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  • 2009 Post Combine Group Mock


    Do not post anything except picks on this thread. Please only people who have been assigned teams below post picks on this thread. Any conversation regarding this thread, or if anyone would like to post comments regarding picks made on this thread - please do so at the following thread.

    AFC North
    Steelers - The Chosen One
    Ravens - BmoreBlackByrdz
    Browns - Wonderbread24
    Bengals - StripedWalrus

    AFC South
    Titans - Tyfighter
    Colts - killxswitch
    Texans -abbadon41 80
    Jaguars - fed36

    AFC East
    Dolphins - fed36
    Patriots - Bradysknee
    Jets - ljk2171
    Bills - TheBuffaloBills

    AFC West
    Chargers - JJ45
    Broncos - Todd Bertuzzi
    Raiders - thenewfeature06
    Chiefs - T-RICH49

    NFC North
    Vikings - BmoreBlackbyrdz
    Bears - jj45
    Packers - Smokey
    Lions - noondog

    NFC South
    Panthers - MikeTheDudeV2
    Falcons - MikeTheDudeV2
    Bucs - Malaka
    Saints - Smokey

    NFC East
    Giants - DI
    Eagles - Todd Bertuzzi
    Cowboys - StripedWalrus
    Redskins - Fed36

    NFC West
    Cardinals - Malaka
    49ers - abaddon41_80
    Seahawks - ESPfootball92
    Rams - Malaka

    Trade #1 Minnesota Vikings recieve Patriots 1st rounder and Matt Cassel
    Patritos recieve Vikings 1st, 3rd, and 5th.
    Trade #2 49ers receive the Lions' 1st (#20), 3rd (#82), and 5th (#129)
    Lions receiver the 49ers' 1st
    Trade #3 Rams Receive #120 (4th)
    Patriots Receive Torry Holt #195 (7th)
    Trade #4 Green Bay trades Round 1 (9) & Round 7 (201) to Denver for Round 1 (12) Round 4 (110) & Round 6 (172)
    Trade #5 Green Bay trades 12 & 172 to Tampa Bay for 19 & 50.
    Trade #6 Buffalo trades 11th pick to New England for 22nd and 86th pick
    Trade #7 Green Bay trades pick 73 to Kansas City for Tony Gonzalez

    NOTE: This mock does not reflect the pick Tampa Bay traded to Cleveland for Winslow - since we started before free agency - and our TB GM traded away that second round pick before the real Tampa GM traded that pick to Cleveland

    I will be updating the first post on this thread as often as I can - Enjoy!!!


    1 Detroit - Matthew Stafford, QB Georgia
    2 St Louis - Jason Smith, OT Baylor
    3 Kansas City - Aaron Curry, LB Wake Forrest
    4 Seattle - Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech
    5 Cleveland - Everette Brown, DE/OLB Florida State
    6 Cincinnati - Eugene Monroe, OT Virginia
    7 Oakland - BJ Raji, DT Boston College
    8 Jacksonville - Malcolm Jenkins, CB Ohio State
    9 Denver VIA TRADE w/GB - Brian Orakpo, DE Texas
    10 Detroit VIA TRADE w/SF - Andre Smith, OT Alabama
    11 New England VIA TRADE w/Buf - Chris Wells, RB Ohio State
    12 Tampa Bay VIA TRADE w/GB - Mark Sanchez, QB USC
    13 Washington - Michael Oher, OT Ole Miss
    14 New Orleans - Brian Cushing, LB USC
    15 Houston - Aaron Maybin, DE Penn State
    16 San Diego - Tyson Jackson, DE LSU
    17 NY Jets - Jeremy Maclin, WR Missouri
    18 Chicago - Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR Maryland
    19 Green Bay VIA TRADE w TB - Vontae Davis, CB Illinois
    20 49ers VIA TRADE w/Det - Michael Johnson, DE Georgia Tech
    21 Philadelphia - Brandon Pettigrew, TE Oklahomy State
    22 Buffalo VIA TRADE w/NE - Rey Maualuga, ILB USC
    23 Minnesota VIA TRADE w/NE Alphonso Smith, CB Wake Forest
    24 Atlanta - Peria Jerry, DT Ole Miss
    25 Miami - Larry English, DE Northern Illinois
    26 Baltimore - Hakeem Nicks, WR North Carolina
    27 Indianapolis - James Laurianitis, ILB Ohio State
    28 * Philadelphia - Knowshen Moreno, RB Georgia
    29 NY Giants - Kenny Britt, WR Rutgers
    30 Tennessee - Jarron Gilbert, DT San Jose St
    31 Arizona - Alex Mack, C California
    32 Pittsburgh - Duke Robinson, OG Oklahoma State

