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3rd rounder with some FA signings, trades, and explanations

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  • 3rd rounder with some FA signings, trades, and explanations

    Only my third try so let me know how i did.

    [Brett Favre comes back for another shot at a title after seeing New Orleans win it all this year]

    Few major free agent acquisitions:
    DE/OLB Julius Peppers-New England
    Adalius Thomas will probably be released and Peppers has expressed his desire to play in a 3-4. New Englandís pass rush was lacking and Peppers will occupy one of the outside LB spots and put his hand down in obvious passing situations.

    LB Karlos Dansby-NY Giants
    Antonio Pierce was released and Dansby has NY picked as a possible home next season, which is convenient because they need someone to plug in the middle there.

    CB Dunta Robinson-Green Bay
    This is my one biased opinion of this mock, well, more wishful thinking. Robinson fills a need for the Packers and is still only 27. Played at a high level the second half of the season.

    WR Terrell Owens-Cincinnati
    Ochocinco is clamoring for this signing and it makes sense. Owens isnít a number one receiver anymore but would help Palmer get back on track and Chad Ocho and Owens should be able to alleviate pressure off of each other in hopes of making a deeper run into the playoffs.

    DE Aaron Kampman-Bears
    The Bears want Julius Peppers but settle for Kampman. His skills are best suited in a 4-3 and Chicago needs to add another pass rusher to get the defense back on track. Btw, this is a hard thing for me to type.

    Denver trades WR Brandon Marshall to Baltimore for 2010 1st (25 overall) and 2011 3rd

    Arizona trades WR Anquan Boldin to Miami for 2010 2nd (43 overall)

    NY Giants trade DE Osi Umenyiora to New Orleans for 2010 2nd (64 overall)

    Draft Day Trades:
    Buffalo trades 2010 2nd (41 overall), 2010 3rd (73 overall), and 2011 4th to Green Bay for 2010 1st (23 overall)

    San Diego trades 2010 2nd (60 overall) and 2010 3rd (92 overall) to San Francisco for 2010 2nd (49 overall)

    Round 1

    1) St Lois: Ndamukong Suh DT, Nebraska
    When you donít have a franchise quarterback, you get a franchise quarterback. The problem is, that, there are more questions than answers in the quarterback class of 2010, where as Suh is a sure fire thing that can help turn a defense into something special. His presence will make their former first round picks play at a higher level. Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo is a defensive coach, so you know heíll be calling for this pick rather than investing millions of dollars in a player before the new CBA that could possibly put your franchise back 7 years.

    2) Detroit: Gerald McCoy DT, Oklahoma
    The Warren Sapp clone of the draft+Detroitís defense isnít good= pretty much a lock (unless Suh falls to number 2). The defense needs an infusion of talent and while protecting Matt Stafford is a priority, the talent of the linemen in this class doesnít stack up to the talent of McCoy. Heís a very good pass rasher and with Sammie Lee Hill and Cliff Avril, this defensive line could be good a few years from now.

    3) Tampa: Dez Bryant WR, Oklahoma St
    With the top two defensive tackles off the board, the Bucs will have to find help for their team in other areas. This pick is as much about Josh Freeman as it is about Dez Bryant. Freeman did some good things last year but in order to progress, they need to surround him with the best available talent they can. Sure they could wait till the second round to grab a receiver but they wouldnít be the best. Bryant is talented enough to warrant a top 3 pick and after what I believe will be a good showing, this pick may turn into reality come draft day.

    4) Washington: Russell Okung OT, Oklahoma St
    Jason Campbell will probably be retained and given one shot. Washingtonís line was so awful last year so plugging holes has to be the number one priority because they would only be setting a rookie QB up for failure if they put him behind the line as it currently stands. Okung is the most NFL ready player of all the linemen in this draft and will start from day 1.

    5) Kansas City: Eric Berry S, Tennessee
    Ed Reed clone will help direct the secondary and is a threat to take it back every time he gets his hands on the ball. The Chiefs secondary was not very good and Berry can come in and play S or CB at a pro bowl level (Iím not saying that heíll be a pro bowler as a rookie, Iím just saying that he could be a pro bowler at both positions in couple years cause heís that talented).

