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  • Big Blue Crew Revised Suggestions Mock

    Okay I am doing this mock a bit different then my last one because of some very good insight that was given to me in the last one. Took considerations in hand so I am hoping for a better response.

    1. Miami Dolphins- DE/OLB Chris Long Virginia

    The Phins want to trade this pick rather badly and my gut tells me that they need Jake Long more then Chris. Analyzing the current roster they are filled at 3-4 OLB with Porter,Taylor,A.Wright,Moses, and Roth. I'd have to imagine that the Phins would deal away J.T. in order to build the defense around Chris. Keep in mind that the Phins only have 1 viable tackle on the roster and that is Vernon Carey. By far the safest pick for the Phins is C.Long and with the overwelhming outcry from my last Mock about Jake I will switch it in this one.

    2. St. Louis Rams- DT Glenn Dorsey LSU

    Despite back-to-back season-ending injuries, Orlando Pace said Thursday that he doesn't plan to retire.
    "I'm going to come back and play," Pace said. "I will play. Initially, [retirement] crosses your mind. You think, 'Man, I can't go through another year like this.' I've done a lot of good things in the league, and I want to continue to do more. I don't want to have an injury force me out, or somebody else telling me: 'You can't play anymore. So that's the one thing that really drives me, and that's going to drive me to play another couple years, hopefully."Source: St Louis Post-Dispatch

    With this being said I highly doubt that Jake Long is the pick with Pace coming back and Barron on the other side why would they need to invest any more money on the tackle spot when one can be hard later to groom. I think a DE makes way more sense for the Rams in this spot but with C.Long gone then BPA leads to Dorsey in this spot.

    3. Atlanta Falcons- QB Matt Ryan Boston College

    I know some want McFadden and others may scream for Ellis but the fact is that a fairy and an insurance salesman are the current QB's on the roster. This team needs a franchise signal caller who has the chance to step in right away and play. I know many have said but what about the second round. Well waiting until the second round is a huge gamble. What if Henne isnt there???? Flacco isnt even an option at the current state of the franchise.

    4. Oakland Raiders- DT Sedrick Ellis USC

    For once the Raiders make a smart move and dont get caught into the glamour and glitz of McFadden. They recently just signed Fargas to a long term deal so I think now the focus has to be on improving the defensive like for Ryan.

    5. Kansas City Cheifs- OT Jake Long Michigan

    The obvious hands down easiest pick of the draft if he is here at this spot.

    6. New York Jets- DE/OLB Vernon Gholston Ohio State

    The Jets can take a look at McFadden but that's about it. They invested 12 million already on Thomas Jones and have an electric backup in Leon Washington already in the fold. The greatest need for them is a rush OLB and that is what Gholston provides them in this slot.

    7. Dallas Cowboys(trade with Pats)- RB Darren McFadden Arkansas

    Boys deal #22 and #28 value chart #7 1500 trade value in 1440.

    Cowboys finally find a decent deal for themselves and Jerry gets the player he covets in McFadden without having to give up Barber. Jones wants the big name running back not because he is of great need but the name itself moving into the new stadium and the Arkansas ties is what has Jones ready to pounce.

    8. Baltimore Ravens- CB Leodis McKlevin Troy

    Rolle is aging and there depth is rather bare. McKlevin would be a solid pick for the Ravens in this spot.

    9. Cincinnatti Bengals- DE Derrick Harvey Florida

    Speed Edge Rusher the team needs with Smith coming up for F/A and a very high franchise tender of 10 mil that makes him expendable.

    10. New Orleans Saints- OLB Keith Rivers USC

    As bad as they need a corner is as badly as they need a difference maker at the WSOLB spot. Rivers is a difference maker who should rate higher on the Saints draft board then the remaining corners.

    11. Buffalo Bills- WR Malcolm Kelly Oklahoma

    Big imposing wideout who will help ease the burden on both Evans and Edwards.

    12. Denver Broncos- DT Kentwan Balmer UNC

    After looking over the Broncos roster a ton of times I am starting to like Balmer in this spot more then Phillips. The defensive tackle spot is just so bare that Balmer would make a ton of sense for them here.

    13. Carolina Panthers- DE Philip Merling Clemson

    With Rucker running on his last leg the Merling pick here would make great sense to put him along side Peppers. Merling and Peppers would be pretty sick. I also like Brohm in this spot but it looks like Delhomme is coming back and they also may have discovered a solid backup in Matt Moore.

    14. Chicago Bears- OT Ryan Clady Boise State

    I wanted to put Brian Brohm in this spot real badly but getting a franchise tackle and getting rid of Fred Miller has to be paramount.

    15. Detroit Lions- OT Chris Williams Vanderbilt

    Lions have some needs along the offensive line especially at RT so it may be wise to address it with this pick.

