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49erswebzone's 7 round mock draft (with explanations) *pre-superbowl

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    Any particular reason why you have the Colts selecting last in each round even though they lost the Superbowl?


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      Atrocious Cowboys mock. Patrick Robinson isn't a 1st round talent IMO, Selvish Capers doesn't fit the mold of what Houk, our O-line looks for, and who hates Patrick Crayton? We can tolerate Crayton, we ******* hate Roy Williams. He's the one dropping passes and has lapses in concentration.
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        Originally posted by Seasonticketholder View Post
        Any particular reason why you have the Colts selecting last in each round even though they lost the Superbowl?
        Read the title. pre-superbowl

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          Bills Draft...

          Originally posted by 49erswebzone View Post
          ROUND ONE
          9. Buffalo (6-10): Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State
          With TO not coming back, Bryant fills an obvious need and is a good value at this point.

          13. San Francisco (8-8): Brian Bulaga, OT, Iowa
          14. Seattle - from Denver (8-8): Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

          41. Buffalo (6-10): Jason Fox, OT, Miami
          The Bills starting OT's ranked 57 & 59 this year. 'Nuff said.

          72. Buffalo (6-10): Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati

          104. Buffalo (6-10): Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas State
          Well, if Buffalo is back on, I'm going to say they look to improve their pass rush by selecting DE Alex Carrington of Arkansas State, who had 9 sacks and 14.5 TFL this year.

          136. Buffalo (6-10): Dekoda Watson, OLB, Florida State
          Buffalo needs more athleticism particularly at LB.

          168. Buffalo (6-10): Geno Atkins, DT, Gerogia
          The Bills look to add DT depth by adding Georgia's Geno Atkins, who had 10.5 TFL and 3 sacks this year.

          182. Buffalo - from Philadelphia* (11-5): Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami
          Buffalo could definitely use a big athletic tight end on offense. They select 6-7 260 pound TE Jimmy Graham of Miami, who some say could develop into the next Antonio Gates. He was a hot riser at the Senior Bowl, catching everything in sight, adding to his already highly-recognized blocking ability. Exceptional value here.

          200. Buffalo (6-10): Shaun Lauvao, G, Arizona State
          Buffalo has added some tremendous weapons on offense but can still use additional depth on the OL. They select perhaps the last guard worth selecting in this draft in Shaun Lauvao OG from Arizona St.
          First thing first, nice job on the 7 rounder, its a pain for sure, and alot of effort, so you certainly get a applause from me!
          The Bills draft... Your second round analysis is 'nuff said, but if the situation is that horrible (I agree that it is) why take a skill player in the first who's impact is diminished by a lack of elite talent at arguably the 2 most important positions on offense?? Davis and Bulaga are consistantly the second and third rated tackles just about everywhere, by your account 3 and 4 and address a bigger priority, with both round one qb's gone I personnally would value both those players ahead of Bryant (who is a fantastic player no doubt) in the grand scheme of constructing an viable offense in buffalo. Fox has potential, but has questions in regards to his push in run blocking, considering the personnel and weather in buffalo that is certainly a big need, and I dont think he is a good fit, although pass protection wise would be. For me I would go Davis in the first, then take a WR like Lafell in the second, or start addressing the personnel on the defensive side of the ball, specifically the new 3-4 they are installing, in which case Mt. Cody is a good option.
          Third round, Pike is good, and a QB I like, although I am not sold on his arm strength, and keeping in mind that the Ralph is windy and 50 feet below sea level might not be a good fit as well.
          Fourth round - Carrington is a great pick, good fit, and very solid value!
          Fifth round - Dont think Watson fits the OLB model in a 3-4 defense...
          Sixth round - Atkins I think could fit into the 3-4 at DE, with Carrington and Kyle Williams (who I think can play 3-4 DE) that would be a nice rotational player, so I could see it.
          Graham would be a steal in my mind this late, and despite a good showing this year from Nelson would provide the team with two well rounded TE's and a goal line nightmare, I'll take it...
          Seventh round - Luavao I would think is long gone by the seventh round, but if he is there would provide excellent depth and insurance incase wood is not able to come back, and in the long term if wood moves to center.
          Not sure if this helps at all, but just my thoughts on the bills mock, nice job again on the effort as a whole!!
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            First of all, +rep on all the work! Great job man!

            I would be pretty satisfied with that Phins draft. It isn't flashy or all that exciting, but it fills some big needs and improves our team depth quite a bit.

