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  • Mock, mock, mock, 5 rounds pre-combine...

    Disclaimer: Again, I am one man mocking for 32 teams, based on what I have seen, read, and discussed. My opinion on need, value and players rankings may differ from yours. Having said that, I went in a couple different directions in this mock with certain teams, and tried a couple things out. Its my first attempt at 5 rounds, I went based on the current order, and did not alternate picks each round, which I will do when the order is set everything is in stone accordingly, thoughts and analysis included. + rep for insight, intelligent feedback, and I will respond when I can. Due to life happening I just finished a first edit, but have had this almost completed about two weeks now. Tear it up, enjoy :) 5 rounds and best available.

    2010 NFL Mock Draft

    Round 1

    1 – St. Louis – Jimmy Clausen (QB – Notre Dame)
    With Locker out of the picture no one benefits more than Clausen who moves all the way up to number one. The Rams are starting Keith Null at quarterback, a West Texas A & M project… Clausen gives the franchise a face, although no one could blame the Rams for taking Suh, and although they probably should, they go quarterback and continue to lay the foundation for the future on offense. This may leave me in the minority of mockers, but having recently invested two number one picks on the defensive line in recent years, its time to invest in the offense. The Rams passing attack is so pathetic, I can not see them passing on the chance to take the number one QB of the draft. If the Rams take Suh the draft takes an entirely different look.

    2 – Detroit – Ndamukong Suh (DT – U. Nebraska)
    Lions fans rejoice!! The Rams passed on Suh, and Detroit gets the best player in the draft with the second pick. If you haven’t watched this guy play, shame on you, a monster who might be the best defensive tackle prospect this decade. Suh is solid against the run, and an absolute beast against the pass, who single handedly kept Nebraska in the Big Ten Championship game against Texas. Ndamukong instantly upgrades the Lions defense, and is a better value than Okung, who could be the choice if Suh is gone and/or protecting the franchise becomes the organizations top priority. If Suh goes one, and McCoy is available the Lions will just as easily take him, either way it’s a win for the Lions on the defensive line.

    3 – Tampa Bay – Gerald McCoy (DT – Oklahoma)
    Tampa needs help on the defensive front, and gets the best player available. McCoy is a disruptive force who might be the best penetrating DT in this draft class. Capable of altering the out come of any game, McCoy is not a bad consolation prize in Suh derby. Maybe, just maybe the Lions pick up Okung to protect Stafford… There is a good chance that Tampa has Berry as the best player available and fills a need, resulting in Berry being the pick, but with Morris returning to coach and the Tampa 2 looking like it is here to stay for a while, the Buc’s go with D-line, and priority number one. A good defensive line can mask holes in the secondary easier than a good secondary can mask holes in the defensive line. If the Rams and Lions take the top two DT’s, look for Tampa to go with Berry, the top defensive player remaining on their board.

    4 – Washington – Russell Okung (LT – Ok. State)
    Bradford does not fit the Shanny mold of a strong armed gun slinger, and Allen does not want to take a QB in the first round, because that’s what his history tells us. So the Skins take the LT of the future, who is athletic enough to fit into the zone blocking scheme utilized by Shanahan and son, as well as the best pass protection left tackle in the draft. With Allen saying recently that they will take the best player available who helps the team win, and that man is Russell Okung. Rumors of trading Laundry could result in Berry being the pick in this situation, although I am sure Shanahan would prefer to address the offense first. Regardless of Chris Samuals retiring this pick makes the most sense, especially if they cannot trade down. In the end the Skins take Okung who protects Campbell’s or Brennan’s blind side.

    5 – Kansas City – Eric Berry (S – Tennessee)
    Tough to pass on Berry with Brown and McGraw leading pack, and in a draft heavy with top end defensive talent, Berry is arguably at the top of the list. I believe he is the second best player in the draft after Suh, and that is a 1a/1b type of situation, with McCoy being 1c. Berry is considered an Ed Reed clone, and true playmaker in every sense of the word, and would make a similar impact on Kansas City’s 3-4. He could very well go to Tampa Bay depending on how the top three picks work out, but Kansas City opts to take the highest ranked player on their board, and look to address other needs as the draft goes on. The Chiefs could go in several directions, Rolando McClain and Anthony Davis should they opt for front seven help, or to protect the franchise. The McClain/Berry debate rages on in this edition, either way the Chiefs win, but they go with the slightly higher rated player at this point.

    6 – Seattle – Sam Bradford (QB – Oklahoma)
    With Jeremy Bates comes a derivative of the west coast offense, and Bradford’s attributes should allow him to fit right in. Pete Carroll knows that Hasselback has seen better days, despite his vocal show of support, decides to start the installation of his offense from scratch, and build towards the future with a quarterback first. Bradford show’s enough for the Seahawks to take the smart, accurate passer, with good intangibles, pocket awareness and a quick release to be the future of their team. This pick has become very cookie cutter-ish, but does make sense none the less… I would not be surprised to see Seattle go in numerous directions depending on who falls, and could opt to start with the offensive line and go Davis.

    7 – Cleveland – Joe Haden (CB – Florida)
    In a draft heavy with top end defensive talent, Haden is near the top of the list. I believe he is the second best player in the secondary after Berry, and could have a similar impact on any secondary when you factor a little less playmaker for a little more physicality. I see Haden as an Antoine Winfield “clone” who’s better in coverage, and just as physical. Haden will have a significant impact in Cleveland over the next decade opposite Eric Wright, who may have to live with being the second best corner on the team.

    8 – Oakland – Rolando McClain (LB – Alabama)
    Al Davis draft shocker! He certainly loves athletic freaks, and despite needs at DT, DE, and the Oline in additon to a #2 corner, the Raiders take the versitile McClain who allows for flexibility in the linebacking core, and provides the first surprise in the draft. Tough, smart, and an athletically gifted specimen, McClain plays the run as well as any linebacker coming into the draft this decade, and is a reliable defender in coverage. McClain has all the tools to be the player/coach on the field who could one day have a bust in Canton. I see McClain as a Bruschi like leader and presence on the field with more athleticism. Davis makes sense as well, but with Al Davis who truly knows?? Al loves his athletes and although making questionable picks based on physical attributes seems to be his M.O. at least he takes positions of need, and looking at the Raiders defense, they certainly could use a brain to put it all together defensively, and I fully expect McClain to light up the combine, and having led the best defense in the nation in recent memory will be looked upon favorabally as well.

    9 – Buffalo – Anthony Davis (LT – Rutgers)
    Buffalo sweats through the last five picks hoping an offensive lineman worth taking in the top ten falls to them. Having passed on Oher last year the Bills quickly jump on Davis and land the second best overall prospect at left tackle in this draft in my opinion. Davis is a mauler in the run game, and is more than capable of holding his own in pass protection. Davis could surpass Okung as the top LT available in the draft during the pre-draft process, and along with Bulaga and Campbell will have much to gain before the draft itself. Davis could work himself as high as the fourth overall pick with a solid combine, and could see himself as a Redskin, Seahawk, Raider, Brown or even a Chief come April.

