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2 Round Mock with a few trades

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  • 2 Round Mock with a few trades

    Just did this for fun wanted to experiment with some trades I think may possibly happen.

    Round 1

    1.Miami Dolphins- Chris Long DE Virginia
    2.St.Louis Rams- Glenn Dorsey DT LSU
    3.Oakland Raiders- Sedrick Ellis DT USC
    4.Kansas City Chiefs- Jake Long OT Michigan
    5.Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan QB Boston College
    6.New York Jets- Darren McFadden RB Arkansas
    7.New England Patriots- Leodis McKelvin CB Troy
    **Carolina Panthers Trade #13, 3 round, and 5th round picks for #8**
    8.Carolina Panthers(From Baltimore)-Vernon Gholston DE Ohio State
    9.Cincinatti Bengals- Kenny Phillips S Miami(FL)
    10.New Orleans Saints- Mike Jenkins CB USF
    11.Buffalo Bills- Kieth Rivers OLB USC
    12.Denver Broncos- Ryan Clady OT Boise State
    13.Baltimore Ravens(From Carolina)- Brian Brohm QB Lousiville
    14.Chicago Bears- Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt
    15.Detroit Lions- Derrick Harvey DE Florida
    16.Arizona Cardinals- Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon
    17.Minnesota Vikings- Phillip Merling DE Clemson
    **Washington Redskins trade #21, and 3rd round pick for #18 and a 5th round pick**
    18.Washington Redskins(From Houston)-Calais Campbell DE Miami(FL)
    19.Philladelphia Eagles- Reggie Smith DB Oklahoma
    20.Tampa Bay Bucaneers- Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma
    21.Houston Texans(From Washington)- Dan Connor OLB Penn State
    22.Dallas Cowboys(From Cleveland)-Desean Jackson WR Calafornia
    23.Pittsburgh Steelers-Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh
    24.Tennessee Titans- Limas Sweed WR Texas
    25.Seattle Seahawks- Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois
    **New York Giants trade #32 and 3rd round pick for #26**
    26.New York Giants(From Jacksonville)- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB Tennessee State
    **Green Bay Packers trade #30, 4th, and 5th round pick for #27**
    27.Green Bay Packers(From San Diego)- Aquib Talib CB Kansas
    28.Dallas Cowboys- Felix Jones RB Arkansas
    29.San Francisco 49er's(From Indianapolis)- Kentwan Balmer DE/DT North Carolina
    30.San Diego Chargers(From Green Bay)-Gosder Cherilus OT Boston College
    31.New England Patriots- Pick Forfeited
    32.Jacksonville Jaguars(From New York)- Lawrence Jackson DE USC

    Round 2

    33.Miami Dolphins- Carl Nicks OT Nebraska
    34.St.Louis Rams- Ali Highsmith OLB LSU
    35.Kansas City Chiefs- Branden Albert OG Virginia
    36.Atlanta Falcons- Fred Davis TE USC
    37.New York Jets- Quentin Gorves DE/OLB Auburn
    38.Oakland Raiders- Sam Baker OT USC
    39.Baltimore Ravens- Tracy Porter CB Indiana
    40.San Francisco 49er's- Mario Mannigham WR Michigan
    41.New Orleans Saints- Curtis Lofton MLB Oklahoma
    42.Buffalo Bills- James Hardy WR Indiana
    43.Denver Broncos- Pat Sims DT Auburn
    44.Carolina Panthers- DaJuan Morgan S North Carolina State
    45.Chicago Bears- Andre Woodson QB Kentucky
    46.Detroit Lions- Brandon Flowers CB Virginia Tech
    47.Cincinatti Bengals- Erin Henderson OLB Maryland
    48.Minnesota Vikings- John Carlson TE Notre Dame
    49.Atlanta Falcons(From Houston)- Anthony Collins OT Kansas
    50.Phillidelphia Eagles- Devin Thomas WR Michigan State
    51.Arizona Cardinals- Justin King CB Penn State
    52.Washington Redskins- Adarius Bowman WR Oklahoma State
    53.Tampa Bay Bucaneers- Antione Cason CB Arizona
    54.Pittsburgh Steelers- Chillo Rachal OG USC
    55.Tennessee Titans- Martellus Bennet TE Texas A&M
    56.Seattle Seahawks- Martin Rucker TE Missouri
    57.Cleveland Browns- Red Bryant DT Texas A&M
    58.Miami Dolphins(From San Diego)- Marcus Harrison DT Arkansas
    59.Jacksonville Jaguars- Early Doucet WR LSU
    60.Indianapolis Colts- Chris Ellis DE Virginia Tech
    61.Green Bay Packers- Shawn Crable OLB Michigan
    62.Dallas Cowboys- Patrick Lee CB Auburn
    63.New England Patriots- Chris Johnson RB East Carolina
    64.New York Giants- Tavares Gooden OLB Miami(FL)

    Here is why I think the trades make some sense for each team involved.