            That being said, the way your draft plays out, the way I hope we would draft goes like this:

            1 (#12): Jason Pierre-Paul
            2 (#43): Terrence Cody
            3 (#73): Demaryius Thomas
            4 (#107) Kam Chancellor
            6 (#164) Donald Butler
            6 (#169) Jimmy Graham
            7 (#196) Lorenzo Washington
            7 (#203) Trindon Holliday

            That would be the PERFECT draft for the Phins. Man, would I be ecstatic about that! :)

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              I prefer Cox and Jackson to Ghee and i don't see Fitzgerald's fit in the 3-4 but overall great cardinals draft


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                Another 7 round mock, eh? Madness. Absolutely worth some +rep.

                Originally posted by 49erswebzone View Post
                22. New England* (10-6): Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan
                I think the Pats would take Brandon Graham over Huges or Kindle he just seems like a perfect fit for the Pats system he's hard working, has a non-stop motor, & nice size. Also a position the Pats are in need of is OL help if Iupati falls to them they will run his name to the podium.

                44. New England - from Jacksonville^ (7-9): Jon Asamoah, G, Illinois
                New England, in dire need of OL help with the possible depatures of either Mankins, Neal, or both -- selects OG Jon Asamoah, Illinois.

                47. New England - from Tennessee^ (8-8): Greg Hardy, DE, Ole Miss

                53. New England* (10-6): Joe McKnight, RB, USC
                Faulk, Morris, Taylor are getting old. Bellicheat still doesn't seem to trust Maroney 100%.

                116. New England* (10-6): Walter Thurmond III, CB, Oregon
                Press corner ready for NFL, gets good bump off line, mirrors well, good lateral speed, explosive first step, good angles, length to make plays, instinctive and locates ball quickly, fluid out of breaks, hard to separate from.

                180. New England* (10-6): Antonio Brown, WR, Central Michigan
                New England could use an o-lineman here, but finds better value in Central Michigan WR/special teams ace, Antonio Brown.

                213. New England* (10-6): Colin Peek, TE, Alabama
                New England has a concern at TE given that Ben Watson might choose to leave via free agency. They are excited to see that TE Colin Peek from Alabama is still available and select him with their 7th round pick.

                215. New England - from Philadelphia* (11-5): Martin Tevaseu, NT, UNLV
                The Patriots have no problem stock-piling players at certain positions. They take a promising NT prospect with a great deal of upside in Martin Tevaseu, UNLV.
                This would be great for NE. Peek in the 7th would be fantastic. The only thing I'd like to happen differently is some sort of movement up in the 4th to secure Matt Tennant instead of Thurmond at CB.

                A 2010 starting offensive line of Light / Mankins / Tennant / Asamoah / Vollmer would be fantastic.

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                  If that was the Colts draft I would be ecstatic. Its seems to address all of our needs, adds some depth and we get some excellent value at many points. Plus nice job on the 7 rounder with explanations. + rep for that.
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                    Great job on the work.
                    you get a bad job on the Bengals picks.
                    NO TO HERNANDEZ. We dont need another TE who cant block. We already have Coffman. He spent all this year injured.
                    Morgan Burnett there instead. Then replace Wright with Houston and Colin Peek over Crompton and you have a sexy Bengals Mock.

                    Would prefer MLB depth to OLB depth too but thats nit picky stuff.

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                      give us Spikes with our first 2nd and it's absolutely perfect


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                        3. Tampa Bay (3-13): Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
                        35. Tampa Bay (3-13): Nate Allen, FS, South Florida
                        42. Tampa Bay - from Chicago^ (7-9): Corey Wootton, DE, Northwestern
                        67. Tampa Bay (3-13): Eric Decker, WR, Minnesota
                        98. Tampa Bay (3-13): O'Brien Schofield, DE, Wisconsin
                        149. Tampa Bay - from New England* (10-6): Myron Lewis, CB, Vanderbilt
                        162. Tampa Bay (3-13): Kavell Conner, OLB, Clemson
                        194. Tampa Bay (3-13): Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame
                        201. Tampa Bay - from Jacksonville^ (7-9): Riley Cooper, WR, Florida

                        McCoy is obviously a studly pick so I won't even comment on it. Nate Allen on the other hand isn't - unless we plan on moving him to SS which I highly doubt. The only safety we'll take is one who can play SS. Wootton is an interesting one because he has value but I'm just not sure he will give us the pass rush we need. Seems like a 3-4 end to me. Decker in the 3rd is solid value. Schofield would be a good pick, if he wasn't seriously injured.
                        The rest aren't incredibly important but you nailed the positions we need players at. Riley Cooper in the 7th is sweet.