    10 – Jacksonville – Jason Pierre-Paul (DE – U.S.F.)
    I can’t believe the rise of J.P.P. but it appears to be happening never the less. The potential is there, but I am not sure of the production game in and game out. However Jag’s fans can rejoice in the fact that first of all he is not Tim Tebow, and secondly he is not a Gator defensive end. J.P.P. provides a much needed pass rush, which despite recent high pick failures being used to address the situation, needs to be addressed regardless, or else they stay in the division’s basement, and possibly move out of Jacksonville. Come draft day this pick could very well be a former Gator, be it; the Tebow, or Dunlap, neither of which would surprise me. However in the end they take the fast rising J.P.P. I would not be surprised if Al Davis falls in love with Jason and takes him at 8, making Derrick Morgan a contender in this spot.

    11 – Denver (Via Chicago) – Dan Williams (DT – Tennessee)
    Williams instantly upgrades the Broncos run defense, which certainly was lacking this past season. I would consider this a reach, as Williams motor is not as consistant as his draft position would warrant. However the more I look at the Bronco’s the more it appears to me their primary needs are on the interior of both lines, and I cannot see them taking a guard this high, so for the second year in a row they look to take a volunteer defensive lineman, this time one that makes sense. I really think the Bronco’s try to trade down, and pick up some extra picks to address the interior lines later in the draft with better value in appropriate spots, but in this scenerio the Bronco’s go with the future anchor of the defense. Additionally, I don’t think Williams makes it past the Giants at 15, so how far can the Bronco’s trade down? For me the first major reach of the draft, but with McClain and Haden gone, no 3-4 type DE’s or OLB’s worth it at this spot, both first round QB’s gone, and Marshall staying in Denver for now, in addition to my thinking that this is too early for a first round guard, the Bronco’s are between a rock and a hard place.

    12 – Miami – Dez Bryant (WR – Ok. St.) “Parcells doesn’t draft first round receivers” If Henne is going to put the ball in the air 55 times, maybe the best receiver in the draft would be a nice option to throw the ball to, maybe say better than Ted Ginn Jr…
    Bryants 2008 stats compared to Crabtree’s 2008 stats.
    2008 87 1480 17.0 80 19
    2008 97 1165 12.0 82 19
    Fewer catches, more yards, better average, same number of touchdowns. If Bryant falls and Parcells passes, believing that Hartline, Bess, Ginn, Camarillo, or Turner are a number one receiver, and difference maker, than he’s clearly lost it. Crabtree should have gone seventh last year, Bryant is every bit as good (better in my opinion), and a steal at 12 in this draft.

    13 – San Francisco – Earl Thomas (S – Texas)
    The 9ers are interesting team to mock for, is Clements moving to safety (I doubt it)? With the emergence of Brooks, and the team being third in the league in sacks, is a pass rusher a top priority? Is it time to look for a new corner this early in the draft? Joe Staley takes over the left tackle spot permanently leaving the question, what is the deal with the right tackle spot? In comes Earl Thomas, who allows Dashon Gholston to play SS, giving the 9ers two safeties who can hit, make plays in coverage and allow greater schematic flexibility. Thomas declared and instantly solidified himself as my number two safety, he is a ballhawk, who is always around the action, tough for his size and willing to lay his body on the line. A Singletary guy all the way. The 9ers will be able to address the tackle spot with their next pick.

    14 – Seattle (Via Denver) – Bryan Bulaga (LT – U. Iowa)
    Bulaga has shown some vulnerability, but has tons of potential and ability. Walter Jones is 36 this year, and being injured most of this year, make this decision easy. Bulaga is the second best LT on some boards and most have him third, and a good value pick, that helps improve the run game, and protect the future of the franchise. Tough to pass on Derrick Morgan and Taylor Mays at this spot, but the LT and QB spots should be addressed first and foremost in this draft, after being neglected in the past.

    15 – N.Y.G. – Brian Price (DT – UCLA)
    The Giants go best player available that fills their biggest need, and Price is quick off the ball, and strong enough to play the run, making him a 3 down option for the Giants. Taylor Mays is an interesting option in that he would allow Phillips to roam around and make plays, and add a physical dimension to the secondary, but in the end Jerry Reese builds up the defense in the trenches first.

    16 – Tennessee – Derrick Morgan (DE – G.T.)
    The Titans get an absolute steal with the 16th pick in the draft, and with Kearse and Vanden Bosch on the wrong side of 30 and starting to show their age, Morgan teams up with Hayes to give the Titans a promising future at defensive end. The Titans could go OLB or CB in this spot, but Morgan’s value is too much to pass up.

    17 – San Francisco (Via Carolina) – Trent Williams (RT – Oklahoma)
    With Joe Staley starting at left tackle, the 49ers take the best right tackle in the draft to give them bookend tackles. Williams will open lanes for Gore to run through, and offer Smith the protection he needs from day one. More athletic than he is given credit for, Williams nor the 49ers have to worry or adapt to a position switch, and the foundation of the 49ers offensive line is well on its way towards being a viable, complete entity.

    18 – Pittsburgh – Terrance Cody (DT – Alabama)
    Cody comes into the combine in shape, and impresses. Hampton moves on to greener pastures, and this pick becomes a match made in heaven. Mount Cody anchor’s the Steelers defense of the present into the future, let’s say next 5 years of his contract or longer. Hampton is 33 and from what I have seen not the clog he has been in the past, and appears to be slowing down and showing signs of his age. Cody was the anchor of the nations best defense, and an key component in a defense that did not allow a 100 yard rusher during his tenure as a member of the Crimson Tide.

    19 – Atlanta – Carlos Dunlap (DE – Florida)
    Dunlap declaring could be a blessing for the Falcons, in that his talent and potential is as high as anyone I can remember, or it could be the lead step in a first round bust. Dunlap’s motor definitely runs hot and cold, and he has not shown a killer instinct every time he touches the field, but when he turns it on he is almost unstoppable, and at times shows flashes of being unblockable. I fully expect him to turn heads at the combine (Al Davis anyone), and he could go anywhere from the top ten to the second round, should he not go top ten I would fully expect Atlanta to jump on Derrick Morgan if he falls, or possibly J.P.P., with a corner like Patrick Robinson, OLB like Weatherspoon or Kindle being a possibility as well, but Dunlap has the most potential of any defensive end in the draft, and Mike Smith will get the most out of Dunlap.

    20 – Houston – C.J. Spiller (RB – Clemson)
    Has a Gary Kubiak team ever drafted a running back in the first round? No (at least not that I can remember)… Is Steve Slaton going to fumble the Texans a game or two out of the playoffs? Yes… Spiller is the best back in the draft, a threat to take it to the endzone any time he touches the ball, and a reliable third down back. Spiller will draw comparisons to Chris Johnson, and after an electrifying pro day, and combine Spiller could move up draft boards, regardless Spiller provides the Texans with a game breaking back to fully open up the offense. Spiller is a triple threat, running, catching, returning and can take over a game by himself. Chances are someone will take him before the Texans pick at 20.

    21 – Cincinnati – Jermaine Gresham (TE – Oklahoma)
    Gresham checks out medically, and re-establishes as the premier tight end in the draft. A capable blocker, Gresham is a receiving threat who knows how to get open, and find soft spots in the defense, giving Cincy a tight end capable of openning up the offense, taking some of the pressure receivers and provides Palmer with the option he has lacked since entering the league. Mike Brown might not be a fan of drafting Tight Ends in the first round, and does not have a history of doing so, but he needs to look no further than the two offenses in the super bowl to see the relevance of the position in todays offenses, and how it can expand an offenses capabilities. I.E. Clark and Shockey both first round picks at the tight end position. One thing is certain, Carson Palmer would be a very happy guy. The Bengal’s can certainly use a safety, in which case Taylor Mays and Chad Jones become intersting options, and a deep threat wide reciever, neither of which for me address the primary need to opening the middle of opposition defenses, which Graham does.

