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  • Fully Stocked First Round (Second Round added)

    A full length two rounds, 5000+ words thick and with full eye candy to boot. The second round is now up for your viewing pleasure.


    1. Miami Dolphins: Jake Long / Offensive Tackle / Michigan
    I seem to flip-flop on this pick every time I think about it. Chris Long could still happen, but I think that the Dolphins have to recognize that he’s a considerably better fit in a 4-3 defense. Matt Ryan seems to have a good shot, but I don’t think that anyone knows anything about how Miami’s new management really feels about John Beck. There’s definitely something there to like. Jake Long feels like a bit of a default pick, because it fits in with Parcells so neatly. He’s had a great offseason and probably eradicated some of the talk that he won’t be a great option blocking the blindside. In a draft like this, Miami’s best course of action might be to build out from the offensive line, which could be leading a potentially potent running game next season.

    2. St. Louis Rams: Vernon Gholston / Defensive End / Ohio State
    I think St. Louis is going defensive end all the way here. The position has been unstable for years; plagued by injury and Leonard Little’s drinking excursions. My own personal opinion is that both Gholston and Chris Long are best employed in a 4-3 defense, but if the Rams are planning to show a 3-4 front, I don’t know which one they would prefer for the scheme. In the end I go Gholston, because it’s easy to believe that the explosive athleticism he has shown this offseason is the freshest thing in most team’s minds.

    3. Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan / Quarterback / Boston College
    If it does come down to Glenn Dorsey or Matt Ryan for Atlanta, I would be surprised to see them go for the big kid from Louisiana. This particular draft, everyone has someone different at the top, but a lot of people are buying into Ryan. The need is most certainly there, the value is there, and the better option (Jake Long) is off the table.

    4. Oakland Raiders: Chris Long / Defensive End / Virginia
    No matter how you feel about the Raiders offseason, they look much improved heading into the 2008 season. That said, some significant holes are there, mostly notably at left tackle and on the defensive line. Ryan Clady fits the kind of player Oakland needs to man the blindside of Russell, but he hasn’t done much for himself this offseason and it would be a pretty significant reach. The truth is, no matter who is sitting here at #4, if Chris Long’s name is still out there, he’s almost assuredly the pick. Oakland lost their main pass rush threat last season in Chris Clemons, and now the position is hopelessly sparse.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs: Jeff Otah / Offensive Tackle / Pittsburgh
    I’m officially buying into this rumor. It doesn’t surprise me to hear that Kansas City’s taste for a certain offensive lineman got out; I just honestly find it more surprising that the lineman is Otah. Either way, I don’t think Kansas City will be afraid to reach, and Otah certainly fits the recent trend of that offensive line. Kansas City needs offensive line help, but somehow I wonder if they wouldn’t be better off rolling the dice on someone like Glenn Dorsey here.

    6. New York Jets: Darren McFadden / Tailback / Arkansas
    I was surprised by some of the contracts the Jets were handing out this offseason, but they did manage to address a lot of their needs heading into the draft. I suppose the question is how adventurous they are going to be with this selection. I’m not sure I see a cornerback after all they gave up to draft Darrelle Revis last year. I don’t see them reaching on an edge rusher after giving Calvin Pace all that cash. Picking up a right tackle to finish the transformation of that line sounds decent in theory, but I’m not sure either Clady or Williams are the guys to do that. In the end, the Jets need more offensive players who can get into the endzone at a decent clip, and McFadden is that. In the long term, a running duo of him and Leon Washington could be very effective.

    7. New England Patriots (from San Francisco): Aqib Talib / Cornerback / Kansas
    No trades this time around, so none of the typical trading back of New England for future picks. Assuming they aren’t able to swing a deal on draft day, they won’t have any choice but to select the defensive back of their choice to try and bolster that depleted secondary. Everything I’ve been told seems to indicate that Talib is that guy for the Pats. McKelvin and Rodgers-Cromartie seem to be the general choices for top corner in the draft, but both are raw and not as prepared to come in and perform in a defense that switches from zone to man constantly.

