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a late night mock draft as a sedative

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  • a late night mock draft as a sedative

    I only included one round and one trade. It's Not in much detail, but it involves the Falcons and Bengals for a receiver.

    Critique as you shall...

    1.Rams-Sam Bradford-I’m starting things off with a qb because I don’t believe the Rams really can keep avoiding this issue year to year if they want to be a serious contender someday. They selected a franchise LT last year and logically speaking you would think they should add the franchise qb. Who knows though if that point will be part of their reasoning in the first round.

    2.Lions- G. McCoy-one or the other elite DTs is fine here

    3.Bucs- N. Suh-and they’ll take the other one.

    4.Redskins-Jimmy Clausen-I go back and forth on this. No, Clausen isn’t a Cutler or Elway cut up and he doesn’t have the strongest arm, but until I hear that he struggles to make the NFL throws I won’t make that my determining factor in this pick. I believe the other things he should generally be able to do well once given time to mature in an NFL offense. Campbell will be the starting qb next year most likely, but everyone knows there are questions whether he can succeed at the position. Another consideration is that there is no guarantee that the skins will be selecting in the top 10 next year. Shanny only had two losing seasons with the Broncos i believe. With a rejuvenated team and a relatively mild schedule, (Lions, Rams, Bears, Jaguars, and Bucs) they might win 7 or so games and possibly be out of contention for Locker or another rising QB prospect. Plus the Skins can find offensive line talent in the early 2nd round. Charles Brown or M. Pouncey might be available.

    5.Chiefs- Russell Okung-I know Chief fans want defense first, but blocking should be a prime consideration for the Chiefs when they paid handsomely to get Cassell and gave up over 45 sacks. If they have their qb, they need to offer him better protection.

    6.Seahawks- Eric Berry. I think Carroll is really hoping that Clausen falls. In fact he might trade up to ensure he gets his man. But if he doesn’t Eric Berry is the best player available and fills a definite need.

    7.Browns-Joe Haden. Best CB available is always a great way to improve the defense.

    8.Raiders-Anthony Davis-to help protect Russell and establish run, which should be big priorities. Bruce Campbell is too risky here. I'm slightly going against creepy old Al reasoning since JPP would be enticing as well.

    9.Bills-Bryan Bulaga-Buffalo needs a QB and a LT. Get qb in later round or a free agent qb will do for now

    10.Broncos -Rolondo McClain-this team struggled against the run down the stretch and McClain would be a beast in that area. Carlos Dunlap is also a consideration but they drafted Ayers last year at DE so I’m not so sure on that. I don’t think they take Bryant unless they sever ties with Marshall. Also note that Mcdaniels might be targeting a qb, which would make this pick irrevelent. Marshall has a chance of being traded to a team like Tampa Bay depending on how things work out at the top and the offer that is made.

    11.Jaguars-JPP. Despite his athleticism and potential, I don’t really know if he’ll be a great player in the NFL with one year of work at a Division I level, but I could see him going to the Jags. He’s the top DE on many boards now.

    12.Dolphins-Dan Williams. I just can’t see Parcells taking a WR in the draft with all the concerns they have at NT and at LB. My guess is they look to free agency to fill that need. Williams is a slight reach even with Dez Bryant available, but the need is huge for an impact NT in Miami. Cody may not be around when they pick in the second round so they need to make certain this is filled.

    13.49ers-Trent Williams-this pick fits a huge need.

    14.Seahawks-Derrick Morgan. Seahawks need to improve their pass rush. Bruce Campbell is talented, but a risky selection this early I believe. I think they'll wait till the second round to find an offensive tackle to mold into their Zone blocking scheme

    15.Giants- Brian Price-Giants need to make sure their defensive line is well established. Though Mays and Thomas are hot property at this point, they can address safety in the second round.

    16.49ers-Earl Thomas. CJ Spiller is a consideration, but I think the 49ers are going to take a defensive playmaker with their second first rounder

    17. Titans-Carlos Dunlap. Maybe his effort is questionable at times, but the Titans have good defensive line coaching and could likely get more out of him.

    18. Steelers-Bruce Campbell. I’m sure they love Iupati, but they really need someone who can play tackle

    19. Bengals-(trade with Falcons)-Dez Bryant-I recognize that Mike Brown doesn’t have a history of trading up and that this scenario is unlikely, but I think if the Bengals see him fall they’ll probably think about moving up, and at this point it might only cost them a 3rd or 4th.

    20.Texans- CJ Spiller-with DTs off the board and Jared Odrick a reach here, the Texans might look at the value of adding another RB. Spiller is a gem that will open up their offense, improve their rushing, and add special teams value.

    21. Falcons-(trade with Bengals)-Brandon Graham-If Dez Bryant fell, Falcons might have interest, but they have bigger fish to fry on their defense. They might be a prime trading partner as they need ammo in order to get back up into the second round-early third area to find a good option at cornerback as well. Here they select a pass rusher with loads of ability and effort.

    22. Patriots-Jermaine Gresham-without Ben Watson and the return of Wes Welker in question at this point, the offense needs added weapons. Golden Tate is a thought here. Sergio Kindle also offers good value around here as well. A rush backer will likely be available in the second.

