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  • Post Super Bowl 2 Rounder

    1. STL: Ndamukong Suh DT-Nebraska
    2. DET: Gerald Mccoy (Jr.) DT-Oklahoma
    3. TB: Eric Berry (Jr.) FS-Tennessee
    4. WSH: Russell Okung OT-Oklahoma St
    5. KC: Rolando Mcclain (Jr.) ILB-Alabama
    6. SEA: Sam Bradford (Jr.) QB-Oklahoma
    7. CLE: Joe Haden (Jr.) CB-Florida
    8. OAK: Anthony Davis (Jr.) OT-Rutgers
    9. BUF: Bryan Bulaga (Jr.) OT-Iowa
    10. JAX: Dez Bryant (Jr.) WR-Oklahoma St
    11. DEN: Jimmy Clausen (Jr.) QB-Notre Dame
    12. MIA: Derrick Morgan (Jr.) OLB-Georgia Tech
    13. SF: Taylor Mays S-USC
    14. SEA: Carlos Dunlap (Jr.) DE-Florida
    15. NYG: Earl Thomas (So.) FS-Texas
    16. TEN: Brandon Graham DE-Michigan
    17. SF: Trent Williams OT-Oklahoma
    18. PIT: Dan Williams NT-Tennessee
    19. ATL: Sean Weatherspoon OLB-Missouri
    20. HOU: Jared Odrick DT-Penn St
    21. CIN: Jermaine Gresham TE-Oklahoma
    22. NE: Sergio Kindle OLB-Texas
    23. GB: Bruce Cambell (Jr.) OT-Maryland
    24. PHI: Everson Griffin (Jr.) DE-USC
    25. BAL: Brandon Lafell WR-LSU
    26. ARI: Jerry Hughes OLB-TCU
    27. DAL: Nate Allen FS-South Florida
    28. SD: C.J. Spiller RB-Clemson
    29. NYJ: Kyle Wilson CB-Boise St
    30. MIN: Mike Iupati OG-Idaho
    31. IND: Brian Price DT-UCLA
    32. NO: Jason Pierre-Paul (Jr.) DE-South Florida
    33. STL: Arrelious Benn (Jr.) WR-Illinois
    34. DET: Charles Brown OT-USC
    35. TB: Golden Tate (Jr.) WR-Notre Dame
    36. KC: Damian Williams (Jr.) WR-USC
    37. WSH: Ryan Matthews (Jr.) RB-Fresno St
    38. CLE: Chad Jones (Jr.) S-LSU
    39. OAK: Brandon Spikes LB-Florida
    40. SEA: Perrish Cox CB-Oklahoma St
    41. BUF: Vladimir Ducasse OT-Massachusetts
    42. NE: Jonathan Dwyer (Jr.) RB-Georgia Tech
    43. MIA: Terrance Cody NT-Alabama
    44. TB: Arthur Jones DT-Syracuse
    45. DEN: Maurice Pouncey OC/G-Florida
    46. NYG: Patrick Robinson CB-Florida St
    47. CAR: Corey Wooton DE-Northwestern
    48. NE: Aaron Hernandez (Jr.) TE-Florida
    49. SF: Kareem Jackson (Jr.) CB-Oklahoma
    50. KC: Rob Gronkowski (Jr.) TE-Arizona
    51. HOU: Donovan Warren (Jr.) CB-Michigan
    52. PIT: Jahvid Best (Jr.) RB-California
    53. NE: Daryl Washington LB-TCU
    54. CIN: Mardy Gilliard WR-Cincinnati
    55. PHI: Navarro Bowman (Jr.) OLB-Penn St
    56. GB: Ricky Sapp OLB-Clemson
    57. BAL: Ed Dickson TE-Oregon
    58. ARI: Devin Mccourty CB-Rutgers
    59. DAL: Demaryius Thomas (Jr.) WR-Georgia Tech
    60. SD: Tyson Alualu DE-California
    61. NYJ: Cam Thomas NT/DE-North Carolina
    62. MIN: Dominique Franks (Jr.) CB-Oklahoma
    63. IND: Selvish Capers OT-West Virginia
    64. NO: J.D. Walton OC-Baylor

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    Benn over LaFell and Dickson in the second is a reach. I can assure you that Ozzie will never reach for a player.


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      I like Brian Price. Selvish Capers makes me want to barf though. Give the Colts a guard instead.


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        I believe Seatte has the #38 pick. The fist two choices (Bradford and Dunlap) are terrible. Give me Bulaga/Mays/Gerhart.


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          Mays and Williams makes me sad :(


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            Originally posted by Babylon View Post
            I believe Seatte has the #38 pick.
            Browns have 38.

            I can't see the Browns taking two DB's. Give us Ducasse instead of Jones.

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              Give KC Ducasse/Jones and Sapp in round two and that's a much better KC draft.

              Originally posted by fenikz
              His soft D really turns me off
              ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                Love the Pats first pick but the 2nd rd could be upgraded.

                1-S.Kindle- OLB- Perfect
                2-C.Wooten- DE- Solidifies that DLine thats been suffering since Seymour left
                2-J.Best-RB- Adds to the run and pass game. Can learn from K.Faulk who's getting up there in age
                2-S.Capers- OT- Takes over RT so N.Kaczur can kick inside to OG where he's more efficient

                Nice job regardless.
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                  average ravens mock at best
                  GO RAVENS


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                    2 Tackles to the Bills?

                    Originally Posted by scottyboy
                    my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
                    But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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                      Originally posted by eagles6606 View Post
                      22. NE: Sergio Kindle OLB-Texas

                      42. NE: Jonathan Dwyer (Jr.) RB-Georgia Tech

                      48. NE: Aaron Hernandez (Jr.) TE-Florida

                      53. NE: Daryl Washington LB-TCU
                      All positions of need so it's a good job there. Washington is too small for NE's needs at ILB or OLB so this pick is unlikely. Sapp has the size BB loves in an OLB prospect so he's a better fit there.

                      BB also has a tendency to add veteran depth at RB. Once he does that this off-season it frees up that draft slot for Pouncey or Cody if Vince isn't signed long term.

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                        Me likey. But we really dont take first round TE's so unlikely to happen.
                        Good work.

                        The Twitters


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                          Awesome Phins draft!!

                          Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                            Originally posted by DeepThreat View Post
                            Browns have 38.

                            I can't see the Browns taking two DB's. Give us Ducasse instead of Jones.
                            You're right, thank you.


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                              I can dig Iupati I guess, even though I would rather have Chad Jones wayyy more. And I don't like Franks in the second, as we don't really need a corner.


                              Originally posted by JordanTaber
                    's rocket surgery now, folks.



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