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NEW Pre Combine 2010 NFL Mock Draft(1 Round)

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  • NEW Pre Combine 2010 NFL Mock Draft(1 Round)

    Round 1
    1 St. Louis Rams- Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
    Without a doubt the #1 prospect in this draft. At 6'4 300lbs he can play the run and rush the passer as good as anybody. Has the stats and game film to back up his play, and when a defensive linemen finishes 4th in the Heisman race, you know you have a special player.
    NFL Comparison- Richard Seymour/Kevin Williams

    2 Detroit Lions- Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma
    Detroit is in a "win/win" situation here being able to land Suh or McCoy. McCoy is more of a flashy DT than Suh. McCoy should put up big number sacks and improve this horrible defense. As Head Coach Jim Schwartz knows(being the former Defensive Cordinator of the Tennessee Titans and Albert Haynesworth) having a impact DT will make everybody better.
    NFL Comparison- Warren Sapp

    3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State
    Drafting Josh Freeman last year surprised some, but he made some strong progressions through his rookie year and should head into camp being the #1 guy. Every QB needs a go to weapon and Tampa just doesnt have that right now. Dez Bryant is an all-around WR having a great blend of size and speed.
    NFL Comparison- Chad Ochocinco

    4 Washington Redskins- Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
    With Mike Shanahan coming into town and taking over this orginization, I expect some major changes. Jason Campbell just hasnt gotten the job done, and bringing in a young QB looks like a real option. Clausen isnt Matt Stafford or Matt Ryan, but I project him to being a very solid starting NFL QB. With good size and a above average arm, he may need some time to learn. NFL Comparison- Eli Manning

    5 Kansas City Chiefs- Eric Berry DB Tennessee
    The Chiefs had one of the worst defenses last year, and GM Scott Pioli knows defense wins championships coming from the New England Patriots orginization. Berry may not have the ideal height you look for, but he is athleticism and all around play makes up for it. He has the production to back up his hype and should be a pro bowler for many years.
    NFL Comparison- Ed Reed

    6 Seattle Seahawks- Anthony Davis OT Rutgers
    With Walter Jones retiring, the seahawks are in need of a legit starting LT. Many have Russell Okung rated higher than Davis, but I believe after the combine Davis will rise up to be the #1 OT in this draft. At 6'6 325lbs, he is a great athlete than is the most naturally gifted LT in this draft. He also can play RT before moving to the other side to learn the ropes in the NFL.
    NFL Comparson- Ryan Clady

    7 Cleveland Browns- Joe Haden CB Florida
    The Browns probably have the worst secondary in the NFL, giving up almost 245 passing yards a game last year. Other than Eric Wright, nobody else back there should be starting. Joe Haden is the complete CB, being able to shut down WR's and not being afraid to make tackles on the ball carriers.
    NFL Comparison- Darrelle Revis

    8 Oakland Raiders- Jason Pierre-Paul DE USF
    Its well known that Al Davis loves his phyisical specimens, and JPP fits the mold very well. JPP coming in at 6'6 265lbs with 4.6 speed is probably close to Lebron James playing in the NFL. He also isnt all measurables, getting 6.5 sacks. If you watch the game film, JPP gets to the QB alot more and also plays the run very well.
    NFL Comparison- Jevon Kearse

    9 Buffalo Bills- Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
    With no franchise QB on the current roster, and a new coaches coming in, I expect big changes on the Bills. First thing I expect them to do is go after a face of the franchise type player and Bradford fits the mold. He is a known face to fans(winning the Heisman Trophy 2 years ago) and is a great piece to build your franchise around. He has nice size at 6'4 220lbs and great accuracy. NFL Comparison-Phillip Rivers

    10*Denver Broncos(f/CHI)- Rolando McClain LB Alabama
    Denver started off hot, going 6-0 some thinking them to be a legit playoff team. But the next 10 games they went 2-8, mostly since the defensive play fell off. Right now the Broncos lack a force at the ILB position, and McClain fits the role perfectly. At 6'4 258lbs, McClain is a beast of a player, leading Alabama's defense this year to the National Championship. McClain is a legit top 5 player in my book and will end up being a top LB in the league.
    NFL Comparison- Ray Lewis

