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  • My new 7 rounder

    Check it out guys!

    Let me know what you think.

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    Hey that is an awesome draft for the Lions. Mainly because you have us stealing Ryan Matthews and Alexander (to a lesser extent) in the 5th.

    Where do you have Donovan Warren going I couldn't find him?

    I would rather have him in the 3rd, unless you have him going earlier and I missed it.
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      A+ for the 49ers as far as I'm concerned. Eric Berry and Anthony Davis in the first would be a dream, and getting a return specialist like Arenas in the second fills a huge need. Some people might object to picking a QB in the 4th, but if the team sees significant development in Nate Davis such that they feel comfortable with him as the #2, it very well could happen.
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        good Catch on Warren. had him slotted to a team but for some reason didn't stick with him. Fixed it. he goes in the 2nd to Cleveland
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        Owner of ScarDraft
        Atlanta Falcons and NFL Draft Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report


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          Good work that mustve taken awhile. That would be a very good Eagles draft. Personally Id go 1. Taylor Mays, 2. Everson Griffin, 3. Maurice Pouncey, and 4. Ryan Matthews. That would be awesome!
          P.S. I like the Max Hall love


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            For Jacksonville:

            Graham, Pouncey, and Kristick are all very good picks.

            We have a solid rookie corner across from Mathis who started all 16 games, Derek Cox. He's not going anywhere. In fact, he held his own as our #1 corner when Mathis was out for a good chuck of the season.

            DT is a great position for the 5th round, but I feel Boo Robinson is a NT. We basically have two nose tackles starting with Knighton and Henderson. A 3 tech would be nice to eventually take Henderson's spot on the line.

            Still a good draft and a great effort on the 7 round mock.


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              Eric Berry and Anthony Davis make me smile real big. Though I dont think Berry falls that far. Props for the 7 rounder.


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                Johnny Jolly looks a bit out of place as the RDE in a 3-4.
                Johnny Jolly has looked great in the 3-4. He had the best year of his career last season. He lead the league in pass deflections for defensive lineman with 11, which put him behind only Brian Cushing for most by a non-DB (I know that doesn't mean much on its own, but it helps show how good he played). Even though it was only his first year in the system Jolly is probably in the top half of starting 3-4 DEs in the league.


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                  pretty bad fins draft in the middle rounds. Bryant is great though.

                  Norwood is alright but Spikes, Everson Griffen, or one of the safeties are all much better value and fits at that spot. LOL @ Wake being 'only a situational player'

                  Angerer is a reach in the 3rd and he also doesn't fit the 3-4 at all, especially not the Bill Parcells version (he likes his ILB to be 245+ and angerer is maxed out at 235).

                  Blount is just a terrible pick, not only is RB not a need for us, a big bruising back isn't even on our draft board.

                  Ivey is decent, Miami owns the Chiefs 6th round pick, Ward is decent, Moeaki and Young are great, and Reed is worthless for us since we already got Bryant and have a roster full of players just like him.

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                    Thats a pretty epic 49er draft..Berry and Davis alone make it hard to complain..Arenas is nice..although id rather pick up a KR/PR guy like McCluster instead. Not sure about a QB in the 4th BUT if we prefer Lefevour or even Snead. great job on a 7 rounder..thats a lot of work.


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                      St. Louis doesn’t have a franchise QB and Clausen is the best QB in the draft.
                      Sort of a gaping hole in this logic, don't you think?

                      JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn were the best QBs of their draft. I'm just sayin'.
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                      No offense, but your Raiders draft sucks.


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                        If the giants pass on Brian Price in round two I will, for the first time, be pissed with Reece. Goff is a solid starting MLB, Spikes is an upgrade but he's not a massive upgrade and struggles just as much in coverage while at DT we have **** outside of Canty and fresh of a torn ligament Jay Alford. I think there's a good chance we draft Price in round one, if he's there in round two and we pass on him I'd be tremendously disappointed.

                        Then in round three I'd rather see us draft Daryl Washington before grabbing Austen Lane or Cam Thomas in round four. Round things off with Eric Olsen in round five, James Starks in round 6 and John Skelton in round 7.

                        Earl Thomas, FS
                        Brian Price, DT
                        Daryl Washington, LB
                        Cam Thomas, DT
                        Eric Olsen, C
                        James Starks, RB
                        John Skelton, QB

                        Would be much better.


                        Originally posted by AcheTen
                        JPP is a better and more productive player than Brandon Graham
                        Originally posted by abaddon41_80
                        Is Shaun Hill a top 10 QB? Definitely not. Is he a top 20 one? Almost certainly.
                        Originally posted by JBCX
                        Most misleading 10+ sack season EVER.


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                          Firstly, the Bears "biggest" need is help along the o-line. Unless Stuckey can come in and play an effective FS right away, he'll be playing FS for the next coaching staff and GM.

                          As for Cooper....who do we cut for him? I'd be all for cutting Rashied Davis, but even then, we have Hester, Aromashadu, Knox, Bennett and last years 3rd round pick, Iglesias. None of whom I see being cut. Another mid round WR isn't going to do much.

                          5th on back...depth guys, whatevs.

                          I think I'd go Asomoah in the 3rd, and I would LOVE Pauncey in the 4th. You kidding? Scott just had him going at the end of the first round....great replacement for Kreutz if he were to be there. We'd be stupid not to go that way.


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                            A better bucs draft given who is available.

                            1. McCoy
                            2. Tate
                            3. Hardy/Lindley
                            4. Decker
                            6. Selvie


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                              8.) Oakland Raiders – OT Bruce Campbell – 6′7″ 310 – Maryland => Oakland’s LT Mario Henderson was the worst in the league especially in pass blocking. It’s no wonder why Jamarcus Russell struggled. With new OC Hue Jackson running the offense, the WR’s should have a marked improvement. Jackson was the man who helped Chad Johnson Ochocinco, Roddy White, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh become great.
                              Let's not go making excuses for a bad player.

                              Can't imagine Al passing on the top CB in the draft. That's just not his style.

                              40) Oakland Raiders – OLB Navorro Bowman – 6′1″ 232 – Penn State => Bowman isn’t this good; however he is this fast and Al Davis loves speed all over the field. Bowman has a lot of character issues too, but that’s another thing that Al Davis seems to gravitate towards.
                              Iupati falls to Rd2 and the O-line desperate Raiders ignore him. Sad.

                              72) Oakland Raiders – OG/OT Mike Johnson – 6′5″ 306 – Alabama => Johnson could fill the weakness that is RT in Cornell Green or he could play RG and be a better fit than Carlisle is in the offense.
                              I kinda doubt Johnson is going to play tackle anywhere.

                              86) Oakland Raiders (from New England) – QB Jevan Snead – 6′3″ 220 – Ole Miss => I just don’t think the JaWalrus is really worth the resources. Snead could have fun with the WR’s they have.
                              Another bad QB to go with the one they already have. Can't see them going this route. All they have are young QBs. If they add another QB, it'll be a veteran.

                              Snead over LeFevour is pretty funny, too.

                              107) Oakland Raiders – DT D’Anthony Smith – 6′2″ 300 – Louisiana Tech
                              Not bad.

                              139) Oakland Raiders – RB Toby Gerhart – 6′1″ 235 – Stanford
                              Which HB are they cutting to make room for him?

                              158) Oakland Raiders (from Dallas via New England and Denver) – LB Daryl Washington – 6′2″ 226 – Texas Christian
                              No need for a WILL. Trevor Scott seems to have that locked down.
                              My sig pic has now come full circle. Lucky me.

                              No offense, but your Raiders draft sucks.



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