    6) Seattle: Anthony Davis LT, Rutgers
    Walter Jones retired so finding the next in line to fill those enormous shoes is a top priority. Offensive line help was a need even before the All Pro tackle retired so the Davis pick makes sense. Heís big enough to literally fill the shoes of Jones but is also extremely talented to help fans move on from the face of the franchise. The only problem is his work ethic, but the kiddies out of high school loved playing for Pete Carroll, and so will the new guys out of college, as heís a down to earth coach who knows how to appeal to your senses to get the best out of you.

    7) Cleveland: Rolando McClain ILB, Alabama
    The Browns are hoping that Eric Berry falls to them but instead have to opt for another great quarterback to lead their defense in the big MLB, Rolando McClain. McClain led that Alabama 3-4 defense to a national championship so heíll already have more than enough experience and has the ability to play coverage or get after the QB.

    8) Oakland: Bruce Campbell OT, Maryland
    Al Davis is enamored by athletic freaks and canít seem to see past 40 times but he also does draft for need most of the time, even though itís usually the wrong player. Campbell though could be the best lineman in this draft with all his physical tools but just needs to prove he can stay healthy, which is already a problem for Raider linemen. They seem dedicated to Russell so they need to get him all the help they can.

    9) Buffalo: Bryan Bulaga OT, Iowa
    Like Washington, they decide that theyíll need to protect any potential QBs they get first so they look to load up the front lines. Bulaga isnít the athletic freak of the other top linemen in the draft but is solid in both the run and pass and plays with a mean streak. Will add to the nice tandem the Bills got last year on draft day in Levitre and Woods.

    10) Denver-from Chicago: Brian Price DT/DE, UCLA
    Denver doesnít get a chance to grab Dez Bryant or Rolando McClain so they grab a player whoíll help in shaping the 3-4 front that the Broncos need. Will play the 5 technique but will also be able to use his pass rushing ability to apply pressure on opposing QBs. A very talented player who gets lost in the mix of this draft with Suh and McCoy.

    11) Jacksonville: Derrick Morgan DE, Georgia Tech
    The best 4-3 pass rusher in this draft has a great motor to get after the QB, which is good, cause heíll need it in a conference featuring the Colts, Texans, and the improving Vince Young led Titans. The Jaguars invested their top two picks in the position a couple years ago but have seen no returns and in a passing league, that really kills them.

    12) Miami: Jason Pierre Paul OLB, USF
    The one-year wonder that most people canít decide on but Parcells loves his 3-4 linebackers and tabs the athletic Pierre Paul to get after the QB. Joey Porter was released and Jason Taylor wonít play forever so Pierre Paul makes sense, especially since he could go a lot higher than this.

    13) San Francisco: Joe Haden CB, Florida
    The 49ers are counting their lucky stars as they gladly end Hadenís fall. The top rated corner in this draft will come in and start immediately opposite Nate Clements (unless he gets moved to safety). Has decent size at the CB spot and isnít afraid to get physical.

    14) Seattle-from Denver: CJ Spiller RB, Clemson
    Dynamic player who will be utilized by Carroll the same way Reggie Bush was at USC. Will split time with Justin Forsett for the time being and if, like Chris Johnson, heís able to carry the load will be the lead back the following year. In the mean time heíll best contribute as a third down back and a change of pace player, while also contributing in the return game.

    15) NY Giants: Dan Williams DT, Tennessee
    The defense for the Giants was a let down this year, especially the defensive line, which makes matters even worse considering how much money is tied up in that area. Williams is another player rising up boards who will come in and clog up the middle on running downs. Not much of a pass rusher, but does show the ability to push the pocket and cause problems in the backfield.

    16) San Francisco-from Carolina: Trent Williams OT, Oklahoma
    Williams didnít play as well as many expected this past year but still remains one of the best linemen in the draft. San Francisco has the left side of itís line occupied already by Joe Staley so Williams will be able to anchor down the other end where he wonít see as many speed rushers, which he struggled with.

