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Mock #2! ... BONUS: Top 5 for Round 2

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  • Mock #2! ... BONUS: Top 5 for Round 2

    1. ST. LOUIS RAMS - JIMMY CLAUSEN, QB, NOTRE DAME ... Don't see how they can go with a DT #1 after investing so much money into other DL that have busted ...

    2. DETROIT LIONS - NDAMUKONG SUH, DT, NEBRASKA ... I like McCoy better as a player, but -- Suh fits Schwartz scheme a lot better ... he wants stronger DTs while McCoy is more athleticism/finesse.

    3. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS - GERALD MCCOY, DT, OKLAHOMA ... Bucs need a pass rush boost, McCoy can give them that ...

    4. WASHINGTON REDSKINS - SAM BRADFORD, QB, OKLAHOMA ... Mike Shanahan is going to want his franchise QB to build around ... He gets him.

    5. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: RUSSELL OKUNG, OT, OKLAHOMA STATE ... The Chiefs' OL was putrid last season and they need a boost in the blocking department - particularly in pass blocking ...

    6. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - ANTHONY DAVIS, OT, RUTGERS ... Carroll has made it no surprise he really wants to upgrade the OL ... with both of the top QB prospects gone, he upgrades the OL with a OL prospect who is on par with Okung in terms of rating ...

    7. CLEVELAND BROWNS - JOE HADEN, CB, FLORIDA ... Browns have a ton of holes and a lot of positions to fill ... Haden is the best prospect left on the board and will help immediately at CB ...

    8. OAKLAND RAIDERS - ERIC BERRY, S/CB, TENNESSEE ... Al Davis loves physical freaks and Berry is definitely that ... outside of Asomugha, their secondary has really struggled and Berry is one of the better Safety prospects in a logn time ...

    9. BUFFALO BILLS - DEZ BRYANT, WR, OKLAHOMA STATE ... I think the Bills would like to get an elite OT ... but -- Don't think Bulaga fits that mold ... with TO definitely on his way out and Evans not being a true #1 WR and James Hardy not panning out ... the need at WR is obvious.

    10. DENVER BRONCOS - ROLANDO MCCLAIN, ILB, ALABAMA ... Yes -- 34 MLBs aren't a huge position of need ... but -- McClain is a 3-down MLB and is a tremendous prospect ...

    11. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: DERRICK MORGAN, DE, GEORGIA TECH ... Jason St. Pierre-Paul is not a proto-type 43 DE ... Morgan is .. He's a better prospect, too.

    12. MIAMI DOLPHINS - JASON PIERRE-PAUL, OLB, SOUTH FLORIDA ... Joey Porter is definitely gone and Jason Taylor is ancient ... he could even retire ... without them, their pass rush will struggle and they need an elite athlete at OLB ... they get one ...

    13. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS - BRYAN BULAGA, OT, IOWA ... They need a lot of help on offense ... with investing a first into Crabtree and no other elite WRs left and having a good stable of RBs arleady ... they will look at the OL ... Bulaga is an immediate upgrade.

    14. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (f/DEN) - TAYLOR MAYS, S, USC ... This pick just makes way too much sense to not be made ... Mays is a former Carroll player and is at a position of need .

    15. NEW YORK GIANTS - BRIAN PRICE, DT, UCLA ... The Giants are in an interest position ... not a ton of needs on offense ... lots of needs in the secondary, but - not many great prospects available at those positions ... Price is a bit of a reach, but a great DT prospect and the Giants' DTs really struggled last year ... could go DE if they let Umenyiora go.

    16. TENNESSEE TITANS - CARLOS DUNLAP, DE, FLORIDA ... Carlos Dunlap is an elite athlete ... the Titans have no pass rush to speak of ... with KVB for sure, gone, they need to address the DE position immediately ...

    17. SAN FRANCISCO 49'ERS (f/CAR) - SERGIO KINDLE, OLB, TEXAS ... With the 49ers' OLBs only accounting for a total of 11.5 sacks last season, it's clear they need an upgrade in their pass rush ... with the OL already addressed, they will grab the best pass rusher out there for the 34 defense.

    18. PITTSBURGH STEELERS - OT, TRENT WILLIAMS ... The Steelers' OL continues to yield a lot of sacks ... yes - Big Ben holds onto the ball too long, but - they aren't great pass blockers, either ... Williams will start at RT and could eventually be made into a good LT ...

    19. ATLANTA FALCONS - BRANDON GRAHAM, DE, MICHIGAN ... Some people think that he's a 34 end ... not me - he's a pure 43 DE IMO ... plays with great leverage, has a great burst, great moves, and plays the run very well ... he can do it all and is a steal at this point ... only reason he's still on the board is because of his height.

    20. HOUSTON TEXAS - C.J. SPILLER, RB, TEXANS ... The Texans have seen first hand what an explosive RB can do(Chris Johnson) ... With their rushing attack taking a huge step back, they opt to go for the big play RB to give them a boost.

    21. CINCINNATI BENGALS - JERMAINE GRESHAM, TE, OKLAHOMA ... The Bengals will sign Terrel Owens opposite Chad Ochocinco, I think ... if not - they could go with Benn or Tate, but -- the TE position has continued to be a weak spot on their offense.

    22. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - SEAN WEATHERSPOON, OLB, MISSOURI ... Weatherspoon could man the MLB position in the 34 as well as take some snaps at OLB in this scheme ... with his athleticism, he could be used in a lot of ways ...

    23. GREEN BAY PACKERS - BRUCE CAMPBELL, OT, MARYLAND ... The Packers' OL situation is sort of up in the air right now ... Their best OT is aging quickly and they had a big hole at RT for most of the season as seen by Rodgers' being knocked around by sacks ...

