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Full Seven Round Mock!! 2/27

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  • Full Seven Round Mock!! 2/27

    This is my last mock for a month. Can't seem to make everyone happy. One fan of a team will call a mock the best they've seen while another says it's an F. So this is where I think players will go and what team needs are. Love it or hate it lets hear it.

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    real good packers mock

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      CB could be a first round need come draft day, but i really don't like Hall, rather have Houston or Revis if we do go CB first round. Also i wouldn't mind if we take WR Robert Meachem, Dwayne Bowe or DE Charle Johnson at #19. Th rest of the Draft look pretty damn good for us.

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        great falcons draft.

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          Like the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th round picks, but I think we would draft a DB.

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            props for 7 rounds, great Jets picks in Bush, Moore, and Ross. I don't know if Brown is a good fit at NT, he's a little too tall. I'd much rather have 42 rep Tank Tyler there.


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              wow pretty awful Raiders improvment at RB?thats mandatory.
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                AWESOME fins draft. Quinn, Moses, McCauley on the first day makes me wanna cry. nice job.

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                  dude.........................QB lions after 1st rd?, nope. not gonna happen. all the other picks were standard expect for that one, did you give us a CB? cause we def need one.


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                    Wow, I actually like it all the way through. I don't like the idea of no CB day one but Brown would be sweet in the 4th and makes up for not taking one earlier.


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                      damn good cowboys draft!


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                        1. CB is not the team's biggest need.

                        2. I really like Dan Bazuin, though might be a bit of a reach?

                        3. Mebane might not be the best fit. Need someone a little more explosive.

                        3, 5, 6. I like the focus on OL, but perhaps 1 pick too many?

                        7. RB comes much earlier than 7th, or not at all. Team already has role players... needs an every down guy.
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                          First day for the Giants was awesome, but then in the fourth round it should have been a WR (huge need for us). We don't need two OTs and two LBs by the way. We don't need a OT at all really. I could live with it, but it's not ideal.


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                            I liked the first couple Giants picks. Haven't really watched Shaw much but he has speed, which we need. Don't need an OT, especially don't need 2.

                            lol, just noticed that you had Brian Leonard being drafted in the 5th round.


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                              Below average Rams draft, love the drafting of Brian Lenord.



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