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The Mock Is Here! 3 Rounds w/ Explanations 2/28

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  • The Mock Is Here! 3 Rounds w/ Explanations 2/28

    Constructive Criticism Wanted

    ROUND 1

    1. Oakland Raiders – WR Calvin Johnson – Georgia Tech
    After Calvin checked into the combine at 6’5’’, 238 lbs and clocked a 4.35 40, it’s hard to imagine the Raiders passing on possibly the greatest WR prospect of all time.

    2. Detroit Lions – OT Joe Thomas – Wisconsin
    What the Lions need is a LT to anchor their line. Joe Thomas is exactly that guy and he solidified his stock with a strong combine performance.

    3. Cleveland Browns – QB Jamarcus Russell – LSU
    The Browns need a QB as Frye doesn’t appear to be their future and while Peterson is tempting, it’s hard to pass on a franchise QB here.

    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DT Amobi Okoye - Louisville
    Okoye has done everything necessary to make himself a top 10 pick, and he is a great fit for the Bucs’ scheme and a personal favorite of their coaching staff.

    5. Arizona Cardinals – FS Laron Landry – LSU
    This hard-hitting safety turned out to be one of the fastest players at the combine and could turn out to be one of the biggest winners of the week. Landry’s strong workouts have elevated his stock to the level of the top DL prospects and the Cardinals need at FS is bigger than their need at DE.

    6. Washington Redskins – DT Alan Branch – Michigan
    Branch is a safe pick and having a dominant player like him in the middle should really help this struggling defense.

    7. Minnesota Vikings – QB Brady Quinn – Notre Dame
    Is Tarvaris Jackson really their QB of the future? At the end of the day, the Vikings aren’t confident enough in him to pass on Quinn for the likes of Gaines Adams or Dwayne Bowe.

    8. Houston Texans – HB Adrian Peterson - Oklahoma
    Peterson is an absolute steal at this point in the draft and will add a lot to the Texan offense.

    9. Miami Dolphins – OLB Gaines Adams – Clemson
    Adams is a natural pass-rusher with the athleticism to play OLB and he fits right into the Dolphins scheme and needs.

    10. Atlanta Falcons – DE Jamaal Anderson – Arkansas
    The Falcons will likely lose Patrick Kerney because they won’t want to pay him too much on account of him coming off a season-ending injury. Jamaal Anderson would make a great replacement and help the defense.

    11. San Francisco 49ers – DE Adam Carriker – Nebraska
    Carriker is an ideal 3-4 DE, and if he has good workouts, he should have no problem going top 15.

    12. Buffalo Bills – MLB Patrick Willis – Ole Miss
    London Fletcher is coming off a strong season but he isn’t a good enough run defender for the Bills’ liking so they let him walk and draft Willis.

    13. St. Louis Rams – DE Charles Johnson – Georgia
    The Rams need a DE to pair with Leonard Little and Johnson is the best available 4-3 end at this point in the draft.

    14. Carolina Panthers – TE Greg Olsen - Miami
    The Panthers new offensive coordinator, Jeff Davidson, is known for implementing the TE in his offense. Olsen is coming off a great combine where he flashed 4.4 speed, good strength and good receiving skills. This could be a little high for Olsen, but the Panthers won’t get another chance to land a top tight end.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers – OLB Lawrence Timmons – Florida St.
    Timmons is great for the Steelers because they need youth at LB and as they transition coaches and possibly changes schemes, a versatile LB like Timmons is perfect.

    16. Green Bay – HB Marshawn Lynch – California
    The Packers run game has been hurting lately and Lynch is a steal this late in the draft.

    17. Jacksonville – FS Reggie Nelson – Florida
    Deon Grant is probably on his way out and the Jaguars would like to replace him with a player like Nelson who brings more playmaking to the table.

    18. Cincinnati Bengals – CB Leon Hall – Michigan
    Hall showed at the combine he has top end speed by running a sub 4.4 and the Bengals are greatly in need of a CB. With his impressive combine, Hall has re-established himself as the top CB prospect.

    19. Tennessee Titans – WR Dwayne Bowe - LSU
    Bowe would give Vince Young his go-to guy and considering how impressive he has been this postseason, he would be tough to pass on here.

    20. New York Giants – OT Levi Brown – Penn St.
    The Giants cut Petitgout and do not have good backup plan in place. Levi Brown would be a very viable solution to their situation at LT and it’s unlikely they will have another chance to grab a quality LT prospect. Getting that situation squared away will be critical to the development of Eli Manning. Brown’s stock has taken a hit, but he is still looks to be the 2nd OT off the board.

