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    I'm too tired to type explanations. And yeah Lions fans, I went there. I'll explain later.

    1. Oakland Raiders-JaMarcus Russell QB/LSU

    2. Detroit Lions-Calvin Johnson WR/Geogia Tech

    3. Cleveland Browns-Adrian Peterson RB/Oklahoma

    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Gaines Adams DE/Clemson

    5. Arizona Cardinals-Joe Thomas OT/Wisconsin

    6. Washington Redskins-Alan Branch DT/Michigan

    7. Minnesota Vikings-Brady Quinn QB/Notre Dame

    8. Houston Texans-LaRon Landry S/LSU

    9. Miami Dolphins-Leon Hall CB/Michigan

    10. Atlanta Falcons-Jamaal Anderson DE/Arkansas

    11. San Francisco 49ers-Adam Carriker DE/Nebraska

    12. Buffalo Bills-Patrick Willis LB/Ole Miss

    13. St. Louis Rams-Amobi Okoye DT/Louisville

    14. Carolina Panthers-Lawrence Timmons LB/Florida State

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers-Levi Brown OT/Penn State

    16. Green Bay Packers-Marshawn Lynch RB/Cal

    17. Jacksonville Jaquars-Reggie Nelson S/Florida

    18. Cincinnati Bengals-Paul Posluszny LB/Penn State

    19. Tennessee Titans-Ted Ginn Jr. WR/Ohio State

    20. New York Giants-Chris Houston CB/Arkansas

    21. Denver Broncos-Charles Johnson DE/Geogria

    22. Dallas Cowboys-Darrelle Revis CB/Pitt

    23. Kansas City Chiefs-Dwayne Bowe WR/LSU

    24. New England Patriots (f/Seattle)-Aaron Ross CB/Texas

    25. New York Jets-Justin Blalock OG/Texas

    26. Philadelphia Eagles-Michael Griffin S/Texas

    27. New Orleans Saints-Jon Beason LB/Miami

    28. New England Patriots-Anthony Spencer DE/LB/Purdue

    29. Baltimore Ravens-Jarvis Moss DE/Florida

    30. San Diego Chargers-Robert Meachem WR/Tennessee

    31. Chicago Bears-DeMarcus Tyler DT/NC State

    32. Indianapolis Colts-Justin Harrell DT/Tennessee

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    The Ravens just resigned Jarrett Johnson to a substantial six year deal so I doubt OLB is an option for us on day 1. ILB is more likely. I like David Harris at that spot right now.


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      I'm too tired to type explanations. And yeah Lions fans, I went there. I'll explain later.

      2. Detroit Lions-Calvin Johnson WR/Geogia Tech
      Oh no, you will explain NOW!
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        I like it. Surprises me to see Gaines go to the Bucs.


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          Horrible Saints pick


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            If you think a pick was horrible, please explain.

            Alright, here's my Lions thing. I know it more than likely won't happen, but I think Millen realizes he is on the hot seat (finally?) and he needs to get the best guy in the draft and the guy who will make the most instant impact. With Mike Williams sucking and Charles gone, there is a hole at #2 (though I like Furrey). CJ has a great character, something the other three WRs different. He can make an instant impact on that offense and really make a big change. If an improvement is made, maybe he keeps his job. If he is already on the hot seat, why does it matter who he takes?

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              eh ok giants pick- revis or beason is the pick there

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                Good Buc pick i guess.


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                  Thank you Mr. Bond for Marshawn Lynch :)

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                    love the giants pick- chris houston will be the best CB out of this draft!
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                    Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                    BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                      i'm ok with hall

                      credit to cardsalltheway


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                        Great Eagles pick. Griffin would be our guy in this situation.
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                          Do you still think the Lions will still get Johnson even with R. Williams, Furrey, and Curtis?



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                            Originally posted by Acreboy View Post
                            Horrible Saints pick
                            pretty brutal saints pick


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                              Horrible Bucs pick, and there's no chance Detroit takes CJ.

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