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JBond/Toonsterwu Mock - Started the 4th

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  • JBond/Toonsterwu Mock - Started the 4th

    JBond has odds, toonsterwu has evens

    1. Miami Dolphins - Chris Long DE/Virginia

    With their cuts, I thought about Jake Long slightly, but until it is a viable option, I can't go away from Chris Long. He's legit, has the pedigree, is worthy of a #1 Overall pick, fits the system, has the UVA ties. It all makes sense.

    2. St. Louis Rams - Vernon Gholston DE/the Ohio State

    Does Vernon grade this high? No, I don't think so. I know there's a lot of talk about Carriker moving to end, thus allowing them to make an Ellis or Dorsey pick, but I'm taking it with a grain of salt. As for OL, there's growing talk that they are leaning that way, but I still have my doubts. They can add guys later to fill their interior needs and depth purposes, particularly in this draft. I still believe they need a pure edge guy, and I'm also a believe in taking the guy that makes the most sense for you, as long as the value is close. Gholston should be close. Think of the Saints a couple years back and how they were planning on taking Hawk had Bush not fallen.

    3. Oakland Raiders - Glenn Dorsey DT/LSU

    Unless Al Davis REALLY wants McFadden, Oakland really needs to shore up one of their lines. That being said, Oakland usually does something out of the ordinary, but until it starts to leak out, I don't think we really know. Between Oakland, Atlanta and Kansas City, all three could be looking at a number of the same prospects. This coin toss could determine a lot.

    4. Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan QB/Boston College

    By now, the majority of Falcons fans have probably gotten used to this pick. Instead of looking at what Matt Ryan can't do, let's look at what he can. No big mechanical issues. Good vision. Good feel in the pocket. Enough mobility. Solid intangibles. If you believe that his arm strength can develop a bit more, as many do, then it's understandable why some consider him a franchise QB. Is he on par with, Jamarcus Russell last year? Of course not. But a case can be made for him to be ahead of Brady Quinn. Sedrick Ellis, Darren McFadden, Jake Long all could get long consideration here.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs - Jake Long OT/Michigan

    I considered Ellis, definitely, I just am not sure if Kansas City can go with him to continue to bolster a good defense when their offense is struggling so much. Really, if they fix their O-line and LJ can run/stay healthy, could they be in playoff contention again? We saw Cleveland do it with a big time rookie OT (granted, it was a LT,) and some help in FA. Though Jake Long doesn't fix all the problems, he does sure up a right side for LJ to run behind. I think this is a good pick.

    6. New York Jets - Phillip Merling DE/Clemson

    Maybe a bit out of left field. A lot will come down to what he weighs in at for the combine. He probably has the frame to be in the 290's, but if he weighs in the low 270's, that'll shy 3-4 teams off. If he weighs closer to 280, or more, that'll get some attention. He's big strong, long. Impact 3-4 DE are hard to find, and he could be just that. We'll have to wait and see the athletic tools, but they are rmored to be excellent. Maybe the Jets pull the trigger on McFadden. I'm just not sure Mangini would do that, but who knows. Clady makes little sense here. Harvey was a passing thought, but Merling has more value. CB? Don't buy a 6th overall CB after dealing up for Revis. ILB? Don't buy it here with Harris in place.

    7. New England Patriots (f/ SF) - Darren McFadden RB/Arkansas

    I don't like it. They need defensive help, LB and secondary, but McFadden is too good to pass up. Even with Maroney playing well in the playoffs, not a whole lot of money is tied up in him anymore. If Brady falters, there is someone new to rely on. It would be interesting.

    8. Baltimore Ravens - Ryan Clady OT/Boise State

    A lot of possibilities were tempting. That said, Ryan Clady is arguably BPA. Do they go into the year trusting Jared Gaither, Adam Terry, and Marshal Yanda? I know there's a lot of positive publicity on Gaither this offseason. If he pans out, they can move him to RT, as Yanda is probably better suited as a depth tackle (or interior player). CB and QB are bigger needs, but the value on the latter is missing, and on the former, well, it might be a tad high.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals - Sedrick Ellis DT/USC

    Ellis could be a Top 5 pick possibly, and if the Bengals can land a BIG time D-lineman right here at #9, I have little doubt they would take it. It is one position they need more than anything, and Ellis falls into their laps.

    10. New Orleans Saints - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie DB/Tennessee State

    I think he can rise this high. Maybe he won't and I end up going with another CB. If he does, he has the good size and man skills that may tempt. Maybe we are all overthinking this need at CB thing. Some teams just don't go that route. They could look RB/WR/TE/OL. I tend to think CB/LB/DT should be addressed fairly early, though, so we'll wait and see how it all plays out.

    11. Buffalo Bills - Keith Rivers LB/USC
    I think Rivers is a legit Top Ten pick. LB is a need for the Bills, and Rivers is versatile enough to fit in wherever they need him. I think it is a great fit in Buffalo.

    12. Denver Broncos - Chris Williams OT/Vanderbilt

    Interesting decision at this point. Is Kenny Phillips worth a mid-first? Seems questionable. LB here? Seems wasteful. DT? Who? They do need OT help, and Williams could be a good one for the scheme, and in general.

