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Mock- J.Russell slipping?

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  • Mock- J.Russell slipping?

    1. Oakland: Adrian Peterson, RB (Oklahoma): If Garcia signs, then it is clear that Al Davis feels with a little bit of offensive push, with the strong defense Oakland has, they could be a 9 win team. Adrian Peterson would be the rushing compliment to that upgrade, and is ready to play immediately.

    2. Detroit: Joe Thomas, T (Wisconsin): Millen wants to have a good season. Even if it is just 9-7, that will hopefully, for his sake, save his job. Thomas is the safe pick. If he can help give Kitna some time, with Bell and Williams in the lineup, they can win some games.

    3. Cleveland: Brady Quinn, QB (Notre Dame): The big question- Russell or Quinn. Savage knows Russell well, and Crennell will be familiar with Quinn from what he will hear from long time partner Charlie Weiss. In the end, they will know what Quinn can give them sooner, and after beefing up their offensive line, he’ll possibly be able to step in soon.

    4. Tampa Bay: Calvin Johnson, WR (Georgia Tech): Even with some shuffling in the top rounds, they still get their guy. QB is major concern, but C.J will help make that hole look better, as well as make Cadillac look better.

    5. Arizona: Laron Landry, S (LSU): Thomas would be ideal, but Landry still gives them great value. Adrian Wilson is an excellent safety, but likes to play in the box where he is most effective. Having a FS who can cover the middle of the field like Landry can is a necessity.

    6. Washington (Trade to San Francisco for 11th and 43rd pick)
    San Francisco: Alan Branch, DT (Michigan): Have been big time players in free agency. Branch is the type of D-Lineman that they need badly in San Fran, someone who can stuff up the run.

    7. Minnesota: Gaines Adams, DE (Clemson): Could not get to the QB for anything last season, and Adams is the best pure pass rusher in the draft.

    8. Houston: Jamarcus Russell, QB (LSU): Passed on Young and Leinart last year, but they have made no secret that Carr is on thin ice. Russell may be the type of potential talent that is too hard to ignore.

    9. Miami: Levi Brown, T (Penn State): Very talented LT could possibly get the job done that McCintosh did not get done last year and make life easier for Culpepper and Brown.

    10. Atlanta: Amobi Okoye, DT (Louisville): Perfect defensive tackle for the system, one who can stuff the run and shoot gaps.

    11. Washington (via San Francisco): Jamaal Anderson, DE (Arkansas): Washington gets a top pass rusher and the extra picks. Anderson is a pure pass rusher who can get to the QB, but will struggle against the run.

    12. Buffalo: Marshawn Lynch, RB (California): There has to be a reason why they’ve been so vocal about McGhee trade talks, and it may be that they have this talented RB from Cal on their minds.

    13. St. Louis: Patrick Willis, LB (Mississippi): Could be very effective for the Rams considering they are one of the worst run defense teams in the league, and have huge holes at SLB and MLB, two positions that Willis can play and play well.

    14. Carolina: Greg Olsen, TE (Miami): Need a receiver who can stretch the field and they have not gotten and got no TE help this year. Olsen had a combine that often leads to a huge shoot up the draft boards.

    15. Pittsburgh: Jarvis Moss, DE/LB (Florida): At 250 and with great speed, he has all of the tools to be a strong 3-4 outside LB, a position clearly in need of rebuilding in Pittsburgh.

    16. Green Bay: Ted Ginn JR, WR (Ohio State): With Lynch off the board, they go for the most electrifying offensive talent available. This pick is all depending on what kind of pro day Ginn has.

    17. Jacksonville: Reggie Nelson, S (Florida): The safety position has been riddled by injury, and Nelson could bring youth and talent to the position. Jags could not cover the middle of the field last year.

    18. Cincinatti: Leon Hall, CB (Michigan): Cornerback was a glaring weakness this past season, and getting Hall at 18 is great value.