    22 – New England – Sergio Kindle (OLB – U. Texas)
    New England upgrades the pass rush with the ultra talent Kindle, who should have no troubles adapting to the 3-4 rush backer, exactly what the Patriots need. Kindle I thought put on a display in the championship game that will leave a lasting impression on scouts and build positive momentum heading into the draft and Kindle could end up back in the top half of the draft as it approaches.

    23 – Green Bay – Bruce Campbell (LT – Maryland)
    Chad Clifton being 34 next year, and being injured most of this year, make this
    decision/choice easy. Campbell is full of potential, has great feet (when they are on the field), and athleticism. The Packers offensive leaders will help get the most out of Campbell, who will help the offense maximize its potential.

    24 – Philadelphia – Brandon Graham (DE – Michigan)
    A relentless motor, hard worker, with excellent strength, and pure football instincts will fit in well opposite Trent Cole. A fan favorite, who is productive, and always gives 110%. There is a good chance Graham will be gone before the Eagles ever have a chance to snatch him up. I am getting the feeling more and more that Graham will be gone by this point come April…

    25 – Baltimore – Arrelious Benn (WR – U. Illinois)
    Talented receiving option who has been poorly utilized at Illinois. Benn gives Flacco a true number one recieving threat, and option outside of Mason and Heap who cannot play forever. Or can they… Benn’s size, speed and measurables make him an impact player that Baltimore cannot pass up.

    26 – Arizona – Jerry Hughes (DE/OLB – TCU)
    Hughes (DE/OLB – TCU)Hughes is an athletically gifted producer, who could be molded into a great pass rusher in the Cardinals 3-4 scheme. Hughes is talented and a strong combine in addition to pre-draft work outs could put his stock into the top half of the draft, or result into him falling into the second round. I think his production and athleticism do not let him fall past Arizona at 26. Between retirement and age, the Cardinals are hurting at OLB.

    27 – Dallas – Mike Iupati (G/T – Idaho)
    Easily the best guard in the draft, could possibly play right tackle, either way provides flexibility along the offensive line, and best value at this point in the draft. The Dallas offensive line is starting to get older, and with no LT left deamed worthy of this pick, Doug Free showing some potential, Jerry Jones goes with the best lineman left, and takes the beefy guard from Idaho. I would not be surprised to see a safety here if one of the top three fall or Chad Jones blows up the combine, but for now Iupati is too hard to resist.

    28 – San Diego – Jahvid Best (RB – Cal)
    L.T. is looking more and more like a goner by the day, even publically stating his beliefthat it is so, and Darren Sproles coming off his franchise tag, the running back situation in San Diego is murky at best (no pun intended). Jahvid Best is a threat to take it to the every time he touches the ball, a capable pass catcher, and well rounded talent who could start for the Chargers immediately and help the offense not skip a beat.

    29 – N.Y.J – Jared Odrick (DE/DT – P.S.U.)
    Odrick is an athletic, penetrating defensive tackle who transitions to defensive end for the Jets, replacing one the two aging ends in Douglas and Ellis or rotating into thedefensive line for now. Odrick was an absolute force at Penn State, and demonstrated he is capable of success as a 3-4 end at the senior bowl. With his ability to get off the snap and be disruptive in the opponents backfield, he will fit right in with the Jets

    30 – Minnesota – Chad Jones (S – L.S.U.)
    As physical and Laron Laundry, and better in coverage, Jones can play either safety spot and instantly help the secondary in run support, and coverage. Very instinctual, and having excellent football sense, Jones is my third rated safety and could go higherdepending on pre draft workouts.

    31 – Indianapolis – Sean Weatherspoon (LB – Mizzu.)
    Weatherspoon provides the Colts with a true playmaker at OLB for the Colts, and keeps to the team speed concept. With his ability to play the run and pass very well, Weatherspoon’s value is too much for the Colts to pass up. Indianapolis could go LT, but with no true value at this pick do not reach, Brian Price fills the need DT and will be very tough to pass on if he falls to this spot. I look for the Colts to continue with their history of letting LB’s move on, and fill the void in this draft.

    32 – New Orleans – Taylor Mays (S – U.S.C.)
    Mays instantly upgrades the Saints defense, allows for flexibilty in the secondary and will get some time to learn from one of the best safeties of this generation. Mays offers improved run support, while providing range, and capability in coverage, and in time could form a terrific pairing with Malcom Jenkins (who I believe is a better fit at safety). In Mays the Saints go with the best player available. With Grant getting up there in age, and injuries becoming a concern, defensive end is a real possibility, as is OLB as usual, if a DT falls to them, they might jump all over it, but the Saints take the ultra talented Mays, and a solid value at the end of the first round. If the Saints look to add a DE to reinforce the pass rush, they could go Griffen with this pick. I think the Saints will use free agency to address the need at DT, and bring in someone with some experience to fill the void for a year.

    Round 2

    33 – St. Louis – Golden Tate (WR – Notre Dame)
    Tate knows Clausen, and Clausen is comfortable throwing to Tate. The Rams receivers are nothing to write home about, and a Tate/Avery combination gives Clausen a chance.

    34 – Detroit – Vladimir Ducasse (G/T – Umass)
    I had not realized how bleak the guard situation in Detroit was until I really looked into it. Thanks Lions fans… Without trading into the first round I do not believe there is any chance Iupati falls into the second at this point, but the Lions get the number two guard in the draft who could play tackle down the road. A corner is not out of the realm of possibility here.

    35 – Tampa Bay – Everson Griffen (DE –U.S.C.)
    The Bucs get a potential steal, and drafts the talented Griffen who pairs up with McCoy to provide a upgraded defensive front.

    36 – Washington – Washington – Maurkice Pouncey (C/G – Florida)
    Continuing with there BPA philosophy, Shanny continues to build his offensive line with a replacement for Rabach who will be 33 when the season gets underway next year. Two former Bills starting at guard is never good and could be addressed as well, Pouncey offers flexibilty and could potentially play guard as well. Pouncey is not a personal favorite of mine but seems to have worked himself into the second round mix.

    37 – Kansas City – Brandon Spikes (MLB – Florida)
    With Iupati and Ducasse gone, Kansas City looks to continue upgrading the defense with Spikes, who falls to them in the second round after passing on McClain in the first.

    38 – Seattle – Nate Allen (FS – U.S.F.)
    Allen provides the Seahawks with a playmaker in coverage. Allen has good instincts, football IQ, and reacts very well to what he sees.

    39 – Cleveland – Ricky Sapp (OLB/DE – Clemson)
    Pass rusher who along with Haden dramatically improves the defense as a whole. A first round value who slips into the second round.

    40 – Oakland – Kyle Wilson (CB – Boise St.)
    With no offensive or defensive lineman left worth picking at this point the Raiders take Wilson to play opposite Asomugha and lock down coverage.

