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Broth's 2nd Annual All Stolen Mock

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  • Broth's 2nd Annual All Stolen Mock

    Everyone liked last year's so I decided to do it again. I went through the team forums and mock drafts pulled a post from each to make the selections. Don't hate me they aren't my picks. :)

    (seriously though good comments = + repzzz)


    Originally posted by holt_bruce81 View Post
    Suh already is the pick (barring a trade down) no matter what happens in the free agency period. No Quarterback this year warrants a 1st overall selection.


    Originally posted by Addict View Post
    with Suh or McCoy we wouldn't plug the hole, we'd destroy that need for the next decade.


    Originally posted by DJC View Post
    I wouldn't be mad if we took Dez if it was between him and Berry, but if McCoy is on the board, no f*****g way. He's 4th on my BB for us, with Morgan 5th, Haden 6th, Okung 7th.

    Originally posted by Dirty Thirty View Post
    I actually do think Okung is an elite prospect. Hes a monster in run blocking but Im not sure where you dont think that hes as strong in pass blocking. He could use his hands and long arms better, which is easily coachable, but he slides really well, plays with balance, and shuts down the edge quickly. Well see what his measurables are but I think your underestimating his athleticism.

    With that said, Im all about Eric Berry and Gerald McCoy as well and am all for a trade down. If we could move down and draft a guy like Davis, Bulaga, Iupati, Vladimir, or Campbell as well as pick up another 2nd round pick that would be ideal. Spiller or Earl Thomas in a trade down would be sweet too and we could take oline with both 2nd rounders.
    Originally posted by Dirty Thirty View Post
    Ive been waiting to hear Mayoks thoughts on the QBs but he hasnt been public on his thoughts until recently.

    When asked if either QB is worth the 1st overall pick:

    "I think it's a big reach,'' Mayock said. "The logical guy is (Oklahoma's Sam) Bradford. I'm not a big (Jimmy) Clausen fan. No way in the world in my mind -that's today, I've still got a lot more work to do on Bradford. Those two players (Suh and McCoy) just dwarf the quarterback issue."
    5 Kansas City - ERIC BERRY, S, TENNESSEE

    Originally posted by vidae View Post
    Morgan, in my opinion, has workout-warrior written all over him. I'm not sure I'd buy him top 5. Top 10 I could see, if we trade back, but the pick should be a difference maker defensively. Berry or McClain fit this to a T.
    6 Seattle - Anthony Davis OT/Rutgers

    Originally posted by Shane P. Hallam View Post
    Anthony Davis OT/Rutgers

    With Walter Jones announcing his likely retirement, the Left Tackle position is in a state of emergency for the Seahawks. Even if Pete Carroll wanted to grab a young signal caller, it likely would not help without protection up front for him. There is a debate looming about who the best offensive tackle in this draft is, Anthony Davis or Oklahoma State’s Russell Okung. Okung is a bit worse in run protection and sometimes lacks the punch a LT needs, but Davis is a bit more raw with more upside. Teams will ultimately take Davis for his upside, and he would be an excellent fit in a place like Seattle that is in a rebuilding mode. The Seahawks could opt for Jimmy Clausen, a player Pete Carroll has gotten plenty of looks at when facing off against Notre Dame.
    7 Cleveland - JOE HADEN, CB, FLORIDA

    Originally posted by OSUGiants17 View Post
    Celeveland needs one thing, a shutdown corner and that's exactly what Haden is.
    8 Oakland JPP

    Originally posted by BoneKrusher View Post
    heres what i came up with man, as you prolly know the color scheme is gonna be off.
    mixing Green/Beige with silver and black but i kinda like it tho.

    hope you do.
    9 Buffalo - Bryan Bulaga

    Based on free agency, the team goes after a physical tackle (team currently has Brad Butler, Nick Hennessey, Jamon Meredith and Demetrius Bell) and looks for a quarterback in the top of the second round to come in and compete with current QBs Brian Brohm and Ryan Fitzpatrick.
    10F Jacksonville - Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

    Jacksonville Jaguars: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech
    Tim Tebow's poor Senior Bowl was the best possible thing Wayne Weaver could have seen. It'll allow the Jaguars owner to obtain Tebow a bit later in the draft. More on that below.