    19. Tennessee: Robert Meachem, WR (Tennessee): Need help at CB, but they can not pass on giving Young a receiver of Meachem’s ability.

    20. NY Giants: Paul Posluszny, LB (Penn State): I know that many don’t like Poz. The fact is, anyone who watched him at the combine could see that his mobility is back and that was his biggest question following his injury. There are no questions of whether or not he is a football player, and his toughness will be recognized by Coughlin.

    21. Denver: Adam Carriker, DE (Nebraska): Filled the CB hole with Bly, giving them as good of a CB pairing as there is. Adding a stud like Carriker at 21, an almost 300 pound DE who can get to the QB is another piece to the defensive puzzle.

    22. Dallas: Brandon Merriweather, S (Miami): Great senior bowl could help him move up the boards. Fills a huge hole in Dallas, since Roy Williams loves to play close to the box, and his coverage skills have not improved.

    23. Kansas City: Dwayne Bowe, WR (LSU): Need a top receiver and Bowe has the size and speed to fulfill that potential.

    24. New England (via Seattle): Chris Houston, CB (Arkansas): Belichek has always loved CB’s who can play bump and be physical, and that is what Houston has made his name doing.

    25. NY Jets: Aaron Ross, CB (Texas): Lacked a true playmaker at the Cornerback position, and Ross has all the tools to fill that void.

    26. Philadelphia: Lawrence Timmons, LB (Florida State): Struggle against the run, and will be intrigued by the athletic LB who can go sideline to sideline.

    27. New Orleans: Darelle Revis, CB (Pittsburgh): Got beat for big plays most of the season, and need an athletic cover man who can help improve the Saints defense.

    28. New England: David Harris, LB (Michigan): Has the speed and size of someone Belicheck would be intrigued by working with. Could play Inside or Out, and provide depth since Banta-Cain is on his way out.

    29. Baltimore: Jon Beason, LB (Miami): Athletic LB who will try and fill the huge hole left by soon to be Patriot Addalius Thomas.

    30. San Diego: Dwayne Jarrett, WR (USC): WR became a glaring need in the playoff loss to New England, and they couldn’t ask for much better value at 30 then Jarrett.

    31. Chicago: Arron Sears, OL (Tennessee): Youth along the offensive line is a need. Sears can bring great depth and versatility.

    32. Indianapolis: Tank Tyler, DT (NC State): Despite an excellent playoff, the run defense needs work. McFarland is no young guy, and there is no depth behind he and Brock.

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    Russell fell a little bit but it's not something that may not happen depending on workouts

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      i really don't want Ginn.

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        Great Buc draft


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          I like the Oakland pick and the reasoning.Plus Jordan will likely be cut.
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            This is probably the best mock I've seen. Very realistic picks, and I agree with pretty much all of them. Pretty good eagles pick.


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              I like the trade up, but what did SF have to give up for it besides draft picks


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                like the bucs pick


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                  The Texans wouldn't take JaMarcus Russell. I can see them looking at Quinn if he's there but not Russell, I don't think he's the type of QB they'd prefer.


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                    The Eagles pick is absolutely horrble if Michael Griffin is left, which he is. Put him in as the Eagles pick.
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                      Give the Bengals Houston/Revis/Timmons instead. Hall doesn't fit our D very well.


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                        Originally posted by doingthisinsteadofwork View Post
                        I like the Oakland pick and the reasoning.Plus Jordan will likely be cut.
                        same here. but garcia isnt signing with us now :(

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                          Too bad Garcia signed with Tampa Bay.


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                            ok giants pick- im not the biggest fan of paul poz: i would rather have timmons over him or even jon beason but thats just personal opinion

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                              At this point the 9ers would easily take Gaines Adams over Branch because we did not get a 3-4 OLB in free agency. I would give up even MORE picks for Gaines Adams, which we would most likely have to do anyway.
                              Right NOW we are weakest at 3-4 OLB. It's just that we have all assumed we would get AT.



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