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Boe/Toon 3 rounds down ... if we do 4th, it wouldn't be for a couple days

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  • Boe/Toon 3 rounds down ... if we do 4th, it wouldn't be for a couple days

    1st Round

    BOE has evens, toon has odds.

    1. Miami Dolphins - Chris Long, OLB, Virginia. The one thing I know - every single name is going to be thrown out there. If Parcells decides that talking about Louis Rankin for first overall would be beneficial, I don't doubt that he would do it. The one thing I'm pretty sure of is that he wants to deal out. That said, there seems to be a lot of talk he's fallen in love with someone? True or not? The interesting dynamic in all this is that they essentially have two first rounders, which offers flexibility. Granted, in saying all this, this is a no-trade mock. One thing I think I think is that Parcells wants to listen the risk at first overall if he has to exercise said pick. After going back and forth on this all day long, I still stick with Chris Long here as a rush backer. Keep in mind that as a rush backer, he'd likely drop some weight to increase his athleticism. Jake Long is tempting, but he can find offensive lineman later. Matt Ryan is also quite tempting, but a good QB should be available with the 32nd pick.

    2. St. Louis Rams - Glen Dorsey, DT, LSU. Rams camp finds themself looking at the front lines for both sides of the ball. Long was a thought, but Dorsey is the pick. Where Carriker finds himself really doesn't matter with Dorsey at NT in that scheme. Dorsey's injury problems are non existant, and cannot overshadown his overall beast of a display on the field in college. A very solid NT that will help that lack of a run defense and also will help provide pressure up the middle. Offfensive line help can come in later rounds.

    3. Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College. I believe that, irrespective of positional value, that Matt Ryan is a solid top 5 value. Factor in the position, and he could very well be a top 3 value. There's a lot of focus on what he doesn't have. What he does have is good vision, no big mechanical issues, toughness, quality intangibles. He's the type of team leader to build around. Now, if you perceive Matt Ryan as physically maxed out, then you might be troubled with the high praise. I think he has room for growth, room to add some strength, if not get a little bigger. I know Mayock compared him to Big Ben. I think there's a little Tony Romo in him. That said, he could very well be Tim Couch-ish if you think he's maxed out physically. The Falcons need a QB. Yes, OL and RB are needs, but they can wait a bit there, with 2 2nd rounders. There's one clearcut first round QB, one guy at the top of the board. That's Matt Ryan. Jake Long could get some thoughts here.

    4. Oakland Raiders - Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas. The success that Adrian Peterson brought to the Vikings last year has Al Davis itching to make this pick. Logic is set aside, which is not rare for Al, and he take the athletic play maker that can take it for a home run any time he touchers the ball. Logic says Sedrick Ellis or Jake Long. The line actually improved last year, but Jake long gets a look and so does Sedrick Ellis. I'm not saying D-Mac will have the impact of an Adrian Peterson, but Al Davis def. thinks that way. Sick old senile bastard.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs - Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State. I'm sure I just ticked off my mock partner a tiny bit, considering that Sedrick Ellis and Jake Long are both on board. I'm not as gung-ho on Ellis as many seem to be now. That said, I fully admit he's good, but I don't think he's that much better to warrant not addressing the OL here, and I'm still not sold he's the absolute dominant 3-tech that would merit this move for them. As such, I'm looking OL. At the end of the day, the nod goes to LT potential. Is Clady perfect? No, this isn't Ogden/Pace that we are talking about. Clady, though, is an athletic big guy that can carry solid weight in the 320 range. His footwork is solid. He's not great in the run game, but he's not bad. If he locks on, he can control. All he needs is coaching to end up being great. The upside is too good to pass here.

    6. New York Jets - Vernon Gholston, OLB, the Ohio State. The Jets find themselves in an interesting position. Jake Long on the board and Sedrick Ellis. Sedrick Ellis is a thought at NT. Jake Long at RT is a thought. But a solid rush backer that is good at stopping the run is where they go. The upside is their for a Merriman/Ware type OLB in the 3-4, but that is just going by potential. Im not sold enough on Ellis as an NT just yet. That could change but not right now.

    7. New England Patriots f/ San Francisco 49ers - Keith Rivers, LB, Southern California. I think their first preference is to deal. If not, what? It seems like they've ruled out RB, for obvious reasons. WR at 7 makes little sense. Later on, perhaps. OL? Do they make moves elsewhere to compensate? DL seems unlikely here. LB and DB are obvious focus areas. So what? I don't buy Connor. Just not seeing it. Talib would be my cornerback nod here if I went that route. Jake Long has to get a thought. The nod, though, goes to a guy who's better than expected size at the Senior Bowl raised his potential to be selected here. Rivers is a talented all around player who plays tough enough to be inside, and with the solid size, one feels a bit more comfortable about it. But it could go a number of ways.

    8. Baltimore Ravens - Jake Long, OT, U of M. Their are questions with Baltimore's line. Yanda, Gaither, Terry, how long will it be before Ogden is toast. This is a no brainer to me, even though it toook a while for me to finally make the decision. Gaither could essentially be an RT in the future, Yanda is a question for sure. So I think getting the future solidified with Long is the way they look here. McKelvin and Harvey are both looks and so is Sedrick Ellis.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals - Sedrick Ellis, DT, Southern California. Let's start with this - there's a lot of possibilities. They could look LB. DE would make some sense. RB can't be ruled out, and OL is a possibility depending on free agency. That said, they were looking hard to find an interior pass rush at the end of last season. Ellis is a top talent that could remedy that. A solid end can likely be found in the 2nd.

