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    1. Browns - Myles Garrett - Not a debate .

    2. Niners - Mike Willliams - 3 reasons. Allen isn't a great fit, I'm thikning they get Mccarron or Garoppolo before the draft and Shanny loves to feed a #1 WR.

    3. Bears - Jonathan Allen - He's too perfect for their D right now. I do think all 3 QBs will be considered though.

    4. Jags - Leonard Fournette - Its tough for them to pass on Allen, but they paid Jackson a ton at basically the same position. They need a dominant run game to make life easier for Bortles and the D and Leo is special. AP level special.

    5. Titans - * Trade to Browns for 12 and 33 - Mitch Trubisky - This draft is all about landing Garrett and Trub for Cleveland to me and this is a fair price. Small overpay on the value chart, but its a QB. Plus the kid actually wants to be in CLeveland!

    6. Jets - Deshaun Watson - I really love the fit here. They need to just get a high level talent at QB and build around him, and his particular skillset. Marshall will be good for him

    7. Chargers - Malik Hooker - I was tempted to go Adams or even Peppers, as I know they liked Jack as a safety last year, but I think they need to replace Weddle and I don't think Pagano would mind having a REed type safety in center field.

    8. Panthers - Solomon Thomas - They need talent at DL,OL and RB to me. I think they'll consider Cook, but instead look for Kamar or Mccaffrey in round 2. Thomas at LDE, dropping inside next to SHort on pass downs would be awesome for that DL.

    9. Bengals - Reuben Foster - This one comes down to Foster and Davis. Davis across from Green would be awesome, but the Bengals thrive on keeping their front 7 strong and they lack athleticism at LB.

    10. Bills - Jamal Adams - Bills have some interesting pieces on D, but a stud SS like Adams would be a great add, in addition to Ragland and Lawson being hopefully healthy.

    11. Saints - Marshon Lattimore - Top 15 of this draft is pretty loaded. He's great value here and a big need.

    12. Titans(via Browns) - Corey Davis - Easy pick here, as a #1 WR is arguably the final need this offense needs to be elite(9th in DVOA last year). Davis is a nice fit with Mariota too, due to his route running skills. MM isn't really a jump ball thrower.

    13. Cardinals - Zach Cunningham - I think an athletic young MLB would be a nice add to that D. I could see a DL or edge rusher, maybe even a Cam Robinson.

    14. Colts - Dalvin Cook - I'm just not passing him here. Luck has never had a run game and he deserves Cook, even though they draft too many skill guys.

    15. Eagles - Garrett Boles - They'll surprise people with this one and take one of the OTs IMO. Peters will be traded. Pederson is a Reid guy an Reid likes taking big uglies early and building around them.

    16. Ravens - Takarist Mckinley - They need a pass rusher badly with Suggs and Doom aging. Mckinley is a freak athlete who Baltimore coaches will be excited to coach up

    17. Redskins - Teez Tabor - Pair him with Norman for an exciting combination of playmaking corners.

    18. Titans - Jabril Peppers - I think his natural talent and intangibles are too much to pass on here. Plug him in at SS and figure out how to make it work. Hopefully they've gotten at least one CB in FA by now and re-signed Klug

    19. Bucs - John Ross - I think his speed and playmaking ability will be too much to pass on. He really complements everyone else in this offense well and is basically the final piece. Find DB depth later.

    20. Broncos - Ryan Ramczyk - He's the OT they need, as long as they're comfortable with the hip

    21. Lions - Derek Barnett - He'd look awesome opposite Ziggy over at that left end spot. Great value too.

    22. Dolphins - OJ Howard - Cameron sucks, they didn't land Thomas and this is strong value. Parker,Landry,Caroo and Howard should make Tannehill continue to look good under Gase.

    23. Giants - Taco Charlton - I think JPP walks and Taco is a natural replacement.

    24. Raiders - Christian Mccaffrey - Surprise pick for most I'm sure, as they could use front 7 help more. That said, Murray is leaving and they don't really have anyone like CM at all. He'd add a whole new element to an already talented offense. Dare to be special I say.

    25. Texans - David Njoku - Get a decent QB and let this guy work in between Hopkins and Fuller. He'll give them a new element.

    26. Seattle - Forrest Lamp - I just love this fit. They need a rock solid OL. Reminiscent of the Carpenter pick, but I think that was bad luck.

    27. Cheifs - Jarrad Davis - Time to replace JOhnson and get more athletic at MLB

    28. Cowboys - Charles Harris - Too talented a pass rusher to pass on here. Perfect fit for Marinelli

    29. Packers - Tim WIlliams - Uncharacteristic, but he's so talented and such a potential game changer for them. Take the shot

    30. Steelers - Marlon HUmphrey - He falls too far and the Steelers are happy to take advantage. CB help is a huge priority to me.

    31. Falcons - Dan Feeney - They have two aging guards and OL is key to their success. Feeney is a stud.

    32. Patriots - Chris Wormley - He's just such a Patriot pick. I gotta go with it. Gives them a bigger look at LDE and more interior pass rush than guys like Brown, Valentine and Branch offer up.

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    I wouldn't mind Foster for the Bengals but the shoulder and concussion issues are a concern for a top 10 pick. The Bengals can't afford to take a player with injury concerns like they did with Ogbuehi and him not be ready to be an impact guy. Hopefully the medicals check out for Foster though because there is no denying his talent. Good mock.


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      thanks man. Yah, Foster is going to be tricky. Such a talent, but the concerns are real


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        Jamal Adams for Buffalo would make my day!

        Mike Williams is interesting at 2, makes sense as does the mock in general.

        I do think Peppers is fools gold in the first.

        I like the Browns trade up for Trubinsky, I originally had the moving up to 2 but the price was steep, not sure 12 and 33 gets it done, seems short on value by about a 1st rounder, but I could see the Browns moving up to get him.
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