    13. Carolina Panthers - Kenny Phillips DB/Miami (Fl)
    With the re-signing of Wharton, if they keep him outside, they may look elsewhere. Safety is a major concern. With Phillips still on the board, it is hard to pass on a position of need with the talent he has

    14. Chicago Bears - Joe Flacco QB/Delaware

    Surprise? Perhaps. I've run it through several scenarios, and each time the Bears pass on QB in the first, they miss out on a top 4 QB in the 2nd. Is it worth it to reach on a Woodson there? Seems a poor idea, and at this point in time, I think the Bears draft a QB in the first. Do I think Flacco can work this high? Yes, but more than likely the Bears would try to deal down to nab a QB.

    15. Detroit Lions - Derrick Harvey DE/Florida
    A tough pick for me. Could look at McKelvin or Jenkins. Could look at Otah on the O-line. Could even take a look at RB or some other obscure position (you never know what Detroit will do). I like Harvey too much, and he could make an impact.

    16. Arizona Cardinals - Rashard Mendenhall RB/Illinois

    They could look a CB here to move Rolle to FS. They could look OL. They could look DL. An ILB is a thought, or they could go an edge guy. In the end, I think Mendenhall's value is way too good here. My original concern about his fit for Whisenhunt was size/power related, but if he's in the 220's, he's got good power from this legs, potentially better than Stewart.

    17. Minnesota Vikings - Calais Campbell DE/Miami (Fl)
    A little bit of a surprise. Lots of value elsewhere on the board (O-line, CB, etc). Calais seems like the type of DE that could fit right in Minnesota. With Udeze's illness, depth at DE gets less and less. It's hard, but Minnesota has to go with the edge guy here.

    18. Houston Texans - Mike Jenkins DB/South Florida

    I was tempted to go Felix Jones here. I really was, but in the end the potential to find RB fits later made me wait. DL can wait, although they could use another pass rusher. A LB is a long thought, but here? OL? Not their MO, but possible. In the end, I go DB, which is a big need. Jenkins can start next to Fred until Dunta gets back. If Dunta doesn't get back until next year, then Mike could move to S at that point, or stay as the nickel corner.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles - Leodis McKelvin CB/Troy
    Value is so great here. The Eagles need more depth in the secondary to compete with some of these major passing games. McKelvin could fit in nicely, eventually be a big time starter. I think it is a great value AND need pick.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mario Manningham WR/Michigan

    Let me be clear. I don't like Manningham. I don't see the fascination. That said, WR seems the most likely spot to add. OL isn't a huge need, and DL value seems iffy at this point. LB/CB can wait barring elite talent, and RB depth exists. Manningham gives them a young deep receiver that they need.

    21. Washington Redskins - Malcolm Kelly WR/Oklahoma
    Washington may get Ocho Cinco? No, won't happen. If not, Kelly fits the type of guy they want and he could step up and be a #1 WR almost immediately (or at least in two-three years).

    22. Dallas Cowboys (f/ CLE) - Aqib Talib CB/Kansas

    Too tempting to pass up. Excellent ball skills, instincts, good length. Quickness is iffy, but he's not as horrible at man as some suggest as long as he maintains his technique. They could look elsewhere (OL/WR/RB all come to mind), but the value is too good to pass.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jeff Otah OT/Pittsburgh
    A steal right here for my team, the Steelers. Big time O-lineman out of Pitt going to the Steelers could be HUGE. If Otah does fall to 23 (doubtful,) or even close, maybe Pittsburgh will go up and get him. This could really help put the step back in the Steeler's offense

    24. Tennessee Titans - Limas Sweed WR/Texas

    The end value isn't there, and I don't think LB/G is needed here. TE is a reach, and thus, WR. Sweed's an interesting case. I'm not a huge fan ... but scouts seem to be. Typically, a guy gets hurt, and they slide down a bit, before having to work back up. The general consensus never had Sweed sliding down much, if at all. He is a big target who's strength may allow him to succeed at the pro level. That said, there must be some worries of Mike Williams and Dwayne Jarrett occurrences.

    25. Seattle Seahawks - Jonathan Stewart RB/Oregon
    Easy boring pick by Seattle here. But, Stewart is definitely worth a lot more than pick 25, so if Seattle wants to go RB and Stewart is here, it is a no brainer.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars - Devin Thomas WR/Michigan State

    End value isn't there (I'm not huge on Lawrence Jackson). OL? Eh, it can wait. CB? Here? S? Sensabaugh is coming back. Thus, WR. Devin Thomas seems like the type of receiver they take. A big target with some intriguing athletic potential, except he has more quickness than some of their recent WR draft picks. If he pans out, he gives them an excellent downfield target.

    27. San Diego Chargers - Reggie Smith DB/Oklahoma
    He is versatile, can play safety or corner and can contribute wherever necessary for this defense. I thought slightly about Gosder, but nothing impresses. A quick thought about DeSean Jackson, but he doesn't seem to fit in San Diego. I'll take my chances with Reggie.