    10. New Orleans Saints - Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy. Connor gets a look here, but I'm going CB here. Help that pitiful disgrace of a secondary. This is one of the easier picks I have had to make. Mckelvin myan ot be the number one CB on my Cb bored..but might bite. DRC, Jenkins and Talib get a look here. But the combine might shoot McLoving up above the rest. CB IMO is also NO's biggest need.

    11. Buffalo Bills - Kentwan Balmer, DT, UNC. What's the call here? Connor certainly gets some attention, considering how much they liked Pos. But this still seems high for me, and they can wait to add one of the myriad of weakside backers later on as well. What else? CB can wait unless it's the best value. DL could use some help, inside and out, although Kelsay's contract may mean waiting on DE. Offensively, WR/TE could use looks. I don't like the options here. Do I think he deserves to go this high? Probably not. I'm not a huge fan. But I think it could happen. The other consideration here was Mario Manningham, who I don't like either. They could use another body inside to really get this defense going, and Balmer has the size and athleticism to potentially form a nasty tandem with McCargo, if Kentwan can maintain the consistency he showed this year.

    12. Denver Broncos - Kenny Phillips, S, The U. Denver is a tough one to dissect for me. They have DL needs, OL needs, but how often does OL get picked in the 1st for denvers system. Otah is a thought, Connor as well. A Safety IMO is the number one need, and Phillips is expected to tear it up at the combine so he provides great value. Some consider him an over rated S, some think he is under rated, he is in the 15-20 range prospect opinion and would help that defense in many ways. Desean jackson was also a thought.

    13. Carolina Panthers - Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt. This one wasn't as tough as it could've been, but was still tough. Okay, that seems contradictory. It wasn't tough because a lot of positions can be ruled out. LB seems unlikely here. S seems unlikely as well. The resigning of Lewis seems to suggest that they won't look DT earlier. Interior OL is definitely a no. RB is a no. So, what is there to look? DE can't be ruled out. Johnson is tempting, but raw. WR is a definite focus area. OT could use some help, with Wharton likely moving on, and Gross a FA, although likely to be tagged. WR or OT? OT seems like the bigger need. Next question is ... who? They could use LT potential. That said, a ready talent is critical. That nod is to Williams over Otah.

    14. Chicago Bears - Jeff Otah, OT, Pitt. This is another no brainer. I don't like the Brohm vaule hear for Chitown. I don't think he is the greatest fit. Other QBs can be had in the 2nd round. Otah is raw, but could develop in to a beast of RT or LT. I really had only 2 directiosn to go Otah or Brohm. Does the spell fall for Brohm?

    15. Detroit Lions - Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida. What could they look at? I think that'll be impacted greatly by their offseason moves. If they add additional picks from Roy and Shaun deals, it gives them flexibility. As of now, I think they could look at the interior of the DL ... but value is lacking. DE is a possibility. They could still use a top edge guy. CB is a need ... but here? For this scheme? LB seems like it can wait unless they really love someone. Is Dan Connor that player? Offensively, OL could get some consideration depending on FA moves. WR seems unlikely ... unless Millen's drinking some wacky juice. QB is a no. At the end, it's RB (Kevin Jones is in his last year) or DE (Derrick Harvey). Tough call. Marinelli is a defensive guy, but Millen went offense last year. Does he give Rod some help? I'm leaning yes. Harvey is arguably the best pass rusher in this class.

    16. Arizona Cardinals - Mike Jekins, CB, USF. Tough pick here. Zona def. has a lack foundation for that secondary. Rolle sliding to FS most likely making a corner being a number one need. Running back was a thought with Mendenhall, also thought of Aqib Talib..but it seems Jenkins is a better fit. Toonster had to take Harvey who i was leaning most for, but Jenkins at this value is too hard to pass up.

    17. Minnesota Vikings - Carl Nicks, OT, Nebraska. WTF? Where did that come from? I don't buy the safety value here being enticing enough for them. DaJuan Morgan? Reggie Smith? Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in support? The DE value is off in regards to fits. So, we go offense. There's a lot of WR's. Do they really look WR? Is there a guy that really screams Brad Childress to me? Not sold. So ... I went with a RT.

    18. Houston Texans - Rashard Mendenhall, RB. Ill. Running back is a position Houston has never officially addressed with an early pick. Mendenhall is the total package RB. Safety was a thought so was o line, but the values didnt add up. Mendenahll will bring an element of worry to defenses which might open things up in the passing game for Kubiak and Schaub.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles - Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson. It somewhat troubles me that this pick is becoming so easy. That said, it makes sense. First off, let's look at offensive needs. Yes, they could use a playmaking WR. Just not sure the Reid regime changes its approach to take a WR this high. A LT prospect is tempting, but who? So, defense. LB is a fringy thought. Seems unlikely, with Bradley/Gocong/Gaither as young backers there. Maybe later, not here. DB is a need. CB could be looked at, as could safety. That said, their DE depth is weak right now. Howard and Kearse are old and iffy returns. Thomas/Cole can't be utilized too much. Abiamiri is raw. Merling gives them a solid run defender who has pass rushing upside.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville. What sold me is Chucky's extension. I was leaning towards DeSean Jackson. But their is some depth in this draft for WR. They have some other holes to fill but for some reason I think one more year of Garcia and then Brohm would be the man for the next 10 years. I'll eat the stones the TB fans throw. Brohm is decent value and I don't care that the Buccs have 13 Qbs signed.