    21. Denver Broncos – WR Ted Ginn – Ohio St.
    Ginn would be an excellent weapon to add to the Bronco offense right now. The Broncos don’t need a starter right now but could use an explosive slot receiver and deep threat. Also, he will greatly help the Broncos return game.

    22. Dallas Cowboys – FS Brandon Merriweather – Miami
    Jerry Jones wants to win badly and is willing to bring in a potential character problem like Merriweather if he believes it will help the team. There’s no questioning Merriweather’s ability on the football field and he fills the Cowboys biggest need.

    23. Kansas City Chiefs – WR Dwayne Jarrett – USC
    Jarrett’s stock might be slipping, but he is still a solid value here and we know Herm Edwards likes big receivers. It’s about time for the Chiefs to get themselves a wideout that defenses will actually fear.

    24. New England Patriots – CB Darrelle Revis – Pittsburgh
    The Patriots may have franchised Samuel, but that doesn’t mean he will be in New England for more than one year and they are probably looking to add some young talent at the position.

    25. New York Jets – OLB Jarvis Moss – Florida
    Jarvis Moss had a solid combine and is an intriguing 3-4 OLB prospect, something the Jets would like to add. Without having any explosive pass-rusher on their roster, the Jets would be doing well to add Moss.

    26. Philadelphia Eagles – S Michael Griffin – Texas
    Michael Lewis won’t be resigned and Considine doesn’t appear to be starting material.

    27. New Orleans Saints – CB Chris Houston – Arkansas
    Fred Thomas got picked on more than any defender in the NFL last year and he needs to be replaced. The Saints choose not to wait beyond the first round to fill their biggest need. After Houston’s impressive combine he would be near-impossible to pass on here for the Saints.

    28. New England Patriots – OLB Anthony Spencer - Purdue
    The Patriots are thin at LB and need to add rush-backer.

    29. Baltimore Ravens – OG Ben Grubbs – Auburn
    Grubbs is an OG prospect with first round status and the Ravens’ OL needs talent and youth. This is the safe, consensus pick here for Baltimore, which is the route Baltimore generally seems to take with its first rounders.

    30. San Diego Chargers – WR Sydney Rice – South Carolina
    The Chargers WRs let them down in the playoffs and they lack any true playmakers at the position so it would make sense to bring in a talent like Rice.

    31. Chicago Bears – OG Arron Sears – Tennessee
    Sears is a prospect whose stock is rising and the Bears have an aging OL.

    32. Indianapolis Colts – OLB Jon Beason – Miami
    The Colts need help badly at LB and Beason fits their scheme. They don’t normally spend 1st rounders on LBs, but they don’t have a 2nd rounder and the need is urgent.

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    ROUND 2

    33. Oakland Raiders – OT Joe Staley – Central Michigan
    The Raiders are switching to the zone blocking scheme and an athletic OT like Staley should fit right in.

    34. Detroit Lions – DE Victor Abiamiri – Notre Dame
    The Lions need to bring in an edge-rusher and Abiamiri would be a solid pick here.

    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – C Ryan Kalil – USC
    The Bucs continue their O-line overhaul by picking up this stud center.

    36. Cleveland Browns – NT DeMarcus Tyler – NC State
    This draft does not have many ideal 3-4 NTs and Tyler is clearly the best. This could cause him to go a little higher than he would otherwise.

    37. New York Jets (f/ WAS) – HB Brian Leonard – Rutgers
    Leonard has really helped his stock at the combine and he would be a great weapon for the Jets to add.

    38. Arizona Cardinals – OT Tony Ugoh – Arkansas
    The Cardinals badly need a LT and Ugoh is the last highly rated prospect at the position, in a relatively weak class at OT.

    39. Houston Texans – S John Wendling – Wyoming
    Wendling has done enough to be considered for early 2nd round and the Texans are a team in need of an impact safety.

    40. Miami Dolphins – CB Aaron Ross – Texas
    With Will Allen and Travis Daniels being their starting corners, the Dolphins could use an upgrade at the position.

    41. Minnesota Vikings – WR Jason Hill – Washington St.
    Hill blazed a 4.32 at the combine and suddenly is one of the top WRs in this draft. He should fit well into a WCO and fills a huge need for the Vikings.