    28. Dallas Cowboys - Felix Jones RB/Arkansas

    Do I really want to make this pick? Nah. But I've got a hard time assessing where else. WR can wait as Jones has better value than the WR's. OL? Here? eh ... Jones seems to have better value as well.

    29. San Francisco 49ers (f/ IND) - Kentwan Balmer DL/North Carolina
    Balmer falls extremely far and SF can add to their 3-4 due to that. There is no reason Balmer should be around at 29, but we've seen this mock go a weird, yet very interesting way. Don't be surprised if Balmer does fall this far.

    30. Green Bay Packers - Patrick Lee CB/Auburn

    Was tempted to go LB ... but decided that since CB was a more pressing need, I'd nab Lee here. Big, athletic target that can be physical. Sounds like their starters.

    31. New England Patriots - Forfeited

    32. New York Giants - Carl Nicks OL/Nebraska

    Is this a likely popular pick? Probably not. But Nicks is too tempting to pass, considering I've projected him, as of now, to potentially have closer to mid-first value. LB/CB depth is good in this draft. S value is arguably better in the midrounds. He's a physical player with LT potential. If he doesn't pan out as their long run LT, he could be their RT or a guard. Just too tempting.

    33. Miami Dolphins - Gosder Cherilus OL/Boston College
    After their cuts, Miami does need a RT pretty badly. Gosder is improving I think, so at 33, he isn't bad value

    34. St. Louis Rams - Early Doucet WR/LSU

    Do they really need to go OG here? Perhaps Albert makes more sense. I'm just wondering if they can afford to wait. They are rumored to want to get bigger at WR, along with younger. Doucet and Hardy was the decision, and I went Doucet for his readiness to help plus better quickness that might mesh with Al Saunders better than Hardy.

    35. Atlanta Falcons - Sam Baker OT/USC
    If Baker bulks up, I DO believe he can be a LT in the NFL. I thought about Albert, but I'm not as sold on Albert as Baker at this point. They do need a LT, and they likely have to go there now rather than later. It will be a pick many will hate, but oh well.

    36. Kansas City Chiefs - Brandon Flowers CB/Virginia Tech

    Will Flowers off-field stuff affect his status? Only time will tell. He's a guy that seems to be a good fit for Gunther and Herman, and they could use some talent at CB after adding OL talent. Of course, they could go more OL talent, as well as perhaps look WR. A lot of options.

    37. New York Jets - DeSean Jackson WR/Cal
    I went BPA here for the Jets. Is Jackson the best fit? No, but when a guy with this type of talent falls to the 2nd round, you HAVE to pick him up.

    38. Oakland Raiders - Anthony Collins OT/Kansas

    How much sway does Lane Kiffin have? Enough to get Baker here? Maybe I'm starting to overreact on the Kiffin status. Very possible. But that's what lead me down this road to Collins. Collins could fit very well for the offensive system. DE was a thought, but not loving Jackson here. WR and RB seem like they can wait.

    39. Baltimore Ravens - Brian Brohm QB/Louisville
    Maybe they buy Troy Smith, but Brohm in the 2nd is decent value and he is worth taking a shot on.

    40. San Francisco 49ers - Dan Connor ILB/Penn State

    I initially went elsewhere, but decided Connor was too good to pass. I think Brandon Moore would be a solid guy to give a shot, but they don't seem too enthused. Connor/Willis would be a nasty young tandem. The DL value seems iffy here and they did add Balmer. Edge options? Are they worth it here? Who's a WR value that fits?

    41. New Orleans Saints - Curtis Lofton LB/Tennessee
    LB has been a need for SO long. Time to go get it for NO

    42. Buffalo Bills - Pat Sims DL/Auburn

    I think he could work very well in a 4-3 tampa 2 and he gives them more bulk inside. I think they could use another talent at DT to try and boost the defensive ability, and I think Sims has good value there. I think there's enough WR/TE value to wait.

    43. Denver Broncos - Jerod Mayo LB/Tennessee
    Maybe a little odd, but they do want to move DJ back inside. No Safety value, and DT looked good to me, but Mayo got the slight nod

    44. Carolina Panthers - Lavelle Hawkins WR/Cal

    Readiness. That was the key. I think value is decent, but Hawkins seems like a readiness guy. They've gone down the big target path. Hawkins doesn't give them the elite quick guy, but he is quick, has solid speed, seems to run routes well and in general be a smart WR, and seems to have good hands. They could use a WR weapon. I don't think DE is worth it here (might as well give Charles Johnson a shot at this point). They've resigned their DT's, and value is iffy. LB? It can wait. They added a S earlier, and resigned their two OT's (along with OT value being iffy). QB of the future is not a more immediate need.

    45. Chicago Bears - Branden Albert OL/Virginia
    Good value, and fits a need. Seemed right to me.

    46. Detroit Lions - Trevor Laws DL/Notre Dame

    I believe Laws is a solid value and more importantly, a solid fit. He might have to play on the nose a bit with Redding there, but his experience 2-gapping should help, and his technical ability will allow it to work. Long run, he likely moves to become their 3-tech. I think they need to focus on the DL to really take off. RB value/fit was iffy, and I believe they can wait on CB/LB. TE was a thought, but Laws was more tempting.

