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7 rounder!! :o Comments wanted

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  • 7 rounder!! :o Comments wanted

    I originally went to do a first day only, but I am an Idiot and couldn't find out how to stop, so it ended as a 7 rounder.

    ***I forgot about Phillip Merling and originally had him to Tennessee in the second round, but forgot to change it before I finalized the mock. So I had to change these picks***

    Phillip Merling -> Washington @ 21
    Calais Cambell -> Buffalo @ 42
    Charles Godfrey -> Philly @ 50
    Tracy Porter -> Tennessee @ 55

    please comment!

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    I don't think that Leodis Mckelvin will go last that long.
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      yeah he probably wont, I should say that I forgot of a few players like Mckelvin and Pat Sims plus the rankings of that site are F'ed up


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        Overall decent Raiders draft. Charles in the second would give us the explosive player on offense we are currently without and Frank Okam in the 4th is a huge steal. Failed to address WR and OT positions.


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          If the Jets get an OLB and LG in FA, great draft!
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            good giants draft. might change some things but i cant argu with the first 2 picks


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              excellent cowboys mock, the only change i would make is colt brennan. he's terrible. but an excellent cowboys mock!!!!++++rep


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                For the Ravens:
                Okay 1st. Good 2nd. Give Baltimore DeMario Pressley or Jonathan Good in the 4th. Good 5th. Okay 6th. Give us Louis Holmes in the 7th.

                For Houston:
                Good 1st. Good 3rd. Okay 4th. Good 5th. Good 6th. Okay 7th.

                Baltimore: 7-4


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                  Sweet Giants draft. McKelvin at our pick in the first is obviously a steal. I could see him dropping too, but I'm not sure how likely it is.

                  Mayo in the second is great, he can play a majority of the linebacker spots and be an eventual replacement for Antonio Pierce.

                  Jason Jones is a good pick, as I know the Giants have shown a lot of interest in him recently. If Strahan retires he would be perfect to bring in as we need a plentiful amount of good DE's in our scheme.

                  Adam Kraus is a great pick too for the fourth. I think he's extremely underrated so to get him at the point would be awesome. I feel like he could compete with Seubert for the starting LG job in camp.

                  Marcus Monk is a brilliant pick there. To get someone like him in the 5th would be stunning. He gives Eli another big target to work with and someone to compete with Sinorice Moss for the slot next year assuming Amani retires and Steve Smith takes over the number two spot.

                  Don't know much about Roger Williams, but we probably could have using safety earlier in the draft.

                  Larry Grant, eh. I'd rather us take a punter, kicker, or QB at that point. We need some serious depth at QB. Of course, Feagles will probably retire now - so that may need to be addressed in the draft.
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                    Good Lions picks overall

                    Round 1: Dan Connor is a good pick (I would have rather had Otah but Connor is a good pick and fills a need)

                    Round 2: Anthony Collins Tackle is a big need

                    eh they are all good picks or at least the right possition.
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                      I like every round except the 2nd and 7th. Cason is ok, but I am not a big fan of Tony Hills at all. I would much rather grab Cherilus at Cason's pick, then grab Justin King at Hill's pick.

                      As for the 7th..... Leggett BLOWS.... I am a Miami fan and I will not even vouch for that guy. Give us a guard like O'Donell from Illinois or Crummey from Maryland.

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                        #1 Vernon Gloston: Great pick i love it

                        #2 Gosder Cherilus: I love the pick if all other OT are off the boars

                        #3 Justin King: great pick he's a great steal at the 3rd round I love it

                        #4 Steve Slaton: Uhh i don't know about Slaton if Okam & DeMario Pressley are still on the board we take them also we could look for a WR

                        #5 Davone Bess: I love the pick i loved him in Hawaii great value

                        #6 Jordan Dizon: I love you if we drafted him i would cry :D LOVE THE PICK

                        #7 Dom Barber: It's an allright pick we could draft a QB or O-Line here but Barber is an all right pick in the 7th round

                        overall i love the draft :):):):):):)


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                          Not a fan of the Chargers mock. Morgan is a reach, especially since Gosder Cherilus is on the board. He would shore up the oline and we wouldn't have to worry about it for years. The Chargers do not have a 4th rounder since we used it on Paul Oliver in the supp. draft. I didn't see Xavier Omen taken yet so he would be a perfect pick in the 5th. The Chargers won't draft a receiver because there is a surplus at the position with Eric Parker coming back. Good overall work and effort though.


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                            Glenn Dorsey to the Jets makes no all.

                            But rounds 2-7 for the Jets are solid.


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                              I could definitely live with that if that was the Saints draft.

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