    21. Washington Redskins - CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tennessee State. Does the Jim Zorn era change anything? Probably not defensively, at least, not for now. Blache will keep things the same. Offensively, you could see a look to add a bigger receiver ... but that was a need anyways. Maybe a young back later on. So, in short, the needs are likely to stay the same. They could use CB depth. S and LB can likely wait. OL is a thought depending on FA. As noted, big WR. DE is a thought. Until an OL gets cut, it's hard to go OL here. Any WR drafted likely starts off as the 4th option (behind Moss/Randle El/Cooley). Thus, I'm going DE or CB. CB value is better. The nod goes to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for his man coverage ability, along with size and athletic ability.

    22. Dallas Cowboys f/ Cleveland Browns - DeSean Jackson, WR, California. Romo needs another weapon, the gunslinger gets his wish Djack. To is getting older, and TG might be gone via FA. Manningham was getting a look, and so was Malcolm Kelly.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers - Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College. Not really a great scenario for the Steelers. 5 OT off the board, and OT is arguably their top need. Let's look at what other possibilities exist first. They could look DL perhaps. Could use some depth there. LB seems unlikely this high. Same goes for safety. Perhaps CB ... though this high seems unlikely. Offensively, a big physical back might tempt. TE can wait. WR is a thought. And then there's OT. So ... what is it? The nod goes with Gosder Cherilus. It's still a tad high overall, but he can step in at RT and likely be solid.

    24. Tennessee Titans - Limas Sweed, WR, Texas. Is this an obivous choice or no. It might be harder than I thought. Haynesworth is likely to stay and CB was a thought with Patrick Lee. But giving Vincent a weapon is something that the Titans have been looking for since they brought him in. A big targer, solid hands, runs decent routes and already has had a connection with Vince. So Limas is the pick.

    25. Seattle Seahawks - Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon. With this likely being Holmgren's last run, look for them to factor in immediate needs early. TE comes to mind. There's a big need there. OL could use work, but is there an immediate need there that demands a first round pick? Not sold. WR can wait. Defensively, secondary could use another piece, but that can wait unless value is overwhelming. Front 7 defense doesn't need a high pick. At the end, though, the nod goes to RB as too tempting to pass up with TE likely having quality value in the 2nd. They need a stronger run game, and while part of that improvement will come from the OL, a physical player like Stewart could be a big upgrade.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars - Calais Campbell, DE, the U. Many different avenues in which to go with this pick. The obvious one was Malcolm Kelly or Super Mario. But I noticed that the Jags definatly need, needs a pass rush from the DE spot. Calais is a tough prospect could around 10-12 to anywhere in the mid to late 20s. They may have the tallest front line in the NFL with Calais. He is not the speed rusher they want but he sure could be a force along the side of the agoing Stroud and Henderson. Calais is susch an interesting prospect that Jack and Greg Dubbs cant pass on him.

    27. San Diego Chargers - Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas. Not sure how he kept on falling, but here he is. Yes, they could use a RT ... but who? Ideally, they'd deal down to amass more picks considering all the ones they lack, but that isn't an option. Outside of CB/OT, there isn't a huge need elsewhere to warrant a first round nod.

    28. Dallas Cowboys - Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas. the Spead back to compliment MB3. Tough choice BECAUSE it seems like an easy choice. Was thinking Brandon Albert but Felix Jones just seems like the right compliment for Mb3.

    Previous pick: WR Desean Jackson

    29. San Francisco f/ Indianapolis - Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan. Do I really like Mario? No, but as of now, it seems like it'll be a surprise if he's not in the first round. He fits Martz, and the Niners could use a top WR. Defensive line value is iffy here in regards to the fit. I like Sims for the 3-4 ... I don't love it. LB can likely wait unless they really love, say Connor. Even then, it can probably wait. OL is a no. DB can likely wait. RB can wait. QB would be the sleeper thought, but even that seems really, really darkhorse.

    30. Green Bay Packers - Dan Connor, LB, PSU. AJ Hawk and Nick Barnett have solidified themselves as young duo, but who is the other guy? Dan connor fits the scheme IMO beautifully. A tackling machine, with high football IQ allows this LB core to become one of the best in the league. Other people getting a look are Patrick Lee, Charles Godfrey, Brandon Flowers. But Connor's value is better than those three and his fit seems alot better as well.

    31. New England Patriots - forfeited.

    32. New York Giants - Patrick Lee, CB, Auburn. The Giants, the Super Bowl Champs, have more holes than most Super Bowl champs have. They need some OL depth, Secondary help and some help at linebacker. At this point I was thinking someone like Hightsmith or Adibi, but they dont fit the defensive scheme as well as I'd like and value isin't really there. There a few CB's i was thinking, Lee, Flowers, Gofrey. Of those three the value and scheme fit for me is Patrick Lee. He was a bit inconsistant in college but has the raw tools to be a shut down corner. Dajuan Morgan also gets a look.

    2nd Round

    33. Miami Dolphins – Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware. It’s starting to seem clear that the Miami Dolphins will look QB fairly early. This is about the area where Joe Flacco will likely come off the board. He’s the big, strong pocket passer that could interest Parcells. Let’s also answer why not any other position. I thought DL, but I don’t love the Sims fit, and this seems a tad high for other options. Another edge guy seems unlikely here, and same goes for interior backers. Is the secondary a thought? Perhaps. Who do they gamble on here to make it worthwhile though? Not sold. WR/RB are likely to be positions Parcells prefers to wait on. There’s some OT values, but I don’t like the fits. And thus, QB.