    47. Cincinnati Bengals - Phillip Wheeler LB/Georgia Tech
    I like the fit in Cincinnati, as he can move to the weakside as they restructure their LBs. I thought about safety, but no one jumps out to me as mid-2nd round value.

    48. Minnesota Vikings - Earl Bennett WR/Vanderbilt

    He just screams Brad Childress to me for some reason. Seems like a smart fluid receiver. Reminds me of Reggie Brown a bit. Going the safety route was a long, long thought, but I think they need to add another WR in the first 2 rounds. RT can wait, as can TE, IMO.

    49. Atlanta Falcons (from Houston Texans) - Dre Moore DT/Maryland
    I really think Atlanta goes after a DT first day with Mike Smith as the head coach. I like Moore more than most (no pun intended)

    50. Philadelphia Eagles - DaJuan Morgan DB/North Carolina State

    Too tempting to pass. They need a young safety to groom, and Morgan has loads of talent. He's physical against the run and has the range to develop in the passing game. Seems like a great fit. DE value ... eh. There's enough guys that can be added later. There isn't really a LT talent to take here. WR was a thought, but Morgan seems so tantalizing, IMO, due to their need there.

    51. Arizona Cardinals - Charles Godfrey CB/Iowa
    I'm a big Godfrey guy. That's all

    52. Washington Redskins - Lawrence Jackson DE/USC

    After adding a WR, where do they look now? OL and CB are thoughts. I don't see the OL value as a necessity unless someone gets moved. Thus, CB or DE were the areas of focus, and I think Lawrence Jackson has better value than the CB options available. He's a 2-way end that seems capable of fitting Blache very well.

    53. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Antoine Cason CB/Arizona
    I like Cason in the Cover-2, like most people. Tampa is all about it, and they could use the depth.

    54. Pittsburgh Steelers - James Hardy WR/Indiana

    I think Hardy is just too tantalizing to not take. Sure, they could look elsewhere. But there's CB value later. DL value for them seems iffy here in terms of finding a value AND fit. Just too tantalizing, although I do wonder if there might be lockerroom backlash as a result of Big Ben's understandable to a certain extent, but very poorly worded comments.

    55. Tennessee Titans - Martellus Bennett TE/Texas A&M
    I thought about Davis, Finley, or Carlson, but ultimately, if I want a TE, Bennett seems like such a playmaker. A small thought of Harrison, but Tennessee can't take that risk.

    56. Seattle Seahawks - Fred Davis TE/USC

    They addressed a RB of the future earlier. Now, they address more immediate needs, ranging from OG to perhaps some DB depth. That said, TE is the top area of immediate focus and Davis' polish in the passing game gives him the nod here as someone that could be an immediate weapon. TE's fell in this draft.

    57. Cleveland Browns - Ahtyba Rubin DT/Iowa State
    Cleveland NEEDS the big man.

    58. Miami Dolphins (from San Diego Chargers) - John Carlson TE/Notre Dame

    He just screams Parcells type TE for some reason. He's a well-rounded player that can block, but also has the quickness and athleticism to stretch while seemingly having solid hands. Could they look elsewhere? Perhaps, but here's some help now for whoever the QB is and fits Parcells MO of finding TE's to be matchup options.

    59. Jacksonville Jaguars - Quentin Groves DE/Auburn
    Well, he is definitely a pass rushed, and that is what Jacksonville needs, no doubt.

    60. Indianapolis Colts - Oniel Cousins OT/UTEP

    I think they need help on both sides of the trenches, and the value here is OL. Cousins could start inside first and get developed as tackle depth. His outside potential earned him the nod over other players.

    61. Green Bay Packers - Erin Henderson LB/Maryland
    Too good of value combined with a need at the position to have an absolute beastly LB corp.

    62. Dallas Cowboys - Heath Benedict OL/Newberry

    Big, physical OL guy that has tackle potential, but could start inside first. Seems like a Houck type project. WR options were weak here, so thus, we wait another round.

    63. New England Patriots - Justin King CB/Penn State
    I just feel like the Pats may go with the guy with the physical tools who can put it together with their coaching staff. Get King in there, let him develop, I think it can be a case of NE taking a guy they like and him working out.

    64. New York Giants - Tracy Porter CB/Indiana

    Smooth cover guy that seems like he could fit Spagnuolo well. I think the value here was better than at LB or S.

    65. Miami Dolphins - Letroy Guion DT/Florida State
    They need a NT here somewhere. Guion may be a little early here, but nothing else really jumps out at me.

    66. St. Louis Rams - John Greco OL/Toldeo

    Big, physical OL guy that has some tackle ability, but can start at guard. They can try him at RT (and Barron at LT) when Pace calls it quits. Fills their other big need.

