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    You folks know the drill...


    New Orleans sends their 2008 1st and 3rd round picks to New England for the Patriot’s 2008 1st round pick.

    Dallas sends their 2008 1st round pick (22nd overall) and their 2009 2nd round pick to Chicago for the Bear’s 2008 1st round pick.


    1. Miami Dolphins: Matt Ryan / Quarterback / Boston College

    Chris Long, Jake Long, or Matt Ryan? That certainly appears to be the question at the moment. Chris Long makes a ton of sense, but the money is a big factor and you wonder if he’s worth the investment. Jake Long is definitely the kind of lineman I could see Parcells taking, but is a guy who probably won’t be a dominant blind-side guy worth spending a pick of this importance on? I personally feel that Matt Ryan has been propelled to the top of some draft boards more because of his position than for the caliber of prospect he is, but there appear to be some groups that are very high on the kid. If Miami falls into that crowd or not remains to be seen, but Ryan fits the money better than any other player, and that plays a bigger role than some admit.

    2. St. Louis Rams: Vernon Gholston / Defensive End / Ohio State
    I don’t find Jake Long very probable here, nor does Glenn Dorsey seem like a great need. Therefore it comes down to the two defensive ends: Chris Long and Vernon Gholston. Long has held more media attention to date, but I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that Gholston has had the better offseason. This is going to come down to preference, because the players are ultimately fairly similar, but it wouldn’t shock me to see St. Louis opt for the speed rusher with the huge ceiling.

    3. Atlanta Falcons: Jake Long / Offensive Tackle / Michigan
    I think that some have overestimated new head coach Mike Smith’s need to have a bruising defensive tackle duo inside, but if Rod Coleman isn’t going to be back in Atlanta next year, Glenn Dorsey likely become the pick. Until that happens, I have a hard time seeing the Falcons pass on Jake Long, who would be an enormous upgrade wherever they wanted to play him on the offensive line.

    4. Oakland Raiders: Chris Long / Defensive End / Virginia
    This is as sure a pick as there is in this mock. If Chris Long is there, Al Davis will draft him, especially after losing Chris Clemons to the Eagles.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs: Glenn Dorsey / Defensive Tackle / Louisiana State
    Does Kansas City reach for an offensive tackle to start rebuilding that offensive line or do they go for the value here? With a defensive squad that only appears to be a few good additions from becoming great, I think Dorsey becomes the pick.

    6. New York Jets: Darren McFadden / Tailback / Arkansas
    Whether the Jets have spent their money wisely so far this offseason or not is up for debate, but they definitely enter the draft with some room for a luxury pick. That young offense could use a big play threat, and I don’t think there’s a better one out there than McFadden.

    7. New Orleans Saint (from San Francisco via New England): Sedrick Ellis / Defensive Tackle / Southern California
    The Saints solidified their linebacking corps at least enough to not make it a dire need in the first round. That should give them the confidence to move up for the centerpiece to the defense. Ellis would be a huge boost to a defensive line that could generate a fantastic pass rush if they have a disruptor in the middle.

    8. Baltimore Ravens: Ryan Clady / Offensive Tackle / Boise State
    I’ve been hearing lately that Jonathan Ogden is leaning towards retirement. This pick depends on how the new Baltimore coaching staff views Jared Gaither, but I think that Clady is definitely the better option on the left side.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals: Rashard Mendenhall / Tailback / Illinois
    What does Cincinatti do here? Their defensive scheme plans are a bit murky, but either way I don’t think there’s any defensive tackle value here, nor do I think they go defensive end. One need I know they have is at runningback, and Mendenhall has made a big impression this offseason.

    10. New England Patriots (from New Orleans): Aqib Talib / Cornerback / Kansas
    Talib hasn’t exactly gotten a lot of talk as being the first defensive back taken, but it could well happen. He is capable in both man and zone coverage, and you keep hearing that he might well be New England’s answer to a defensive backfield that has lost a lot of players this offseason.