    Jacksonville's top need is selling tickets and drawing fan interest. The team's No. 2 need is finding someone who can get to the quarterback. The Jaguars tried the 4-3 and the 3-4 in 2009, but nothing worked. Amazingly, the team finished with just 14 sacks, and no one had more than three. Derrick Morgan nearly had as many sacks last season (12.5) as Jacksonville's entire defense!

    Other 2010 NFL Draft Possibilities:

    1. Jason Pierre-Paul, DE - The Jaguars may prefer Jason Pierre-Paul's upside. I think this would be a mistake (more on this below).

    2. Trade Down (Tim Tebow) - The talk at the Senior Bowl was how dire things are in a few NFL cities, particularly Jacksonville. Wayne Weaver lost a lot of money this year. And by a lot of money, I mean A LOT OF MONEY. The situation is code-red for the Jaguars. Not even Jack Bauer, Chuck Norris or Carl Winslow could remedy things.

    But Tebow can. Matt called me last Thursday from the Senior Bowl and told me that he vastly underestimated how much love Tebow has. Thousands of people showed up just to see him practice. College girls made the trip to support him. The fans during the Senior Bowl continuously chanted, "We Want Te-Bow!"

    If you haven't been to Florida recently, you don't know how much of an icon Tebow is down there. People love him and look up to him. He would solve all of Jacksonville's fiscal issues for the next two years. If Tebow struggles, Weaver could still recoup his money and sell the team. And if Tebow actually turns out to be a good quarterback? Weaver would be able to bathe in gold coins as if he were Uncle Scrooge.

    I don't think the Jaguars will spend the No. 10 selection on Tebow. They can trade down to the 18-22 range (the Steelers would like Rolando McClain) and get him there. Or, they can trade this year's third-round pick and next year's second-round selection to obtain Tebow in Round 2.

    The bottom line is - and I can't stress this enough - the Jaguars NEED to walk away from this draft with Tebow. If they don't, Weaver will continue to lose millions upon millions of dollars. The NFL is a business-first model, and Tebow would be an extremely value commodity for Jacksonville's troubled owner.

    10F Denver (from Chicago) - SAM BRADFORD, QB, OKLAHOMA

    Originally posted by njx9
    i don't really think anything one way or the other. but i think a guy like bradford fits the system pretty much perfectly, while giving a lot more (whatever you think of his arm strength, for instance, it's still light years ahead of orton's) than orton can. that said, it's also clear there are MUCH bigger needs, so i'm really only interested in a QB if the right guy falls to the right place or if all of the other guys don't fall to us.

    i'm sure mcd thinks brandstater is the next tom brady, but i don't see where he's anything more than a career 3rd string qb.

    Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
    McClain/Dez/Griffen/Kindle is my board for the first rounder.

    And I don't see any way you can take FS "off the board" It was by far the worst position on the team last year. I like Clemons but there is no way you put everything in his basket, especially with how deep safety is this year.
    13 San Francisco - JIMMY CLAUSEN, QB, NOTRE DAME

    Originally posted by binary
    Yikes. I will say this, and I might get hammered for it, but Clausen is the one QB I wouldn't mind picking with an early pick. I like Clausen's tools and intangibles, call me crazy. Still worried about Trent Williams, very worried.
    14 Seattle (from Denver) - TAYLOR MAYS, S, SOUTHERN CAL

    Originally posted by summond822 View Post
    If Mays is there at 14, it's easy to see him going to the Seahawks. Maybe Brown later on. Other than that, I don't see Carroll going out of his way to draft the guys from USC over superior prospects at other schools.

    The place I'd expect the connection to come into play is in the later round prospects/UDFA's. That is where I truly expect him to go out of his way to bring in his own guys.

    15 New York Giants - DAN WILLIAMS, DT, TENNESSEE

    Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
    I know most of you don't agree with me, but I really think Dan Williams should be the pick. Ive been saying ever since I joined this website that a run stuffing big strong NT would do wonders for our defense.