    42. San Francisco 49ers – WR Robert Meachem – Tennessee
    This is definitely a major slide for Meachem and I have no great explanation for it. Then again, there wasn’t a good reason for Chad Jackson falling to the 2nd round last year either. And I have to say I think these are two very similar prospects, not that that means Jackson slipping means Meachem will too. Nevertheless, if he makes it this far, he will be a steal here and give the 49ers the receiver they need.

    43. Buffalo Bills – WR Craig Davis – LSU
    The Bills need some more receivers to complement Lee Evans and Davis is speedy but well-rounded receiver who would fit into their offense.

    44. Atlanta Falcons – HB Michael Bush – Louisville
    The Falcons get the power back they need and re-unite Bush with his college coach.

    45. Carolina Panthers – QB Drew Stanton – Michigan St.
    Make no mistake, the Panthers biggest need is at QB. Stanton will be the third QB off the board in this draft and the Panthers can’t afford to wait any longer if they want to get him.

    46. Pittsburgh Steelers – HB Tony Hunt – Penn St.
    As good as Willie Parker is, the Steelers do not have good depth at HB and adding a good power back to their arsenal would greatly improve their offense.

    47. Green Bay Packers – DE Tim Crowder – Texas
    The Packers need to bring in a starter to replace KGB, who is not much more than a situational pass-rusher at this point. Crowder is a prospect whose stock is on the rise and would be a solid pick here.

    48. Jacksonville Jaguars – DE Quentin Moses – Georgia
    The Jaguars defense could use an extra pass-rusher and despite Moses poor combine performance, he is still a pure pass-rusher who can get to the QB.

    49. Cincinnati Bengals – DT Quinn Pittock – Ohio St.
    Sam Adams can’t play much longer and Cincinnati could use a run-stopping DT like Pittock.

    50. Tennessee Titans – DB Eric Weddle – Utah
    The Titans could use an upgrade at FS over Lamont Thompson and Weddle could also double as a CB, a position of great need.

    51. New York Giants – OLB Paul Poluzny – Penn St.
    The Giants cut Arrington and Emmons and need to bring in help at OLB, Poluzny is a steal here.

    52. St. Louis Rams – CB Josh Wilson – Maryland
    Tye Hill was a good start, but the Rams still need a lot of help at CB. Wilson has athleticism and speed similar to Hill and if the Rams liked Hill they’ll probably like Wilson.

    53. Dallas Cowboys – OG Justin Blalock – Texas
    Marco Rivera is near the end of the road and the Cowboys OL needs major help.

    54. Kansas City Chiefs – DT Justin Harrell – Tennessee
    One of the Chiefs priorities in this off-season will be to improve at the DT position.

    55. Seattle Seahawks – TE Zach Miller – Arizona St.
    Jerramy Stevens is on his way out the door and the Seahawks will need a pass-catching TE for their offense.

    56. Denver Broncos – HB Antonio Pittman – Ohio St.
    The Broncos were not happy with Tatum Bell last year and they may spend a first day pick on a HB.

    57. Philadelphia Eagles – MLB Buster Davis – Florida St.
    Trotter is coming off a down year and you get the feeling the Eagles might replace him in the near future.

    58. New Orleans Saints – MLB David Harris – Michigan
    Harris is coming off a great combine and is great fit for the Saints in terms need and the kind of player Payton prefers.

    59. New York Jets – CB Marcus McCauley – Fresno St.
    The Jets are a bit short-handed at CB and McCauley has all the tools you look for.

    60. New England Patriots – WR Anthony Gonzalez – Ohio St.
    The Patriots clearly need to add depth and possibly a new starter at WR and Gonzalez is a solid player who should fit real well into the Patriots’ passing offense.

    61. Baltimore Ravens – HB Kenny Irons – Auburn
    The Ravens cut Jamal Lewis and need to bring in a new workhorse back.

    62. San Diego Chargers – ILB Brandon Siler – Florida
    Randall Godfrey and Donnie Edwards won’t be playing too much longer and the Chargers need to think about their future at ILB.

    63. Chicago Bears – SS Aaron Rouse – Virginia Tech
    Mike Brown continues to battle injuries and the defense really suffers in his absence. Rouse should impress at workouts and the Bears can groom him to replace Mike Brown.

    64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (f/ IND) – CB Tanard Jackson – Syracuse
    The Bucs have little depth at CB after Kelly and Barber, who are both aging. Jackson is an ideal cover 2 CB and he might even be able to play S, another position the Bucs are not strong at.