    17) Tennessee: Brandon Graham DE, Michigan
    Really shined at the Senior bowl and while he wonít wow at the combine, heíll still be one of the top players taken in the draft because the guys motor just never stops. Fills a need for the Titans too as Kearse and/or Vanden Bosch may not be signed back next year.

    18) Pittsburgh: Mike Iupati OL, Idaho
    Roethlisberger had trouble staying off his back, tying for first with the most times being sacked. It could have been a lot worse too if he wasnít so damn big and able to shed some tackles. That said, they need offensive line help and go with the mauler from Idaho who may be able to slide out to right tackle. Regardless of where he plays on the line, heíll be an upgrade for them.

    19) Atlanta: Sean Weatherspoon LB, Missouri
    The Falcons need someone opposite of Abraham after Jamaal Anderson flopped but Everson Griffen isnít the type of player the organization likes to go after with the character questions in place and the rest of the best pass rushers are gone by the time they select so they go with the talented Weatherspoon. He will take over for Mike Peterson and also possesses the added bonus of being able to drop into coverage

    20) Houston: Earl Thomas S, Texas
    The defense has gotten a lot of attention in recent drafts but itís not done yet. They have some good pieces in place except for in the secondary where they could use some playmakers. Bernard Pollard was a pleasant surprise for them but with the loss of Robinson (settle down Texans fans, Iím just trying to have a little fun for myself while doing this), they go for a player who could have double duties as a safety next to Pollard or as a corner if need be. Regardless, Thomas is a talented guy who plays bigger than his size.

    21) Cincinnati: Taylor Mays S, USC
    The defense carried the team this year, a complete 360 from a couple years ago when the D got scorched on a daily basis and was only able to hang around in games because of the O. Well the job isnít complete yet and with the signing of Owens, they look to add another piece to the secondary in the athletically gifted Mays. Zimmer will get everything he can out of him.

    22) New England: Jared Odrick DE, Penn St
    New England has an aging defense and needs to start plugging some youth into spots. They traded away Richard Seymour this past year and sign Peppers to play OLB so Odrick is the pick in this draft. Heís a big guy who can also rush the passer from his end position in the 3-4 but will need to get a bit stronger to better hold up against the rush.

    23) *Buffalo-from Green Bay: Sam Bradford QB, Oklahoma
    Buffalo sees the top two QBs in the draft falling and decides to go after one of them before St Louis, Washington, or anyone else gets a chance. Green Bay agrees after none of the top linemen fall to them. Bradford is the top QB in this draft with his accuracy and ability to dissect a defense but will have to prove his throwing shoulder is ok to be taken over Jimmy Clausen.

    24) Philadelphia: Everson Griffen DE, USC
    The Eagles need a pass rush opposite of Trent Cole. Griffen seems to lack motivation at times but is one of the most dominant defenders in college football when he turns it on. Will probably test well at the combine but itís his laziness that has teams concerned. Heís a big end too (6í3Ē 284lbs) who can hold up against the run.

    25) *Denver-from Baltimore: Terrence Cody NT, Alabama
    McDaniels wants Marshall gone and Baltimore needs a number one target. Simple as that. But Ozzie Newsome doesnít like to deal picks, so to compromise for the 1st and 3rd Denver wants, they decide to spread it out over the next two years. Terrence Cody is a big fatty who does one thing well: clog running lanes, which is all thatís asked of most 3-4 NTs. Brian Price and Cody are making this D look a lot better.

    26) Arizona: Sergio Kindle OLB, Texas
    Kurt Warner retiring really puts a damper on Arizonaís party, as does losing Karlos Dansby (who I think realizes that, without Warner, this team isnít the big dog of the NFC West anymore). Bertrand Berry retired and Chike Okeafor is old so they bring in the talented rush specialist from Texas to get after opposing QBs.