    Dan Williams is that guy. He reminds me so much of Pat Williams its scary. I remember way back when Pat was on the market, I was fuming when the Giants didn't nab him.

    Dan Williams is a Chris Jenkins/Pat Williams clone and he also played for Monte Kiffin. He just makes perfect sense to me, especially since our DTs are a serious concern, we got ran all over last year, and we've been missing this caliber of player since Keith Hamilton.

    My dream for the 1st 2 rounds is to move back, get Williams in the 1st, then move back into the early 2nd and nab Brandon Spikes.

    But if I had to have 1 or the other, I think I'd go with Dan Williams.

    Williams also gives us the ability to switch to a 3-4 defense if we ever wanted to do that in the future. I think that versatility is necessary.

    Originally posted by VoodooMonkey View Post
    Really I wouldn't mind drafting a Dan Williams or Brian Price as long as we use that to kick Jason Jones out to left end.
    Another situation I could see us doing is trading out of the first for a couple of second round picks.
    If we go defensive end, I'd like Everson Griffen or Derrick Morgan. I'd hope we'd avoid Carlos Dunlap or Greg Hardy like the plague.
    16F San Francisco (from Carolina)

    Originally posted by scott_wright
    San Francisco has had a lot of issues over the years but one constant has been the shaky offensive line play. Joe Staley is a keeper and they have some talent inside but the Niners desperately need to bring in an upgrade at right tackle. Former teammates Phil Loadholt and Duke Robinson received more publicity and attention during their time at Oklahoma but Trent Williams is actually a better player and a far superior pro prospect. After excelling at right tackle early in his career Williams moved to the left side as a senior and had some ups and downs, although there were legitimate excuses with injuries and overall inexperience. An excellent athlete who is capable of seeing action on either side, Williams is a terrific all-around player who excels as both a pass protector and run blocker. In many ways Williams will remind you of Michael Oher, who is coming off of a fantastic rookie season with the Baltimore Ravens. Keep a close eye on the Niners sketchy quarterback situation too. If they decide Alex Smith isn't the long-term answer once and for all the 49'ers will likely be in the market for a new signal caller and with two first round picks they certainly have the ammunition to trade up. A defensive back such as Florida's Joe Haden or USC's Taylor Mays would be the other option here if by some chance they didn't go o - line
    18 Pittsburgh - MIKE IUPATI, OL, IDAHO

    Originally posted by Havok69 View Post
    How would Steeler fans feel about Iupati in the 1st? He's not a LT, but he'd be an upgrade to a crap line and give some flexibility.
    Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
    I'd take him.


    Originally posted by d34ng3l021 View Post
    Yeah, thats my concern too. Maybe we will backload his deal and make him restructure or something.

    My big board:

    1. Brandon Graham
    -His stock his skyrocketing and all we can hope for is a poor workout. It won't matter how his measurables are though, because he is going to be a monster on the field, in a 4-3 or 3-4. He dominated at the Senior Bowl practices and had a great game. He has had 46 TFL in his last 2 years in Michigan, in addition to his 20 sacks. Perfect type of player to learn from Abraham too.

    2. Joe Haden
    -Seems to be the consensus #1 CB so far. I can see the CB rankings fluctuating with the 40 times and he might fall to us.

    3. Derrick Morgan
    -Hometown guy who has prototypical size for a 4-3 end. Probably the #1 ranked DE now though.

    4. Perrish Cox
    -I am a huge fan of Cox and he seems to be our first realistic choice. He is a big physical guy with great intelligence for the game. He is gonna be a very good pro.

    5. JPP
    -I don't know how I feel about raw defensive lineman anymore.

    6. Kyle Wilson/Patrick Robinson
    20F Houston - EARL THOMAS, S, TEXAS

    Originally posted by Bucky Brooks
    20. Houston Texans
    Earl Thomas, S, Texas
    The Texans continue to add to an emerging defense by selecting Thomas with their top pick. The versatile ball hawk shows excellent range as a safety, but also possesses the athleticism to fill in at corner.