    33 Detroit - Sean Smith, CB Utah
    34 Kansas City
    35 St Louis
    36 Cleveland
    37 Seattle
    38 Cincinnati
    39 Jacksonville
    40 Oakland
    41 Green Bay
    42 Buffalo
    43 San Francisco \
    44 * Miami
    45 * NY Giants
    46 Houston
    47 * New England
    48 Denver
    49 Chicago
    50 Green Bay VIA TRADE w/TB
    51 Dallas
    52 NY Jets
    53 Philadelphia
    54 Minnesota
    55 Atlanta
    56 Miami
    57 Baltimore
    58 New England
    59 Carolina
    60 NY Giants
    61 Indianapolis
    62 Tennessee
    63 Arizona
    64 Pittsburgh

    65 Detroit
    66 St Louis
    67 Kansas City
    68 Seattle
    69 * Dallas
    70 Cincinnati
    71 Oakland
    72 Jacksonville
    73 Kansas City VIA TRADE w/GB
    74 San Francisco
    75 Buffalo
    76 * NY Jets
    77 Houston
    78 San Diego
    79 Denver
    80 Washington
    81 Tampa Bay
    82 49ers VIA TRADE w/Det
    83 * Green Bay
    84 Chicago
    85 Philadelphia
    86 Buffalo VIA TRADE w/NE
    87 Miami
    88 Baltimore
    89 New England
    90 Atlanta
    91 NY Giants
    92 Indianapolis
    93 Carolina
    94 Tennessee
    95 Arizona
    96 Pittsburgh

    97 * Dallas
    98 Kansas City
    99 St Louis
    100 Cleveland
    101 Seattle
    102 Cincinnati
    103 Jacksonville
    104 Oakland
    105 Green Bay
    106 Buffalo
    107 San Francisco
    108 Houston
    109 San Diego
    110 Green Bay VIA TRADE w/Den
    111 * NY Jets
    112 New Orleans
    113 Dallas
    114 * New Orleans
    115 Chicago
    116 Tampa Bay
    117 Philadelphia
    118 Houston VIA TRADE w/Minn
    119 Baltimore
    120 St. louis VIA TRADE w/NE
    121 Atlanta
    122 Miami
    123 Indianapolis
    124 Carolina
    125 NY Giants
    126 Tennessee
    127 Arizona
    128 Pittsburgh

    129 49ers VIA TRADE w/Det
    130 St Louis
    131 Kansas City
    132 * Denver
    133 * Philadelphia
    134 Cincinnati
    135 * Atlanta
    136 Jacksonville
    137 Green Bay
    138 San Francisco
    139 Buffalo
    140 San Diego
    141 Denver
    142 Washington
    143 * NY Giants
    144 Houston
    145 Philadelphia VIA TRADE w/NYJ
    146 Chicago
    147 Tampa Bay
    148 Dallas
    149 Philadelphia
    150 New England VIA TRADE w/Minn
    151 New England
    152 Atlanta
    153 Miami
    154 Baltimore
    155 Carolina
    156 NY Giants
    157 Indianapolis
    158 * Dallas
    159 Arizona
    160 Pittsburgh

    161 Detroit
    162 Kansas City
    163 St Louis
    164 Cleveland
    165 Seattle
    166 Cincinnati
    167 Jacksonville
    168 Oakland
    169 Green Bay
    170 Buffalo
    171 San Francisco
    172 Tampa VIA TRADE w/GB
    173 Washington
    174 * Green Bay
    175 Houston
    176 San Diego
    177 * Tampa Bay
    178 * Chicago
    179 * Detroit
    180 NY Jets
    181 Philadelphia
    182 * Philadelphia
    183 Atlanta
    184 * Dallas
    185 Baltimore
    186 New England
    187 NY Giants
    188 Indianapolis
    189 Carolina
    190 Tennessee
    191 Arizona
    192 Pittsburgh

    193 * Dallas
    194 Kansas City
    195 New England VIA TRADE w/St Louis
    196 * Miami
    197 Seattle
    198 Cincinnati
    199 * Tampa Bay
    200 Oakland
    201 Denver VIA TRADE w/GB
    202 Buffalo
    203 San Francisco
    204 Houston
    205 San Diego
    206 Denver
    207 * Minnesota
    208 New Orleans
    209 * Pittsburgh
    210 Dallas
    211 NY Jets
    212 Chicago
    213 Philadelphia
    214 Minnesota
    215 Miami
    216 Baltimore
    217 New England
    218 Atlanta
    219 Indianapolis
    220 * Miami
    221 NY Giants
    222 Tennessee
    223 Arizona
    224 Pittsburgh
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    #1 Detroit Lions - Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia. A tough pick between Stafford and Jason Smith/Eugene Monroe. The Lions will sit Stafford for a full year to learn the NFL game and give them an opportunity to build the O-line prior to the 2010 season so that he has every opportunity to succeed when he does step onto the field.