    27) Dallas: Nate Allen S, USF
    Not many needs that standout but a ballhawking safety such as Nate Allen to stick in the secondary will go along way in making this defense even more formidable. Allen will help blanket the secondary, giving Ware and Spencer more time to get after the quarterback.

    28) San Diego: Jonathan Dwyer RB, Georgia Tech
    With the release of LaDainian Tomlinson comes a new era being ushered into the backfield, and it wonít feature Darren Sproles as the main back. Dwyer gives the team a grind it out back that theyíve been missing the last couple years, and will give the team a nice lightning/thunder combo that has become popular in the league (assuming Sproles is resigned).

    29) NY Jets: Kyle Wilson CB, Boise St
    The Jets secondary, other than Revis Island, was extremely exposed by the Colts and theyíll need someone else on the opposite side to be able to at least stay with other teams second receivers. Wilson became the second best corner following the senior bowl and the Jets organization seems to love him.

    30) Minnesota: Patrick Robinson CB, Florida St
    With Favre coming back, they decide to go for it all this year. To do so, theyíll need help in the secondary. Winfield was injured throughout the year and Griffen will be coming back following a serious knee injury. Robinson will provide a good insurance policy should either of the two have a setback while being able to play in the nickel. The secondary gave up a lot of yards to some of the top QBs this year.

    31) Indianapolis: Charles Brown OT, USC
    Indianapolis doesnít have many immediate holes to fill so there are a few possibilities the Colts may go with this pick. Tony Ugoh has regressed since his good rookie season and Charles Johnson isnít the long term fix at LT. Brown could be given a chance to sit and get stronger for a year or come in if Johnson canít hold up throughout this next year.

    32) New Orleans: Navarro Bowman LB, Penn St
    Bowman is a fast and sure tackler but is a bit of a head case. He wonít have to start right away with Shanle and Fujita around but will become a good linebacker next to Jonathan Vilma.

    Round 2

    33) St Lois: Jimmy Clausen QB, Notre Dame
    The speculation of what the Rams should do with the number one was all for not as St Louis gets its QB of the future at the top of the second.

    34) Detroit: Carlos Dunlap DE, Florida
    Top 10 player in terms of talent but will need to grow up a bit and put in some real work if he wants to be more than just the headache he was at Florida. The front four is starting to look good with McCoy and Dunlap.

    35) Tampa: Dominique Franks CB, Oklahoma
    Ronde Barber isnít getting any younger and Franks has the talent to have been a first round pick had he gotten in a little more seasoning and waited until next year.

    36) Kansas City: Maurkice Pouncey C, Florida
    They need to protect Matt Cassell if he wants to repeat the success he had in New England.

    37) Washington: Ryan Matthews RB, Fresno St
    Clinton Portis has mostly worn out his welcome in our nationís capital and Matthews is the perfect all around back to replace him.

    38) Cleveland: Jermaine Gresham TE, Oklahoma
    Will give Cleveland a safety net for whoever is playing quarterback, though may take a bit of time after coming off major knee surgery.

    39) Oakland: Perish Cox CB, Oklahoma St
    Cox is fast and fills a need opposite Nnamdi so this is a lock for Al Davis. Also a very good return man.

    40) Seattle: Chad Jones S, LSU
    Jones is a big athletic freak of his own accord and will give Pete Carroll a hammer in his secondary.

    41) *Green Bay-from Buffalo: Vladimir Ducasse OL, Umass
    Athletic enough to be tried out at tackle where the small school product could come in and sit behind Tauscher for a year before taking over the following season.

    42) New England-from Jacksonville: Jerry Hughes OLB, TCU
    They have Peppers but the pass rush is still incomplete on the other side. Hughes is athletic enough to make the switch to linebacker.

    43) *Arizona-from Miami: Arrelious Benn WR, Illinois
    They trade the disgruntled Boldin so theyíll need someone to come in and try to replace some of his production.

    44) Tampa-from Chicago: Tyson Alualu DT, California
    The defense needs help up front after trading the recently deceased Adams and having the aging Hovan and underwhelming Ryan Sims.