    Originally posted by crites09 View Post
    The more I watch Demaryius Thomas the more I want him on our team... I think he plays a lot like Andre Johnson. If he runs a fast 40 I think we should take him in round 1 because he will not be there when pick in the second round. He is 6'3 229, that's the exact mold that Andre Johnson is and sure if may not be a return guy but he is a playmaker and that is something we need badly. He is has shot up to be my favourite WR that will available when we pick
    22 New England - SERGIO KINDLE, DE, TEXAS

    Originally posted by AntoinCD View Post
    I really don't see much chance of the Raiders pick being used this year. If there is someone we like in the top 10-13 or so we have enough ammunition with 3 2nds to move up and even if we were to hypothetically trade with say Cleveland to get Dez Bryant and they ask for 2 1sts there is more chance of giving up our own 1st rather than the one we got from Oakland. The more likely scenario though is trading one of the 2nds for another 2011 1st.

    Ideally if we trade our 2nd 2nd rounder to someone like Arizona for next years 1st and they tank without Kurt Warner.

    Then this year we take

    1. Sergio Kindle
    2. Jahvid Best
    2. Maurkice Pouncey

    Then with 3 1sts next year we take Patrick Peterson, Julio Jones and Kyle Rudolph(with the 32nd pick obviously).

    If all that happens I will buy a plane ticket to Boston, get a train to Foxboro, buy a game ticket, storm the field and then proceed to dance ball naked on the 50yd line.


    Originally posted by J-Mike88 View Post
    1) OT Bruce Campbell - I like his potential and attributes. Raw but I think a year of development would do wonders. I REALLY LIKE THIS PICK, although I LOVE BRANDON GRAHAM MORE.

    Originally posted by superman8456 View Post
    I love Weatherspoon and I dont know how well he would fit our system. I'm willing to say he would be darn good though. He is a lot bigger than I thought he was going to be. He plays pretty physical, covers extremely well, has great range, and is a tackling machine. All qualities I want in my SLB. Not to mention that this isnt a very deep SLB class, so if we dont get one in FA, I want Weatherspoon with the 1st.

    This FS is deep, so 2nd rounder is what I would feel comfortable using on a FS. Reshad Jones or Chad Jones would be ideal.

    A need only some guys did mention is a big, redzone target type WR. We need someone who is going to go up and climb the ladder, while creating mismatches with his size. Danario Alexander in the 3rd round.

    Andy Reid loves big offensive lineman so I would expect someone like Vlad Ducasse or Jon Jerry selected to be our G of the future.

    I want a physical freak LDE. Someone who has an extremely high ceiling and just needs a year to develop. Our depth is extremely good at LDE, we just need to get better production out of it. I wouldnt call it a 1st round need after 1 season.


    Originally posted by A Perfect Score
    Jesus, if we snagged Benn and Dunlap in 1 and 2 Id be ecstatic...Like the others said, if LaFell is available, snag him, if not, go with the best CB or pass rusher
    26 Arizona

    Originally posted by DoughBoy View Post
    26. Arizona* (10-6)-Jerry Hughes- The guy does not get enough respect as a player. I think he is the best pass rusher in this draft. Like Brandon Graham the guy dominates but he doesn’t get noticed because he is not a “freak” athlete. I don’t care, Jerry is a beast.
    27 Dallas - Perrish Cox Oklahoma State

    Originally posted by Ward View Post
    Prediction: Dallas doesn't go offensive line in round 1 OR two, barring some kind of major steal available. I think even if Iupati is on the board, they pass. I think Jerry's attitude will be that healthy Colombo+Adams is starter quality in this league, and Free & Brewster represent the youth movement. I think if Brewster shows nothing next season or gets hurt again, they'll move in a different direction.

    So where then? Tight end, QB, RB, and LB seem locked up. Wideout could use the talent, but too much has been invested in Roy Williams, and soon Austin as well. How do you justify throwing a 1st round receiver (not named Dez Bryant) in there? Fullback is now a need with the likely release of Anderson, but again how can you justify a first or second rounder on a fullback, especially considering how deep and versatile our tight ends are right now? That's the entire offense.