    Previous pick: OLB Chris Long

    34. St. Louis Rams - Brandon Albert, OG, UVA. Orlando Pace has seen better days. Albert has it all to be a future LT/RG and could start at an RG and work his way over to the left side. He is much more of a natural guard. A road grader guard who could help ASAP the interior of that line. Tackle was a thought and so was CB. But Albert is just to good to pass on. I was looking at Eric Young as well, but Albert has more upside.

    Previous pick: DT Glenn Dorsey

    35. Oakland Raiders – DT Pat Sims, Auburn. After getting their stud running back, where do they look next? Defensively, they’d probably look to the trenches. Offensively, a LT or WR could likely get the attention. So … what is it? Sam Baker, Malcolm Kelly, or Pat Sims? The guess here is defensive line.

    Previous pick: RB Darren McFadden

    36. Kansas City Chiefs - Charles Godfrey, CB, Iowa. Godfrey can play anywhere in the secondary. The cornerback position for the Chiefs needs to be addressed. Not only did they give up the most 40 plus yard plays but gave up some of the most YAc's. getting a big physical corner out their and moving Law or Surtain SS could be an option. But something needs to be done in the secondary. Tracy Porter, Dwight Lowery get some looks and so does Malcolm Kelly.

    Previous pick: OT Ryan Clady

    37. New York Jets – Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma. They could use an upgrade in the trenches. Either side. Secondary help is a fringe thought. Another receiving option should definitely be considered. A RB could be on the menu. I like the DL talent available, not completely sold on value. That said, I’m not huge on going RT or guard here. Is WR a huge need? No, not really. But it also might be the best value on the board right now.

    Previous pick: OLB Vernon Gholston

    38. Atlanta Falcons - Anthony Collins, OT Kansas. The biggest need for ATL. The best LT left, no. But Collins has greater potential than Baker, IMO. Help protect Matt Ryan's backside. RB, DT are both thoughts here but Collins has the upside to be a starting LT for years in ATL.

    Previous pick: QB Matt Ryan

    39. Baltimore Ravens – Chad Henne, QB, Michigan. This is a very interesting decision. They went BPA, as per their tendencies. LT definitely is an area of consideration for them, though. That leaves QB, CB up in the air, and no third rounder. There’s value at both positions, but a fair case can be made that Jake Long’s teammate is the best value on the board. Henne becomes the QB of the future.

    Previous pick: QB Jake Long

    40. San Francisco 49ers – Quintin Groves, OLB, Auburn. The scheme fit is perfect and value seems about right. I was thinking maybe Sims or Laws. But Groves seems like a perefect fit for their scheme.
    - Hide quoted text -

    Previous pick: WR Mario Manningham

    41. New Orleans Saints – Curtis Lofton, LB, Oklahoma. So, where to now? RB is a thought, but there really isn’t a fit. I think they’ll let Meachem get a shot at WR. TE? Is there an OL fit for their needs here? Defensively, a DT could be thought about, as could a LB. Safety is a fringe possibility worth considering. Morgan, Lofton, Laws, Moore, Davis, Carlson? I think OT can wait, although maybe a Benedict tempts them. Nod goes to Curtis Lofton as the mike backer inside that’s physical against the run and should have enough range in coverage.

    Previous pick: CB Leodis McKelvin

    42. Buffalo Bills - Erin Henderson, LB, Maryland. WLB is a need and I feel Henderson was a better fit than Adibi and Highsmith. Henderson at WLB and POZ somewhere else. Improvements on that defense have been made. Henderson will test well and move ahead a few of the OLBs in the draft. WR was a thought with Hardy.

    Previous pick: DT Kentwan Balmer

    43. Denver Broncos – Sam Baker, OT, USC. The presence of Sam Baker on the board is too tempting. Sure, there's intriguing DT and LB picks to fill needs, but Baker is a guy who could really work in their scheme.

    Previous pick: S Kenny Phillips

    44. Carolina Panthers – Reggie Smith, S, Okalhoma. Reggie Smith not taken yet? I think he is a versatile Dback that will end up being a Safety. A big need for the Panthers and this is great value at this point. I was thnking QB but that value wasn't their, also Defensive line.

    Previous pick: OT Chris Williams

    45. Chicago Bears – DaJuan Morgan, S, NC State. What I want to do is go Tyrell Johnson. I'm a huge fan there. That said, Morgan's bigger, arguably a more physical player, and has better range. Somehow, Johnson feels like an Angelo pick to me. That said, Johnson's limitations in coverage might be disconcerting. With the top 4 QB's off, I'm not enthused enough with Woodson here. RB? Eh … a tad high for Charles, and is Johnson the back that we need? WR/DL were both thoughts, but safety fills a bigger need.

    Previous pick: OT Jeff Otah

    46. Detroit Lions – Fred Davis, TE, USC. I pulled a Matt Millen here. Fred Davis is a specimen. Will provide another weapon for the Lions. Tight End is a big need and Fred davis should shooot up the draft boards after the combine. I didnt see proper value for CB or RB at this point.

    Previous pick: DE Derrick Harvey

    47. Cincinnati Bengals – Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC. Back to back USC in the 2nd … and for the Bengals. I'm tempted to think WR, but until they actually move Chad Johnson, it makes little sense to make that move. OL was a thought, but at this point, who fills their need? If anything they might look RT or guard, and this seems high. LB was a long thought here, but at the end, the need at end was greater.

    Previous pick: DT Sedrick Ellis

    48. Minnesota Vikings – Chris Ellis, DE, Virginia Tech. Esp. with the news of the guy with the funny name that i dont feel like typing comming down with a sickness, DE might be the number one need overall. The value is very good and a great fit. A speed rusher that should have an immediate impact.