    8. Baltimore Ravens: Ryan Clady / Offensive Tackle / Boise State
    Retirement appears to be very possible with Jonathan Ogden, and one wonder if the Baltimore management feels that Gaither really projects to the left side. A duo of Gaither on the right side and Clady on the left would make that Baltimore offensive line potential dominant down the road. I can’t see them opting for a defensive back before making sure they have a long term replacement for Ogden.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals: Glenn Dorsey / Defensive Tackle / Louisiana State
    Cincy would have to be fairly ecstatic about Dorsey being available here. Dorsey is, for my money, the best player in the draft, but the NFL has seen an astounding number of first round disappointments at defensive tackle, both due to motor and health issues. No one questions Dorsey’s desire, but if a few team doctors feel that there are some long term concerns about his legs, he’ll become real easy to push down a draft board. If Cincinnati does plan to show a 3-4 front the majority of the time, that may confuse this selection a bit, but they seem to have added personnel for a 4-3 this offseason and Dorsey would be a huge piece of making that defense playoff capable, and would fit in ride alongside Dewayne Robertson if he comes over from New York.

    10. New Orlean Saints: Rashard Mendenhall / Tailback
    The situation between New Orleans and Deuce McAllister bears watching. Not giving a team leader a small roster bonus might be saying volumes regarding his health, and I think that Sean Payton is smart enough to know that he needs to have someone to handle the inside running so he can move Reggie Bush around. It’s a lot of money invested in runners, but Bush’s value would go down without having someone like Mendenhall there. Mendenhall is as tough and explosive as McAllister was before all the surgeries, and he doesn’t appear to have the same issue with injuries. Sedrick Ellis is tempting there, but you have to figure that the Saints want to fix their offensive as soon as possible.

    11. Buffalo Bills: Leodis McKelvin / Cornerback / Troy
    The typical rule is that you don’t give Cover 2 defenses cornerbacks in the first round, except in special cases. In this case, the Bills are a team that have made fairly bold draft decisions the past couple years and they could really use another cornerback after losing Nate Clements prior to last season. McKelvin is a superb cover man, but he has a good sense of zone coverage, although he’ll have to work on his hands before he’s a major playmaker.

    12. Denver Broncos: Chris Williams / Offensive Tackle / Vanderbilt
    I debated between Ellis and Williams for a while here, but I think that Denver is going to try as hard as possible to pick up some defensive tackle help before the draft so they can draft the replacement for Matt Lepsis. Williams has a lower ceiling than you usually see from top 15 offensive linemen, but he’ll step in right away in Denver and make an impact in that scheme.

    13. Carolina Panthers: Sedrick Ellis / Defensive Tackle / Southern California

    Carolina would be tripping over themselves to get to the podium if things fell this way. Defensive tackle was probably a need before they dealt Kris Jenkins, but now there’s no doubt. Carolina is a team that has annually relied on their defense to keep them in games, and things are looking pretty sparse. Ellis would give an immediate lift, and if they really intend to trade Julius Peppers, he could become the leader of that defensive line.

    14. Chicago Bears: Limas Sweed / Wide Receiver / Texas
    This choice is simplified a whole lot by every true offensive tackle worth consideration being taken already. I could see the Bears opting for Branden Albert, but it’d be a noticeable reach. Considering the way their receiving corps has held up over the offseason, one has to imagine they are looking wideout all the way. This year, it’s all going to come down to personal preference for a lot of positions, but Sweed seems to have the inside track.

    15. Detroit Lions: Derrick Harvey / Defensive End / Florida
    Detroit definitely needs a running back, but do they go for Jonathan Stewart here, knowing that he might not be able to practice until the season’s already started? Might not be a huge issue, but Detroit could use a real immediate answer. I think it’s more likely Detroit looks to defense, and a pass rusher should be at the top of the list.

    16. Arizona Cardinals: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie / Cornerback / Tennessee State
    With Rolle moving to safety full-time a corner could definitely in demand. After losing Calvin Pace you have to wonder if the Cardinals wouldn’t look at someone like Quentin Groves, but Rodgers-Cromartie may be too tempting to pass on. I think it could easily be argued that no player has lifted their status more than this small school corner with big talent.

