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3/01 Updated 2 Round Mock

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  • 3/01 Updated 2 Round Mock

    Second try at a mock draft- my first one was done before the combine. This takes into account the combine and thus far about 1.5 days of Free agency. This is a 2 round mock where as my first was a first rounder. Comments are encouraged.

    1. Miami Dolphins Select:
    Chris Long, DE UVA
    The Dolphins had one of the busiest first days of free agency in recent memory. Josh McCown was just signed and I think they will probably bring in one more person to compete that is why I do not think Ryan will be the pick. Starks and Ferguson were brought over therefore DT seems unlikely. With a line of Taylor, Starks, Ferguson and Long, the phins can get a lot of pressure and have a pretty formidable line.
    2. St. Louis Rams Select:
    Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB OSU
    This team could select one of 4 players personally. They have multiple holes. I've heard that Jim Haslett wants to move to a 3-4 from some people and that being the case Gholston is the perfect person to fit that scheme. Gholston blew by Jake Long when they played together and with his combine he sky rockets.
    3. Atlanta Falcons Select:
    Matt Ryan, QB BC
    I cannot see how the Falcons pass up on a guy like this. Word is they are looking at Turner the Burner in FA pretty heavily and if thats the case, Mcfadden is probably not the choice. Jake Long is a possibility but Harrington or Redman behind him would not matter.
    4. Oakland Raiders Select:
    Darren McFadden HB, Arkansas
    The kid has some character issues, but Al Davis does not care. A McFadden-Russell combo for the next decade is scary. I know they resigned Fargas, but they resigned Kelly too. I just do not see them passing up on a guy like this that would totally turn their offense around in the right direction.
    5. Kansas City Chiefs Select:
    Jake Long OT UM
    Perfect scenario here for the chiefs. They get to rebuild their once great o line. Croyle does not have a chance if he does not get adequete protection.
    6. NY Jets Select:
    Sedrick Ellis, DT USC
    Probably the worst scenario here for the jets but it happens. Sometimes life does not always work out as you planned and this is one of those times. Ellis is an incredible talent. I think he fits the jets scheme more than dorsey but i want feedback to make sure. I know they just acquired Jenkins but if and when they release Robertson they need another DT, and Ellis does not have injury concerns like Jenkins or Dorsey for that matter. Dorsey is a great talent but with nagging injury concerns i do not see him going as high as others predict.
    7. New England Patriots Select:
    Leodis McKelvin CB, Troy
    I think they trade down here because the value is not there but if they stay they need a CB badly now. Samuel and *** are gone and that leaves a big hole. I think this pick makes sense.
    8. Baltimore Ravens Select:
    Mike Jenkins CB USF
    This pick makes the most sense for Ravens fans. I think Clady could go here as well but Jared Gaither was chosen in a supplemental draft as the apparent heir to Ogden.
    9. Cincinnati Bengals Select:
    Glenn Dorsey DT LSU
    Wow. Probably the biggest steal in the draft. They tried to get Shaun Rogers and failed and this is the best possible move for them in my opinion. He falls solely based on injury concerns. Perfect pick for a struggling defense.
    10. New Orleans Saints Select:
    Keith Rivers OLB USC
    With the recent addition of Vilma the Saints have taken care of the MLB position but they still need OLB help. CB would make sense but with Mckelvin and Jenkins gone, DRC might be a reach but may be not too. It all depends if they get Briggs but if they do not, Rivers is the best value on the board.
    11. Buffalo Bills Select:
    James Hardy WR IU
    Hardy is probably not the 11th best player in this draft by any means, but its a big need for the Bills. They just signed Kawika Mitchell (:( ) for weakside LB and have Paul Poz coming back. They need an option across from Evans to take off the double team. Lynch, Evans, Hardy and Edwards form a great young 4 for the future
    12. Denver Broncos Select:
    Ryan Clady OT Boise St.
    Kenny Phillips is surely not an option any more. Lepsis retired if I am not mistaken and Nalen was hurt last year. They need a premiere tackle to come in and help out. I understand Shanahan drafts HBs and OT later but this is value they cannot pass on.
    13. Carolina Panthers Select:
    Jeff Otah OT Pitt
    Otah has star potential and can help keep Delhomme safe, who i believe will still be the starting QB. I think the Panthers want to see at least for 1 year what Deangelo Williams has got.