    11* Jacksonville Jaguars- Derrick Morgan DE Georia Tech
    With Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves disappointing so far, the Jags are in much need of a impact pass rusher. Derrick Morgan is the most complete DE in this draft, having a great blend of size and speed and has the ability to play the pass and run well. Having Morgan start at one of the DE spots will improve the Jags league low 14 sacks from last year.
    NFL Comparison- Justin Tuck

    12 Miami Dolphins- Brandon Graham DE/OLB Michigan
    One of the most important things in a 3-4 defense is having a legit pass rusher from the outside. With Joey Porter heading out and Jason Taylor not getting any younger the Dolphins are in need of a pass rusher. Graham absolutely dominated the Senior Bowl, earning MVP of the game honors. Even at 6'1 he is able to beat OT's and make plays on the other team.
    NFL Comparison- Lamarr Woodley

    13 San Francisco 49ers- Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State
    Here at 13, the 9ers look like they are getting a steal. Russell Okung right now is most everybody's #1 OT, having good size and long arms he has shown the ability to handle speed and bull rushers. His athleticism is also above average. He also has the ability to play LT and RT which adds alot more value for him.
    NFL Comparison- D'Brickashaw Ferguson

    14 Seattle Seahawks(f/DEN)- Taylor Mays DB USC
    With Pete Carrol coming in from USC, I expect him to draft a few of his players in this draft. Taylor Mays came into the season as a top 3 senior prospect, but his play during the season and Senior Bowl might have hurt his stock. At 6'3 230lbs with reports sub 4.4 speed, he is like a LB out in the secondary, delivering big hits and making WR's fear going over the middle.
    NFL Comparison- Laron Landry

    15 New York Giants- Earl Thomas DB Texas
    One reason why the Giants fell off this year was the lack of a playmaker in the secondary. Other than the injured Kenny Phillips, the Giants dont have much as safety. Thomas is a young player that showed alot of flashes with his time in Texas. With decent size and nice speed, he should be able to make plays for this defense. When you have 8 ints in one season, it says something about the quality player he is
    NFL Comparison- Antonie Bethea

    16 San Francisco 49ers(f/CAR)- CJ Spiller RB Clemson
    This pick might surprise some, but having already address the biggest need, they could take a pick some might not expect here. Drafting Spiller here gives you a instant player maker on offence, helping out the running, passing and return game. Spiller is without a doubt the #1 RB and with his 4.3 speed, defensive cordinators will have nightmares trying to think how they can stop Spiller and Gore
    NFL Comparison- Reggie Bush

    17 Tennessee Titans- Carlos Dunlap DE Florida
    Kyle Vanden Bosch looks like he wont be resigned, so a major need will open up at DE for the Titans. Carlos Dunlap is a controversial prospect, either you love him or hate him. At 6'6 290lbs with reported 4.6 speed, he might be the best athlete in the draft. But he has shown inconsistant play with his time at Florida. He also had a DUI before the a very important game, causing him to miss the game.
    NFL Comparison-Poor Mans Mario Williams

    18 Pittsburgh Steelers- Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa
    The Steelers get some what of a steal here at 18, landing a player would can improve any teams oline. Bulaga is a very solid OT, not being great at pass blocking or run blocking, but he is able to get the job done. At 6'6 310lbs he has the size you need to handle DE's in the NFL and being able to play RT and LT in the NFL adds even more value for him.
    NFL Comparison- Robert Gallery

    19* Houston Texans- Dan Williams DT Tennessee
    The Texans are in major need of a true NT for their 4-3 defense. Drafting Williams here will allow Mario Williams and Amobi Okoye have 1 on 1's allowing them to get to the QB. Before the season Williams was thought to be a mid round pick, but his play really improved this season, earning All-SEC honors. Williams adds value to being able to play NT in a 4-3 and 3-4 defense as well
    NFL Comparison- Jammal Williams

    20* Atlanta Falcons- Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri
    Atlanta needs help all around the defense. With there not being good value for secondary help, they go with the best value here, getting a solid LB. Weatherspoon has the ability to play all 3 spots at LB, with good size at 6'2 245lbs with sub 4.6 speed. Weatherspoon has been a tackling machine, getting over 100 tackles the past 3 seasons at Missouri
    NFL Comparison- Jon Beason