    17. Minnesota Vikings: Quentin Groves / Defensive End / Auburn
    Despite a lot of draft picks being spent at the position, Minnesota’s defensive end corps was lacking even before Kenechi Udeze was diagnosed with Leukemia. Now, a pass rush could be vital to shaping up that pass defense, and not many players get to the quarterback better than Groves. Although he gets a lot of talk as an outside linebacker, Groves has the frame to get bigger and he looks like he’d be plenty successful with his hand in the dirt (or turf, as it were).

    18. Houston Texans: Keith Rivers / Outside Linebacker / Southern California
    I flip-flopped on this for a while, because the Texans did bring in Chaun Thompson and Kevin Bentley. That said, I’m not sure those players are enough to keep the Texans from picking up a potentially great 4-3 weakside linebacker. I like Rivers as much as I liked Ernie Sims a couple drafts back (even more in some regards), and the Texans have been pretty bold drafters the past couple years.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles: DeSean Jackson / Wide Receiver / California
    I don’t think there’s any question that the Eagles want and need a wide receiver. The question is which one? Malcolm Kelly would be a big, physical receiver who plays the deep ball well, but who knows how his only workout of the offseason will be or if he’ll be completely healed at it. James Hardy is the same sort of receiver (with emphasis on the big) and he has performed well in the offseason, but I’m not sure teams see him as a #1 sort of wideout. Granted, some say that about Jackson too, but he’s got first year impact potential in the return game and exploiting seams to help stretch Philadelphia’s opponents. The NFC East is a tough division, and I’m not sure the Eagles could resist introducing a talent such as Jackson to the mix.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Trevor Laws / Defensive Tackle / Notre Dame
    After passing on Amobe Okoye last year, I can’t help but think that Tampa is going to be looking for a new undertackle. Maybe they look elsewhere than defensive line, but drafting Gaines Adams last year in the first round was the beginning of rebuilding that line, not the end. Okoye is probably capable of rotating at both defensive tackle spots in the Tampa 2 defense, and could lock down at whichever position they asked of him. He’s a high effort player, which should appeal to Gruden’s sensibilities.

    21. Washington Redskins: Branden Albert / Offensive Guard / Virginia

    A bit of a twist here. I’ve typically looked defensive line and corner in the past, but when I finally got around to looking the interior of the offensive line, I found a whole bunch of age and very little depth. Albert has gotten more praise than you’d expect out of an interior lineman, and there’s some murmurs that he could work out as a left tackle in the long run. I think the Redskins would find him more valuable in the short term on the inside, but you never know. I don’t know if this is a Snyder pick, but I think it’s a smart one.

    22. Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland): Mike Jenkins / Cornerback / South Florida
    The mock I did I had trades and so I moved Dallas up into the top 15 to draft their cornerback (in my mind, Rodgers-Cromartie). No trades this time around, so Dallas has to settle for Jenkins, who might be more ready to make in impact from day 1 anyhow. Jenkins could step in and play the nickel corner position, and would be in the running to return punts for the Cowboys as well.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers: James Hardy / Wide Receiver / Indiana
    No great offensive line value to be seen, and so the Steelers make a pick explicitly for their quarterback. Roethlisberger has been vocal about missing having a big target since Plaxico Burress left, and Hardy is as logical a replacement as any prospect we’ve seen in a while. Same big frame and hands, good body control, and as far as I know a whole lot less attitude. Either way, Hardy would be a great counterweight to the smaller Santonio Holmes and Hines Ward.

    24. Tennessee Titans: Phillip Merling / Defensive End / Clemson
    Tennessee had a pretty impressive defensive effort last season, and it all started with the performance of the defensive line. The centerpiece of the line, Albert Haynesworth, is back and richer, but two key contributors at defensive end (Travis LaBoy and Antwan Odom) left for more money this offseason. Merling won’t be racking up the sacks, but he plays the run very well and has a good deal of room left to grow. If the return of Kearse to Tennessee can help alleviate some of the pass rush dropoff, Merling could make a big impact on an already impressive run defense.