    11. Buffalo Bills: Keith Rivers / Linebacker / Southern California
    Buffalo is a team that has surprised early and often in recent drafts. That said, I have to say I’d be shocked if they passed over such a perfect fit as Keith Rivers.
    12. Denver Broncos: Chris Williams / Offensive Tackle / Vanderbilt
    In this spot, I have to imagine that Denver would be willing to take less than full value to trade back. That said, who is going to want to move up? If they get stuck here, Williams seems to be the smartest move. He doesn’t have the highest ceiling, but I doubt they’d miss Matt Lepsis next year with him playing the left side.
    13. Carolina Panthers: Derrick Harvey / Defensive End / Florida

    After trading Kris Jenkins away, I’m tempted to go defensive tackle here. However, with the rumors that Carolina is trying to find a bidder for Julius Peppers, and with Mike Rucker not nearly as effective as he was several seasons ago, Harvey becomes the pick.
    14. Dallas Cowboys (from Chicago): Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie /Cornerback / Tennessee State

    I don’t think I’ve seen Dallas trading up in a situation where it wasn’t for Darren McFadden, but here it is. Dallas is definitely looking for a nickel corner who would eventually start opposite Terrance Newman, and if Jerry Jones focuses in on one of the mega-talented but raw corners, a trade might be required to get them. Whether that corner is Cromartie or McKelvin, I’m not sure, but I lean on the side of the kid from Tennessee State.
    15. Detroit Lions: Quentin Groves / Defensive End / Auburn

    I’m almost sure that Detroit goes defense here, the question is just in what form. They can probably pick up a replacement to Shaun Rogers later on, and there should be some decent cover 2 corners sitting in the 2nd and 3rd round. Offensive line is a possibility, but I say they go with the speed rusher here. Groves gets talk as a linebacker as well, but ultimately I think he’s better suited to playing with his hand in the dirt.
    16. Arizona Cardinals: Jonathan Stewart / Tailback / Oregon

    This is a bit of a default selection. Arizona could well target a defensive back here, or maybe even some defensive line help. That said, a real power runner on that offense could help draw defensive attention in a way that Edgerrin James has failed to do.
    17. Minnesota Vikings: Kenny Phillips / Safety / Miami

    This may very well end up being a very generous projection of Phillips’ draft spot. That said, I don’t see Minnesota spending a first round pick on the offensive line, and there isn’t much value at pass rushing defensive end at this point. The team is very short on safeties right now, and while Phillips may not be the best safety prospect in recent memory, he’s a very solid player.
    18. Houston Texans: Leodis McKelvin / Cornerback / Troy

    That Houston secondary has been barren for a while, and with Dunta Robinson having recently run into some injury trouble, an upgrade is overdue. McKelvin is a bit raw as a player, but the skills are undoubtedly there and a duo of him and Robinson could potentially be great.
    19. Philadelphia Eagles: Limas Sweed / Wide Receiver / Texas

    Philadelphia definitely helped themselves out in free agency, but despite a lot of talk involving various wide receivers, they didn’t manage to pick up another pass catcher. With a big and quick receiver like Sweed staring them in the face, can the Eagles resist?
    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Brandon Flowers / Cornerback / Virginia Tech

    I’m tempted to slot in a defensive tackle here, but something tells me that Flowers could well be the pick. A favorite in some circles, Flowers is a top of the line Cover 2 corner, and would help a potential playoff team right off the bat.
    21. Washington Redskins: Mike Jenkins / Cornerback / South Florida

    I basically see this as a debate between Phillip Merling and Jenkins. The Redskins could definitely use some more defensive line help, and Merling would play a nice counterweight to Andre Carter. That said, there are some questions circling Merling, and Jenkins might be held in higher regard. Ultimately, I think the corner wins out.
    22. Chicago Bears (from Cleveland via Dallas): Branden Albert / Offensive Guard / Virginia

    If the Cowboys come calling for Chicago’s pick, I think they jump all over it. At this spot they could either draft someone like Jeff Otah or Branden Albert. I’ll side with Albert because he has superior versatility and by all rights has had a better offseason. I figure he’ll start at guard for the Bears initially, and may be moved to tackle down the line.
    23. Pittsburgh Steelers: James Hardy / Wide Receiver / Indiana

    The Steelers handed quarterback Ben Roethlisberger a monster contract this offseason, but the question is how much further they go to please him. Ben has been vocal about landing a big receiver to replace Plaxico Burress, and they don’t come much bigger than Hardy. Hardy has displayed rather impressive athleticism for his size recently, so the late first isn’t totally out of his reach.
    24. Tennessee Titans: Phillip Merling / Defensive End / Clemson

    The Titans, despite having a lot of cap room, let both their starting defensive ends walk away this offseason. If they want to field the same caliber run defense that they had going last season, this needs to be fixed. Merling isn’t the sort of player who’ll be able to replace the pass rush of either Odom or LaBoy, but with the return of Jevon Kearse to Tennessee, they shouldn’t miss a huge beat.
    25. Seattle Seahawks: John Carlson / Tight End / Notre Dame

    I could see Seattle reaching on a runningback at this spot, but they do seem at peace with the backfield they’ve pieced together. Marcus Pollard was a nonfactor last season, and Seattle’s is an offense that likes to take advantage of versatile tight ends. Carlson didn’t have a great combine, but he’s easily the most well balanced tight end in the draft that could conceivably go this high.
    26. Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Laws / Defensive Tackle / Notre Dame