    23.Packers-Sergio Kindle-Mike Iupati and Charles Brown are intriguing choices here, but filling the need at OLB could take their pass rush to the next level. The Pack could add a cornerback in the second round or draft an offensive tackle.

    24.Eagles-Everson Griffen-some say the Eagles need to address CB first, but there should still be good value in the 2nd round. This way, the Eagles get a talented pass rushing force.

    25.Ravens-Golden Tate-even with a possible acquisition of Anquan, their need for WR is great and the value is good here.

    26. Cardinals-Ricky Sapp-great fit as a 3-4 OLB and the need for a pass rusher is great with the loss of Berry.

    27.Cowboys-Mike Iupati-If Mays, Odrick, and Iupati are all around at this juncture in the draft Jerry might have to restrain Wade down from doing his YMCA dance rendition in the draft war room.

    28.Chargers-Terrence Cody-yeah maybe he'll look like a run-stuffing slob out there, but there’s at least some good value in that on the first two downs.

    29.Jets-Damian Williams-a familiar face for Sanchez to throw to. I'll take familiarity and superior route running over A. Benn's greater athletic ability.

    30. Vikings-Taylor Mays-as a cowboys fan reeling from a bad playoff loss, i'll be slightly concerned if the vikings add another intimidating presence to their beastly defense. Kyle Wilson or Jared Odrick would make good sense here too.

    31.Colts-Charles Brown-I recall hearing Polian say something about the offense line after the super bowl. Not sure if that is fair, but it could mean something is up.

    32.Saints-Jared Odrick-the presence of Remi Ayodele doesn't exactly create fear amongst opposing linemen and runningbacks
    Last edited by bluebonnet78; 02-17-2010, 08:50 AM. Reason: because i'm stupid enough to have Sergio Kindle drafted twice

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    Nice raiders pick

    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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      sean weatherspoon for the saints please

      Saints 2014 draft wish list:
      - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
      - Corner or Wideout in the first
      - No reaching
      - No Kelvin Benjamin


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        I like Gresham but would prefer to go OLB or O-Line in the first.

        I also think GB would be pissed if Arizona selected Kindle

        BoneKrusher killing it with the sig


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          You have Sergio Kindle twice, but all in all a pretty solid effort. I could definitely see Dez falling.


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            Originally posted by bluebonnet78 View Post
            5.Chiefs- Russell Okung-I know Chief fans want defense first, but blocking should be a prime consideration for the Chiefs when they paid handsomely to get Cassell and gave up over 45 sacks. If they have their qb, they need to offer him better protection.
            Maybe Chiefs fans want defense first because they understand their team needs better than someone who only looks at the season long stats. 45 sacks but only 8 in the last 6 games. Berry or McClain will make us very happy.


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              nice response there AntoinCD...I don't know how I missed that. That is God awful. Of course I'd love to hear somebody do that just for giggles...Okay I'll edit it to make Arizona's pick Ricky Sapp for now.

              Obviously i'm a longhorns fan...


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                No way the Pats pass on a rush backer like Kindle for a TE.
                TE is deep this year and we can grab one later on.
                Our OLBs are so terrible I wouldn't be surprised if we grabbed 2 OLBs in the 1st 2 rounds
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                  No Weatherspoon in the 1st? He will not.... get past the Saints. Sad days.


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                    I hear Brown is putting on weight which I assume means he is gaining strength. If so then I am down with that pick for the Colts. Other than center no position on our OL should be safe.

                    edit: I agree there's no way Spoon drops to the 2nd round.


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                      As long as we nab a S later on I could dig trading up a few spots for Dez

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                        to the Saints fans, obviously i'll have to reconsider Weatherspoon in here and i agree the Saints seem like a perfect fit if he doesn't go earlier. Some vikings fans mentioned elsewhere that Odrick is a better fit at 3-4 DE than at 4-3 DT. I need to read more on that. my apologies...

                        Pats could definitely take a Brandon Graham or Sergio Kindle at 22 if they are around, but I guess I was impressed by BB's history of drafting first round TE's and forgot about the depth at TE in this draft. You have good points and I may need to rethink that one.

                        To the Chiefs fan, I'm quite aware of the lack of defensive talent over there, and the fact that your offensive line improved down the stretch. Drafting Okung could take that line a long ways just as well as adding Berry in the secondary. Basically I think the Chiefs could go about fixing their problems in different ways. If you take offensive line first, you could still get a very solid Brandon Spikes/Terrence Cody type to add to the front 7 at 36 and take from the pool of good mid second-early third round safeties with one of your two other picks there.


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                          Wow, if we didn't take Dez Bryant with what's left on the board there at 12...

                          I mean, I like Dan Williams, but come on!!

                          Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                            I'll happily take Taylor Mays at #30.



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                              Originally posted by thebow305 View Post
                              Wow, if we didn't take Dez Bryant with what's left on the board there at 12...

                              I mean, I like Dan Williams, but come on!!
                              Nope sorry. He is in stripes now haha

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