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      ROUND 3

      65. Oakland Raiders – DE Lamarr Woodley – Michigan
      The Raiders need to add another pass-rusher and Woodley is a nice value here.

      66. Detroit Lions – CB Michael Coe – Alabama St.
      It’s out with the old, in with the new for the Lions at CB and Coe is a rising prospect who is a decent fit in the cover 2.

      67. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – WR Aundrae Ellison – East Carolina
      Ellison had a good showing at the combine and could double as a return specialist and WR, both of which are legitimate needs for the Bucs.

      68. Cleveland Browns – DE Ryan McBean – Oklahoma St.
      McBean has the build and skills to be a 3-4 DE and the Browns badly need to improve their DL.

      69. Arizona Cardinals – OLB Justin Durant – Hampton
      The Cardinals need to replace Orlando Huff at WLB and Durant is a good fit and a rising prospect.

      70. Denver Broncos (f/ WAS) – CB Eric Wright – UNLV
      Foxworth is best fit for a nickel role and the Broncos need to bring in a replacement for Darrent Williams.

      71. Miami Dolphins – DE Ikaika Alama-Francis – Hawaii
      Alama-Francis is a good fit for a 3-4 DE and a nice value here.

      72. Minnesota Vikings – DE Brian Robinson – Texas
      The Vikings need to add a pass-rusher and Robinson is coming off a very impressive combine.

      73. Houston Texans – QB Troy Smith – Ohio St.
      The Texans are expected bring in Jake Plummer but he is only a temporary situation and Troy Smith should fit well into a Kubiak offense that uses a lot of bootlegs that can take advantage of his mobility and ability to throw on the run and at the same time stop his lack of height from hindering him.

      74. Buffalo Bills – OG Manuel Ramirez – Texas Tech
      The interior of the Bills line needs work and if they want to improve their run game they will need to add some mauling run blockers like Ramirez.

      75. Atlanta Falcons – S Michael Johnson – Arizona
      The Falcons need an upgrade at FS and Johnson is an impressive prospect with a high ceiling.

      76. San Francisco 49ers – CB David Irons – Auburn
      The 49ers are not strong at CB and Mike Nolan got to see Irons up close during his impressive week at the senior bowl.

      77. Pittsburgh Steelers – C Doug Datish – Ohio St.
      Jeff Hartings retired and Datish is a solid C who should be able to step in and start and he can also play other positions on the line, which could be useful because the Steelers need help all over their line and they may decide to start someone else like Chuck Okobi at center.

      78. Green Bay Packers – WR Jacoby Jones – Lane
      Jones is a good small school prospect who could fit into the Packers’ passing attack.

      79. Jacksonville Jaguars – WR Johnnie Lee Higgins – UTEP
      The Jaguars are extremely thin at WR and Higgins would bring a new element of explosiveness to an offense that only features bigger receivers.

      80. Cincinnati Bengals – Forfeited Pick

      81. Tennessee Titans – CB Jonathan Wade – Tennessee
      The Titans need to add a CB to start alongside Pac-Man Jones and depth in the secondary is a major issue.

      82. New York Giants – RB Lorenzo Booker – Florida St.
      The Giants will need a back with some quickness and receiving skills to complement Brandon Jacobs.

      83. St. Louis Rams – OLB Stewart Bradley – Nebraska
      The Rams need a run-stuffing SLB and Bradley fits the mold perfectly.

      84. Carolina Panthers – S Sabby Piscitelli – Oregon St.
      Shaun Williams is not the answer at SS and Mike Minter is aging, which gives them good reason to bring in this talent S coming off a great combine.

      85. Kansas City Chiefs – CB Tarell Brown – South Carolina
      Ty Law and Patrick Surtain are extremely old and youth is needed at CB.

      86. Seattle Seahawks – OG Josh Beekman – Boston College
      The Seahawks are feeling the loss of Hutchinson and need to bring in help at OG. A good run-blocker like Beekman should help get their run game going again.

      87. Denver Broncos – DT Kareem Brown – Miami

      88. Dallas Cowboys – WR Paul Williams – Fresno St.
      The Cowboys need to bring in some young talent at the WR position as TO and Terry Glenn won’t be around too much longer.

      89. New Orleans Saints – K Mason Crosby – Colorado
      The Saints had some problems with the K position as Carney no longer has the leg to hit field goals from long distance.

      90. New York Jets – DE Ray McDonald – Florida
      McDonald is a good fit as a 3-4 end and fills a major need for the Jets.

