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  • Evans rd #1 mock..

    Let me know what you think!

    1) Miami Dolphins: Chris Long DE Virginia- Very vertatile athlete at the #1 spot...and if they are switching to the 3-4 this will be a great pick. Also tempted to have Matt Ryan go here as I think Parcells will want his "guy" behind center. Just dont think there is enough upside for Ryan to be slotted #1

    2) St. Louis Rams: Jake Long OT Michigan- Hes a beast plain and simple, will fill in nicely in the future for Orlando Pace, until then he will be groomed at the RT spot. I think the transition Joe Thomas made from the college game to the pros will also help Long's stock

    3) Atlanta Falcons: Glenn Dorsey DT LSU: This guy moves mountains, and will make the D better from day 1 and head coach Mike Smith likes BIG guys on the line

    4) Oakland Raiders: Darren McFadden RB Arkansas: Al Davis gets a flashy pick up here. I dont think the Fargas signing will impact this decision at all. NFL teams need 2 good options at RB and Dominick Rhodes is not one of those options. McAlister did not stop the Saints from signing Bush and Duce is a much better back then Fargas.

    5) Kansas City Chiefs: Ryan Clady OT Boise State: Bit of a reach here but I think the Chiefs will panic after OT Long goes off the board. Look for a possible trade but past has proven its tough to deal out of top 10.

    6) New York Jets: Vernon Gholston DE Ohio State: The Jets are in a very good spot here and get a player with great upside.

    7) New England Pats: Keith Rivers LB USC: Was tempted to go CB here, but the Pats have some age issues at the LB spot. Think they will get better value going with Rivers here and CB in rd #2.

    8) Baltimore Ravens: Matt Ryan QB Boston College: The Kyle Boller project is over.

    9) Cincy Bengals: Sedrick Ellis DT USC: As I said with the Jets I really like this spot in the draft, I think the Bengals have many options here and will be able to take the BPA which is Ellis here.

    10) New Orleans Saints: Mike Jenkins CB USF: The saints have some issues in their secondary, I had this as a toss up between Jenkins and DRC.

    11) Buffalo Bills: Derrick Harvey: DE UF: Many drafts have the Bills going WR here, but what many people dont know is that the Bills owner has been quoted as saying there is too long of a waiting period for WR's to adapt from college to the pros. Harvey will prove to be a great pass rushing option, and a great rush improves a secondary esp. in the cover 2 scheme.

    12) Denver Broncos: Kenny Phillips: FS Miami: Phillips can come in and start at SS for 1 yr. until he is ready to step in for Lynch. Similar to the OL situation in ST louis.

    13) Carolina Panthers: Chris Williams OL Vanderbilt: Think this will be a toss up between Williams and Otah.

    14) Chicago Bears: Reshard Mendenhall RB Illinois: The Bears are tough to pin point here but I think Benson has worn out his welcome in Chicago.

    15) Detroit Lions: Malcom Kelly (haha JK) Dominique Rodgers Cromarite CB TSU
    The Lions need to shore up their secondary and get a steal with DRC who blends great size and speed.

    16) Arizona Cardinals: Johnathan Stewart RB Oregon: James is getting old, and Stewart is a bit underrated the Cards get good value here.

    17) Minnesota Vikings: Malcolm Kelly WR OU: Kelly steps right in and makes an impact on a team with sub par Wide outs.

    18) Houston Texans: Leodis McKelvin CB Troy: I think if one of the 3 top RBs are on the board the Texans will take them. If Not they will go CB, McKelvin will step in for injured CB Dunta Robinson (he wont be ready for the start of 08)

    19) Philadelphia Eagles: Desean Jackson WR Cal: The Eagles get a real burner here and give McNabb a threat in the deep game.

    20) Tampa Bay Bucs: Limas Sweed WR Texas: Galloway is 37 and there isnt much depth behind him

    21) Washington Redskins : Phillip Merling DE Clemson: If he lands at #21 this will be great value for the Skins

    22) Dallas Cowboys: Talib CB Kansas: This is an intriguing spot, The Cowboys could go WR here with TO and Glenn up in age but I think they will go CB, Talib will be an adaquate pick up and start in the Nickle spot.

    23) Pittsbugh Steelers: Jeff Otah: OT Pitt: He wont have to go very far, its no secret the Black and Gold will be looking OL in the draft.

    24) Tennesee Titans: James Hardy: WR Indiana: Hardy will make an instant impact for the Titans in the Red zone, giving Young a much needed target.

    25) Seattle Seahawks: Brandan Albert OG Virgina: Their starting RG is 38, Albert should be a nice fit. Wanted to go TE here but its a bit too early.

    26) Jacksonville Jaguars: Kentwan Balmer DT UNC

    27) San Diego Chargers: Reggie Smith CB OU: Smith is Versitle and would be able to move into the S position opposite Weddle.

    28) Dallas Cowboys: Felix Jones RB Dallas: Can Barber carry the load for the Cowboys? If not Jones is no stranger to getting the ball 10 times a game.

    29) San Francisco: Quentin Groves: DE Auburn: SF needs some help on the DL, Groves quickness will suit the D well.

    30) Green Bay Packers: Brandon Flowers CB VT: There isnt much depth behind Woodson and Harris and they are getting old. I think Flowers is a better option then Cason.

    31) NY Giants: Dan Connor LB Penn State: I know how much Giants fans hate this pick, but they need some help at the LB

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    Dan Connor would be a much better pick than Flowers.


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      Nice Patriots pick.


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        Branden Albert would be a much better pick
        RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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          Originally posted by GB12 View Post
          Dan Connor would be a much better pick than Flowers.
          Agree 100%

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            gotta like the chargers pick. S biggest need.


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              not the greatest giants pick

              we need secondary help a lot more than LBs, especially one that does not even really work for us
              id rather take tracy porter, cason or even kenny phillips and go after like Erin Henderson or Curtis Lofton 2nd round

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                Very nice pick for the Chargers but Smith wouldn't immediately start next to Weddle.


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                  not a fan of reaching for Clady.Give us Sedric Ellis instead


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                    i like the patriots pick, and if in round two we were able to add a cason, king, or godfrey at corner, id LOVE it

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                    Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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                      Originally posted by 21ST View Post
                      Branden Albert would be a much better pick

                      OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I misspelled Branden by one letter....thats it mods lock this thread up


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                        Originally posted by evans555 View Post
                        OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I misspelled Branden by one letter....thats it mods lock this thread up
                        WTF, im pretty sure he was talking about the Skins nead to be so brash.

                        Anyways, it was a good pick for the Steelers!


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                          Originally posted by evans555 View Post
                          17) Minnesota Vikings: Malcolm Kelly WR OU: Kelly steps right in and makes an impact on a team with sub par Wide outs.
                          We gave Berrian a huge contract and he's gonna be our top WR. Rice makes a great 2. WR!

                          Phillip Merling would give us a good end who shoul help on our pass rush!


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                            Great Phins pick!!

                            Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                              I know that Ralph said that WRs take too long to develop, but the only WRs on our team are Evans, Parrish, and Reed.We have not signed Johnson, so we have to look to the draft for a WR (at this point).

                              I dont see why the Vikes would go with a WR, seeing that they drafted Rice last year, and they just signed Berrian to a large contract.
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