    With Marcus Stroud now gone, you would expect that the Jags would like to have another undertackle to line up opposite Henderson. Laws made a huge statement at the Senior Bowl, and may wind up being a steal at this point.
    27. San Diego Chargers: Jeff Otah / Offensive Tackle / Pittsburgh

    Something tells me Otah might go drastically higher than where I have him, but this is how this mock fell. If he is sitting here, I can’t picture the Chargers passing on the kid. Otah along with Marcus McNeil would form a truly massive pair of bookends.
    28. Dallas Cowboys: DeSean Jackson / Wide Receiver / California

    One thing is for sure, Dallas has gotten a good deal faster. Jackson would provide a very nice slot threat and a great return threat right off the bat for Dallas, and would give them some long term security at the position.
    29. San Francisco 49ers (from Indianapolis): Kentwan Balmer / Defensive End / North Carolina

    Yes, San Francisco needs wide receivers. That said, I have a hard time seeing them pass on a player like Balmer here. Although they already spent some defensive line money on Justin Smith, you wonder exactly where he’ll fit on that defense. Balmer has great size to play the end spot in Nolan’s defense, and would help bring together a defense that has a few very nice pieces.
    30. Green Bay Packers: Dan Connor / Linebacker / Penn State

    Defensive back has been the default position to have Green Bay draft, but you wonder if a linebacker of Connor’s caliber wouldn’t tempt them into solidifying that linebacking corps. Paired with Hawk and Barnett, Connor could help make Green Bay’s defense one of the best in the NFL.
    31. New England Patriots (forfeit due to league violation)
    32. New York Giants: Reggie Smith / Safety / Oklahoma

    After losing Gibril Wilson, there’s no doubt that the Giants are on the lookout for a safety. Some question whether Smith a safety or a cornerback, but no doubts that he can play the game. I don’t think the Giants can afford to wait on filling the gap at safety, and I think Smith gets the nod over the much rawer DaJuan Morgan.


    33. Miami Dolphins: Cliff Avril / Outside Linebacker / Purdue
    34. St. Louis Rams: Devin Thomas / Wide Receiver / Michigan State
    35. Oakland Raiders: Malcolm Kelly / Wide Receiver / Oklahoma
    36. Kansas City Chiefs: Gosder Cherilus / Offensive Tackle / Boston College
    37. New York Jets: Dustin Keller / Tight End / Purdue
    38. Atlanta Falcons: Pat Sims / Defensive Tackle / Auburn
    39. Baltimore Ravens: Tracy Porter / Cornerback / Indiana
    40. San Francisco 49ers: Early Doucet / Wide Receiver / Louisiana State
    41. New Orleans Saints: Erin Henderson / Linebacker / Maryland
    42. Buffalo Bills: Antoine Cason / Defensive Back / Arizona
    43. Denver Broncos: Dajuan Morgan / Safety / North Carolina State
    44. Carolina Panthers: Sam Baker / Offensive Tackle / Southern California
    45. Chicago Bears: Mario Manningham / Wide Receiver / Michigan
    46. Detroit Lions: Carl Nicks / Offensive Tackle / Nebraska
    47. Cincinnati Bengals: Dre Moore / Defensive Tackle / Maryland
    48. Minnesota Vikings: Chris Ellis / Defensive End / Virginia Tech
    49. Atlanta Falcons (from Houston): Phillip Wheeler / Linebacker / Georgia Tech
    50. Philadelphia Eagles: Calais Campbell / Defensive End / Miami
    51. Arizona Cardinals: Patrick Lee / Cornerback / Auburn
    52. Washington Redskins: Jason Jones / Defensive End / Eastern Michigan
    53. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Lavelle Hawkins / Wide Receiver / California
    54. Pittsburgh Steelers: Chilo Rachal / Offensive Guard / Southern California
    55. Tennessee Titans: Jerome Simpson / Wide Receiver / Coastal Carolina
    56. Seattle Seahawks: Felix Jones / Tailback / Arkansas
    57. Green Bay Packer (from Cleveland): Charles Godfrey / Defensive Back / Iowa
    58. Miami Dolphins (from San Diego): Ahtbya Rubin / Nose Tackle / Iowa State
    59. Jacksonville Jaguars: Andre Caldwell / Wide Receiver / Florida
    60. Indianapolis Colts: Red Bryant / Defensive Tackle / Texas A&M
    61. Green Bay Packers: Fred Davis / Tight End / Southern California
    62. Dallas Cowboys: Chris Johnson / Tailback / East Carolina
    63. New England Patriots: Jonathan Goff / Linebacker / Vanderbilt
    64. New York Giants: Tavares Gooden / Linebacker / Miami
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    Excellent Lions mock. Superb. Love both picks. Not that matters but I found out Carl Nicks is 25 already the other day.