    As stated, LB seems full at this point. An upgrade at ILB would be great, but there are several projects sitting behind James and Brooking. The staff seems to like both of those guys, but I think there was a quote from Jerry that stated if a horse at ILB was available, they'd take one. I kinda think that's B.S. but we shall see.

    CB is interesting, because I think the team will tell us what they think of Newman depending on what they do come draft day. If there is someone talented at CB available and team passes, I will take that as a sign that they believe Newman is going to get healthy. This is also complicated by Orlando Scandrick, who seemed to regress based on my TV viewing abilities. Hurt Newman and question mark Scandrick might mean we add someone special to the mix. I would not have a problem with that at this point. I do not believe Newman will play another full season. Mark me down for Perrish Cox, please. The Big 12 is a passing league, and he also held his own as a returner.

    We have all been waiting for them to take a safety since 2004. That's right - that's the season Woodson retired. I would love to know why it's taken so long. I think even an above average safety would be an upgrade at this point. Hamlin should be playing strong safety, his instincts kill us sometimes because there's no one behind him. In a perfect world we'd lose Hamlin and keep Sensabaugh around as SS, then find an Earl Thomas or Eric Berry behind him at free. This will never happen, because it would make us all too happy.

    Also not happening - nose tackle. I believe the team when they say they're happy with Rat at NT. We really just need to move on from the idea, as fans. I think they pass on DE unless they're secretly pining for Dunlap or some other weird dark horse we'd never suspect.

    It comes down to safety or corner, in my eyes.
    28 San Diego - CJ Spiller

    Originally posted by CC.SD
    Well it's draft season. I am hoping for some new blood at DT because as much as I like the rotation, not all of those guys will be back next year. OTOH, Jamal and Binghom will be around, so I can understand other viewpoints.

    CJ Spiller is the only back I would consider drafting in the first, he is dreamy.

    Dan Williams or Terrence Cody would both fit the bill for what we're trying to do.

    ILB would be an interesting area and we could probably get great value at our spot. We have a lot of rotational guys but I would love to get someone who could just take over one of the ILB spots for the next decade. I do worry that if Spikes gets brought in, he and Siler might have issues since they were both defensive captains for the Gators and Siler is breaking out a little. I think having that thought qualifies me as an overthinker in this regard.

    Could also (shudder) see AJ spending another pick in the 2ndary, especially if Cro gets shipped out.
    29 New York Jets - GOLDEN TATE, WR, NOTRE DAME

    Originally posted by broth223
    THE worst passing game in the league that is getting carried through the playoffs by the D and running game if they can get Sanchez some targets I can see this being a potential SB contender in the near future.

    30 Minnesota - BRIAN PRICE, DT, UCLA

    Originally posted by scar988 View Post
    check out the link, it's my latest mock. CnC appreciated!
    Minnesota Vikings – DT Brian Price – 6′2″ 300 – UCLA => With Fat Pat Williams getting older, the Vikings will need another DT. Kevin Williams will slide over to NT in the scheme and allow for Price’s better penetrating skills to show through. Price and Williams will continue to allow for the run defense to be excellent while improving the pass rush with someone who can actually rush the passer as opposed to just using his mass to take on double teams.
    31P Indianapolis -JARED ODRICK, DT, PENN STATE

    Originally posted by chad72 View Post
    If we cannot get a UT in this draft, I don't know when we will. Brian Price, Jared Odrick, Tyson Alualu, Geno Atkins, and LaMarr Houston - the first 2 rounds will be loaded with these high motor talents and we need that presence in the middle to push the pocket.
    32P New Orleans - TERRENCE CODY, DT, ALABAMA

    Originally posted by Pick6TheSaintWay View Post
    Hey everybody, i'm new to the forum,(first post) just want to give a quick WHO DAT!! to the superbowl champs. Been here before but never really signed up so i've seen what everyone is talking about and wanted to give some input and see what you all thought.

    As I've been seeing, Spoon and Dan Williams seem to be the two most wanted by everyone on here, and I agree 100% with that, given one of them fell to 32. Tbh, I feel the only way to have a chance at either would be to move up which i really don't see us doing.