    25. Seattle Seahawks: Jonathan Stewart / Tailback / Oregon
    Seattle has put a lot of effort into assembling an utterly mediocre backfield behind the suddenly pedestrian Shaun Alexander. I cannot believe that they feel happy heading into next season with TJ Duckett and Julius Jones leading the attack, and so they opt for the local high school star in Stewart. Stewart probably on makes it this far down due to toe surgery that’ll hold him out for an indeterminate chunk of time, but he would be a beacon of light for that Seattle backfield that has lost so much luster in recent years.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars: Kentwan Balmer / Defensive Tackle / North Carolina
    Balmer has slid quite a bit lately, probably due in no small part his being slotted too high to begin with. Either way, he should get a serious look from the Jags, who are now missing someone to play next to John Henderson after trading Marcus Stroud. Certainly, that Jacksonville defense has relied on being bigger in the middle than most teams know how to cope with, and Balmer could help them keep that edge.

    27. San Diego Chargers: Kenny Phillips / Safety / Miami
    The Chargers have invested a lot in their defensive backfield lately, but some real answers at safety are still needed. Who knows whether Weddle is a full time starter rather than a guy you can play all over, and Phillips probably looks too good here to pass up. The only sticking point is what the Chargers are planning to do with recent supplemental draft pick Paul Oliver.

    28. Dallas Cowboys: Devin Thomas / Wide Receiver / Michigan State
    Felix Jones is immensly tempting here, but we all know Jerry Jones loves his big and physical wideouts. It’s hard not to imagine the Cowboys liking the duo of Crayton and Thomas down the line, after Owens and Glenn have stepped down. Thomas could offer some impact in the return game to start, and would benefit from the development time a team as talented as Dallas would give him.

    29. San Francisco 49ers (from Indianapolis): Mario Manningham / Wide Receiver / Michigan
    Manningham had a very disappointing combine performance, but his pro day seemed to right a few wrongs. The one thing keeping him in the first round is his seeming compatibility with Mike Martz, who is known to lobby for wideouts that he wants. I think Manningham gets the nod over Kelly.

    30. Green Bay Packers: Reggie Smith / Defensive Back / Oklahoma
    Green Bay has had a strong secondary recently, but that success crumbles whenever anyone gets hurt. Very little depth exists, and one could argue that whatever depth did exist was pushed into starting roles at times last year. Smith is a guy who can offer value all over the defensive secondary, and whether he ultimately projects to safety or corner, he should see playing time all over his first few years.

    31. New England Patriots (forfeit due to league violation)

    32. New York Giants: Dan Connor / Outside Linebacker / Penn State
    I know some Giants fans don’t like the Connor pick, but most people would agree that the Giants could use an outside linebacker after losing Kawika Mitchell in free agency. Connor is one of those guys who falls further than they should for having less than elite athleticism, and Connor could wind up being a great value for the defending champs.


    33. Miami Dolphins: Joe Flacco / Quarterback / Delaware

    Perhaps if Miami does end up passing on Matt Ryan in the first, it means that they are okay with entering the season with Josh McCown and John Beck as their best options at quarterback. Of course, it could also mean they weren’t all that high on Ryan. I’ll go the safe route and assume Miami picks up a quarterback somewhere in the second round.
    34. St. Louis Rams: Malcolm Kelly / Wide Receiver / Oklahoma

    After many productive years, Isaac Bruce is finally out of St. Louis. Holt is still effective, but some long term talent could go a long way. Kelly was, at one point, the most common answer to the question of who was the best wide receiver in the draft. If he falls this far he’s a steal.
    35. Atlanta Falcons (from Oakland): Gosder Cherilus / Offensive Tackle / Boise State

    With what they hope is a franchise quarterback in their pocket, the Falcons start to address their offensive line. Cherilus has even less of a shot at being a great left tackle than Long, but he could be a top notch right tackle for Atlanta for years.
    36. Kansas City Chiefs: Brandon Flowers / Cornerback / Virginia Tech

    The Chiefs took the first step towards remaking that offensive line in the first round, but now is the time to work on that defense. Flowers is a player that I’ve heard lots of varying opinions on, but he should be able to come in right away and play the role Ty Law had been playing in Kansas City the past few seasons.
    37. New York Jets: Cliff Avril / Outside Linebacker / Purdue