    24. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - EARL THOMAS, S, TEXAS ... Macho Harris was so-so last year and the departure of Brian Dawkins was clearly felt ... They could use some CB help here, but - no great ones left ... Earl Thomas is a ballhawk Safety and we all know how Andy Reid loves to draft DBs ...

    25. BALTIMORE RAVENS - GOLDEN TATE, WR, NOTRE DAME ... Tate is a tough, physical WR with good hands ... with Flacco losing his best WR in Derrick Mason, they need to bring in some help for the young QB right away ...

    26. ARIZONA CARDINALS - KYLE WILSON, CB, BOISE STATE ... The Cardinals could go in 100 directions ... QB ... OL ... OLB ... but - without an elite talents that fit their needs still on the board, they take the BPA ... DRC played well at times last year, but - McFadden showed in the playoff loss they need more help at CB ...

    27. DALLAS COWBOYS - CHARLES BROWN, OT, USC ... After Flozell Adams went down in the playoff game, the Cowboys' OL looked abysmal ... getting an upgrade and adding depth at OT is very important .

    28. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - RYAN MATHEWS, RB, FRESNO STATE ... LDT is gone and Sproles isn't an every down RB ... need a workhorse, plain and simple.

    29. NEW YORK JETS - JARED ODRICK, DT/DE, PENN STATE ... The Jets need more depth along the DL ... Kris Jenkins returning will help at the NT position, but - the DE position is still an area that needs to be addressed.

    30. MINNESOTA VIKINGS - MIKE IUPATI, OG, IDAHO ... With Favre probably gone ... the Vikings will be back to a run-first team ... Herrera is a so-so RG and they need to another run blocker to help Adrian Peterson get free and make those big plays again.

    31. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - EVERSON GRIFFIN, DE, USC ... The Colts always go with BPA ... Griffin will find his way into Round 1 after the combine ... He doesn't "seem" like a Colts type of player, but - he's a damn good player and they will need more depth along the OL as Freeney can't seem to stay healthy.

    32. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - DAN WILLIAMS, DT, TENNESSEE ... Sedrick Ellis is still not the elite DT he was supposed to be ... the Saints' D, while improved, is still far from elite and need to add another good DL player ... Williams is just that.

    33. St. Louis Rams - Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois
    34. Detroit Lions - Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State
    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Vladimir Ducasse, OT, Mass.
    36. Kansas City Chiefs - Brandon Spikes, MLB, Florida
    37. Washington Redskins - Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama

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    Sed might not be elite but he is pretty good, however he needs someone to pair up with im though

    Saints 2014 draft wish list:
    - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
    - Corner or Wideout in the first
    - No reaching
    - No Kelvin Benjamin


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      S.Weatherspoon doesn't fit the Pats scheme very well.
      We need a thumper next to Mayo and he's not the pass rusher we need
      A guy like Iutapi would be great there though
      -Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots-Boston Celtics-


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        I like Weatherspoon in their scheme considering how they love versatile player ... he can man MLB with no problem and can blitz as well ... he has good size at 245lbs and can make plays behind the LOS, which is what the Patriots need ...

        He's not a proto-type OLB/DE hybrid, but - they need another ILB, too ...


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          Iupati is a much better pick for the Packers than a raw Bruce Campbell. More versatile as well.


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            if we are drafting a cb as high as the early 2nd i hope we are trading carlos rogers.


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              Originally posted by tjsunstein View Post
              Iupati is a much better pick for the Packers than a raw Bruce Campbell. More versatile as well.
              Agreed. Left tackle is need but Iupati would be hard to pass up. However I do like Campbell its just that he'll need time to develop.

              Also the description was terrible. To all mockers, if you don't follow a team don't comment like you know what you're talking about.


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                I like the Earl Thomas pick.


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                  Originally posted by SRogers92 View Post
                  17. SAN FRANCISCO 49'ERS (f/CAR) - SERGIO KINDLE, OLB, TEXAS ... With the 49ers' OLBs only accounting for a total of 11.5 sacks last season, it's clear they need an upgrade in their pass rush ... with the OL already addressed, they will grab the best pass rusher out there for the 34 defense.
                  I won't argue that adding a 3-4 OLB isn't a possibility but I want you to have accurate information for your ongoing mocks...

                  The 49ers switched to a a 3-man rotation at OLB midway through 2009 and they sacked the QB 17.5 times.

                  Manny Lawson - 6.5
                  Ahmad Brooks - 6.0 (5 in last 5 games)
                  Parys Haralson - 5.0

                  If you supplement Brooks' and Lawsons' sack statistics as one player at ROLB (Brooks and Lawson split time) that "player" would have had 12.5 sacks ranking him 6th in the NFL and 3rd for all 3-4 teams.
                  Last edited by phlysac; 02-13-2010, 06:14 PM.


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                    I think you're off on a few 1st rounders there like Gresham and Charles Brown but for Seattle, Davis and Mays is ideal and add Gerhart in the second and i'm a happy camper.


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                      OT is not a need. RG/C are. McClain / Berry at #5 for KC. We've got to come out of this first round with a defensive playmaker.

                      Originally posted by fenikz
                      His soft D really turns me off
                      ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                        if we pass on Berry or McClain for an OT I will cry


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                          I have no problem with the selection of Dan Williams. He would fill a huge need. But Ellis is a dominant interior tackle. The only problem is that he has no help inside, and often faces double and triple teams. If you put Dan Williams next to him, you'll see just how much of an elite tackle Ellis can be.


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                            Good first round pick for the Bucs.

                            The second round one? Not so much.


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                              Very nice eagles pick.



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