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DI's Updated 2 Round Mock Draft *2/28*

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    would love to see the Eagles get Jenkins at 19, but I think Caldwell might be a reach in rd 2.
    I might take Merling rd 1 and Patrick Lee in rd 2 under your scenario, of course it all depends on what they do in FA
    Wish List at 19:

    1. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
    2. Chris Williams
    3. Kenny Phillips
    4. Devin Thomas


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      Raiders won't draft Dorsey... He is another UT Raiders resigned Kelly to a big contract. If the Raiders do draft a DT it would be Ellis who can play NT in a 43 defense.

      Gholston is another possible pick..


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        Hooray, a need rather than OG or LB.

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          It's a pretty solid Phins mock. I would be extremely heartbroken if Kenny went one pick before us though. :(

          Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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            I like the Dorsey pick, but we could use a Wr in the second round.

            Thanks to jackalope


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              Solid redskins pick
              RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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                Originally posted by DI View Post
                2. St. Louis Rams- Jake Long, OT, Michigan

                - I believe that his combine workout vaulted him from #5 with KC to #2 and St. Louis. Some believe he's better suited for RT but either way, he'll replace Ogden at LT or start at RT and move Barron back to LT so it's a win-win for St. Louis.
                Drafting a right tackle second overall is not a win situation.
                Nor is what would happen if Pace actually sticks around for a few more years.

                Guys. I think you're overestimating the effects of injuries in this day and age. Rarely are season ending injuries CAREER ending injuries anymore.

                Originally posted by DI View Post
                4. Oakland Raiders- Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU

                - A great selection for Oakland. They look to replace Warren Sapp with somewhat of a replica in Glenn Dorsey. This pick makes the most sense though Kiffin might push for Sedrick Ellis being that he coached him in USC and in the Senior Bowl but I see Dorsey being the pick.
                What about the money they just shelled out to Tommy Kelly?

                Originally posted by DI View Post
                7. New England Patriots (via SF)- Quentin Groves, DE/OLB, Auburn

                - Ah. The first real "shock" pick of the draft. If this pick is not traded, corner could bsolutely be the pick here but with the uncertainty and age of the linebacking crew, the Pats take a bit of a reach for a guy who will start from day 1 and be a great outside rusher in their defense in Groves.
                Linebackers are getting older. Corners are getting 100 million dollar contracts from other teams (reportedly). You decide which is a more immediate problem.

                Originally posted by DI View Post
                32. New York Giants- Kenny Philips, S, Miami (Fl)
                Really think the Chargers will pass on Phillips?

                Originally posted by DI View Post
                37. New York Jets- Sam Baker, OT, USC
                Not the run blocker the Jets need at RT. I don't think he projects to RT in the NFL anyway.

                Originally posted by DI View Post
                48. Minnesota Vikings- Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan
                The Vikings just got rid of a deep threat who couldn't catch the ball. Why would they draft another one?

                Originally posted by DI View Post
                61. Green Bay Packers- Ahtyba Rubin, DT, Iowa St.
                So the Packers traded away a DT for a second round pick just so they could draft another one?


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                  pretty good giants draft- fills our 2 biggest needs

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                    Don't really like the Packers mock, we would definitely take Phillips or Connor over Flowers, preferably Phillips but then I realised you were a Giants fan so this is clearly your dream draft. Also there's no way we draft a DT that early, we will still have a very solid DT rotation. Harrell was a first round pick last year and only played when other guys went down with injuries, he will be expected to step up and replace the production of Williams.

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                      On Manningham:

                      [QUOTE=Crickett;924534] The Vikings just got rid of a deep threat who couldn't catch the ball. Why would they draft another one? QUOTE]

                      I love this quote. I hate Michigan. A deep threat who runs a 4.6 sounds like a winner.

                      For the Lions I like this draft a lot, Mendenhall is great (I like stewart more, but I would not complain in the least with Rashard) and Porter is a nice second rounder


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