    Personally, I think our biggest concern this off season has to be bringing in people to help stop the run. I've seen talk about a corner in round one but I feel our secondary played well when healthy and even the backups steped up when need. Sure they couldn't do it on a week to week basis but plugging one in here or there worked out well. I just don't see the point in drafting another CB in round 1 when DT and LB would be more of an immediate improvement for our defense. Grabbing a CB later in the draft could be a possibility but I just don't see the point that early.

    I know a lot of people may not agree with my pick here but just hear me out. In my opinion I feel the top four guys I think the Saints want (Spoon, Williams, Price, Griffen) will be gone before our pick in the 1st round. Personally, I think the next best option would be for us to draft Terrence Cody as a run stuffing NT. I understand many people's opinion on him being too slow, and having BUST written all over him, but i see the brighter side. I feel that working with Greg Williams will get him motivated and ready to play ever down he is in. NO he will not be an every-down player but he is able to improve our run defense more than anyone else while not affecting us in the pass rush department. Yes, I know that Cody will probably end his career with single digit sack numbers but I think by having Cody as a big run stuffer it will make Ellis much more dangerous as a UT. He will be able to rush the passer from his more natural position with still having a sold run stopper at the other DT spot. Greg Williams also loves to blitz and that sometimes gets us out of position if the opposing team runs, and having a big guy in the middle could help us improve on that. This also gives us the opportunity to bring Hargrove to pair with Ellis on passing downs instead of having a smaller rotation on both passing and running situations. I also believe that we could grab a solid LB in round 2 with it being a decently deep class there. We also have Arnoux coming back from injury, while never actually playing a down, i think could be a solid addition to the LB rotation.

    I could be completely off on this, and I know people don't feel the same as I do but I just wanted to give my own little write-up and get myself acquainted with the boards. And one more WHO DAT!
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    Originally posted by njx9
    oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.

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    great KC pick


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      Solid KC pick.

      Originally posted by fenikz
      His soft D really turns me off
      ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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        I will puke if the Niners pick Clausen. I just straight up hate that guy. Luckily, I really doubt they'd go QB in the first...


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          Yay! Lol nice raiders pick

          "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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            I don't like the Vikings pick. I don't know why we would take Kevin Williams out of his best position. We have much bigger needs than DT, anyway. There is value at safety in Chad Jones, that should be the pick in this scenario.


            Originally posted by JordanTaber
  's rocket surgery now, folks.


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              Brad Butler & Nick Hennessey are not on the team :smack face:


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                I like DEMARYIUS THOMAS...though the Broken foot bother me.
                Last edited by StripedWalrus; 02-21-2010, 05:41 PM.


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                  Originally posted by StripedWalrus View Post
                  I like DEMARYIUS THOMAS alot...I think that he will get a big upswing after the combine and very much could be drafted by the Bengals. He is the type of WR we need.
                  I'm calling this pick a lock with a decent combine ... err proday showing your owner/GM loves guys from high powered teams (USC UM [PRE RR])
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                  Originally posted by njx9
                  oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


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                    Brian Price doesn't fit what the Vikings need at DT (Run stuffer to replace Pat Williams after this season).



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                      YAY! I got quoted! Great mock and cool idea.



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                        Perrish Cox would be an interesting pick for Dallas in the late first. We have good starters though depth is a concern. Actually I'd love for Dallas to move up in the second round to get him more than in the first. I'd gladly take Golden Tate if he's still available.

                        Thanks for the compilation


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                          Originally posted by broth223 View Post
                          I'm calling this pick a lock with a decent combine ... err proday showing your owner/GM loves guys from high powered teams (USC UM [PRE RR])
                          Wont be working out at Combine with a Broken Foot

                          RIP themaninblack


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                            HELL NO ! ON the 9ers , please scratch that off our list . Hell if we take a qb do in the 2 / 3rd round and pick Tebow . we can use our first two picks on the needs not waist it on Clausen


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                              Originally posted by Pat Sims 90 View Post
                              Wont be working out at Combine with a Broken Foot
                              He's so fast his feet never hit the floor!
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                              DEATH NOTE MAFIA SIGNUP!

                              Originally posted by njx9
                              oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.



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