    Perhaps the Jets are satisfied to look places other than outside linebacker after investing all that money in Calvin Pace. However, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that New York could use someone to play opposite pace, and Avril is a very intriguing player who would probably fit perfectly as a strongside linebacker in Mangini’s defense.
    38. Atlanta Falcons: Pat Sims / Defensive Tackle / Auburn

    The Atlanta Falcons passed on Glenn Dorsey for a quarterback, so they try and shape up that defensive line here. Sims is a bit of a one year wonder, but there’s a lot to like about the guy, and he certainly fits the mold of what Mike Smith had back in Jacksonville.
    39. Baltimore Ravens: Antoine Cason / Cornerback / Arizona

    The Baltimore Ravens cornerback corps has become a shadow of its former self, and the only two potential starters on the team (McAlister and Rolle) are aging quickly. Enter Cason, who would provide sensible coverage ability and good ball skills. Look for him to be moved around the secondary early on before working his way into a starting role.
    40. San Francisco 49ers: Carl Nicks / Offensive Tackle / Nebraska

    Kwame Harris is finally out of San Francisco, and the Jennings signing has pretty much been a bust. With Joe Staley manning the left side of that line in 2008, the Niners could use a new option at right tackle. Nicks has run into a few roadblocks this offseason, but he’s still one of the best right tackle prospects out there.
    41. New Orleans Saints: Erin Henderson / Outside Linebacker / Maryland

    The Saints put a lot more talent into their linebacking corps this offseason, but only one addition (Jonathan Vilma) has a great chance of working out. Henderson is a versatile and very athletic player who could play in his rookie year and would be long term insurance for Dan Morgan.
    42. Buffalo Bills: Lawrence Jackson / Defensive End / Southern California

    Aaron Schobel has been a very nice player in Buffalo, but they don’t the depth of pass rushers that most Cover 2 teams try to amass. Jackson isn’t a pure edge rusher, but he’s a intelligent rusher who would provide a boost against the run as well.
    43. Denver Broncos: DaJuan Morgan / Safety / North Carolina State

    With John Lynch drawing ever nearer to retirement, the Broncos safety group is looking a bit sparse. Morgan has gotten talk as the best safety prospect in the draft, but with less than two full seasons of experience he might be a bit of a project.
    44. Carolina Panthers: Calais Campbell / Defensive End / Miami

    I'm tempted to slot Sam Baker in here, but Carolina brought back both of their offensive tackles during the offseason, and Baker isn't all that great of a guard prospect. Meanwhile, the rumors of Carolina looking to trade Julius Peppers are popping up every week and Mike Rucker is a shadow of his former self on the field. Campbell's stock has tumbled this offseason, and he could be a steal here.
    45. Chicago Bears: Sam Baker / Offensive Tackle / Southern California
    I assumed that the Bears would address the hole at offensive tackle in free agency, but that didn't happen. Baker is a pretty nice value here, and wherever he ultimately projects on that offensive line he should make an impact.
    46. Detroit Lions: Felix Jones / Tailback / Detroit

    Detroit would have to be excited to land Felix Jones here. After naming Tatum Bell their starter heading into 2008, with little in the way of depth behind him, the Lions should be on the lookout for some sort of promise at the position. Jones had a rough combine in many respects, but most people think the skinny runner can add weight, and some are comparing him to Clinton Portis, as a runner who falls further than they should.
    47. Cincinnati Bengals: Jerod Mayo / Linebacker / Tennessee

    If the Bengals are absolutely sure they are going to run a 3-4 and Odell Thurman is absolutely coming back, maybe this pick makes less sense. Until that time, Mayo is one of those linebacker who could play almost any spot the Bengals asked of him, and with a team that figures to show a lot of fronts that is immensely valuable.
    48. Minnesota Vikings: John Carlson / Tight End / Notre Dame

    Carlson’s stock plummeted after running a 4.9 at the combine, but he’s still the best and most balanced 3-down tight end available, and with a team like the Vikings that expect to run the ball the ball a lot, that means something. Carlson should be a nice security blanket for young passer Tavaris Jackson
    49. Atlanta Falcons (from Houston): Dustin Keller / Tight End / Purdue