    21 Cincinnati Bengals- Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma
    It used to that the Bengals could score alot of points on you, but end up losing since the defense couldnt get the job done. Now its the opposite. The passing game really took a step backwards, and Carson Palmer needs more weapons to pass to. Gresham was a top 15 prospect before the season, but tearing his ACL really hurt his stock. At 6'6 255lbs, Gresham has the size and speed needed to be LB's and safetys in the NFL, and if he can stay healthy he will end up being a Pro Bowl player
    NFL Comparison- Kellen Winslow

    22 New England Patriots- Sergio Kindle DE/OLB Texas
    The Patriots used to be known for their great defensive play, but it seems that now all their impact players are old. Adding a player like Kindle here this late is not only great value but fills a major need too. Kindle had 2 good seasons with Texas and already has played OLB in a 3-4 defense. Kindle made a impact in the National Championship game with 2 sacks and at 6'4 255lbs he has nice size for a pass rusher.
    NFL Comparison-Shaun Phillips

    23 Green Bay Packers- Mike Iupati OL Idaho
    The Packers here at 23 get a huge steal, literally. At 6'6 330lbs, Iupati is a mammoth of a player that should end up being a Pro Bowl player at LG or RG. Iupati had a good Senior Bowl to back up his hype and adding a player to protect your franchise QB is always good. Iupati also could end up playing OT in the NFL, giving him more value.
    NFL Comparison- Steve Hutchinson

    24 Philadelphia Eagles- Everson Griffen DE USC
    Other than Trent Cole, the Eagles dont have a real pass rushing threat on their team. Everson Griffen is a workout warrior that is expected to put up real solid numbers at the combine. At 6'3 265lbs he has nice size for a DE and getting 8 sacks last year really helped his stock. He could end up being one of the top DE's being taken if he has good workouts.
    NFL Comparison- Dwight Freeney

    25 Baltimore Ravens- Arrelious Benn WR Illinois
    Joe Flacco made even bigger strides this season, putting up 21 tds and leading the Ravens to the playoffs. But with Derrik Mason likely retiring, and not having much after him at WR, I expect the Ravens to make some type of deal for a WR. Benn is a very solid WR that never got a consistant QB to throw to him in college. At 6'2 220lbs he is a very big WR that can beat the defense and be a true #1 weapon for Flacco
    NFL Comparison- Anquan Boldin

    26 Arizona Cardinals- Trent Williams OT Oklahoma
    With Mike Gandy not getting any younger, plus having Leinart come in with not alot of expierence, the Cardinals are in need of a OT. Trent Williams was thought to be maybe the #1 OT by some scouts before the season, but he disappointed at LT his Senior year, making his stock fall. Still Williams is still thought to be a very good RT or OG in the NFL and adding him will improve an already deadly offense
    NFL Comparison- Jammal Brown

    27 Dallas Cowboys- Vladimir Ducasse OT Mass
    It was pretty obvious to me in the playoffs that Marc Colombo should be done at RT for the Cowboys, allowing Ray Edwards to have 3 sacks in their loss to the Vikings. Ducasse is an interesting prospect from a small school that has alot of potential. At 6'5 330lbs Ducasse can play everywhere on the oline(except for center), and will help protect Tony Romo. Ducasse can start of at RT and eventually slide over to LT later in his career.
    NFL Comparison- Khalif Barnes

    28 San Diego Chargers- Jahvid Best RB Cal
    With LaDainian Tomlinson looking like his time is done in San Diego, the Chargers will be looking to fill the RB position. Jahvid Best is a great player from the Pac 10 that should instantly become a fan favorite to what ever team he ends up on. At 5'10 195lbs he still needs to add some weight, but with his 4.35 speed he can out run the defense and make big plays. When you average 7.3 yards per carry it shows you something about that player.
    NFL Comparison- Brian Westbrook

    29 New York Jets- Kyle Wilson CB Boise State
    The Jets arguably have the best CB and best defensive playe rin the league with Darrelle Revis. But on the other side Lito Sheppard disappointed the Jets after signing a big contract with them, only getting 1 int this past season. Kyle Wilson's stock shot up the boards after a great Senior Bowl, shutting down almost every WR he went against. Add in his ability to return kicks, you have yourself great valye here at the end of round 1
    NFL Comparison- Chris Houston