    41 – Buffalo – Eric Norwood (OLB – S. Carolina)
    More of a 4-3 OLB to me, who excels in the pass rush, which is why I believe he could adapt to the 3-4 rush backer opposite Maybin. Norwood has drawn comparisons to James Harrison, and at 252 pounds could also play inside next to Posluszny.

    42 – Tampa Bay (Via Chicago) – Damian Williams (WR – U.S.C.)
    With defense being address with the first two picks, the draft looks to go on the offensive and with all the potential turn over at wide receiver, the Bucs look to add a weapon forFreeman.

    43 – New England (Via Jacksonville) – Arthur Jones (DE/DT – Syracuse)
    An upgrade over Green, and depth along the defensive line.

    44 – Miami – Rob Gronkowski (TE – Arizona)
    With no pass rushing OLB’s, FS’s, or ILB’s worth this pick, the Dolphins chose not to reach and opt for the ultra-talented tight end who is a capable run blocker and more than capable force in the pass game.

    45 – San Francisco – Mardy Gilyard (WR – Cinci)
    Too much value to pass up, helps in the return game, and could be an outstanding slot receiver, or number two if Morgan slips. Stock is on the rise and Gilyard helps the 49ers offense become leathal, and plays a part in the return game.

    46 – Denver – Mike Johnson (G – Alabama)
    Upgrade over Kuper, solid in the run and pass. Johnson does nothing spectacularly, but does everything very well, and is an intelligent football player.

    47 – N.Y.G. – Reshad Jones (S – Georgia)
    Having passed on Mays in the first, the Gmen find Jones sitting ripe for the taking in the second and pair him with Phillips to form a safety combination with some teeth. Jones is diverse enough to play either spot, but looks to be a SS in New York, and is capable enough in coverage to allow Phillips to roam and make plays.

    48 – New England (Via Tennessee) – Ryan Mathews (RB – Fresno St.)
    Ultra productive, helps stabilize the Patriots backfield. Deceptively fast, similar to Ray Rice, is more capable of out running defenders than he is given credit for. A guard like Jon Asamoah, or Roger Saffold (flexiblity at G/T) could be options in this spot.

    49 – Carolina – Greg Hardy (DE – Ole Miss)Opposite Peppers, Hardy will be free to hopefully not get injured and live up to his potential, falls over injury concerns, potential is too much to pass up for Carolina. Allows Carolina to rotate Everette Brown in on third downs to spell Peppers or Hardy and not lose anything on the pass rush. Hardy is not doing himself any favors early in the pre-draft process, and it would not surprise me if he fell even farther come draft time. With Peppers being uncertain as to whether or not he stays, this pick makes more sense.

    50 – Pittsburgh – Patrick Robinson (CB – Florida State)Robinson slips into the second round and Pittsburgh takes the number two rated corner over on some boards, Robinson is very good in coverage, maybe the most fluid corner in the draft, and provides much needed secondary help immediatly.

    51 – Kansas City (Via Atlanta) – Brandon Lang (OLB/DE – Troy)
    This could be too high for Lang who appears to be falling down draft boards, but the Chiefs need someone to take some of the pressure off Hali in the pass rush.

    52 – Houston – Larry Asante (S – Nebraska)
    Asante gives the Texans a well rounded safety with good instincts and football sense. Asante teams up with Pollard stabilizing the safety spots in the Texans secondary.

    53 – Cincinnati – Morgan Burnett (S – G.T.)
    Greatest value while filling in a need.

    54 – New England – Brandon Lafell (WR – L.S.U.)
    A terrific option as the number two receiver opposite Moss, and is a better option than Sam Aiken, allows Edleman and Welker when he comes back to work from the slot.

    55 – Green Bay – Perrish Cox (CB – Ok. St.)
    Cox falls right into the Packers lap and gives Green Bay a future when the geriatric ward corner finally moves on. Cox is an absolute steal at this point in the draft, and could start in place of Al Harris from day one.

    56 – Philadelphia – Navorro Bowman (LB – Penn. St.)
    Extremely instinctual, and fills a need, while being the best value for Phily. Bowman comes in and immediately pays dividends on the strong side in both the run and pass game for the Eagles.

    57 – Baltimore – Donovan Warren (CB – Michigan)
    Warren to me is a little under cooked, and could have used another year at Michigan, but the talent is there, and Baltimore gets a potential steal and well rounded corner to build with.

    58 – Arizona – Charles Brown (LT – U.S.C.)
    The Cardinals take the U.S.C. product, and a legitimate LT prospect to protect the former Trojan Lienart. Brown has talent, but adding a little weight will not hurt.

    59 – Dallas – Corey Wootten (DE – Northwestern)
    Dallas looks at safeties and settles with the best value at this spot, keep an eye on Alex Carrington who is full of raw talent and could solidify himself as a solid second rounder with combine that matches his senior bowl performance.

    60 – San Diego – Ciron Black (RT – L.S.U.)
    An upgrade over Dombrowski.

    61 – N.Y.J. – Dominigue Franks (CB – Oklahoma)
    A corner opposite Revis is a must, Lowery is a solid nickel back, and Sheppard’s best days appear to be a thing of the past.

    62 – Minnesota – Colt McCoy (QB – Texas)
    One eye on the future and year behind Favre could pay-off for the Vikings down the road. McCoy’s frame and build concern me, and watching Favre get battered around in the conference championship game would not make me comfortable if McCoy were to have to play in the near future.

    63 – Indianapolis – Selvish Capers (LT – W.V.U)
    Capers has the work ethic to mesh well with Manning, who will help Capers become more aware than anyone thought possible. Does Johnson get a contract offer the Colts wont match? Is he a better fit at guard?

    64 – New Orleans – Roddrick Muckelroy (OLB – Texas)
    At times this year Muckelroy was the best player in the Texas defense, and that is saying something. The Saints think about Veldheer at tackle, but opt to continue the building of defense. Shandle and Fujita are both turning 31 this year, and the Saints look to get younger with this pick at OLB.

    Round 3

    65 – St. Louis – Kyle Calloway (T – Iowa)
    Looking at the Rams roster leaves me slightly dizzy, how did it come to this? Goldberg is a solid backup, but not a starter. Calloway should come in and compete for the starting RT spot from day one, and offers versatiliity at the tackle position.

    66 – Detroit – Brandon Ghee (CB – W.F.)
    Good value, good player, good pick overall.

    67 – Tampa Bay – Jerome Murphy (CB – U.S.F.)
    Murphy is an upgrade over nearly everyone at corner on the roster, and another building block on defense who offers flexibility in coverage.

    68 – Washington – Forfeit

    69 – Kansas City – Jason Fox (LT – Miami)
    Having addressed the needs on defense (or at least most of them), the Chiefs go on the offensive, and take Fox to play LT, allowing them to move Albert where ever they wish. Fox needs some work, but has enough potential that someone could take him before this pick.

    70 – Philadelphia (Via Seattle) – Darryl Washington (ILB – T.C.U.)
    Jeremiah Trotter was signed out of retirement because the situation at ILB for the Eagles became so bleak… Washington comes in and with Bowman, and Graham provides team speed and playmaking ability that will help revitalize the Eagles defense.

    71 – Cleveland – Demaryius Thomas (WR – G.T.)
    Cleveland has some young guys with potential at wide out, however Thomas falls and the Browns snatch him up before he falls any further. Physically gifted, Thomas is a steal at pick 71.