    Alge Crumpler stepped out of Atlanta this offseason after many years of being the only real receiving threat season to season. This leaves Atlanta a bit lacking at the position, but that’s easily remedied in a draft full of pass catchers. Keller distinguished himself at the combine by leading tight ends in almost every measurable, and he should help stretch the middle of the field for that offense.
    50. Philadelphia Eagles: Phillip Wheeler / Linebacker / Georgia Tech

    The Eagles made quite a few defensive additions this offseason, but I think they could still use some more youth at linebacker. Wheeler fell down boards a bit when he wasn’t as athletic as some thought, but he’s a guy who knows blitz schemes very well and should fit into Jim Johnson’s defense immediately.
    51. Arizona Cardinals: Chris Johnson / Tailback / East Carolina

    JJ Arrington has been a bust and Edgerrin James hasn’t been his old Indianapolis self and probably will never be again. That said, Edge still provides a decent inside running threat, which would allow the incredibly speedy Chris Johnson to be used in a multitude of ways. Johnson could be an impressive weapon in an offense that has enough weapons to keep the focus off him.
    52. Washington Redskins: Early Doucet / Wide Receiver / Louisiana State
    There’s a very good chance that the Redskins make a move for a wide receiver earlier than this, but this isn’t a bad consolation prize. Doucet may be another short and small wideout in Washington, but he’s far more technically sound in all aspects of the game than, say, Brandon Lloyd ever was. Doucet is one of those guys who has been driven down draft boards for a variety of reasons, but he could wind up being called a major steal down the road. This guy does everything well.
    53. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tracy Porter / Cornerback / Indiana

    I pondered this pick for a while. On the one hand, teams like Tampa Bay don’t typically draft corners early. On the other, they could certainly use one, and they could do worse for themselves than Porter. He’s not a pure zone corner, but he’s got good measurables and plays smart, and that might be enough for the Bucs to take a chance on him.
    54. Pittsburgh Steelers: Chilo Rachal / Offensive Guard / Southern California

    The Steelers pour another pick into their offense, this time into the offensive line. Rachal is one of those guys who could end up going in the first quarter of the 2nd round, so Pitt should be fairly excited to see him here. He should help keep the Steelers from moving their offensive linemen around so much.
    55. Tennessee Titans: Jerome Simpson / Wide Receiver / Coastal Carolina

    Maybe a bit of a reach, but a reach on a good player. Simpson has freakish catching ability and in general has displayed good speed and general skills, and he could hook up with Vince Young to create a nice tandem. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Simpson could go in this range.
    56. Seattle Seahawks: Martellus Bennett / Tight End / Texas A&M

    Marcus Pollard was a non-factor last season, and that’s rather surprising considering how much that Seattle offensive tries to get the tight end involved. The Seahawks take a bit of a risk here with the inconsistent talent of Bennett, but the payoff could be huge. You could see Seattle opt for USC’s Fred Davis instead if Bennett’s loud mouth remind them of Jeremy Stevens.
    57. Green Bay Packer (from Cleveland): Heath Benedict / Offensive Tackle / Newberry

    Favre is officially gone and Aaron Rodger is officially the starter. High on the Packer’s list should be offensive line help, and Benedict fits the profile. Green Bay has drafted lineman from less than premier programs before, and Benedict comes with the ability to play at right tackle or at a guard spot.
    58. Miami Dolphins (from San Diego): Earl Bennett / Wide Receiver / Vanderbilt

    The Dolphins have made steps towards improving their wide receiving unit, but you wonder if they have a real reliable target yet. Bennett isn’t the most explosive wideout available, but he catches almost everything and is the kind of player that should stand out for that new Miami management.
    59. Jacksonville Jaguars: Chad Henne / Quarterback / Michigan

    This is a tough one for me. David Garrard is not very old, and the depth was good enough for the Jags to let Quinn Gray walk. That said, they have shown a decent presence at the major quarterback’s pro days. I'm not the biggest Henne fan in the world, but it would seem that most would consider him a good value here.
    60. Indianapolis Colts: Tavares Gooden / Outside Linebacker / Miami

