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  • Two round mock

    Constructive criticism please.
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    We wouldn't take Marcus Thomas in the 7th much less the 2nd. Olsen is a reach at 18 and TE isn't a day one need.

    In that situation Nelson in the first and Rufus Alexander in the 2nd has a good chance of happening.


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      give the lions charles johnson instead of moses bc hes 3rd rd now then its good


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        Perfect first round pick for the chargers. Second round, not so much. Especially after the combine, Higgins doesn't deserve second round consideration. Craig Davis would be a much better pick.


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          Are you serious?KC would NOT pass on Levi Brown


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            Give GB Lynch in round 1 and Merriweather in round 2

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              Marcus Thomas is a day two pick. As far as Cowboys, good 1st , bad 2nd. Give us Gubbs at #53, that would be a steal imo.


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                Blalock at 10? do what bigmac said for the cowboys pick


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                  David Harris is a much better fit than Beason for the Ravens at this point. He's bigger, better at the point of attack, faster and he produced more in college on a better team. Beason was a nice thought before, but he ran a bit slower than expected and now I have to think that theres no way he projects better onto the Ravens D than Harris.
                  And while on the topic, for those who think we must take a rushbacker to replace Thomas; even if Cody doesn't pan out, which I have the utmost faith he will, Bart Scott (240 lbs.) can move outside and use his speed off the edge to even greater effect, if we draft somebody like Harris. An ILB would increase the depth of the entire LB corps, and give us a body if Ray goes down again, and leave us better prepared when he retires.


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                    bad giants mock- we need a OLB desperately right now- either give us Paul Poz, Jon Beason or even Reggie Nelson 1st round
                    also there is NO WAY levi brown drops out of the 1st round- plenty of teams need a stud OT and i doubt they pass on a guy like that
                    Alsooo no way Blalock goes top 10- not a chance a guard goes that high
                    2nd round- give us a Brandon Merriweather or for some reason Daymeion Hughes and Josh Wilson are not in the 1st 2 rounds so give us 1 of them

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                      Horrible first round pick for the Eagles, give us Griffin. Our second pick would be great. Either him or Brian Leonard.
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                        Love it. Ten characters.

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                        Everyone pwns the Rams.


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                          Good vikings pick, but the would take Brady Quinn in that situation... good second round pick Anthony Gonzalez Would also have been fine


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                            not a fan of the miami draft at all.

                            1st for Miami – blah pick there is better talent on the board no need to Reach for a player there

                            Okoye, Landry, willis or trade back for our first round pick

                            2nd poor pick once more

                            Everett doesn’t fit our system at all. Give us Ugoh (we need a LT), Hughes, stanton,free, meriweather, grubs

                            Miami draft should be the following
                            1st Landry/Okoye
                            2nd Grubbs/Meriweather


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                              Calvin Johnson - Do I even need to go there :)
                              Chris Houston - Great value and future starter
                              Lamar Woodley - Instantly upgrades Bucs pass rush

                              Good Draft



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