    67. Kansas City Chiefs - Donnie Avery WR/Houston
    Went value here. Avery should be a 2nd rounder, and he can be a key part of KC's new offense. No DT made me stop and be excited, so I went BPA

    68. New York Jets - Chris Ellis LB/Virgnia

    I think he's getting undervalued a bit. He's a good edge option that could give them a solid pass rusher for the scheme. I think the value's fine in the 3rd.

    69. New England Patriots (f/ OAK) - Beau Bell LB/UNLV
    When we get into the 2nd day, sometimes teams don't pick completely on value but who they want. Keep this in mind with my next picks. Bell is a guy who can adjust to the 3-4. and I think he could be a guy the Pats develop into who they want.

    70. Atlanta Falcons - Matt Forte RB/Tulane

    I wanted to look somewhere else. But where? I think OL value is iffy here. LB? Who? I do think Forte is okay here, and in a draft devoid of many power guys, he will go higher than expected and could even land in the 2nd. He should pair well with Norwood. Better quickness, I think, than given credit for.

    71. San Francisco 49ers - Andre Caldwell WR/Florida
    Another player coached in the Senior Bowl by Nolan who comes to the 49ers. Caldwell did decent at the Senior Bowl and may catch Nolan's eye for a 3rd round pick.

    72. Buffalo Bills (from Baltimore Ravens) - Jermichael Finley TE/Texas

    A tantalizing TE weapon is needed, and he's quality value. With another pick, they can address another offensive focus area, and use their later picks to fill in depth concerns. Seems like a solid draft to me.

    73. Buffalo Bills - Adarious Bowman WR/Oklahoma State
    I think Bowman may do a little better in the combine than the Senior Bowl. That could justify a 3rd round pick. Bills get two playmakers in the row.

    74. Minnesota Vikings (from Denver Broncos) - Jonathan Hefney S/Tennessee

    I thought OT here for awhile. Decided S was more important and better value. Tough call. Hefney, Demps, Johnson were all intriguing. Went with Hefney for his versatility and buying in somewhat to the poor man's Bob Sanders assessment.

    75. Carolina Panthers - Chad Henne QB/Michigan
    I really like Henne and think he could be picked ahead of Brohm ultimately, but Carolina gets a steal in the 3rd.

    76. Chicago Bears - Tyrell Johnson S/Arkansas State

    I'm a huge fan of Tyrell Johnson and I've thought all along he could go in the 3rd. I actually think he might work his way up into the 2nd. I think SS is a slightly more pressing area for the Bears than FS. He is good against the run and has the range to develop in the passing game. WR and RB were long, long thoughts.

    77. Detroit Lions - Dwight Lowery CB/San Jose State

    78. Cincinnati Bengals - Brad Cottam TE/Tennessee

    Marvin's made some noise about addressing TE. Cottam has the raw athletic ability, hands, and size to be a monster potentially. The bigger reason I went TE here is because I think they can find close value on OL/DE in the 4th/5th, whereas I think the TE fall is occurring in the late 3rd/early 4th.

    79. New Orleans Saints - Ali Highsmith LB/New Orleans

    80. Houston Texans - Xavier Adibi LB/Virginia Tech

    I thought RB for a long time, but there's a lot of potential RB fits for the scheme in this draft. Then, I thought OL. Who? Thus, I finish trying to make a strong defense by adding a weakside linebacking option that fell. Adibi claims to play closer to 230 than he weighed in at the Senior Bowl. He'll fly around next to Ryans and give them an intriguing tandem.

    81. Philadelphia Eagles - Jamaal Charles RB/Texas

    82. Arizona Cardinals - Ezra Butler LB/Nevada

    RB and CB were added earlier. I thought OL, didn't like the value, figured I'd "let" Russ Grimm coach someone up. Thus, I went to look at LB. Didn't find an ideal ILB to kick Dansby out. A lot of edge options. Then decided on Butler, who's versatility to play inside and out makes him a wonderful toy for Clancy Pendergast. In some ways, he's like Dansby.

    83. Minnesota Vikings - Andre' Woodson QB/Kentucky

    84. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Johnny Dingle DE/West Virginia

    I was befuddled for a bit when making this pick. Where to? CB and WR were addressed. DT and DE could use a look. RB is a possibility. QB of the future is a thought. I'm not the biggest fan of Johnny Dingle, but he's been rising. There's some that think he can bulk up some more, so he might become more of a DT. But the thinking here was of Dingle as a strongside end.

    85. Washington Redskins - Thomas Decoud S/California

    86. Tennessee Titans - Chilo Rachal OG/USC

    Where to? They've filled two offensive skill spots. DE? LB? DB? I went OG, where they may lose some guys. The reason I went OG, though, has to do with the DE value that exists on the board right now, giving them a shot at finding someone in the 4th.

    87. Seattle Seahawks - Roy Schuening OG/Oregon State
    I'm a big Roy fan. I think he is slightly underrated and can be a solid starter in the NFL. Maybe not Pro Bowl caliber, but still.