    Previous pick: OT Carl Nicks

    49. Atlanta Falcons f/ Houston Texans – Jerod Mayo, LB, Tennessee. So … I have a feeling this is one draft most Falcons fans don't like. Why LB? Why not? Is there that stud RB to pair with? I think Johnson's a better lead back option than Norwood, but the reality is, they are similar. Is Charles a lead back that's worth taking? Seems debatable. More OL? Who? And it seems a bit of a reach. So, I went defense, thinking particularly DT and LB. I thought long and hard on Moore/Laws here, but in the end, I think LB value could win out. Maybe it should be Wheeler here. I like Mayo better, though, and I think Mike Smith could use Mayo inside, allowing Brooking to slide out.

    Previous picks: QB Matt Ryan, OT Anthony Collins

    50. Philadelphia Eagles – Early Doucet, WR, LSU. Giving the weapons to McNabb that he needs. Doucet is a beast of a WR when he plays. Not the most durable but I feel Doucet compliments the rest of the WR crew and provides McNabb a slot and deep threat with one pick. OL was a thought but that value wasnt there.

    Previous pick: DE Phillip Merling

    51. Arizona Cardinals – Phillip Wheeler, LB, Georgia Tech. This wasn't easy. I thought RB first, but not enthused with the options. Still think it's a tad high for Forte here, and don't buy Charles/Johnson. OL? Here? The options don't seem great, and who slides in at LT? Thus, defense. I think they could look DL, but LB seems to fill a bigger hole. I'm still a believer that adding a ILB to kick Dansby outside is the better bet, and I like Wheeler in this role. Clancy could use him in a variety of ways, similar to how Tenuta let him loose at times.

    Previous pick: CB Mike Jenkins

    52. Washington Redskins – Jason Jones, DE, Eastern Michigan. Defensive End is a huge need, but so is some OLine. Jones is the best DE in my eyes left on the board.

    Previous pick: CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

    53. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Trevor Laws, DT, Notre Dame. I want to go WR here initially, but there's some tempting WR options later. If I did go WR, it would be Lavelle Hawkins. OL can wait, as can the secondary. LB isn't a huge need. Thus, it was WR/RB/DL that I was thinking on, and Laws was just too tempting to pass up. Johnson was a close 2nd, with WR third.

    Previous pick: QB Brian Brohm

    54. Pittsburgh Steelers - James Hardy, WR, Indiana. Big Ben gets his a wish with a large WR. Hardy too some (including me thinks he could be had int he 1st round) so he is great valu. DL depth was also a thought but Hardy is a large target and since Hines is getting older the duo of Holmes and Hardy could be beastly.

    Previous pick: OT Gosder Cherilus

    55. Tennessee Titans -Jermichael Finley, TE, Texas. I gave long thought to DE, but after canning Norm, they have to provide weapons to Vince in some respects as the excuses will run out. Sweed helps. A TE is nice. The Texas connection helps, but I think Finley could rise a bit more overall as the process moves forward. A lot of athletic tools, just a bit raw.

    Previous pick: WR Limas Sweed

    56. Seattle Seahawks - Martellus Bennett, TE, Texas A&M. It seems like a need for years. But the value is great right here. Bennett is more polished than some at TE and I feel he can also do damage blocking wise. OG was a thought here and so was DB.

    Previous pick: RB Jonathan Stewart

    57. Cleveland Browns - DL Dre' Moore, Maryland. There's a lot of areas they can look, but the defensive line is clearly one of the top focuses this offseason. Moore gives them a versatile DL talent that is best suited for end, but can play the nose. He's stout against the run and has developing pass rush skills.

    58. Miami Dolphins f/ San Diego Chargers - OG Roy Schuening. After cutting several linemne, Ireland makes a move for IMO the 2nd best guard in the draft. I was thinking Eric young or Chilo...but i liked the more physical version of a guard like Roy. Great value here. DL was a thought and maybe WR.

    Previous picks: OLB Chris Long, QB Joe Flacco

    59. Jacksonville Jaguars - Lavelle Hawkins, WR, California. They could use some help at WR. Sure, OG and DB could be looked at, but another WR is probably needed. Hawkins gives them a guy who seems to have a good combination of speed, smarts, route running, and hands.

    Previous pick: DE Calais Campbell

    60. Indianapolis Colts - Xavier Adibi, LB, Virginia Tech. No brainer here IMO. Great fit perfect ofr the defensive scheme for the Colts. Was thinking guard, but Adibi is pegged a late 1st/early 2nd by me and is an instant starter and difference maker.

    61. Green Bay Packers - Dwight Lowery, CB, San Jose State The question here is probably why not someone like Flowers or another CB. I think most can agree that CB is a need. Certainly, WR could get a look, maybe a surprise pick on the DL. But CB is probably at the top of the list. I went Lowery for his better size. I think his man skills can improve. In some ways, he reminds me of Al Harris a bit. Close call, though.

    Previous pick: LB Dan Connor

    62. Dallas Cowboys - Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech. Maybe not a 'Wade Phillips' corner, but his value is great. He could play some nickle Cb to start and mold himself into a very strong beastly type corner. Has all the tools, will he produce?

    Previous picks: WR Desean Jackson, RB Felix Jones

    63. New England Patriots - Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State. Probably a bit out of LF. The WR value is good. There's no denying that. A number of WR's could be considered top value. I think they might be intrigued by Devin Thomas' athletic potential and return ability. CB was tempting, but with an earlier third, I think they can find a good guy there.