    14. Chicago Bears Select:
    Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt
    The 4th Ot taken in the 1st 14 picks. Thats astonishing. With Fred Miller leaving, they need a replacement. As stupid as it is, i think they stick with Grossman and Griese for one more year. A Hb is a possibility too because Benson blows.
    15. Detroit Lions Select:
    Dan Connor ILB PSU
    I know I am going to get raped for this pick. I will be the first one to say Connor is not good value at all here. But this team has expressed interest in MLB like Vilma and really need an unpgrade. I do not think Lofton lasts until the 15th pick in the 2nd round quite frankly. I think they make a run at a HB or DL in FA or 2nd round.
    16. Arizona Cardinals Select:
    Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB TSU
    I love Mendenhall but there is a lot of depth at HB truthfully and i think they wait a little bit. This team needs a CB badly- I heard a rumor of trading Fitz for Lito so you know they are desperate. There is a lot of depth at CB too but DRC has shown he is a supa-freak and stands out among the rest
    17. Minnesota Vikings Select:
    Derrick Harvey DE Florida
    The Vikings are going after Berrian from what I hear and also from what I hear Childress does not like going 1st round WRs? I think with the Williams in the middle, a good DE is what they need to take pressure of their secondary and apply it to the QB
    18. Houston Texans Select:
    Rashard Mendenhall, HB IU
    Top HB available for a team that needs a HB. Good fit. I love Mendenhall- i think he is the most well rounded HB in this draft. Schaub, Mendy, and Johnson will create a great trio. Kenny Phillips is an option but I think they pass on him
    19. Philadelphia Eagles Select:
    Philip Merling, DE Clemson
    CB is now a non issue with the signing of Samuel. I feel Phillips or Reggie Smith could still go here to play Safety but i think the release of Kearse and the potential release of Darren Howard mean that DE is a strong possibility.
    20. Tampa Bay Bucs Select:
    Malcolm Kelly WR OU
    This team could address any where and this was such a difficult pick to make because of a lot of players on the board. Kelly is the 2nd best WR on the board in my opinion and besides Galloway this team has no one legit you can throw the ball to. Immediate upgrade.
    21. Washington Redskins Select:
    Calais Campbell DE UM
    The Skins need to start getting pressure on the QB. Plain and simple
    22. Dallas Cowboys Select:
    Aqib Talib CB Kansas
    Assuming Jerry Jones does not package a deal to get McFadden, depth in the secondary is a need. Talib is the best CB on the board and they go for it here rather than at 28.
    23. Pittsburgh Steelers Select:
    Branden Albert OG UVA
    Losing Faneca hurts and this team has some oline issues all over. Baker and Cherlius are both reaches right now in my opinion so they get the Best guard in the draft
    24. Tennessee Titans Select:
    Limas Sweed WR U of T
    I think Vince Young has gotta be whispering into their GM's ears about this one. 3 straight players from Texas could happen. I like Gage but hes not a #1 and this team needs some good skill at WR
    25. Seattle Seahawks Select:
    John Stewart HB Oregon
    They kept Trufant which was big. I think this team needs a TE bad but no TE is worth 25 spot in this draft. Alexander is done and Morris is a solid backup, but not an everyday starter.
    26. Jacksonville Jaguards Select:
    Lawrence Jackson DE USC
    The Jags signed Drayton Florence today making CB a non-factor plus the signing of Jerry Porter and trade for Troy Williamson makes WR less of an option. Bobby McCray is gone. Stroud is Gone now. Spicer is in his mid 30s i believe. Obvious pick.
    27. San Diego Chargers Select:
    Kenny Phillips S U of M
    I just doubt the guy makes it past #27 in this draft despite his lackluster combine. McCree was released and they need a safety to go with Weddle, their guy from last year.
    28. Dallas Cowboys Select:
    Desean Jackson WR Cal
    He came in small at the combine but hes got big play potential and just seems like the kind of guy Jerry Jones would covet
    29. San Francisco 49ers Select:
    Kentwan Balmer DT UNC
    I know Sopoga (spelling?) just resigned a big deal but they need a big stuffer in the middle. Balmer had really 1 year of great production but hes good value here and the pick makes sense.
    30. Green Bay Packers Select:
    Brandon Flowers CB VT
    I think Reggie Smith is more of a safety in the nfl and the Packers need a CB. Flowers is the 7th rated PLAYER on Mayock's board and with their starters in their 30s they need some young blood