    72 – Oakland – Jared Veldheer (LT – Hillsdale)
    A project who could develop into Russ… Grad… Los… Fry… whoevers personal bodyguard. Veldheer is athletic and could fit into Davis’s mold of athletic specimens. Veldheer could work his way into the second round mix, and has much to gain in the next two months.

    73 – Buffalo – Alex Carrington (DE – Ark. St.)
    After lighting up the Senior Bowl festivities, Carrington I believe did make a lot of money, after the combine he could make even more and be long gone before Buffalo has a chance to add this piece to their 3-4 puzzle. Carrington gives Buffalo 2 active hard working DE’s in their 3-4 scheme that now needs a true nose.

    74 – Jacksonville – Tim Tebow (QB –Florida)
    After not reaching for the Tebow in the first, the Jaguars are rewarded with him falling to them in the third. Tebow is given the time he needs to develop into a functional NFL passer in Jacksonville, or L.A. Will someone reach on Tebow in the 1st or 2nd round? Most likely, just not me.

    75 – Chicago – Jon Asamoah (G – Illinois)
    When I see the Bears current depth chart, and the guards within set depth chart, I think of vommiting... Weird I know…. Asamoah drops due to the depth in the draft, and could come April be gone in the second round before the Bears pick in the third.

    76 – Miami – Cam Thomas – (DT – U.N.C.)
    With no pass rusher fitting the value/need profile, the Dolphins look to upgrade the Nose position with the rising Thomas, and look to Cameron Wake to develop into the replacement for Porter that he should be. Major Wright will be looked at in this scenerio as well.

    77 – San Francisco – Kareem Jackson - (CB – Alabama)
    Jackson’s stock is on the rise and this could be a steal, with Clements closer to the end than prime of his career (ditto Bly), Spencer having a history of injury concerns, and Tarell Brown being an uncertainty, corner presents itself as a need. Jackson fills that need with value and the 9ers defense gets closer to being elite.

    78 – Denver – J.D. Walton (C – Baylor)
    Casey Wiegmann is 37 next season, and Ben Hamilton is 34…

    79 – N.Y.G. – Matt Tennant (C – B.C.)
    Time to think of the future along the offensive line and Tennant is an excellent value.

    80 – Tennessee – Devin McCourty (CB – Rutgers)
    A solid all around corner, who plays the run well, and can make plays in
    coverage as well. The twins are reunited in Tennessee, play the number two and nickel corners opposite Finnegan for the foreseable future.

    81 – Carolina – Tyson Alualu (DT – Cal.)
    Replaces the 35 year old Hollis Thomas, and has a frame that can carry more weight, and still maintain his athleticism. Alualu has excellent hands and a strong punch that will allow him to be a force on the Panthers defensive line.

    82 – Pittsburgh – Major Wright (S – Florida)
    A NFL Draft Countdown favorite, who I think is a little over rated right now, but would look good next to Troy, and helps stabilize the other safety spot.

    83 – Atlanta – Amari Spievey (CB – Iowa)
    Spievey could start from day one for the Falcons, and is an upgrade over the majority of current depth chart.

    84 – Houston – Vince Oghobaase (/DT – Duke)
    Replaces Cody after adding 20 pounds to his frame, which is not maxed out yet…

    85 – Cincinnati – A.J. Edds (OLB – Iowa)
    Always around the ball, always in position, just a solid dependable backer who can be counted on game in and game out. Allows Maluaga to move back inside and additionally forms one of the best linebacking cores in the league with Rivers in the future.

    86 – Oakland (via N.E.) – Roger Saffold (G/T – Indiana)
    Oakland continues to rebuild the offensive line, Saffold offers versatility being able to guard and possibly right tackle. After looking hard at DE’s and DT’s in this spot the Raiders take the value offensive lineman.

    87 – Green Bay – Joe McKnight (RB – U.S.C.)
    Having a need for a 3rd down and change of pace back to compliment Grant, KcKight is type of player who makes a excellent offense elite.

    88 – Philadelphia – Jonathan Dwyer (RB – G.T.)
    Dwyer should be gone at this point in the draft, and could see the first round, but in this mock falls for no particular reason other than it happens, and the Eagles could not be happier, and pick up a grinder who makes the running game two dimensional. Goal line situations with Dwyer and Weaver will not allow defensive coordinators to sleep well at night.

    89 – Baltimore – Jimmy Graham (TE – Miami)
    Surprise pick by the Ravens, but at 6’8” and as athletically gifted as he is, Graham could learn a lot from Heap, and then replace him down the road. Graham is a red zone nightmare for opponents

    90 – Arizona – Dennis Pitta (TE – B.Y.U.)
    Better than any tight end on the current roster, and more productive receiver who opens the passing game even more, if that is possible.

    91 – Dallas – Darrell Stuckey (S – Kansas)
    The safety situation in Dallas needs an upgrade, and Stuckey is the man for the job.

    92 – San Diego –Kam Chancellor (S – Va. Tech.)
    Starter from day one at SS.

    93 – Cleveland (via N.Y.J.) – Aaron Hernandez (TE – Florida)
    Robert Royal is a good run blocker, and that is it… Henandez is a good pass catcher, giving whomever is the QB in Cleveland a weapon in the passing game. Put them together and you get Jermaine Gresham.

    94 – Minnesota – Montario Hardesty (RB – Tennessee)
    Chester Taylor leaves in free agency and Montario steps in, a third round steal. Similar in style Hardesty allows for a smooth transition from Taylor in the Vikings backfield. Hardesty is a more talented runner than he is given credit for, although lately it looks like he is starting to get the credit he deserves.

    95 – Indianapolis – Shawn Lauvao – (G – Ariz. St.)
    Lauvao is solid in pass protection, and can enhance the ability in the run game when it is utilized.

    96 – New Orleans – C.J. Wilson (DE – E.C.U.)
    Productive, high motor that might run higher in the 4th quarter than in the first, and the type of player who gives a max effort every play no matter the score, and a player to keep your eye on as the draft process moves along.

    Round 4

    97 – Rams – Justin Cole (OLB – S.J.S)
    Cole is an athletic talent, who is a better player than most realize. I believe he could take could fit any scheme and takes over for Paris Lenon from day one.

    98 – Detroit – Jordan Shipley (WR – U. Texas)
    Shipley may help Johnson become flat out scary, and can help on intermediate routes, and is a threat to stretch the field. Gives Stafford another option.

    99 – Tampa Bay – Dexter McCluster (WR/RB – Ole. Miss.)
    McCluster gives the Buccaneers a third down option out of the backfield, and general receiving threat all in one. McCluster, and Williams growning with Freeman could be a lethal combination in the near future.

    100 – Washington – Zach Beadles (G – Utah)
    Washington continue to build the offensive line of the future and picks up good fit in Beadles in the forth round. Not the top guard, but fits the scheme and is an excellent value in the forth round.

    101 – Kansas City – Ed Dickson (TE – Oregon)
    Dickson’s value is too much for the Chiefs to pass up, he enhances the passing game, Giing the franchise an outlet when recievers are covered down the field that he has not had since arriving in K.C.

    102 – Seattle – Lamarr Houston (DT – Texas)
    Active under tackle who filts in perfectly with Cole to give the Seahawks an excellent interior defensive line. Houston has a non-stop motor and will fit in well to Carroll’s defensive scheme and is an excellent value.

