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First mock of the year

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  • First mock of the year

    I'm not very good at these, but take a look and tell me what you think.
    It's not completely done either.

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    Bad First round, Decent Second round, and Good 3rd round for the Phins.

    Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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      still not sold on Flacco yet. I'd say give us a TE or CB over him, but I'd take that draft.


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        not so good bears first 2 rounds.

        im so sick of people giving us brohm, hes not worth it there. i can gurantee he wont be our pick at 14 now. and plus, my usual rhetoric about brohm, hes not that much better than guys who will be available at least a round later like flacco or woodson.

        and adibi is a terrible pick as well. we have 2 guys at WLB who will compete for the spot after losing briggs. jamar williams is highly touted by the coaching staff and will be more than capable there. LB that high isnt a need. if anything, we wait until the later rounds and get a backup to urlacher or hillenmeyer.

        choice is.....meh


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          Don't like the Vikings first round pick at all. Brad Doesn't value WR that highly in round 1, and with such a deep class of WR we can get a good on in round 2 or round 3. Calais Campbell would be the pick at #17.


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            1.) Mike Jenkins--- Good Pick
            2.) Fred Davis--- Okay Pick. I dont see us passing on James Hardy here though. Also, the Bills' FO seems to like Pat Sims...
            3.) Earl Bennett--- I really like him, but I see the Bills going with Hardy in round 2. Martellus Bennett would be the pick here (I think)
            3.) Jamaal Charles--- I really dont understand this pick. RB is not one of our needs. Tavares Gooden would be a good pick here.

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              The Jets don't need a left tackle and Clady is a bad fit for right tackle, and taking a RT that high is dumb anyway.

              Highsmith is a good 30 pounds too small to play OLB in a 3-4.


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                Albert's an interesting pick.I find it hard to believe that Oakland passes on a DT in the 2nd.
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                  titans dont pass up on kentwan balmer or john carlson


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                    Nice Patriots mock so far, excited to see who else they get.


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                      i agree with ravenofprophecy, excellent pats picks so far, continue the good work haha

                      Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

                      Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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                        Ok giants pick

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                          solid KC draft


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                            Okay 1st pick for Baltimore. I like the 2nd round pick as well.
                            Good 1st pick for Houston. Okay 3rd, I'd prefer Brandon Flower though.

                            Baltimore: 7-4


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                              I'll be honest, I'm not loving the KC draft. It's just okay for me.

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                              His soft D really turns me off
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