    16. Arizona Cardinals- CB Mike Jenkins South Florida

    The Cards need some secondary help with the move of Antrel Rolle to free safety. They could go RB in this spot but I think they pass and go more towards need.

    17. Minnesota Vikings- QB Brian Brohm Louisville

    Ouch this may be the shocker of the draft at this spot. Childress hasnt even named Jackson his starter yet so if Brohm is availible when the Vikes pick at this spot book Brohm. Much like when they look Peterson last year when having Taylor already on the roster. I know many Vikes fans are going to hate this pick but I am basing this off of a gut instinct.

    --Childress indicated that while he hasn't named Tarvaris Jackson his starter for 2008, the quarterback will be under center if nothing drastic changes. "It's always a fluid situation and you know that change is part of this deal," Childress said. "Provided there is no change, that will be the guy."

    Boy that's some real confidence in the current QB. Sticking with this pick. I feel that I have enough research and quotes to back this up.

    18. Houston Texans- RB Rashard Mendenhall Illinois

    Texans finally get there franchise back they have long sought for. Phillips will get considertaion here as well.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles- OT Jeff Otah Pittsburgh

    One thing that always seems to be set in stone on a yearly basis is that the Eagles love to draft lineman with there 1st pick. With Runyan and Thomas aging very fast and Justice looking like a bust it may be in there best interset to take Otah in this spot to take over for Runyan.

    20. Tampa Bay Bucs- WR DeSean Jackson Cal

    Gruden finally gets a speedy playmaker to develop behind Galloway.

    21. Washington Redskins- DE Calais Campbell UM

    Redskins love going to the U for players so with Campbell in this spot look for them to pounce.

    22. New England Patriots(trade with Cowboys)- CB Aquib Talib Kansas

    Talib will be a nice fit with the Pats with the impending departure of Samuel.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers- OG Branden Albert Virginia

    Top rated guard in this draft will help ease the loss of Faneca.

    24. Tennesse Titans- WR Limas Sweed Texas

    Seems like the obvious pick because of his connection to Vince Young.

    25. Seattle Seahawks- RB Johnathan Stewart Oregan

    Hawks need a replacement for Alexander and this kid is a stud.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars- DE Lawrence Jackson USC

    Team needs to start getting much younger at the end spot so look for them to reach a bit with Jackson here since the drop off is big after him.

    27. San Diego Chargers- DT Pat Sims Auburn

    They hit it big with Marcus McNeill from Auburn so they go back to the well and try to develop Sims to be there 3-4 NT of the future behind Williams. Cherilus could also be the pick but I think they give Olivea another shot at earning his job back. At very least Sims gives them much needed depth at either Nose or DE.

    Safety Marlon McCree was merely OK last season and the team is intrigued with second-year player Eric Weddle. If McCree is shown the door, the ball-hawking Weddle would step in as he proved himself last year on a number of occasions.

    With Eric Weddle already slated to take over for McCree and Clinton Hart playing well why would the need again be for a safety when you guys traded up last year for Weddle?????

    28. New England Patriots(trade with Cowboys)- ILB Dan Connor Penn State

    Seems to me as the ideal Patriot pick here as they are in need of adding youth in the middle of there defense.

    29. San Francisco 49ers- WR Mario Manningham Michigan

    Niners get there offensive weapon for Mike Martz.

    30. Green Bay Packers- CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Tenn. State

    Packers take the gamble here with not too many needs and develop him behind the vets.

    31. Patriots Forfeit

    32. New York Giants- FS Kenny Phillips UM

    Please dont call me a UM homer for making this pick with the Giants. I have been to plenty of draft sites and have seen expert opinions and most have Phillips rated between 25-30. Luckily for the Giants he slips to them in this spot. Mike Mayock doesnt even have this guy as his top safety on the board.