    103 – Cleveland – Mitch Petrus (G – Arkansas)
    Takes over for the 33 year old, out of position “Honey Buns” and starts from day one as the starter at right guard. Petrus is one of the least talked about, most underated players in the draft to me, and has the ability to open holes in the run game, and hold his ground in pass protection.

    104 – Oakland – Lindsey Witten (DE – U. Conn.)
    Oakland gets a potential steal in the fourth round, Witten enhances the pass rush, and has shown the ability to make plays in the backfield in the run game, needs to add some weight, and has the frame to do so.

    105 – Buffalo – Micah Johnson (ILB – Kentucky)
    Buffalo continues to take personnel to fit their new 3-4 defense, and with the status of Mitchell being uncertain, Johnson becomes the “thumper” that compliments Posluszny perfectly inside.

    106 – Chicago – Trevard Lindley (CB – Kentucky)
    Injuries slowed Lindley down this year, but he fits into the scheme for the Bears, and helps the secondary improve as a whole.

    107 – Jacksonville – Sergio Render (G – Va. Tech.)
    Render starts at guard, and allows for changes to be made along the interior offensive

    108 – Miami – Moa Misi (OLB/DE – Utah)
    A Sporano type of guy who gives a 100% effort all the time, strong with excellent quickness and pass rush ability.

    109 – San Francisco – Jermainne Cunningham (OLB/DE – Florida)
    The 49ers get a edge rusher that they have been looking for in the draft, and good value
    in the fourth round.

    110 – Denver – Geno Atkins (DE/DT)
    Poor man’s Richard Seymour, and an upgrade on the defensive line.

    111 – N.Y.G. - Pat Angerer (ILB – Iowa)
    Pierce was a good player, but on the down slope of a productive career, Angerer is a better option than Goff looking toward the future and a excellent value at this point in the draft.

    112 – Tennessee – Larry Hart (OLB C. Arkansas)
    Very instinctual playmaker, can get pressure on the QB, good in coverage and quick in

    113 – Carolina – Tony Pike (QB – Cincy)
    A steal in the fourth round. Reminds me a lot of Bradford, and could compete with Delhomme and Moore to start opening day.

    114 – Pittsburgh – Ted Larson (C – N.C. State)
    One eye on the future.

    115 – Atlanta – Rennie Curran (LB – Georgia)
    All this guy does is make tackles and eliminate the oppositions running game, making one play after another in the opponents backfield. The Falcons could go with a DT like Mike Neal to provide depth, and rotational stability, but opt for the value in Curran.

    116 – Houston – Eric Olsen (C – Notre Dame)
    Myers is not the long term answer at center, Olsen could start from day one.

    117 – Cincinnati – John Jerry (G/T – Ole. Miss.)
    An option at guard or right tackle, Jerry offers diversity, and will help open holes for Bengals backs, the same as he did in Ole. Miss. A good fit with Cincinnati’s power run schemes.

    118 – New England – Tony Washington (LT/G – Abilene Christian)
    Washington is an interesting prospect, who could go as high as the second round, and will need a strong showing in the combine. Washington could take over for Kaczur or Light at tackle in the future, and could possibly fit in a guard.

    119 – Green Bay – Eric Decker (WR – Minnesota)
    Under rated and a steal in the fourth round, Decker falls due to injuries his senior year. Green Bay looks toward the future without Donald Driver (who is 35 and has to slow down at some point…) with the best player available left on their board.

    120 – Philadelphia – Javier Arenas (CB – Alabama)
    I personally can’t stand Macho Harris, or his inability to return kicks, Arenas helps the return game, and provides depth at corner in the secondary.

    121 – Baltimore – Dezmon Briscoe (WR – Kansas)
    Ravens go BPA, and continue to give Flacco the weapons he needs to expand the offense in the passing game.

    122 – Arizona – Dan LeFevour (QB – Central Michigan)
    Leinart hasn’t shown that he is the man. LeFevour is accurate, has a quick release, display’s an excellent passion for the game, and is athletic, capable of throwing on the run.

    123– Dallas – Syd’Quan Thompson (CB – Cal.)
    Thompson comes in and helps in nickel and dime situations immediately, could be the long term replacement for Newman who is 32 next year, and with some growth could be an excellent #2 opposite Jenkins. An under rated ballhawk, who’s stock is slipping for some reason unknown to me, but a strong combine will make the a excellent value pick.

    124 – San Diego – Will Barker (T/G – Virginia)
    Provides depth at tackle, and could be diverse enough play guard with his size and frame, giving the Chargers depth at guard as well.

    125 – Philadelphia (via N.Y.J.) – Brandon Carter (G – Texas Tech.)
    The Eagles like bigger guards and take the biggest guard in the draft, who gets good push in the run game, and considering his size is fairly athletic in pass protection.

    126 – Minnesota – Reggie Stephens (G – Iowa St.)
    Minnesota’s guards are starting to get a little long in the tooth, and Stephens provides depth and with some development could be a starter in a couple years.

    127 – Indianapolis – Sean Lee (ILB – Penn. St.)
    Injury concerns result in Lee slipping into the fourth round and the Colts going BPA who fills a need, if Brackett takes the money elsewhere.

    128 – New Orleans – Jevan Snead (QB – Ole. Miss)
    The second string QB is 40, and third stringer Chase Daniel was released from the Redskins in September, and for my money does not have the arm to make the throws in Paytons system. Snead needs time to develop (accuracy and football IQ), but playing behind Brees for the next half decade should allow Snead all the time he needs to reach his potential. Coming out this year was a mistake in my mind, and another year in school would have helped him tremendously. Snead could prove me wrong and coming early be a smart decision, only time will tell.

    Round 5

    129 – St. Louis - Mike Neal (DT – Purdue)
    Having addressed the offensive side of the ball throughout the early part of this draft the Rams look to go defense with this pick, and end up with a fifth round steal in Mike Neal, who knows how to get into opponents backfields and make plays, fitting the Rams scheme perfectly.

    130 – Detroit – Toby Gerhart (RB – Stanford)
    Gerhart falls, and Detroit could not be happier. Gerhart’s attitude and work ethic will mesh very well with Schwartz, and provide the Lions with an excellent 1-2 punch in the backfield. Many think Gerhart will be taken in the second or third round, and that is where I believe his value to be, he just happens to fall in this mock.

    131 – Tampa Bay – Kendrick Lewis (S – Ole. Miss.)
    A replacement for Piscitelli at SS in the Bucs secondary, and absolute steal in the fifth round, Lewis is a player who could help himself significantly with a strong combine.

    132 – Washington – Joique Bell (RB – Wayne St.)
    Bell improved his stock significantly at the Senior Bowl, showing excellent natural running ability, and himself to be a capable back in pass protection and catching the ball. James Starks and Ben Tate could be good fits as well.

    133 – Kansas City – Riley Cooper (WR – Florida)
    After serious consideration with Myron Lewis and Chris Cook at corner, both of whom could also help out at safety, the Chiefs continue their mid round upgrade of the offense, and take Cooper who can stretch the field opposite Bowe.

    134 – Seattle – Austen Lane (DE – Murray St.)
    Size and athleticism help Lane make an impact in his first year in Seattle. The Senior Bowl hurt his stock a little, but he still has a lot of upside, and will benefit from a year behind, or learing from Patrick Kerney.