    88. Cleveland Browns - Cliff Avril OLB/Purdue

    A lot of thoughts. Started at RB and Kevin Smith. Talked myself out of it. Went to DL? Who is a great fit for them? They did add Rubin. Thus, settled on an edge guy that could work for the scheme.

    89. Pittsburgh Steelers - Terrell Thomas CB/USC
    This Steelers pick is perplexing. Could we go after a guard? Maybe, but no one is available of starting caliber, so can't it wait? The offense is taken care of with Hardy, so people say we may look at a rush backer. I don't know why since Pro Bowler Harrison is on one side and Woodley will get more time at the other. That leaves DE (where Smith getting hurt showed a weakness,) safety (Still can't sure it up, though there are plenty of guys to rotate in there,) and corner (depth is badly needed). That leaves me with either Marcus Harrison, DaJuan Morgan or Terrell Thomas. I don't think we will move to a 4-3 anymore, so I can address DE with little repercussion. I'm not sure if Morgan quite fits or will help any, and Harrison is a reach, so Thomas it is.

    90. Jacksonville Jaguars - Darnell Terrell DB/Missouri

    His athleticism may help him rise some more. I'm still not sure he's a cornerback, but he could provide depth at corner and safety. I was thinking DB, OL, or another end. Ruled the latter out, as 2 ends doesn't seem absolutely necessary and there's also value later. Thought OG ... but decided value could be added later.

    91. Chicago Bears (from San Diego Chargers) - Chris Johnson RB/ECU
    I think he is definitely worth a 3rd round pick. The best fit? Maybe not, but it is worth it.

    92. Green Bay Packers - Darrell Robertson DE/Georgia Tech

    I pondered a lot of directions here. A guy like Mike Pollak came to mind as a potential scheme fit. TE's also came to mind, someone like Dustin Keller. A back like Steve Slaton came to mind as well. WR's passed my mind as well. An OT like Tony Hills was a thought. Secondary help came to mind. In the end, it came down to best value (QB) or DE. I talked myself out of QB Josh Johnson and went with a young edge threat to groom as KGB's replacement. As an interesting side note, both guys are listed at 6'4" 247.

    93. Dallas Cowboys - Jordy Nelson WR/Kansas State
    I think we all either overrate or underrated Jordy on this board. He can be a solid guy in the slot, and he jammed Dallas' 1st round pick here ( I like him as a possession slot guy for Dallas.

    94. Indianapolis Colts -DeMario Pressley DT/NC State

    They could use some assets on the defensive side of the trenches, and Pressley could be a good NT fit for them. Was partly thinking a TE like Keller here.

    95. New England Patriots - Tony Hills OT/Texas

    I think O-line is a definite possibility for NE late. We'll see how Hills fits.

    96. New York Giants - Quintin Demps S/UTEP

    I was thinking LB and S. Couldn't figure out which LB to take, and I think Demps is a very solid safety talent.

    97. Miami Dolphins - Trae Williams CB/South Florida
    It's a need for Miami, and I think Trae Williams is a solid second day player overall.

    98. St. Louis Rams -Jonathan Goff LB/Vanderbilt

    Had a lot of ways to go with this one. Taking another CB wouldn't be the worst thing. Improved talent and size at LB is a thought. Another young runner could be pondered. More OL help couldn't be blamed after last year. Another young WR wouldn't be horrendous. Even a TE isn't the worst thought. Let's not rule out potentially the best value, which would be a QB. More DL ... can't complain. S? Tis a possible need. I'm thinking the front office may be thinking of filling the depth charts to be competitive next year rather than having a long term focus. Thus, I cross off a few areas. There's enough young CB's on the roster such that adding another one here would be only adding depth, unless they are really sold on someone. There's Pittman/Leonard at RB if Jackson, knock on wood, gets hurt. QB thus gets crossed off for this round, and while another end wouldn't hurt, they added Gholston and can fit things on the other side. Knock DT off, as Carriker will stay inside with Ryan, and there's capability with McMichael at TE. I'm looking LB, OL, WR, S. With Doucet and Greco, I feel like OL and WR, while they could use more, can probably wait. Thus, LB depth or S is where I'm looking. With Chillar as a FA, and rumors that he won't be resigned, I think LB outweighs safety as of now, and the nod goes to Jon Goff as a possible guy to challenge for a starting SAM backer spot.

    99. New York Jets - Kendell Langford DE/Hampton
    Langford is similar to Jason Hatcher in his ability to play DE in the 3-4 and have a big time impact, though a bit raw. I think it is a perfect 4th round pick for the Jets.

    100. Oakland Raiders - Jerome Simpson WR/Coastal Carolina
    So they've added a defensive tackle to penetrate and attack, and a LT to develop. What now? More OL? Certainly possible. WR? Can't be dismissed. RB? Could get a look? More DL help, inside or out, could be a consideration. Those are the areas I'm looking at mostly, with S/LB in the deep recesses of the mind, and CB on the bench. There's quality value at defensive end and wide receiver, making this a tough decision. The nod goes to Jerome Simpson, who I did somewhat forget about as a top 3 round pick. I think there's a very good chance he goes in the top 3 rounds, and I think wide receiver rates ahead of DE. His big hands could be a welcome target for Jamarcus Russell.