    2nd round

    33. Miami Dolphins- CB Brandon Flowers Virginia Tech

    34. St. Louis Rams- OT Sam Baker USC

    35. Oakland Raiders- RB Felix Jones Arkansas

    36. Kansas City Cheifs- CB/FS Reggie Smith Oklahoma

    37. Atlanta Falcons- OT Gosder Cherilus Boston College

    38. New York Jets- OT Carl Nicks Nebraska

    39 Baltimore Ravens- QB Chad Henne Michigan

    40. San Francisco 49ers- OG Chilo Rachal USC

    41. New Orleans Saints- CB Antoine Cason Arizona

    42. Buffalo Bills- TE Fred Davis USC

    43. Denver Broncos- ILB Curtis Lofton Oklahoma

    44. Carolina Panthers- RB Chris Johnson East Carolina

    45. Chicago Bears- QB Joe Flacco Deleware

    46. Detroit Lions- RB Jammal Charles Texas

    47. Cincinnatti Bengals- OLB Phillip Wheeler Georgia Tech

    48. Minnesota Vikings- FS DaJuan Morgon NC State

    49. Atlanta Falcons- DT Dre Moore Maryland

    50. Philadelphia Eagles- CB Patrick Lee Auburn

    51. Arizona Cardinals- RB Kevin Smith UCF

    52. Washington Redskins- CB Tracy Porter Indiana

    53. Tampa Bay Bucs- QB Andre Woodson Kentucky

    54. Pittsburgh Steelers- WR James Hardy Indiana

    55. Tennessee Titans- DT DeMario Pressely NC STATE

    56. Seattle Seahawks- TE Martellus Bennett Texas AM

    57. Cleveland Browns- DE/OLB Quentin Groves Auburn

    58. Miami Dolphins- TE John Carlson Notre Dame

    59. Jacksonville Jaguars- WR Early Doucet LSU

    60. Indianapolis Colts- DT Trevor Laws Notre Dame

    61. Green Bay Packers- OLB Erin Henderson Maryland

    62. Dallas Cowboys- WR Donnie Avery Houston

    63. New England Patriots- OT Anthony Collins Kansas State

    64. New York Giants- OLB Tavares Gooden UM .
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    Glad to see it's not a CB to the Lions this time around, however OT, like CB hasn't been identified as a first round need. In fact, our OC has stated the need for a new starter at RB is the main priority in Detroit offensively. (not saying I agree with him, but he IS the OC)

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      You seem to have forgotten Kenny Phillips. He would for sure be the Vikings pick. I actually hate the Vikings pick. There is no way we pick a quaterback. We are taken Phillips if he drops or the best DE left.


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        Okay guys going to start finishing. As for Kenny Phillips I havent decided what to do with him as of yet. Mike Mayock has him second behind Dejuan Morgan as the top safety. McShay has him ranked 28th and Mel Kiper has him ranked 25. I was going to put him with the Pats but then realized they have James Sanders and Meriweather. Then I looked at him going to Denver at #12. Then there was Minnesota but then again I think they surprise with that pick going with Brohm because I think Childress will look to move on from Jackson.


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          Minnesota has the talent to win now. Sure Jackson played some terrible games least year but he showed that he has the ability if he plays well to not lose games. To top it off Childress is a stubborn prick and Jackson is his guy. There is no way we waste a first rounder on a quarterback this year and sit and develop him for another two years. The fact that you have Phillips falling out of round 1 is ridiculous and will never happen.


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            If Phillips drops that far the Niners will go BPA and grab him at 29.


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              I cannot see the Chargers pass on Phillips for virtually anyone, let alone Sims. We do need a backup NT to groom behind Williams, but DB is still a larger hole because we have no NB and no depth at S or CB. I doubt Phillips will fall near that far but either he or Reggie Smith would make excellent selections for the Chargers.

              As a side note, it seems the Chargers are content for now with Clary at RT and are keeping Olivea to replace Mike Goff at RG once his contract is up at the end of 08'.


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                Good Bills pick.
                Mike Jenkins would be a great, possibly even better choice there.

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                  Originally posted by Dr. Gonzo View Post
                  Minnesota has the talent to win now. Sure Jackson played some terrible games least year but he showed that he has the ability if he plays well to not lose games. To top it off Childress is a stubborn prick and Jackson is his guy. There is no way we waste a first rounder on a quarterback this year and sit and develop him for another two years. The fact that you have Phillips falling out of round 1 is ridiculous and will never happen.

                  My computer just keep on taking a crap on me and seem to cant finish. Going to try this one more time. On a side note, Childress hasnt even named Jackson the starter in 2008. Brohm would be a great fit for you guys. I'am going to keep the pick Brohm because as in all drafts they are surprises and this surprise isnt so far fetched.


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                    Amazing giants pick
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                      Mock is completed guys let the roasting begin HAHAHA


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                        Originally posted by BaLLiN72 View Post
                        Amazing giants pick
                        and i was right, good job


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                          good job with the bears. and brohm shouldnt have even been a thought in your head.

                          theres nothing about him that makes him drastically better than guys like woodson or flacco who will be there at least a round later.

                          so im real glad you didnt go that way with the pick.


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                            Mike Mayock doesnt beleive that any safeties deserve to be taken in the 1st round. I value Mr. Mayock's opinion a ton as he watches the same tape that every NFL scout does. Kiper and McShay arent that far off of what they think about Phillips either. I think Kenny P is the product of the pre draft hype in this real weak safety class. Watching UM games all year he never really stood out like a Meriweather or anyone before him did.


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                              I want to get some redskin fans opinion of Kenny Phillips going at #21 over Campbell. I could slop him to the Skins at #21 easily but didnt know if it would be tough for Kenny Phillips to try to live up to the Sean Taylor status at FS.



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