    135 – Cleveland – Charles Scott (RB – L.S.U.)
    The perfect complitment to Harrison, and will help hammer opposing defenses. Another excellent value in the fifth round.

    136 – Oakland – D’Anthony Smith (DT – La. Tech.)
    Needs some seasoning, but his athleticism makes him tough to pass on.

    137 – Buffalo – Linval Joseph (DT – E.C.U.)
    Active nose tackle with a good motor, Joseph needs to keep his pad level down in order to be effective, but has the ability to do so, frame to add some weight and become the rock in the middle of the new 3-4 defense. It’ll be interesting to see if Buffalo spends the money on a big time free agent DT this offseason.

    138 – Jacksonville - Myron Lewis (CB – Vanderbilt)
    Lewis falls and Jacksonville looks at him as the ultimate value/need pick. Lewis can help in nickel coverage, could play safety, and with Mathis missing more and more time due to injuries over the last three years could become a valuable second corner.

    139 – Chicago – George Selvie (DE – U.S.F.)
    Selvie comes in a situational pass rusher, and helps make up for the terrible loss of Gaines Adams.

    140 – Kansas City (via Miami) – T.J. Ward (S – Oregon)
    Starter from day one at SS. Good value in the fifth.

    141 – San Fransisco – Chris Scott (G/T – Tennessee)
    Depth at guard and tackle. Scott was nimble enough to play tackle in the SEC, but for me projects to guard in the NFL. Combine could raise his stock.

    142 – Detroit (via Denver) – Chris Cook (CB/S – U.Virginia)
    Cook has the size the Lions are looking for at corner, and offers flexibility in possibly transitioning to safety as well. Cook and Ghee should both see extensive time on the field and improve as the season goes along.

    143 – N.Y.G – Kevin Haslem (RT – Rutgers)
    An eye on the future, and depth along the offensive line.

    144 – Tennessee – Thomas Austin (C/G – Clemson)
    Austin provides depth at center and could project to guard, and is insurance just in case Mawae and Amano depart.

    145 – Kansas City (via Carolina) – Chet Teofilo (G – Cal.)
    Insurance at guard with Smith having injury concerns, and Waters turning 33 this month.

    146 – Pittsburgh – Willie Young (OLB/DE – N.C. State)
    Depth behind Harrison and Woodley, Young could develop in time similarly to Harrison, and one day become a starter.

    147 – Atlanta – Garrett Graham (TE – Wisconsin)
    Life after T-Gonz. does not seem so bleak, Graham is a willing blocker, who knows how to get open, and can help move the sticks.

    148 – Houston - Danario Alexander (WR – Mizzu)
    Alexander provides Schuab another big target in the passing game oposite Johnson, and Walter and Andreson to be used flexibly.

    149 – Cincinnati – Walter McFadden (CB – Auburn)
    Nickel/Dime corner with a knack for making the big play.

    150 – Tampa Bay (via N.E.) – Ben Tate (RB – Auburn)
    With the backfield questions in Tampa Bay a little insurance wouldn’t hurt, Tate can come in and contribute immediately if need be.

    151 – Green Bay – O’Brien Schofield (OLB/DE - Wisconsin)
    The Packers take an early flier on a guy who would likely have been taken much earlier than this if he had not torn up his knee during Senior Bowl practice. Schofield flashed lots of potential and has enough upside to provide a pass rush opposite Matthews in the years to come to justify this pick.

    152 – St. Louis (via Philly) – James Starks (RB – U. Buffalo)
    Starks was on the rise before his injury and I believe would have been taken well before this pick had he played this season. Starks is a solid change of pace back to Jackson, is a capable blocker, and very good reciever out of the backfield.

    153 – Baltimore – Brandon Deaderick (DE – Alabama)
    Deaderick showed flashes of potential throughout the season, and when he made plays they were often big ones. For Baltimore he comes in as a rotational player, who could start down the road.

    154 – Arizona – Thaddeus Gibson (OLB – Ohio St.)
    Tweener 3-4/4-3 OLB, who could provide some youth to the pass rush with Hughes.

    155 – Oakland (via Dallas, via Denver) – Joe Hawley (C – U.N.L.V.)
    Hawley has an NFL body at center, and plays with smarts and intenstiy. The Raiders continue to address their offensive line of the future.
    I am still not sure who this pick truly belongs to, having seen it be Oakland’s, Detroit’s (in which case the pick remains the same), and New England’s, and I have no clue so if anyone can tell me who, what, where and when, I would appreciate it!

    156 – San Diego – Kade Weston (DT – Georgia)
    Jamal Williams replacement of the future, or present if he deciedes to retire. Jacoby Ford is hard to pass up, but the nose tackle spot takes president over the depth at receiver.

    157 – Cleveland (via N.Y.J.) – Myron Rolle (S – F.S.U.)
    Rolle could potentially play either safety spot, has a superior intellect, and showed at the Senior Bowl that he can still cover. A potential steal in the fifth round, who’s could raise his stock as high as the 2nd round if he shows up at the combine and impresses like he did at the senior bowl.

    158 – Minnesota – Dekoda Watson (OLB – F.S.U.)
    Watson walks into the right situation in Minnesota, who gives him the time needed to reach his potential.

    159 – Indianapolis – Jason Worlids (DE – Va. Tech.)
    With the Super Bowl showing to the world the importance of a pass rush in the cover two, the Colts wait to address the situation until round 5, but get a player capable of helping in a pinch.

    160 – Philadelphia (via N.O.) – Kurt Coleman (S – Ohio St.)
    Coleman is not doing himself any favors at this point in the pre-draft process, a strong combine will help, but right now is an upgrade over Macho Harris at Free Safety.

    Best of the rest.

    Jacoby Ford (WR – Clemson)
    Sean Canfield – (QB – Oregon St.)
    Barry Church – (S – Toledo)
    Akwai Owusu-Ansah – (CB – Indiana (PA))
    Anthony Dixon – (RB – Miss. St.)
    Jeremy Williams – (WR – Tulane)
    Freddie Barnes – (WR – Bowling Green)
    Colin Peek – (TE – Alabama)
    Nathan Overbay – (TE – Eastern Washington)
    Perry Riley – (OLB – L.S.U.)
    Rico McCoy – (OLB – Tennessee)
    Jamar Chaney – (ILB – Miss. St.)
    Terrell Skinner – (S – Maryland)
    Michael Hoomanawanui – (TE – Illinois)
    Taylor Price – (WR – Ohio)
    Mike McGlaughlin – (ILB – B.C.)
    Robert Johnson – (S – Utah)
    Jonathon Amaya – (S- Nevada)
    Darryl Sharpton – (OLB – Miami)
    Boo Robinson – (DT – Wake Forrest)
    Earl Mitchell – (DT – Arizona)
    John Estes – (C – Hawaii)
    Jarrett Brwon – (QB – W.V.)
    Levi Brown – (QB – Troy)
    LaGarrette Blount – (RB – Oregon)
    Michael Smith – (RB – Arkansas)
    Rashawn Jackson – (FB – Virginia)
    Manase Tonga – (FB – B.Y.U)
    Dorin Dickerson – (H-Back – Pitt.)
    Adam Ulatowski – (T – Texas)
    Sam Young – (T – Notre Dame)
    Dace Richardson – (T – Iowa)
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    22 – New England – Sergio Kindle (OLB – U. Texas)
    43 – New England (Via Jacksonville) – Arthur Jones (DE/DT – Syracuse)
    48 – New England (Via Tennessee) – Ryan Mathews (RB – Fresno St.)
    54 – New England – Brandon Lafell (WR – L.S.U.)
    118 – New England – Tony Washington (LT/G – Abilene Christian)

    This is a great draft for the Pats. All these positions are of need and LaFell is a steal at the end of the 2nd.
    If the Pats don't resign L.Bodden then I can see the Pats grabbing P.Robinson instead of R.Matthews.

