can contribute right away.

    45. Chicago Bears – Chad Henne – QB – Michigan
    One of the strongest arms in the draft, you know he can play in the windy city with that arm. Michigan is proven when it come to Qbs, one of the best to ever come out of Michigan, can really stretch the field with his arm, but isn’t necessarily a gun-slinger.

    46. Detroit Lions – *Brandon Flowers – CB – Virginia Tech
    Great option for cover 2, solid and good physical tackler

    47. Cincinnati Bengals – *Jerod Mayo – LB – Tennessee
    Big need, offers schematic versatility, good athlete

    48. Minnesota Vikings – Fred Davis – TE – Southern California
    Childress knows the importance of a TE to a young QBs development. Davis is a phenomenal pass catcher and improving blocker. Can help keep defenders out of the box with his ability to stretch the field and keep linebackers occupied.

    49. Atlanta Falcons (from Houston Texans) – Sam Baker – OT – Southern Cal
    May never be an elite Left tackle but started 4 years in the Pac-10. Could have a similar career to former 2nd round picks Matt Light and Chad Clifton. Can start from day one.

    50. Philadelphia Eagles – *Justin King – CB- Penn State
    Phenomenal athlete, raw football player, provides immediate depth. Physical potential is unlimited. Boom or Bust type prospect and at this point its worth taking the chance.

    51. Arizona Cardinals – Kendal Langford – DE – Hampton
    Prototypical 34 DE, great athlete for size, moves well in space, can contribute immediately. Could rise with stellar workouts.

    52. Washington Redskins – Lawrence Jackson – DE – Southern Cal
    Prototypical 43 strongside end, can contribute right away.

    53. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Early Doucet – WR – Louisiana State
    Great YAC guy, good fit for the WCO and can contribute right way

    54. Pittsburgh Steelers – *DaJuan Morgan – S – North Carolina State
    Morgan is a great athlete and great tackler, offers a long term solution at Safety.

    55. Tennessee Titans – John Carlson – TE – Notre Dame
    Offers VY a big target in the passing game, Carlson a great blocker will also help an emerging running game.

    56. Seattle Seahawks – *Jamaal Charles – RB - Texas
    A threat to score any time he touches the ball, is the anti-Shaun Alexaner and Mo Morris. Would offer a spark right away to the Seahawks and could contribute right away as a change of pace back.

    57. Cleveland Browns – Quentin Groves – Rush – Auburn
    Groves a phenomenal athlete would be a great compliment opposite Kamerion Wimbley after he develops. With a strong combine Groves should be long gone by this point. Offers best value as a 34 rush backer.

    58. Miami Dolphins (from San Diego Chargers) – Ahtyba Rubin – DT – Iowa State
    Strong, Stout, wide-bodied nose tackle to continue with the theme of defense first drafting by Bill Parcells.

    59. Jacksonville Jaguars – Cliff Avril – DE – Purdue
    Provides immediate help rushing the passer, a great athlete.

    60. Indianapolis Colts – *Geno Hayes – LB – Flordia State
    Instinctive, fast, aggressive linebacker. A lot of potential, with solid workouts he’ll be long gone by this point.

    61. Green Bay Packers - Erin Henderson – LB – Maryland
    Provides immediate depth, can play all 3 linebacker positions. Offers a long term solution at strong side backer.

    62. Dallas Cowboys - Chris Johnson – RB/WR/Returner – East Carolina
    Fast, explosive game changer. The ability to spell Marion Barber, line up in the slot and return kicks. Can contribute immediately.

    63. New England Patriots – Trae Williams – CB – South Florida
    Patriots always seem to have success with guys like this, short, compact great hips and COD. Good hands and solid tackler. A better prospect then Samuel was in 2003, can contribute right away. Fiesty and made a lot of plays in college, overshadowed by Mike Jenkins for his senior year but is a very,very talented corner in his own right.

    64. New York Giants – Tracy Porter – CB – Indiana
    Load up on secondary talent; let the full potential of the defense be released. Can contribute immediately at corner. With the addition of him and Reggie Smith an area of concern immediately starts looking like an area of strength.
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    great Rams 1st pick, but why would we go back 2 back on DE? give us Gosder Cherilus in the 2nd


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      Very good job on the Saints, but you forgot about the Giants first round selection.

      Sveen's 2015 NFL Draft Spreadsheet


      • #4
        now if Felix Jones fell to us in RD 2 we definatley have to take him even though we nabbed Kolby Smith last year but I doubt he gets past Dallas so give us Cherilus to solidify both OT posistions


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          Awesome Vikings mock. I don't think I would change a thing. Well maybe I would take one of the DE's still on the board with the second rounder but if we adress S and TE then I would hope we make a trade or sign a free agent to adress our need at DE.


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            Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
            great Rams 1st pick, but why would we go back 2 back on DE? give us Gosder Cherilus in the 2nd
            The Idea was to go BPA in the 2nd, Gholston and Campbell are such opposites I think its something you atleast have to consider if he falls to that point. You could essentially take one of the weakest points of your team to be one of the strongest in one draft. It would be similar to the strategy the packers used in the late 90s to address their secondary.

            Its been proven time and time again that Dline is the most important part of your defense and traditionally good Dlines make good defenses and make every one around them better.

            I was thinking about them going Cherilus but I feel Barron is much better suited for the Right side and they can probably pick up some oline depth later in the draft or free agency.


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              Giants mock. You make life good. =D

              Originally posted by Halsey
              I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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                pretty good bears draft though i think id prefer flacco or woodson to henne in ruond 2


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                  love the vikings picks couldn't be any better


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                    Bills draft is good if you move each pick down a round.

                    I Like the players that you have for us and the Bills are willing to take players they WANT but Highsmith at 11 is little too much.

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                      Best Giants mock I've ever seen


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                        Very nice pick for the Chargers and good reasoning. But, I think it would be too difficult to pass on Reggie Smith due to the multiple roles and insurance he would provide us.


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                          I love giants picks, but i think both are probably unlikely


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                            Highsmith at 11?
                            No thankyou.

                            I'd rather go with Mike Jenkins in round 1, then James Hardy in round 2.

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                            my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
                            But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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                              Originally posted by BallerT1215 View Post
                              Bills draft is good if you move each pick down a round.

                              I Like the players that you have for us and the Bills are willing to take players they WANT but Highsmith at 11 is little too much.
                              Highsmith reminds me alot of Ernie Sims and could raise up boards the same way. depending on what he runs (im gonna bet its under 4.60 from watching him play) he won't seem like such a reach at 11.
                              He would be ideal for the Bills and don't forget many, many cover 2 prospects and especially 1st rounders are reached for.



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