    102. Atlanta Falcons - Martin Rucker TE/Missouri
    I know Toon isn't a big Rucker guy, but he is a pass catcher, a playmaker Atlanta may need to pair with Ryan, and they let Crumpler go. Get younger at TE and get a new threat in the offense.

    Edit by Toon: I'm actually a Rucker fan as a player. That is, I could see him becoming a very good receiving option. Just not sold on his value.

    101. Kansas City Chiefs - Chad Rinehart OL/Northern Iowa

    They've gone OL, CB, and WR. They could look a number of places. That said, their OL was a mess last year. Rinehart has some tackle ability but can start inside and they can see where the chips fall.

    103. Baltimore Ravens - Shawn Crable LB/Michigan
    Clady and Brohm are two great picks to start. I think corner is a real need, but no one is jumping out at me. Maybe it is something that needs to be reached for to address, but I just can't do it. Crable is fairly versatile for Baltimore, and who knows if Suggs will be around after next year. I think he can fill in down the line.

    104. San Francisco 49ers

    105. Denver Broncos

    106. Carolina Panthers

    107. Chicago Bears

    108. Detroit Lions

    109. Cincinnati Bengals

    110. New Orleans Saints

    111. Buffalo Bills

    112. Philadelphia Eagles

    113. Arizona Cardinals

    114. Minnesota Vikings

    115. Houston Texans

    116. Denver Broncos (f/ WAS)

    117. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    118. Seattle Seahawks

    119. Cleveland Browns

    120. Pittsburgh Steelers

    121. Jacksonville Jaguars

    122. Tennessee Titans

    123. San Diego Chargers – forfeited for the selection of Paul Oliver DB in supplemental

    124. Dallas Cowboys

    125. Indianapolis Colts

    126. Green Bay Packers

    127. New England Patriots

    128. New York Giants
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    Sorry JBond ... I'm taking over your spot. I figure the Bump for 2 rounds wasn't necessary anymore, so I figured I'd loosely organize things for folks.

    Miami - Chris Long, Gosder Cherilus, John Carlson, Letroy Guion, Trae Williams

    St. Louis - Vernon Gholston, Early Doucet, John Greco, Jonathan Goff

    Oakland - Glenn Dorsey, Anthony Collins, Jerome Simpson

    Atlanta - Matt Ryan, Sam Baker, Dre Moore, Matt Forte, Martin Rucker

    Kansas City - Jake Long, Brandon Flowers, Donnie Avery, Chad Rinehart

    New York Jets - Phillip Merling, Desean Jackson, Chris Ellis, Kendall Langford

    San Francisco 49ers - Kentwan Balmer, Dan Connor, Andre Caldwell

    Baltimore Ravens - Ryan Clady, Brian Brohm

    Cincinnati Bengals - Sedrick Ellis, Phillip Wheeler, Brad Cottam

    New Orleans Saints - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Curtis Lofton, Ali Highsmith

    Buffalo Bills - Keith Rivers, Pat Sims, Jermichael Finley, Adarius Bowman

    Denver Broncos - Chris Williams, Jerod Mayo

    Carolina Panthers - Kenny Phillips, Lavelle Hawkins, Chad Henne

    Chicago Bears - Joe Flacco, Branden Albert, Tyrell Johnson, Chris Johnson

    Detroit Lions - Derrick Harvey, Trevor Laws, Dwight Lowery

    Arizona Cardinals - Rashard Mendenhall, Charles Godfrey, Ezra Butler

    Minnesota Vikings - Calais Campbell, Earl Bennett, Jonathan Hefney, Andre Woodson

    Houston Texans - Mike Jenkins, Xavier Adibi

    Philadelphia Eagles - Leodis McKelvin, DaJuan Morgan, Jamaal Charles

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mario Manningham, Antoine Cason, Johnny Dingle

    Washington Redskins - Malcolm Kelly, Lawrence Jackson, Thomas Decoud

    Cleveland Browns - Ahtyba Rubin, Cliff Avril

    Pittsburgh Steelers - Jeff Otah, James Hardy, Terrell Thomas

    Tennessee Titans - Limas Sweed, Martellus Bennett, Chilo Rachal

    Seattle Seahawks - Jonathan Stewart, Fred Davis, Roy Schuening

    Jacksonville Jaguars - Devin Thomas, Quentin Groves, Darnell Terrell

    San Diego Chargers - Reggie Smith

    Dallas Cowboys - Aqib Talib, Felix Jones, Heath Benedict, Jordy Nelson

    Indianapolis Colts - Oniel Cousins, Demario Pressley

    Green Bay Packers - Patrick Lee, Erin Henderson, Darrell Robertson

    New England Patriots - Darren McFadden, Justin King, Beau Bell, Tony Hills

    New York Giants - Carl Nicks, Tracy Porter, Quintin Demps
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      1.) Keith Rivers - Great Pick
      2.) Pat Sims - We need a WR more than DT. I'd rather go with James Hardy here.