    Previous pick: ILB Keith Rivers

    64. New York Giants - Ali Highsmith, LB, LSU. A Rich, very Rich mans Kawiki Mitchell. The value wasnt there 1st round, he is a solid fit being ahtletic and good for the scheme. I was mistaken earlier by saying nto a good fit. Was thinking O Line or Safety.

    Previous pick: CB Patrick Lee

    3rd Round

    65. Miami Dolphins - Ahtyba Rubin, NT, Iowa State. They could use some better DL fits for the 3-4, and Rubin is arguably the best pure nose in this draft. There wasn't really 3-4 DE value, other LB needs can wait. CB was a long thought, as was OL. But nose value is hard to find, and Rubin is solid value here.

    Previous pick: OLB Chris Long, QB Joe Flacco, OG Roy Schuening

    66. St. Louis Rams - Andre Caldwell, WR, Florida. Tory Holt has seen better days but he is still one of the top 10 receivers in the game. Bruce has seen better days. Caldwell is solid value and a need here. I thought of DE but the value wasn't there.

    Previous picks: DT Glenn Dorsey, OL Branden Albert

    67. Kansas City Chiefs - Earl Bennett, WR, Vanderbilt. I gave BOE a choice of 3 WR's and 1 OG here, and this seemed like the best nod. Bennett offers a smooth, potentially "ready" number 2 to Bowe's number 1. The other thoughts I had were Chilo Rachal and then the WR's - speed in Donnie Avery, size in Jerome Simpson.

    Previous picks: OT Ryan Clady, CB Charles Godfrey

    68. New York Jets – CB Tracy Porter, Indiana. With no clear enticing picks at DL or OL, I went with the best available player. Porter has all the makings of a Revis, many similar attributes..he may not be the greatest fit but i think he could develop into a very very solid number 2 CB.

    69. Atlanta Falcons -Matt Forte, RB, Tulane. This came down to more OL or RB for me. Certainly, another position could get a look at depending on the offseason, but as it stands, those were the two areas where there are needs and that there is value that I like. DT might be a need, but I don't like the value. Tough to pass on more OL, with a lot of tempting options, but I went with Forte because there just aren't a lot of big, physical backs in this draft, and he looks like a good one. Should get some time to work his way in. Option two was Greco or Benedict.

    Previous picks: QB Matt Ryan, OT Anthony Collins, LB Jerod Mayo

    70. New England Patriots f/ Oakland Raiders - Chris Johnson, RB, East Carolina. The Kevin Faulk replacement. i was looking at OT but didn't really find any players to fit.

    Previous picks: ILB Keith Rivers, WR Devin Thomas

    71. San Francisco 49ers - Demario Pressley, DL, NC State. I'm not sure I want to make this pick. It seems like a tiny reach. That said, what else? Perhaps DB ... but it isn't that pressing. It is a thought. More LB? An ILB to pair inside might be an idea, but in the 3rd? OL? Value's good ... is it really a key need to add one here? QB? They do need size at the DL, and Pressley gives good size as a guy who can handle a 3-4 DE role, and slide inside in pass rushing situations.

    Previous picks: WR Mario Manningham, OLB Quentin Groves

    72. Buffalo Bills f/ Baltimore Ravens -Terrell Thomas, CB, USC. IMO the best CB left on the board. He may not start right away but I liked him more than Cason and Trae Williams. Very ahtletic longer type CB that could develop into a shut down CB for the Bills.

    Previous picks: DT Kentwan Balmer, LB Erin Henderson

    73. Buffalo Bills - John Carlson, TE, Notre Dame. Three picks expended on defense sort of forces my hand here. I thought WR here, perhaps a Jerome Simpson or a Jordy Nelson. That said, Carlson is quite tempting and he gets the nod.

    Previous picks: DT Kentwan Balmer, LB Erin Henderson, CB Terrell Thomas.

    74. Minnesota Vikings f/ Denver Broncos – Donnie Avery, WR, Houston. I actually am a firm believer that Sidney Rice is the future number 1. Avery is a deep threat with returning skills. They have addressed other needs, I was thinking S but the value here and fit is great.

    Previous picks: OT Carl Nicks, DE Chris Ellis

    75. Carolina Panthers -Jerome Simpson, WR, Coastal Carolina. Tough call here. Went in thinking WR/DL, with maybe LB/QB as sleeper options. Didn't like the DT value, and I can't help but think that Charles Johnson might be a good as any of these DE's. LB - value can be found later. So, QB was given thought, as I don't buy Matt Moore as a QB of the future just yet. But ... eh ... they have to win next year, and a big target, with huge hands, like Jerome Simpson, may make a difference

    Previous picks: OT Chris Williams, S Reggie Smith

    76. Chicago Bears -Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky. I really think Woodson is the type of sleeper nowadays that coudl come into camp and light a fire under someones ass. He has all the physical tools to become a starter. He does have an odd wind up that may take time to fix. But he could definatly compete for a starting role and develop into the QB of the future. Thought of going OG here, but a solid OG can be had later.

    Previous picks: OT Jeff Otah, S DaJuan Morgan

    77. Detroit Lions - Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona. I thought long and hard about LB. That said, the hole at CB is glaring, and Cason fits. No DT value, which was an area I looked first, and RB can wait at this point, I think.

    Previous picks: DE Derrick Harvey, TE Fred Davis

    78. Cincinnati Bengals -Chilo Rachal, OG, USC. Losing Steinbach hurt their line. Chilo is a straight up beast and will help that line in the run game and pass game. All USC players lol!