    Edit- Like the presentation of the first ten picks also.


    • #3
      KC needs more of a LT type and Cherilus is a RT IMHO.Carl Nicks would be a better pick for KC but that's me probably nitpicking.Great 1st round though


      • #4
        I love this overall mock, almost all of it fits well, good job. Excellent giants picks

        Reggie Smith (perfect fit, and thanks for not giving us Dan Connor, i speak for all giants fans when i say we appreciate it)

        Tavares Gooden (good player, good potential, he could compete for a starting spot, but more likely to be a backup with playing time)


        • #5
          pretty good Jags draft...I would much rather have Balmer than Laws at that pick though...


          • #6
            Originally posted by JagHombre22 View Post
            pretty good Jags draft...I would much rather have Balmer than Laws at that pick though...
            Really? I figured that Laws' skill set plays a much better offset to Henderson's. I know the Jags are used to having two very big bodies in the middle, but with Balmer's stock falling and Laws' rising, I figured it wasn't that much of stretch.


            • #7
              I am satisfied with the Packers mock

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              • #8
                Great call on the cowboys trading up, I havent seen it in a mock but its been discussed in the cowboys forum as of lately and no one is against the idea...another 2nd is a high price to pay, BUT its a 2009 pick so its not that bad, and he's a guy were really high on who we may not end up getting at pick #22...Props on that call you did your homework there, not sure how every cowboy fan feels but making sure we land DRC is definately an A+ move for me...

                now as far as the 2nd pick goes, I wouldnt be upset if it happened, but preferably give us Devin Thomas right there...He has the mold of a TO and could learn a great deal in his first couple years, he is fast enough to play opposite, and the reason Id value him higher is because he could be a dominant #1 in a couple years when TO leaves, and we can slide Crayton or Isiah Stanback into the #2 role, with Jackson I highly doubt he's ever going to be a #1 guy, probably more of a slot or #2 guy and then we would be in the market again for a #1 wr, I think we are looking at guys like Sweed and Devin Thomas if we take a wr, but Jackson isnt a bad pick, id be excited about what he could do in our offense.

                Chris Johnson in the 2nd is perfect, there isnt a better pick for us at all, and almost all of us want johnson, especially if we can grab him in the 2nd...

                Overall great job on our mock, I could definately see something similiar happening...cant get much better, and while I can see some scenarios where DRC could be there at 22, im fine with making sure we get our guy.


                on a side note, great call giving Tennessee Jerome Simpson in the 2nd, some could say its early for him but he has all the physical tools to end up a steal, I like that fit.
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                Originally posted by Scott Wright
                I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


                • #9
                  great job on the skins first round pick. i agree that jenkins is the right selection over merling. i even think balmer or laws could win over merling in the end.

                  in rd 2 i think jones is a bit of a reach but i wouldnt be furious with the pick. though id probably prefer holding off and seeing if he drops to rd 3 being that he doesnt really fit all schemes. even if he doesnt i think that the value wouldnt be a big drop off if we waited. id probably prefer chilo in rd 2.


                  • #10
                    I love the patriots pick. Talib fits the system well, and Goff has the makings of a LB to fit our defense perfectly.
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                    • #11
                      Pretty good TB mock. I think they might take the local kid in Jenkins before Flowers though, but overall a good job imo.


                      • #12
                        so you really think the Ravens wont take a QB intresting

                        i dont like the Packers draft,TE & LB needs there postions that we could improve a bit on

                        thou i do like Godfrey in the 2nd round, i would perfer to have a Guard or End
                        over a Tight End


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by The Legend View Post
                          so you really think the Ravens wont take a QB intresting
                          As I am prone to do, I actually just forgot to plug any quarterbacks into the second round. I'm quite certain that Chad Henne and Joe Flacco at least will get their names called in that round, although I'm not sure it will be by Baltimore. It wouldn't totally shock me if the coaching staff decided to go with someone like Josh Johnson in the 3rd or 4th round, and see what their current roster of quarterbacks can do.


                          • #14
                            Very nice picks for the Vikings.


                            • #15
                              I like the first pick and the trade but i doubt we take Mario Manningham in the second. We would go with Flacco IMO.

                              btw wouldnt the bears at least get a 2nd Rounder for trading down?



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