    Indianapolis has shown a very good proficiency for picking up all they need in terms of linebackers by way of the draft, and Gooden should fit that mold. Athletic, versatile, and room to grow, Gooden might not make a huge impact right away in Indy, but he’d be a great piece to have for the future.
    61. Green Bay Packers: Antwan Molden / Cornerback / Eastern Kentucky

    This one is tough for me, because it all depends on how the Packers view 1st round pick Reggie Smith. I like him most as a safety (and this would allow the Packers to keep Bigby to things like special teams duty), but that means they need another corner. Molden is a small school corner who has been overshadowed by other small school corners, but NFL teams are paying attention and he along with Smith would turn that Green Bay defensive secondary from a liability to one of the most promising squads in the league.
    62. Dallas Cowboys: Ray Rice / Tailback / Rice

    Is Ray Rice the perfect counter to Marion Barber? No. However, he is a very good value here and the two of them would probably form one of the better runningback duo’s in the league next year.
    63. New England Patriots: Curtis Lofton / Inside Linebacker / Oklahoma

    The bottom of the second round seems like a good time start bolstering the inside of that linebacking corps in New England, and Lofton is the sort of kid who should make the Pats pull the trigger. Not overly tall or athletics, Lofton bring the wood and is a smart player.
    64. New York Giants: Thomas DeCoud / Safety / California

    The Giants address their outside linebacker hole in the bottom of the first, and try to fill the hole Gibril Wilson left with DeCoud. DeCoud might take a little while before he’s a full time starter, but he can play man or zone, safety or nickel corner, and should make his presence felt on special teams.
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    NO JEFF OTAH PLEASE!!!!Dorsey or Ellis would be the pick


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      love the vikings pick.


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        Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck View Post
        32. New York Giants: Dan Connor / Outside Linebacker / Penn State
        he's not an OLB, and no


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          Pretty good, I can buy most of the picks, except one stands out as of now.

          The Albert and Redskins pick. It seems to be quite trendy, and I can't figure out what justification they would have to do that. All 5 starters are in place for next year, and I can't see them spending a pick on a backup in the first. Now, if they cut someone, then yes, I can see it, but they aren't likely to cut Thomas or Kendall, and I can't see them drafting Albert and placing him at tackle in his rookie season.


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            Nice Steelers pick...i would be hard pressed to pick between Devin Thomas and James Hardy, but either would be cool with me.

            Nice mock...its a lil' different!


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              I'm honestly not sold on Otah being a top 5 pick. The offensive line is by FAR our biggest need, but with a class deep at offensive tackle, I think Dorsey or Ellis would be the pick there. The dropoff in talent after those two are gone is pretty big.

              Good overall job though.

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              His soft D really turns me off
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                Talib's not bad, but like you said, not really a great value at #7. I'd go Rivers but that's just me.


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                  Personally if Chris Long falls to us i'd take him over Matt Ryan..
                  having Long and Anderson on our ends would be amazing.

                  again. thats just my opinion

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                    awesome chargers pick.


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                      Not a big fan on the Eagles pick. If you think Kelly will fall that far fine, I could see it happening too, depending upon his results in his workouts, but if you aren't sure what WR to give us, if none is a true #1, Kenny Phillips would have been a good pick for you. Safety is just as big of a need as WR and Phillips is a better prospect than either Jackson or Hardy, whioch is the two players you were mulling over. Kelly still may be considered by the Eagles if he is available, no matter what his workout results may be, but Kenny Phillips would be the best choice for the Eagles in this situation.
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                        well, i think with both williams and mendenhall gone, the bears are going to desperately try to trade down. since you werent doing trades, a WR is an ok emergancy backup pick i guess.


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                          I'd be content with that pick for Buffalo

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                          But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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                            I just dont see the Saints picking a RB...they have Bush, Stecker and Thomas who showed what he can do against Chicago. Saints not picking a defensive player would upset me


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                              not the greatest mock ive ever seen... bad phins pick

                              Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner



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