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                          16. Tennessee^ (8-8): Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida
                          Titans need help on at DE and there are two possibilities, Jason Pierre-Paul and Carlos Dunlap. The Titans select Carlos Dunlap DE Florida. Even with the checkered background, Dunlap is bigger and just as fast as Pierre-Paul. His upside is too big to pass on at this point in the first round.

                          JPP would be the better pick, for multiple reasons.

                          77. Tennessee^ (8-8): Austen Lane, DE, Murray State
                          The Titans would love to take a DT or LB here, but don't see the value. They do see another outstanding prospect sitting there for them. They begin to drool. With no consistent pass-rush this season and Kearse and Vanden Bosch both being FAs, Tennessee continues the overhaul and selects the physical freak, 6-6 258 pound DE Austen Lane of Murray State.

                          No value? You give a team a DT just two picks later, and Daryl Washington is on the board who is a perfect fit for the Titans scheme and is a great value. Washington would be the much better pick, and the Titans have more needs than DE, so picking a pass-rusher with their first two picks would be a luxury they can't afford. Besides, they still have young pass-rushers in William Hayes and Jacob Ford.

                          108. Tennessee^ (8-8): Jacoby Ford, WR, Clemson
                          Tennessee solves a huge need at returner and gives Vince Young another weapon at WR with the selection of Jacoby Ford WR Clemson.

                          Great pick.

                          144. Tennessee^ (8-8): Cameron Sheffield, OLB, Troy
                          Tennessee could use an OLB of the future, so they draft linebacker Cameron Sheffield from Troy, who's having a better senior bowl showing than his much more publicized teammate, Brandon Lang.

                          Solid pick, but doesn't really fit the scheme. You haven't address CB yet or even OL depth, which is a problem.

                          175. Tennessee^ (8-8): Donald Butler, ILB, Washington

                          Would be a solid pick, but again, you've neglected to address CB and OL and choose a ST's/Backup LB instead?

                          206. Tennessee^ (8-8): Travis Ivey, DT, Maryland
                          Titans have a large group of small DTs. Average weight of 295 lbs. But what made them successful was a large space eating piece of fat in the middle. This is the best large fat ass available. Bigger fat asses include Kellen Heard DT/OT Memphis 6-6 355 and Roger Morris DT Tennessee State 6-5 350 but they should not be drafted at all.

                          Really just a horrible description based on a complete lack of knowledge of the Titans. The Titans run a 1-gap, penetrating DL scheme, so smaller quicker DT's are required. We're not going to stick some random fat ass in there to take up space - it's not a 2-gap DL. A large space eating piece of fat didn't make the Titans DEF successful. Albert Haynesworth did. You know, the freakishly athletic All-Pro NT who was 6'6, 320+ lbs. and moved like a sub-300 lbs. UT? So unless Ivey is the next Albert Haynesworth, your description is crap. And you went through the entire draft without addressing CB, a Top 3 need, and never addressed OL depth despite the Titans likely losing Mawae and Amano in FA.

                          I applaud you for the effort, but a very poor Titans draft.
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                            Originally posted by 49erswebzone View Post
                            13. San Francisco (8-8): Brian Bulaga, OT, Iowa
                            17. San Francisco - from Carolina^ (8-8): Mike Iupati, G, Idaho
                            49. San Francisco (8-8): ReShad Jones, S, Georgia.
                            79. San Francisco (8-8): Dexter McCluster, WR, Ole Miss
                            110. San Francisco (8-8): Syd'Quan Thompson, CB, California
                            141. San Francisco (8-8): Carlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida
                            172. San Francisco (8-8): Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan
                            208. San Francisco (8-8): Arthur Moats, DE/OLB, James Madison
                            -I am not a fan of the Iupati pick because I think 17 is just too high for him.
                            -McCluster seems like a guy the Niners would not go for because he's not a big WR and Scot McC loves his bigger WRs.
                            -Finally, the LeFevour pick seems unlikely as well because there isnt going to be a rookie QB available who is going to beat out Shaun Hill. Why take LeFevour when they took Nate Davis last year?

                            Either way, lots a work, so good job.

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                              Very confusing Denver draft.. We fail to address our biggest concern (OL)?

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                                pretty good giants draft good work



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