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      2. St Louis Rams: Jason Smith: OT: Baylor: The Rams most pressing need right now seems to be their horrendous offensive line. Once anchored by the future HoF OT Orlando Pace, unfortunately injuries and age have almost completely put his career to a halt, and it does not help that Alex Barron has been a bust. After the combine Jason Smith seems to have become #1 tackle in this draft, a converted TE, he has a lot of athleticism. Smith is an excellent pass blocker with a lot of room to improve as a run blocker as he is quite a raw player at LT, if he gains a bit more weight and become a bit stronger we are looking at a future perennial pro-bowler in St. Louis.

      (sry it took so long I was sleeping)

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        3.Kansas City Chiefs: Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest Kansas City really needs ti fix their issues on defense and what a better way to start then nabbing the best defensive player in this draft.Curry is a smart, instinctiv LB who can play inside or outside and he along with Derrick Johnson should form a dynamic young tandem at LB
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          Seattle Seahawks: Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech- Seattle needs a top tier WR, and Crabtree has all the tools to be one. The best pure receiver in the draft, and has the production and game tape to prove it.

          Thank you XxXDragonXxX for the Avatar!


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            Cleveland Browns: Everette Brown, DE/OLB Florida State - The Browns' pass rush is only slight better than Kansas City's with last year's most consistent pass rusher being Shaun Rogers. Everette Brown hopefully gives that to the Browns and maybe takes some pressure off of Kamerion Wimbley and Alex Hall.
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              6. Cincinatti Bengals: Eugene Monroe, LT Virginia - Carson spent his short season last year on his back before he went out with injury. Big questions pop up around Levi Jones and Andrews on whether or not they are ever going to stay healthy. This pick will be a building block towards the future in making sure Carson Palmer has a productive career.


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                7. Oakland Raiders: B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College University - We know the Raiders have many holes in there depth chart but i do believe that you have to man the trenches to grind out games and Raji is a complete monster. Not saying the combine has much effect on my choice but, 6'1, 337, 33 Reps, 5.13...he is a very dominant run stopper and can disrupt the quarterback. Oakland needs to rebuild the trenches instead of reaching for maclin this early IMO there are plenty of solid wide recievers and who knows..maybe we can pick up a guy in FA..but Raji will be an immediate impact on the defense and can change the momentum of the game so quickly
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                Coples is that dude.
                Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

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                  With the 8th selection in the 2009 NFL Draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select Malcolm Jenkins, CB Ohio State-

                  The Jaquars ranked 24th in the league in pass defense last year. Besides Mathis, who is really just on again off again, there isn't any other CB worth mentioning on their roster. In a division with Peyton/Wayne and Schaub/Johnson matchups twice a year, they definitely need to address their pass defense.

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                    With the 9th selection in the 2009 NFL Draft the Denver Broncos are proud to select out of the University of Texas, DE, Brian Orakpo.

                    This pick fills a big need and gives a boost to a defense that struggles last year. It will help the Broncos with their adjustment to the 3-4 by providing them with a legitimate pass rusher who will play as an OLB. Orakpo has a great work ethic and is a physical freak and will be a great addition to the Broncos.


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                      #10 Detroit Lions - Andre Smith, OT, Alabama. Despite some conditioning and character issues, the Lions select the best run-blocking and arguably the most talented OT in the draft. The coaches will keep a close eye on him while he matures as both a person and a player, but the Lions get their franchise LT to protect their franchise QB.

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                        #11 New England Patriots -

                        Selection: Chris "Beanie" Wells RB Ohio St.

                        Gives the Patriots that thump they've been lacking on their offense since Corey Dillon. Makes Tom Brady's life much easier, making playaction so much more effective with a scary running attack. Bit of a luxury pick, but this guy is too good to miss out on.

                        Draft Results so far:
                        Beanie Wells RB
                        Torry Holt WR (Traded)
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                        At the end of the day...

                        Mobility > Accuracy


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                          **no Pick**
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                            12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: QB: Mark Sanchez: USC: With Jon Gruden out a QB can finally develop. Mark Sanchez brings to the Bucs a leader, a strong arm, and a future franchise player. Sanchez has the arm to fit any offensive system, and that helps with the WCO being taken out, although TB lacks weapons for this young QB, it is a young team in rebuilding mode now that Raheem Morris is in control. Mark Sanchez will compete with the likes of Luke McCown, and Josh Johnson for the starting job, his lack of experience is the only thing that scares me, but his intelligence, swagger, and talent will carry him through the day, he is however being put in a situation with a pretty good offensive line, so he won't be on his back half the game, so it is up to him to be an All-Pro.

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                              With the 13th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft the Redskins select Michael Oher, OT Ole Miss

                              Samuels is getting older and Jansen I think can qualify for medicare next year....

                              so enough said - the skins definitely need to upgrade their offensive line

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