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    fantastic giants mock

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      You gave me goosebumps from the possibility of getting Meriweather and Bowe without making any trades.....Nice but somewhat unrealistic.

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        WR is a HUGE need, but i'm not really a fan of Jarrett, rather go Meachem or Bowe here. Also OT isn't a first day need. DT, CB, S, and a future OG and C are bigger needs. Overall pretty good.

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          Way to screw up our needs. OG and TE first day, DL and DB second day.

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          Everyone pwns the Rams.


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            This draft would suck for the Eagles and is VERY unrealistic. NO WRs!!!!!!!!!! I am getting tired of explaining this to everyone. We don't need a WR in round one. You have Griffin available. Why didn't we get him. He actually fills a NEED, not WR. Give us Griffin. That changes your second to Leonard, and our third to Anthony Waters. You obviously need to get some help, because the Eagles picks were not the only ones that you screwed up. This draft is one of the worst I have seen yet.
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              RD 1- Adam Carriker DE Nebraska

              Very good pick and value.

              RD 2- Josh Beekman OG BC

              Guard really isn't a need. Unless the Steelers plan on letting Faneca go after this year. Which I doubt.

              RD 3- Rufus Alexander OLB Oklahoma

              You are kinda contradicting yourself with the first round pick. Carriker is a perfect 3-4 DE. Or strong side DE in the 4-3. But the Steelers would already have Keisel as that in they switched to the 4-3. And Alexander is a 4-3 OLB or actually a really good Tampa 2 fit. But if the Steelers do switch they wouldn't need Carriker. They'd need Dwight Freeny or Simeon Rice.

              To mock your mock.

              RD1- Adams Carriker DE Nebraska

              Liked the pick.

              RD2- LaMarr Woodley OLB/DE Michigan

              Can play DE in a Tampa 2, which I can see the Steelers playing some in passing situations next year, and can play OLB in the 3-4. Never has to come off the field and gives the team a pass rush that is sorely needed.

              RD3- James Marten OT BC

              Huge OT with quick feet.


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                Absolutely perfect Jets draft!!! We get our NT of the future with Tank Tyler, Chris Houston is going to be a top CB, I love Michael Bush and is an easy first rounder without the injury and we are getting him at the end of the 2nd round, and Jay Moore is great value at the end of the 3rd, and an excellent fit in a 3-4. Well done.


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                  very good oakland draft

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                    interesting 3rd rounder for the lions, i think i like it.


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                      Originally posted by sdpads24 View Post
                      You gave me goosebumps from the possibility of getting Meriweather and Bowe without making any trades.....Nice but somewhat unrealistic.
                      QFT. Love the Waters pick too.


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                        Nice 1st rounder.

                        Give us Weddle in the 2nd.

                        We don't have a 3rd rounder but given that pick it would be sweet if we did.


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                          I like the 1stpick, 2nd pick, 3rd pick is interesting.

                          but everything can change for the chiefs depending on the allen situation
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                            prety bad cowboys draft except the 1st round


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                              Great Buc draft



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