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Pre Combine Mock w/ Sexy Layout

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  • Pre Combine Mock w/ Sexy Layout

    Gerald McCoy –DT – Oklahoma
    He for me is not as good as Suh right now but with the money I would be investing I want the guy who could possibly be the best DT prospect for the last 15 years.

    Ndamukong Suh – DT – Nebraska
    Schwarz want another impact DT like he had with Haynesworth so he gets his guy.

    Eric Berry – S – Tennessee
    Not a lot of value here for the Bucs in terms of what they really need so with Berry being the BPA and a player who could flourish in Tampa they take him.

    Russell Okung – LT – Oklahoma State
    QB is not as bigger issue as people may think as Jason Campbell has shown he can play ball when he is upright, Okung will help that.

    Anthony Davis – LT – Rutgers
    I think they should trade out of this spot as McClain would be a horrible reach at this point and they may make a move for Dansby in the offseason, OL isn’t there biggest need but of all of them this is the best value.

    Sam Bradford – QB – Oklahoma
    Hasselbeck is old and they need to bring in a replacement, Carroll will know what Bradford can do and will happily groom him for a year or two.

    Joe Haden – CB – Florida
    The Browns can’t go wrong picking up what I personally think is a Darrelle Revis clone to plug a hole of many in their team.

    Jason Pierre-Paul – DE – South Florida
    Slide Seymour inside move Ellis over the the LE spot and have JPP go at the QB every down from the blindside.

    Jimmy Clausen – QB – Notre Dame
    OT is a big need but they will find someone at the top of round 2, their QB issues are among the worst in the league by a big margin so picking a Clausen makes the most sense.

    Dez Bryant – WR – Oklahoma State
    Denver could be losing Marshall, Royal regressed last year and Stokely is getting older, bringing in a target who can do everything in the passing game will make JMac salivate.

    Derrick Morgan – DE – Georgia Tech
    This is one of the most slam dunk things in the draft (Jags taking a DE that is) ABISMAL pass rush and Morgan will help get it firing on more cylinders.

    Sergio Kindle – OLB – Texas
    Taylor is coming off surgery and is old, Porter wants out, Wake showed he can ball but Miami need to bring in another impact rusher and Kindle is that.

    Trent Williams – RT – Oklahoma
    I personally think Williams is a very good OT on both sides so SF are getting themselves someone versatile here and filling a massive need.

    Taylor Mays – S – USC
    Carroll wants his guy back to get the defense fired up and bring in someone who receivers will fear when going over the middle.

    Rolando McClain – MLB – Alabama
    Pierce is gone and they really need help at LB and McCalin is a baller, this however could change if they bring in Dansby.

    Dan Williams – NT – Tennessee
    Showed interest in the guy at the senior bowl, is a home talent and we need a run stuffing NT who will blast the pocket.

    C.J. Spiller – RB – Clemson
    Maybe not seen as a massive need but bringing in an impact STer and a dynamic playmaker will help Alex Smith and the offense out tremendously.

    Mike Iupati – G – Idaho
    He looks like an Alen Faneca clone and the Steelers need OL help, he is versatile and will greatly help the run game get back up to speed.

    Perrish Cox – CB – Oklahoma State
    ATL are a very complete team however bringing in a good physical corner can never hurt and it will help bolster their already good up and coming defense.

    Carlos Dunlap – DE/DT – Florida
    Strange pick but bringing in a versatile DL threat like Dunlap will help get more pressure on the QB and give the Texans the ability to slide him inside on passing downs or keep him at end.

    Jermaine Gresham – TE – Oklahoma
    Not many Bengals fans like this but bringing in a quality TE who can do it all can do nothing but boost an offense, give Carson Palmer another weapon and give good blocking in the run game.

    Brandon Graham – OLB – Michigan
    Patriots need a pass rusher badly as they could lose Thomas and Banta-Cain is not starter material, Graham is an animal with a non stop motor and will fit in well with the Patriots.

    Brian Bulaga – LT – Iowa
    I am not as high on Bulaga as most so I see him falling and if he makes it here it is a no brainer for the Packers, they need protection and Bulaga will help keep Rogers upright.

    Sean Weatherspoon – OLB – Missouri
    Weatherspoon will fit in perfectly with the Eagles who need Linebackers badly, Bradley stay inside at MLB Witherspoon can slide to SLB and Weatherspoon can stay at WLB giving them a hell of a LB set.

    Arrelious Benn – WR – Illinois
    Tough one here because I think WR will be the pick, and for me not much separates the guys following Bryant so this will be clearer after the combine.

    Bruce Campbell – LT – Maryland
    Cardinals need a LT who will in effect be a RT if Leinart starts but either way Campbell is big enough to play both sides and the Cardinals will love his versatility.

    Terrence Cody – NT – Alabama
    My idea? Move Ratliff to LE have Olshansky and RE and Cody in the middle, then on passing downs move Ratliff back to NT and bring Cody off, making that front 7 even better and more dangerous.

    Ryan Mathews – RB – Fresno State
    I had safety here but I honestly think they could be left without LT and Sproles so they have to bring in someone and I rater Mathews Highly.

    Brandon LaFell – WR – LSU
    Big physical receiver will become a great target for Mark Sanchez during his development, this team is very very good.

    Earl Thomas – S – Texas
    DB is a general need this is a tossup between Wilson and Thomas but I think that safety is a position of need right now as oppose to one like corner where they have a year or 2.

    Jared Odrick – UT – Penn State
    This could be Brian Price but I think Odrick fits the scheme better and will add the interior rush that they Colts need making Freeney and Mathis’ job easier.

    Brian Price – DT – UCLA
    Not much after Ellis and his durability has been a concern, Price can do it all and will slide in very nicely solidifying the defensive front.
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    I understand the Gresham pick, but no way we pass on Earl Thomas.

    The Twitters


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      iupati again? wont happen...ill beat it to death


      • #4
        Kindle is a great pick, but McClain would be a much better one.

        Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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          not only is the draft sexy, the saints pick is sexy

          Saints 2014 draft wish list:
          - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
          - Corner or Wideout in the first
          - No reaching
          - No Kelvin Benjamin


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            Suh is a better DT prospect than McCoy
            GO RAVENS


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              that is a sexy layout. and the skins pick is nice too.


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                Not a great KC pick.

                Originally posted by fenikz
                His soft D really turns me off
                ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                  Earl Thomas over Gresham in the 1st

                  It is not that the Bengals Fans dont want Gresham it is the fact that we dont use the TE enough to warrant a 1st Round Pick and The Front Office has never adressed the TE situation higher then 3rd Round

                  RIP themaninblack


                  • #10
                    Great work. must of taking a while to put together. interesting top of the draft.

                    Who can stop Megatron


                    • #11
                      Earl Thomas to the Vikings = heart attack of joy.



                      • #12
                        KC pick = fail.McClain is far better


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                          Dude that layout is amazing. Great Lions pick. +Rep for you!


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                            Originally posted by wicket View Post
                            not only is the draft sexy, the saints pick is sexy
                            It is very shexy


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                              Originally posted by akvikefan89 View Post
                              Earl Thomas to the Vikings = heart attack of joy.
                              It gave me a boner.

                              BoneKruser with the DOPE sig



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