    30 Minnesota Vikings- Chad Jones DB LSU
    The Vikings should have made the Super Bowl, but with Favre messing up and the secondary needing improvement, they could take a major step backwards if the needs are addressed. Chad Jones is a great athlete, not only being a impact player at football, but also helping LSU get the National Championship in baseball with his clutch relief pitching. At 6'3 230lbs, with 4.4 speed, Jones is a scary prospect that could end up being one of the best players in this deep draft.
    NFL Comparison- Adrian Wilson

    31 Indianapolis Colts- Brian Price DT UCLA
    The Colts just couldnt stop the Saints in the Superbowl, allowing Drew Brees to complete 32 of his 39 pass attempts in their loss. One problem was they couldnt get alot of pressure on Brees allowing him to go through all his progressions. Adding Price here is nice value and also gives them a nice DT for the dline. Price doesnt have the ideal height you look for, but when your a DT and get 7 sacks it shows you that he is just a good football player.
    NFL Comparison- Mike Patterson

    32 New Orleans Saints- Terrence Cody DT Alabama
    Congrats to the Saints and the city of New Orleans with winning their first Super Bowl. The offence was near unstoppable and the defense really improved, being near the top in take aways. But if the Saints were to address one thing on defense, it should getting a true NT to spot the run. How about getting a mountain to be in the middle of your defense. Well this might be the closest thing to it. Mount Cody at 6'5 365lbs, is an animal and helped lead Alabama to the National Championship this season. Adding Cody to play NT will allow Sedrick Ellis to play his natural position at UT and will improve the allready best team in the NFL.
    NFL Comparison- Ted Washington

    Round 2
    33 St. Louis Rams- Golden Tate WR Notre Dame
    Gives them a reliable WR for who ever the QB is to throw too. Great YAC WR

    34 Detroit Lions- Bruce Campbell OT Mayrland
    You have to protect Stafford essepcially after seeing him hurt his knee last year.

    35 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jared Odrick DT Penn State
    Solid DT prospect that gets in done in pass rushing and run defense

    36 Kansas City Chiefs- Maurkice Pouncey C Florida
    Chiefs are in much need of oline talent to protect Matt Cassel

    37 Washington Redskins- Charles Brown OT USC
    Fits perfectly into the ZBC and Chris Samuels is retiring

    38 Cleveland Browns- Corey Wootton DE Northwestern
    Solid 3-4 DE that still has alot of upside and fills a need

    39 Oakland Raiders- Daryl Washington LB TCU
    Very athletic LB that can play all 3 positions at LB

    40 Seattle Seahawks- Jonathan Dwyer RB Georgia Tech
    Shaun Alexander the 2nd?

    41 Buffalo Bills- Jared Veldheer OT Hillsdale
    Big, athletic OT that the Bills have historicly drafted

    42 New England Patriots(f/JAC)- Brandon Spikes LB Florida
    Spikes and Mayo will give the Patriots one of the best young pairs of ILB in the NFL

    43 Miami Dolphins(f/WAS)- Damian Williams WR USC
    Well rounded WR that can help Chad Henne keep progressing

    44 Tampa Bay Buccaneers(f/CHI)- Perrish Cox CB Oklahoma State
    Very productive CB that has all the tools you look for

    45 Denver Broncos- Brandon LaFell WR LSU
    Brandon Marshall might be gone, LaFell compares to former LSU WR Dwayne Bowe

    46 New York Giants- Greg Hardy DE Ole Miss
    Talented DE that if heathly will thrive on this dline. Osi might be heading out too

    47 Carolina Panthers- Patrick Robinson CB Florida State
    Good value and fills a need for them at CB

    48 New England Patriots(f/TEN)- Demaryius Thomas WR Georgia Tech
    Moss might be gone next season, Thomas is a big play threat that will be his replacement