    Trade #1 Panthers Trade 1(13) 3(75) & 5(137) round picks to Baltimore for 1(8)
    Baltimore Ravens: I think the new coaching staff is going to want to get its franchise QB. But the value was a bit of a reach at #8 looking to trade down made sense. Also the Ravens gave away their 2008 3rd round pick in the deal that landed Willis McGahee. So getting some more picks picks to make up for that also makes sense.

    Carolina Panthers: A few days ago I wouldn't have even thought of them moving up. But they recently Re-signed Travelle Wharton, and they plan to franchise tag Jordan Gross. Which take away the glaring need of OT, and gives them some breathing room to move up in the draft. The Panthers sacked the QB only 23 times last year which was ranked 31st in the NFL. Bringing in a edge rusher to play accross from Julius Peppers would help that out Tremendously.

    Trade #2 Redskins trade 1(21) & 3(85) to Houston for 1(18) & 5(147)
    Houston Texans: They don't have a second round pick due to the Matt Schaub trade. So they move down pick up an extra 3rd and still get the guy they wanted.

    Washington Redskins: They need a DE and after the top 6 there is a pretty big drop off. I doubt Lawrence Jackson is going to make it to their second round pick. So they move above Philladelphia and Tampa Bay(both possibly could take a DE) to get Calais Campbell.

    Trade #3 New York Giants Trade 1(32) & 3(96) to Jacksonville for 1(26)
    Jacksonville Jaguars: DE is there biggest need and like I said with the Redskins there is a drop off after the top 6 DE's. Lawrence Jackson is a bit of a reach at #26 in my opinion, so they move down to #32 where he is better value.

    New York Giants: There was a good chance that if they stayed put at #32 that both Dallas and Green Bay would take a CB. They decide not to take the risk that either D.R.C. or Aquib Talib wouldn't make it to thier pick. so they move up above both Dallas and Green Bay to get one of the two CB prospects.

    Trade #4 Green Bay trades 1(30) 4(126) & 5(157) to San Diego for 1(27)
    San Diego Chargers: They don't have many picks due to trades made last year. So they move down three spots and pick up a couple extra picks.

    Green Bay Packers: They are sitting pretty when they see that both D.R.C. and Aquib Talib are falling. which will give them a great chance of landing one on them at #30. However after the Giants trade up to grab D.R.C. the packers realize they are going to need to move up above the Cowboys to get Aquib Talib.

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    Very Nice Miami draft, i would be happy with that.

    Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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      haha, that trade ahead of the bears worked perfectly for them. no temptation of brohm and we still got a helluva tackle. nice


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        Talib isn't worth trading up for.


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          I like that trade for the Giants and think it is pretty realistic. I don't love Gooden, but LB or FS is definitely the way to go with that pick. I would personally prefer Phillip Wheeler there.


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            Perfect Chiefs draft I would cry tears of joy should that happen


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              Ugly Rams draft. Dorsey may be a match for value in the first but he's far from it for need, and Highsmith in the second round over guys like Albert, Baker, or Collins to help the offensive line is very suspect.


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                Good Houston pick, Good 2nd for the Ravens. NO WAY the Ravens trade the pick away, with Vernon Ghloston right there, if they were to do that, they would no doubt ask for more.

                Baltimore: 7-4


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                  I really love this draft. But i do agree with giants pride, I like Wheeler better in the 2nd. Still the first round pick really makes me feel like our secondary wont kill us this year.

                  And this trade is very realistic bc in the paper it said that Reese tried trading up last year, but felt it was giving up too much, but this year since the giants don't need depth and have few needs, trading up seems more realistic and Reese can give up some trade value


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                    LOVE the trade for the Giants in the 1st. actually posted some similar idea in the Giants draft thread hah.

                    I'm very fine with Gooden, pretty big fan of him. Giants could go several options there with him, Wheeler or Morgan/Decoud the safeties(I prefer Decoud). but other than personal preferences, I don't see how a Giants fans couldn't like the draft. Well done.
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                    BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                      I don't like Merling for our defense that much, but I do like John Carlson.



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                        If this actually happened, KC nation would be insanely happy. This is exactly what I want to happen on draft day. Jake Long is a perfect first round choice and IF Branden Albert falls to that spot, we could plug both of them in and our line would be upgraded tremendously.

                        Originally posted by fenikz
                        His soft D really turns me off
                        ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                          like the giants draft a lot

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                            Wow that was a great trade for the Chargers. We get two extra picks and the same player 3 spots later. Awesome job.


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                              Originally posted by NGSeiler
                              Ugly Rams draft. Dorsey may be a match for value in the first but he's far from it for need, and Highsmith in the second round over guys like Albert, Baker, or Collins to help the offensive line is very suspect.
                              Well I had them pass on those OL guys because I had planned on doing 3 rounds and was going to give the rams Tony Hills with their 3rd round pick. But I decided just to stick with 2 rounds in the end.

                              Originally posted by Yung Flippa
                              Good Houston pick, Good 2nd for the Ravens. NO WAY the Ravens trade the pick away, with Vernon Ghloston right there, if they were to do that, they would no doubt ask for more.
                              They may ask for more but the value is pretty fair. They might be able to get a 4th out of it rather than the 5th but not much more.



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