      91. Philadelphia Eagles – CB Fred Bennett – South Carolina
      The Eagles depth at CB will be lacking if Roderick Hood signs elsewhere as expected.

      92. New England Patriots – S Josh Gattis – Wake Forest
      Rodney Harrison’s career is about over and the Pats might look to add another young safety to the mix. At the least, Gattis should be a special teams standout. And considering the Patriots outstanding depth across the board, they can afford to make a pick like this.

      93. Baltimore Ravens – LB Antwaan Barnes – Florida International
      Barnes was one of the most impressive players at the combine and the Ravens are expected to lose Adalius Thomas which means they could use a versatile LB prospect.

      94. San Diego Chargers – OG Marshall Yanda – Iowa
      The Chargers could lose Kris Dielman and Yanda could make a solid replacement.

      95. Chicago Bears – TE Ben Patrick – Delaware
      Desmond Clark is coming off a strong year but he has been inconsistent throughout his career and the Bears could definitely use some young talent at the position.

      96. Indianapolis Colts – DT Brandon Mebane – California
      Mebane is an ideal cover 2 DT who can help the Colts’ run defense.


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        hated every rams pick sorry


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          Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
          hated every rams pick sorry
          u gotta explain yourself


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            Great Cardinals mock.


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              Pretty decent Vikings mock. You addressed WR and DE in the first 3 rounds while giving us a top 10 talent at 7. Not sure we would pass on G.A. and
              in the 2nd I think Gonzalez or Davis would be a better option, but those are
              just my player rankings being different....however, I'm not sure Gonzo lasts til the bottom of round 2 , not after running that 4.4. 40. His hands are better than Gins, speed is comparable and route running is better. He lacks the vision of Ginn Jr..but don't see that many teams passing on his skill regardless if they need him or not.

              Anyways, Grade for the Vikings: A


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                Amobi Okoye is a player that is a perfect pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in that he perfectly fits the under tackle role in the Tampa 2. However, in saying that, taking him so high can raise a few issues.

                Ryan Kalil is the top rated centre in the draft and I think he would eventually be an upgrade over current C John Wade. Good Pick

                Tanard Jackson is a good player who has potential for the Cover 2. He is relatively good value at the end of the 2nd round due to the high demand for CB's.

                Aundrae Ellison. Sorry but i hate this pick. I can't justify the Bucs drafting more 3rd round receivers (see Maurice Stovall). CJ is the only way to go at that point. Maybe Piscatelli would be the way to go there.


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                  While personally I love the mock for the Ravens, circumstances seem to dictate that its not that good. With the latest news that Tony Pashos may not be back and Jonathan Ogden contemplating retirement, the Tackle position has suddenly become a "need" area for us. With that may a Tony Ugoh would be more adept at the end of the 1st round as opposed to Ben Grubbs or at least addressed on Day 1. I love the Kenny Irons pick but your justification is the cutting of Jamal Lewis when in reality its a cap related move and he will be back. Not to mention that we still have Mike Anderson and PJ Daniels so as much as I and many others fans want this player or others at this position I'm not sure it will be. I'm trying to find fault with the Barnes pick but I really can't. I saw his workouts on NFL Network and was impressed as well by his displays, so I see this as a solid pick in round 3. Overall I thought it was a solid mock although I'm not sure some of the players you have will fall the way they did.

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                  SSAEL....... its a new revolution!

                  Originally posted by Job
                  On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
                  Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

                  So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!


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                    Not a big fan of the Pack's draft at all.

                    Follow me on Twitter!!/aMo_Captain


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                      2 & 3 are great for Dallas. I'd rather have Ross in the first though. I like like Meriweather's versatility, but we could trade down and get Meriweather if we wanted. I don't believe he will go that high.


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                        Perfect mock for the Niners, easily the best draft for them I have seen. However, Jason Hill going before Meachem probably won't happen. Meachem is most likely a first round talent and if he drops to the second the Niners should trade up because he would certainly go before them. But excellent draft nonetheless and crazier things have happened I suppose.


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                          Great first round pick for the Falcons, especially considering Laron Landry is off the boards. I think our 2nd round pick is too high for Michael Bush at the moment. I would much rather address our safety needs and take Eric Weddle or even take Justin Blaylock (surprised he would fall that far). And for the 3rd, I really dont like Johnson, so a pick like Crosby would be better.

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                            Good Rams pick in Round 1, terrible one in Round 2, great in Round 3..
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                              Not a bad Chiefs draft but Brown is from Texas not South Carolina



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