    Previous picks: DT Sedrick Ellis, DE Lawrence Jackson

    79. New Orleans Saints -Heath Benedict, OT, Newberry. No DT value here, and while safety is a passing thought, I look offense. RB is a possibility, but no thumper worth it here. TE? WR? The nod goes to addressing RT, and it was either Benedict or Greco. I went with Heath's upside.

    Previous picks: CB Leodis McKelvin, LB Curtis Lofton

    80. Houston Texans -Justin King, CB, Penn State. A raw prospect who has all the physical tools, but he has mental lapses. He can be a very good number 2 with Fred, and be a solid number 3 when Dunta comes back. I thought maybe safety or tackle but no prospects looked as good of a fit as King.

    Previous pick: RB Rashard Mendenhall

    81. Philadelphia Eagles -Tyrell Johnson, S, Arkansas State. I don't love this pick. I like Johnson a lot, the Eagles need a S. I wanted to try and find a CB first, though, but I don't like what remains all that much, at least, not enough for the Eagles to bite, IMO as of now. I thought OL, but eh. Where's the LT prospect for them to roll the dice on? Thus, safety or LB, and S is a bigger need. Johnson is a solid strong safety who has the range but is raw in coverage.

    Previous picks: DE Phillip Merling, WR Early Doucet

    82. Arizona Cardinals - Jamaal Charles, RB, Texas. I didnt like this pick. But the need was their. I havent bought into Charles, but some scouts have. He could alleviate Edge and maybe take over. I was looking at O line and still again didn't like the value of a Greco or Rhinehart.

    Previous picks: CB Mike Jenkins, LB Phillip Wheeler

    83. Minnesota Vikings - S Jonathan Hefney. There's the sleeper QB pick that I quickly rule out even though Josh Johnson might be quite tempting as a potential fit if Tarvaris struggles. That said, the team probably feels close, so no. Then what? Offensively, a TE makes some sense. Defensively, a S. Some sleeper thoughts would be a DT (but lack of value/fit really) and perhaps another WR. In the end, came down to Keller or Hefney, and I went with the poor man's Bob Sanders with the idea that a solid receiving TE, someone like Rucker or Tamme, could be there in the 4th.

    Previous picks: OT Carl Nicks, DE Chris Ellis, WR Donnie Avery

    84. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Eddie Royal, WR, Virginia Tech.

    Previous picks: QB Brian Brohm, DT Trevor Laws

    85. Washington Redskins - Jordy Nelson, WR, Kansas State. I imagine they'll try to add a bigger receiver this offseason. Maybe it's through FA. Maybe not. S was a brief thought, but that seems fringy here. LB was a fringe thought as well. That left OL and WR, and until they make a move with a veteran on that OL, I've got a hard time picking a depth OL when there's another need. Jordy offers a big target that could work well in the WCO.

    Previous picks: CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, DE Jason Jones

    86. Tennessee Titans - Jeremy Thompson, DE, Wake Forest.

    Previous picks: WR Limas Sweed, TE Jermichael Finley

    87. Seattle Seahawks - Oniel Cousins, OL, UTEP. I briefly thought DB here, along with WR. But there should be good value in the 4th/5th, value that isn't too far separated from what is here. As such, I went on to OL. Greco came to mind first, but I settled on Cousins due to offering more LT potential, while having the ability to play elsewhere as well. Gamble worth taking here in the 3rd, IMO.

    Previous picks: RB Jonathan Stewart, TE Martellus Bennett

    88. Cleveland Browns - Cliff Avril, OLB, Purdue.

    Previous picks: DL Dre’ Moore

    89. Pittsburgh Steelers - Letroy Guion, DT, Florida State. I'm curious about the reaction on this one. Do I think Guion is a stud for the 3-4? Nah. But he's a useful body to have around, and a potential transitional piece for when they start going more 4-3. I thought OL here, but it felt like it could wait. Same goes for other offensive areas, as the RB fits don't seem great, and TE isn't a huge need (and definitely no QB). Defensively, LB was a thought, but it isn't pressing. Came down to CB's or a piece like Guion, and I thought Letroy offered more value.

    Edit: Just to be clear, I'm not suggesting that they will shift to a 4-3 fulltime. I do think, somewhere down the road, maybe 5 years from now, they may make the move. But with a team capable of winning now, a DC skilled in running the 3-4, and the veteran personnel base for it, I expect them to stick with this for the next few years. All I'm trying to say is that I expect to see them throw in more 4-3 looks percentage wise. But maybe I'm wrong on that.

    Previous picks: OT Gosder Cherilus, WR James Hardy

    90. Jacksonville - Eric Young, OG, Tennessee.

    Previous picks: DE Calais Campbell, WR Lavelle Hawkins

    91. Chicago f/ San Diego - Geno Hayes, LB, Florida State. Did I go into this thinking LB in the first 3 rounds? No. OL was given strong thought, but the value was iffy, and I thought I could get someone later (let alone that I think the Bears will add at least one OL guy in FA). No RB enticed me here. WR was given consideration. I thought long and hard at DL, but didn't like anyone at DT, and end can wait. CB isn't needed. While we do have two guys in place to perhaps step in for Briggs (Williams/Okwo), Hayes is a tempting talent to take here.

    Previous picks: OT Jeff Otah, S DaJuan Morgan, QB Andre’ Woodson

    92. Green Bay - Quintin Demps, S, UTEP.

    Previous picks: LB Dan Connor, CB Dwight Lowery

    93. Dallas - John Greco, OL, Toledo. A lot of pieces added. Safety is a thought here. DL? Perhaps. QB value? Probably not. Went with Greco as someone that can compete at guard next year and potentially be groomed by Houck to move to tackle long run. Feels like a Houck OL type.