    31. NE Forfeits Pick
    32. New York Giants Select:
    Reggie Smith DB OU
    This is the perfect fit for the Giants who need versatility and skill in the secondary. With Wilson gone to the Raiders (:( ) Smith would come in and play Day 1 for the Super Bowl Champs

    Round 2:
    33. Miami Dolphins Select:
    Carl Nicks OT Nebraska

    34. St. Louis Rams Select
    Gosder Cherilus OT BC

    35. Oakland Raiders Select:
    Sam Baker OT USC

    36. Kansas City Chiefs Select:
    Tracey Porter, IU

    37. New York Jets Select:
    Quentin Groves DE/OLB, Auburn

    38. Atlanta Falcons Select:
    Phillip Wheeler LB, GT

    39. Baltimore Ravens Select:
    Brian Brohm QB, Louisville

    40. San Francisco 49ers Select:
    Devin Thomas WR, MSU

    41. New Orleans Saints Select:
    Antoine Cason CB, Arizona

    42. Buffalo Bills Select:
    Fred Davis TE, USC

    43. Denver Broncos Select:
    Dajuan Morgan S, NC St.

    44. Carolina Panthers Select:
    Curtis Lofton ILB, OU

    45. Chicago Bears Select:
    Felix Jones HB, Arkansas

    46. Detroit Lions Select:
    Dre Moore DT, Maryland

    47. Cincinnati Bengals Select:
    Cliff Avril OLB, Purdue

    48. Minnesota Vikings Select:
    Chad Henne QB, Michigan

    49. Atlanta Falcons Select:
    Pat Sims DT, Auburn

    50. Philadelphia Eagles Select:
    Mario Manningham WR, Michigan

    51. Arizona Cardinals Select:
    Jamaal Charles HB, Texas

    52. Washington Redskins Select:
    Early Doucet WR, LSU

    53. Tampa Bay Bucs Select:
    Shaun Crable OLB, Michigan

    54. Pittsburgh Steelers Select:
    Patrick Lee, CB Auburn

    55. Tennesee Titans Select:
    Chris Ellis DE, VT

    56. Seattle Seahawks Select:
    Chilo Rachal OG, USC

    57. Green Bay Packers (from Cleveland for Corey Williams) Select:
    John Carlson TE, Notre Dame

    58. Miami Dolphins Select:
    Jerod Mayo ILB, UT

    59. Jacksonville Jaguars Select:
    Trevor Laws DT, Notre Dame

    60. Dallas Cowboys Select:
    Chris Johnson HB, East Carolina

    61. Greenbay Packers Select:
    Erin Henderson OLB, Maryland

    62. Indianapolis Select:
    Xavier Adabi OLB, VT

    63. New England Patriots
    Geno Hayes OLB, FSU

    64. New York Giants Select:
    Tarvares Gooden OLB, U of Miami

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  • #2
    not a bad bears draft. williams is the perfect pick in round 1 as he seems to be at the top of our draft board.

    and jones in 2...not sure totally how i feel about him as a player but a RB to push benson is def. a need.

    very nice


    • #3
      hardy to the bills at 11th overall? HAHAHAHAHHAAHAhahahahahahaha
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      • #4
        Terrible Patriots draft. McKelvin is a man corner - we run mostly zone. Hayes is tiny - we like huge converted defensive linemen (all but Seau are on our defense.)


        • #5
          Stunningly good AZ Cardinals mock. I'd be surprised if Jake Long fell to KC, but they'd be lucky if he did.

          For GB, Flowers is OK, though I saw his combine and he didn't wow me. I haven't watched a lot of tape of him, but Mayock has and Deion agreed he was a a solid player. Given how Harris has done in the GB scheme, I think you don't need to be a burner, but you do need to be physical and have good technique. I'm not a fan of TE Carlson, but it is a position that needs to be addressed. I'd rather have someone very different than Bubba, which Carlson looks like the same type of player: Good blocker, decent hands, big target. Donald Lee is that type of player. I want someone like Dustin Keller who is a threat to get loose down the seam and score from 35 yards out, not just from 5 yards out. With Erin Henderson, again, I haven't seen tape of him in coverage, but is he athletic enough to replace Brady Poppinga? I have seen Tavares Gooden, and much prefer him to Henderson. The Jim Bates system does not need thumpers as LBs. They need guys who can fly to the ball and help in coverage as the CBs are locked in man coverage on the WRs and cannot help out. Poppinga not good in coverage, need someone who is.
          The pain fades and the good memories will remain.


          • #6
            Flowers is a decent pick for Green Bay but I am not a big fan of the explanation being because he's #7 Mayock list. Carlson is a decent choice as well but would prefer to wait and take Craig Stevens. Henderson would be my favorite choice out of the three.

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            • #7
              pretty solid phins mock..

              Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


              • #8
                i agree with Prince. actually about 100%


                • #9
                  Good KC draft. I would have preferred another offensive lineman (maybe Chilo Rachal) in round two, but I would be happy with that draft.

                  Originally posted by fenikz
                  His soft D really turns me off
                  ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


                  • #10
                    I personally don't like Mike Jenkins, he's overrated in my opinion and not worth a Top 10 pick. I'd rather take Glenn Dorsey in that situation because Ozzie always goes with the BPA and in my opinion that Dorsey. Good Houston pick.
                    HATE the 2nd for Baltimore too, MUCH rather have Antonie Cason (who in my opinion will end up being a better pro then Mike Jenkins.

                    Baltimore: 7-4


                    • #11
                      great chargers pick phillips=dream pick.


                      • #12
                        No matter what anyone says I'm not convinced that Ellis is a good 3-4 fit. In this situation I would probably go RT or CB.


                        • #13
                          perfect Jags draft....


                          • #14
                            Couldn't tell you how happy I would be with Phillips.


                            • #15
                              Give the skins Sweed in the first and Chris Ellis in the second and it would be great
                              RIP Sean Michael Taylor



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