    Great job
    -Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots-Boston Celtics-


    • #3
      With what's left on the board, I could see Dez being a slight possibility, only because JPP and McClain are both off the board. I still see Derrick Morgan as the more likely pick there. But I'd obviously be just fine with Dez being the pick there.

      As for the rest of the draft, I don't agree with the 2nd round pick, or the reasoning. You say there are no OLB's worthy of that pick, but Greg Hardy would certainly fit that bill there. Cam Thomas is a solid pick in the 3rd. Then in the 4th, since I would draft Hardy in the 2nd, Chris Cook from Virginia would make for a solid free safety pick there.

      Here's my Phins draft:

      1. Dez Bryant
      2. Greg Hardy
      3. Cam Thomas
      4. Chris Cook

      Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


      • #4
        9/10 for the Skins draft. Love all the picks but in the 4th I think it would be really hard to pass on Lamarr Houston, Geno Atkins, Sydquan, or Micah Johnson for Beadles given the value those other guys would be.


        • #5
          That is a great Lions mock. Well done.

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            good job on the five rounder, however for the saints:
            first round pick is suprising (since mays usually doesnt reach) but is good times. welcome to the cover 1 D.
            second, third and fourth all make little sense:
            change the second rounder to darryl washington, saints need a wlb, not a slb (which muckelroy is).
            third rounder: change to lamarr houston, better value + slightly bigger need=better pick
            fourth rounder not my favourite pick and id rathr use it on someone like d'antonio smith

            Saints 2014 draft wish list:
            - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
            - Corner or Wideout in the first
            - No reaching
            - No Kelvin Benjamin


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              Eh, decent KC mock, but our biggest offensive needs are C/G and we don't touch one until the 5th? Can't let that happen.

              Originally posted by fenikz
              His soft D really turns me off
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                Great overall draft and definitely a great Pats draft.

                Blount or Jacoby Ford in round 6 to NE and I'd be stoked.

                Chester Taylor to NE in free agency and then we can skip Matthews and fill another need, maybe? :D

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                  I love the McClain pick, but give the Raiders Greg Hardy in the 2nd.


                  • #10
                    Very good Vikings mock. Love Chad Jones, Colt McCoy is good, fills a huge need with good value, Hardesty in the 3rd is perfect. 4th fills another big need, although I don't know much about Stephens. Watson is ok in the 5th.

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                      Originally posted by Nalej View Post
                      22 – New England – Sergio Kindle (OLB – U. Texas)
                      43 – New England (Via Jacksonville) – Arthur Jones (DE/DT – Syracuse)
                      48 – New England (Via Tennessee) – Ryan Mathews (RB – Fresno St.)
                      54 – New England – Brandon Lafell (WR – L.S.U.)
                      118 – New England – Tony Washington (LT/G – Abilene Christian)

                      This is a great draft for the Pats. All these positions are of need and LaFell is a steal at the end of the 2nd.
                      If the Pats don't resign L.Bodden then I can see the Pats grabbing P.Robinson instead of R.Matthews.

                      Great job
                      I thought so, I tried to work in offensive line earlier but it didnt work out, I thought about Bodden, and despite my dislike for Whittle as well as Wheatley and Springs being... Well old... am operating under the assumption that Bodden comes back, and Butler takes over the second corner spot next year, and they are content for now at corner, although I was really fighting the desire to go with cox in the second... Thanks for the feedback!
                      "It must be contract year!"

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                        Originally posted by thebow305 View Post
                        With what's left on the board, I could see Dez being a slight possibility, only because JPP and McClain are both off the board. I still see Derrick Morgan as the more likely pick there. But I'd obviously be just fine with Dez being the pick there.
                        My question is do you think Morgan can drop into coverage, or man up on anyone??
                        I know Parcels history, and personally I hope that the Dolphins dont end up with Bryant, but the value he brings, plus teams having to respect him coverage wise, in addition to openning up the run game for the Dolphins make him a no brainner for me, especially if he falls, but that is my opinion. Im not sure why so many people on this board feel like Morgan is a fit at 3-4 OLB, after watching Stanzi out run him, I wouldnt want him covering anyone, but that is my opinion, love him as a 4-3 DE, not a 3-4 OLB...

                        As for the rest of the draft, I don't agree with the 2nd round pick, or the reasoning. You say there are no OLB's worthy of that pick, but Greg Hardy would certainly fit that bill there. Cam Thomas is a solid pick in the 3rd. Then in the 4th, since I would draft Hardy in the 2nd, Chris Cook from Virginia would make for a solid free safety pick there.
                        Again, do you think Greg Hardy can drop into coverage, or man up on anyone??
                        The only guy I see as a possibiliy at that point in the draft is Brandon Lang, and I though that he was a real stretch for K.C., and Hardy is another guy I see as stricktly a 4-3 DE, I reference Robert Ayers last year, 4-3 DE who was tried at 3-4 OLB and fell way short of making the transition. Its becoming a passing league, and if the Dolphins address the passing game, their running becomes more leathel. Fasano at TE is servicable, but Gronkowski is just as good in the run game and a drastic improvement in the passing attack, and Gronkowski and Bryant to me would open up the running game, and give Henne viable options in the passing game. Moa Misi is a steal in the third, and will likely be reached on in the second, and would make sense there as well, but For me Grankowski is a much better value.

                        Here's my Phins draft:

                        1. Dez Bryant
                        2. Greg Hardy
                        3. Cam Thomas
                        4. Chris Cook
                        This is all my opinion, but I appreciate the feed back, and certainly will keep the dialogue open.
                        "It must be contract year!"

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                          Skins Draft...

                          Originally posted by Dirty Thirty View Post
                          9/10 for the Skins draft. Love all the picks but in the 4th I think it would be really hard to pass on Lamarr Houston, Geno Atkins, Sydquan, or Micah Johnson for Beadles given the value those other guys would be.
                          I think it makes sense for the Skins, although I did not have any thoughts on the players you mentioned in regards to the Skins, but see the value you mention, and think Thompson would be a fit, although I liked Beadles being a good fit with the zone blocking scheme, but was considering Jeff Byers and Dorian Brooks as well. Thanks for the input, I will certainly entertain it!
                          "It must be contract year!"

                          Deion Sanders


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                            A beauty of a Bucs mock. Well done

                            bonekrusher on the sig magic
                            <beans> libid dont worry man i think fondling big black men is a perfectly worthy career goal
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                              Lions 2010 draft...

                              Originally posted by noondog View Post
                              That is a great Lions mock. Well done.
                              I thought so, filled needs, and had good value top to bottom. I appreciate it!!
                              "It must be contract year!"

                              Deion Sanders



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