    49 San Francisco 49ers- Jerry Hughes DE/OLB TCU
    Good pass rusher that will improve an already solid D

    50 Kansas City Chiefs(f/ATL)- Eric Norwood OLB South Carolina
    Every 3-4 D needs a impact pass rusher

    51 Houston Texans- Dominique Franks CB Oklahoma
    Houston needs all the help it can get in the secondary

    52 Pittsburgh Steelers- Nate Allen DB USF
    After Troy Polamalu, the Steelers dont have much talent in the secondary

    53 New England Patriots- Arthur Jones DT/DE Syracuse
    Good value and fills the void where Seymour played

    54 Cincinnati Bengals- Morgan Burnett DB Georgia Tech
    The Bengals D is good, but adding a SS to replace Roy Williams would make them even better

    55 Phildelphia Eagles- JD Walton C Baylor
    With Nick Cole tearing his ACL, a replacement might be needed

    56 Green Bay Packers- Ricky Sapp DE/OLB Clemson
    As stated earier, 3-4 D's need pass rushers, Aaron Kampman disappointed at OLB and got hurt

    57 Baltimore Ravens- Kareem Jackson CB Alabama
    The Ravens are weak at CB and Jackson provides good depth

    58 Arizona Cardinals- Koa Misi DE/OLB Utah
    With Bertrand Berry retiring and Okeafor aging, a impact pass rusher will be needed

    59 Dallas Cowboys- Alex Carrington DE Arkansas State
    Marcus Spears will likely leave in F/A, Carrington is shooting up the boards

    60 San Diego Chargers- Rodger Saffold OG Indiana
    The Bolts are in much need of a OG and RT. Saffold can do both

    61 New York Jets- Mardy Gilyard WR Cincinnati
    Braylon Edwards is a good big play WR, Gilyard will give them the possession WR Sanchez needs

    62 Minnesota Vikings- Navarro Bowman LB Penn State
    With Favre still not maing his final decision, the Vikings should add depth at LB

    63 Indianapolis Colts- Selvish Capers OT West Virginia
    For the Colts to keep winning, they will need to get better at protecting Peyton

    64 New Orleans Saints- Matt Tennant C Boston College
    Jonathan Goodwin is better suited as a back up, Tennant is good value here
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    Solid KC pick.

    Originally posted by fenikz
    His soft D really turns me off
    ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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      No prospect will compare to the one and only Dwight Freeney A lot of high level comparisons
      Sam Bradford will be a bust- 2/24/2010

      Colts Cardinals Bulls Hurricanes


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        vikes pick is gud


        Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


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          That 49er draft ..while unlikely me massive wood.


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            Added the final explanations to all the picks.

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              Originally posted by Bob Sanders Dreadlock View Post
              No prospect will compare to the one and only Dwight Freeney A lot of high level comparisons
              If Everson reaches his full potential, he will be. They are similar that they both are very compact DE's that arent very tall, but use great spin moves to get by OT's

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                Chad Jones is fine with me.



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                  Originally posted by PhysicalwithanF View Post
                  That 49er draft ..while unlikely me massive wood.
                  I wouldnt call it unlikely. Most teams that get two 1st round picks usually use the first pick on what they need then the next on BPA

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                    Again with RB for 49ers , really ? I think out two RB Gore n Coffee are just fine but that is just me . Lets get to great picks at O line or on D fence .


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                      Can't get excited about JPP. Can't see him succeeding in Oakland.
                      My sig pic has now come full circle. Lucky me.

                      No offense, but your Raiders draft sucks.


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                        Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
                        I wouldnt call it unlikely. Most teams that get two 1st round picks usually use the first pick on what they need then the next on BPA
                        I meant unlikely that Okung would be there at #13


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                          Originally posted by Tebow249ers View Post
                          Again with RB for 49ers , really ? I think out two RB Gore n Coffee are just fine but that is just me . Lets get to great picks at O line or on D fence .
                          You guys dont have any explosive players on offensive. Gore and Coffee are fine RB's but there not home run hitters like Spiller and later in the season it looked like you guys are running more of a spread offence, which Gore and Coffee dont fit into. Gore is also injury prone

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                            Cody is alright in my book, but only since Williams, Price, and Spoon are gone. If we somehow keep Grant, have Cody at DT on first and second downs and slide Grant in to DT and have McCray on third and passing situations.


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                              amazing patriots pick

                              Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

                              Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!



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