      Originally Posted by scottyboy
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        I love reading your stuff Toon, but I have to say at the moment, I hate the Cardinals pick.

        Can you explain it?

        With McKelvin still on the board, how could the Cardinals overlook that? McKelvin, or at least one CB, is surely a legit Top 16 value pick and I cannot imagine that Mendenhall would grade out higher, and especially not by the amount needed to ignore our biggest need.

        Yes we need a RB, but the depth in the draft is such that we could easily get a compliment to either Edge or Arrington if we jettison Edge. Meanwhile, we are so limited by what we can do on Defence in terms of bringing pressure because we have no one who can handle a #1 WR and therefore need to be much more conservative, which really hurts us.

        I also feel that Jonathan Stewart is a better runner than Rashard Mendenhall (Personal Preference though.. I think Mendenhall is getting very overrated by some and whilst he won't bust, I think he could be a disappointment.), and will fit Whiz's system better.
        Will post for +rep.


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          I hate this Lions mock. We won't be taking D-Lineman with both our first day picks.
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            Can I ask why if the jets are looking for a 3-4 end or even an NT would they not take Sedrick Ellis? I'm not complaining as a bengal fan since Ellis dropped to us just wondering why the jets would pass on him if they do fill that spot.


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              In RD 1 Long is perfect.Ellis is who we'd take should Long be off the board.
              RD 2. Would rather have Branden Albert personally then we can get Terrell Thomas in RD 3
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                Two DBs for the Eagles ? Eh, ok.


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                  You guyz are so cutez with your mock draftz!
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                  <TACKLE> i will ngata give you a bj raji
                  <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
                  <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
                  Originally posted by Hermstheman83
                  What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                    You don't think that Flacco pick is a bit of a reach???


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                      good Oakland draft.
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                        give us like phllip wheeler or dan connor 1st round would be a lot better- great 2nd round pick for the giants

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                          Not crazy about the Nicks pick. I'm not sure he has what it takes to play LT in the NFL. And we don't need a RT. Porter on the other hand would be perfect at 64, but I have a feeling he might be picked earlier. But great pick regardless.


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                            Hey, I'm going to have a busy morning for now. As soon as I can put my reasons in, I will. I promise, I didn't shoot from the hip. There actually was some reasoning and reshuffling of my board (okay, there was one pick where I think I shot from the hip, but gimme a break right?). I'll try and answer some of the questions that are here right now:

                            Bills - I think the value between wide receiver in the 2nd/3rd is not differentiated by much, but DT value potentially will be.

                            Cardinals - I think the value is too good to pass up here, in short. Comes down to how you view the runnng backs, first off. If Mendenhall is really weighing in the 220-230 range, as many are saying, he's a good fit there. He runs with a lot better power (legs) than given credit for, potentially more power than Stewart. As for why not CB. It's a tough call there. Without a doubt, CB, on paper, is the bigger need. In short, I think the value is better for Mendenhall than McKelvin, by a decent gap, and that the CB depth in this draft allows you to find one in the second.

                            Lions - I expected some unhappiness on the picks. I made the 2nd rounder. Let me say this - how I view the Lions needs is probably different than some. And making the Laws pick wasn't easy. I think the Lions needs roughly should be DE/DT/RB/CB/LB/TE/OL (last 2 could be flipped, as could CB/LB). Why? I think CB and LB for the system can be found later. Look at it this way - Chevis Jackson in the 3rd or 4th or Aqib Talib in the first or someone in the 2nd? I'd lean JAckson all the way. I think there's a definite need for an edge rusher, and I still believer there's a need for an interior player. For all the Laws 3-tech talk, he actually could fit fine as a 4-3 nose, although he is better as a 4-3 3-tech. I think there's depth at the LB position to find cover 2 fits later, although I had a tough one with the 2nd rounder for the simple fact that I think Erin Henderson might be the best cover 2 Mike fit in the entire draft. At the end of the day, I just think

                            a) Laws value was better
                            b) DT was more important

                            Jets - I figured this pick would get some reaction. I think this is what it's going to come down to - what does Merling weigh in at. Most estimates seem to think that his frame can bulk up to the 290-300 area, but if he comes in low 270's (or lower), that might shy teams off. If he comes in closer to 280 (or higher), then obviously, the interest is there. First off, let's discuss Merling. Here's a big powerful kid that is long. He holds the point well and can push back. If he can get to the 290-300 range, he arguably has the chance to be the best 3-4 DE from this draft. Why not Ellis? Color me not sold on the idea that Sedrick Ellis as a 3-4 NT is a 6th overall worthy pick. 4-3, yes. 3-4, I'm wary. The upside of Merling in the 3-4, IMO, is greater than that of Ellis'.

                            Eagles - There were other factors involved, but why wouldn't two DB's make sense? They do need a young piece at corner, and they definitely could use S depth. They missed on ends in round 1, and when I made the 2nd round pick, I thought they could wait on ends until round 3 (with better value there). The big debate might be going OT in round 1 or adding a WR in the 2nd.

                            thanks for the response boe.


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                              wow.. flacco first round?



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