    Previous picks: WR Desean Jackson, RB Felix Jones, CB Brandon Flowers

    94. Indianapolis - Chad Rinehart, OL, Northern Iowa.

    Previous picks: LB Xavier Adibi

    95. New England - Trae Williams, CB, South Florida. Trae Williams feels like the type of corner that New England would like. Good instincts for the most part, smart player. Certainly, they could look for an edge guy here, as there's a lot of value. OL is a thought. CB is the other big need this offseason, and after waiting and adding some offensive pieces, they snap up a guy that's a good fit for them.

    Previous picks: ILB Keith Rivers, WR Devin Thomas, RB Chris Johnson

    96. NY Giants - Thomas DeCoud, S, California.

    Previous picks: CB Patrick Lee, LB Ali Highsmith

    If we did a 4th round ... (and granted, there's likely 1 or 2 compensatory picks after the third) ...

    4th round

    97. Miami Dolphins - Tony Hills, OT, Texas. If we did do a 4th round, I'd start with Hills here. There's a need to get tackle potential into the system, and Hills offers a lot of intrigue. Can he be molded into a LT. The skills are there to be molded.

    Previous picks: OLB Chris Long, QB Joe Flacco, OG Roy Schuening, NG Ahtyba Rubin
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    I'm gonna have some fun with this.

    Our tentative plans are three rounds, although maybe more depending on the pacing (which has gone well).

    Anyhow, I wanted to have some fun. Thus, I'm thinking I'm going to open the thread and encourage comments AND guesses on the next picks. Somewhat like draft day, when people are on here and commenting on the progress.

    That said, I haven't been able to get in touch with BOE. If he objects to this, could another mod please lock this.

    Also, if this turns idiotic, or if it's just pure comments and no guesses (I'm more having fun with the guesses part), I guess I'll lock it as well.


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      Um, this is blank, in case BOE or I decide to add comments and don't want it to be stuck in the midst of the other comments. So, basically, saving space, although the additional picks will be edited into the first post.

      Of note, there's still some comments for some BOE picks that have to be added in.


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        Well, I can really see the Seahawks go OG here, but they do have a lot of options.

        So my guess would be Chilo Rachal.

        Originally posted by Halsey
        I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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          ah, someone's playing along. thanks turtlepower.


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            who's BOE?

            Also, I don't see Chris Williams as a fit for the Panthers and their scheme.

            ^Thanks to Eaglez.Fan for the sweet sig!


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              I have no problem with Clady but only if Long, Ellis and Dorsey are gone.I LOVE the Godfrey pick


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                Originally posted by Smokey Joe View Post
                who's BOE?

                Also, I don't see Chris Williams as a fit for the Panthers and their scheme.

                Obviously the Packers pick in round 2 will be a corner, but which one? Tracy Porter?

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                  smokey - boe is boredofeducation

                  i made the Panthers first round pick. I don't buy them looking LB or S that early, and CB isn't a need. DT value is off, and they resigned Lewis anyways (granted, he's not great). DE was a thought, but Johnson is there. Offensively, it was WR or OT that were the considerations at this stage, for obvious reasons. I went with Chris Williams because

                  A) He has better LT floor than Jeff Otah
                  B) He's more ready, which could be a critical factor for Hurney and Fox.
                  C) I could be mistaken, but I'm fairly sure they were zone blocking last year, which Williams could fit for.
                  D) Williams isn't great in the run game, but he can be solid.


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                    I don't see how any team would draft Dorsey to play NT over Ellis. That makes no sense to me.

                    Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                      Originally posted by T-RICH49 View Post
                      I have no problem with Clady but only if Long, Ellis and Dorsey are gone
                      I figured that one would get some grips from KC fans. That pick was mine as well. I think the grades between Clady and Long, in general, aren't separated by much. We'll see how things progress as the offseason moves forward. Clady has the better LT potential, and I think that has to be factored in. I just have a hard time buying Ellis there (Dorsey was off the board). It's possible, but I still have questions as to whether or not he's the dominant 3-tech option that some suggest. My own thinking as of now is that he would have to be an absolutely dominant 3-tech option for them to pass on upgrading the OL.


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                        I can live with the Atlanta draft. I might consider Nicks over Collins, but probably would stick with Collins. Mayo I like. Matt Ryan is OK, considering it is likely.

                        Coming up, we could use pretty much anything except LB, FB, and QB. I mean a nickel CB, a WR, a return specialist, RG/ RT, pass rushing DE backup, noze tackle, runningback, free or strong safety, etc etc..
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                          Originally posted by toonsterwu View Post
                          smokey - boe is boredofeducation

                          i made the Panthers first round pick. I don't buy them looking LB or S that early, and CB isn't a need. DT value is off, and they resigned Lewis anyways (granted, he's not great). DE was a thought, but Johnson is there. Offensively, it was WR or OT that were the considerations at this stage, for obvious reasons. I went with Chris Williams because

                          A) He has better LT floor than Jeff Otah
                          B) He's more ready, which could be a critical factor for Hurney and Fox.
                          C) I could be mistaken, but I'm fairly sure they were zone blocking last year, which Williams could fit for.
                          D) Williams isn't great in the run game, but he can be solid.
                          I could really see the Panthers going with Phillips as Fox is on the hot seat and someone like Phillips can make an immediate impact.

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                            good Oakland draft.
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                              can you please tell me how ali highsmith does not fit the giants scheme at linebacker? hes an incredibly fast, athletic, blitzing OLB who could be used perfectly

                              Not a massive pat lee fan but its ok

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