    45) Denver: Demaryius Thomas WR, Georgia Tech
    Hurt his hand which could hurt his draft stock but is a big and fast receiver (sounds like someone they traded away).

    46) NY Giants: Morgan Burnett S, Georgia Tech
    The secondary was decimated by injuries throughout the year and Kenny Phillips seems to always be injured. The two will form a nice pair if Phillips can come back and stay healthy.

    47) Carolina: Mardy Gilyard WR, Cincinnati
    They need playmakers opposite of Steve Smith for Matt Moore to throw to.

    48) New England-from Tennessee: Jahvid Best RB, California
    Added dimension to the slow and/or aging backs of the Patriots as a burner out of the backfield.

    49) *San Diego-from San Francisco: Cam Thomas NT, North Carolina
    San Diego trades up knowing the value of the NT position in the 3-4 and also knowing rival Chiefs also need a NT.

    50) Kansas City-from Atlanta: Brandon Spikes LB, Florida
    They need someone who can make a tackle and Spikes is tough.

    51) Houston: Lamarr Houston DT, Texas
    Okoye is still very young and could still develop but they still need someone next to him.

    52) Pittsburgh: Devin McCourty CB, Rutgers
    The secondary looked lost without Polamalu back there and the corners got burned more than a few times.

    53) New England: Damian Williams WR, USC
    Great route runner with sure hands. Insurance policy for Randy Moss and Wes Welker.

    54) Cincinnati: Golden Tate WR, Notre Dame
    They signed Owens but him and Chad Ochocinco are old and wonít be around forever. Tate is a playmaker.

    55) Philadelphia: Reshad Jones S, Georgia
    I donít think the Eagles are comfortable with Macho Harris in the secondary and look to upgrade with the big safety from Georgia.

    56) Green Bay: Jared Veldheer OT, Hillsdale
    Another small school product whoís big and athletic to groom behind Clifton, whom Iím assuming is coming back (along with Tauscher).

    57) Baltimore: Rob Grankowski TE, Arizona
    Coming off a knee injury but is still a great prospect. Heap is constantly injured and isnít quite the same player he used to be.

    58) Arizona: Jason Fox OT, Miami
    Talented tackle who will have to prove he can stay on the field without injury but they have to protect Leinart if theyíre going to keep winning.

    59) Dallas: Brandon Lafell WR, LSU
    Not many needs so they draft a talented receiver to hopefully push, or push out, current starter Roy Williams.

    60) *San Francisco-from San Diego: Ricky Sapp OLB, Clemson
    Lawson hasnít lived up to the expectations and Ahmad Brooks is serviceable at best. Sapp could be a player that has better pro numbers than college numbers with the position switch.

    61) NY Jets: Corey Wootton DE, Northwestern
    Will replace Marques Douglas for the Jets and give them some youth in the front three to start building off of.

    62) Minnesota: Jon Asamoah G, Illinois
    As I said, theyíre going for it all this year. The line didnít play up to itís potential the second half of the season and RG and C could be upgraded.

    63) Indianapolis: Darryl Washington LB, TCU
    Gary Brackett wasnít franchised and isnít a young guy even if he is resigned. Washington gives them a fast guy to groom behind him.

    64) *NY Giants-from New Orleans: Selvish Capers OT, West Virginia
    Umenyiora wants out and the Giants will look to dump him for at least something. Capers and Beatty could be the foundation of the Giants line in a couple years.

    Round 3

    65) St Louis: Donovan Warren CB, Michigan
    Good value in the 3rd and fills a need.

    66) Detroit: Ciron Black OL, LSU
    Need to start finding ways to help Matt Stafford.

    67) Tampa: Greg Hardy DE, Ole Miss
    Could have been a first rounder if not for all the injuries.

    68) Washington: Forfeit (Supplemental Draft)

    69) Kansas City: Eric Norwood LB, South Carolina
    Aside from Tamba Hali, no one could get after the QB.

    70) Oakland: Dekoda Watson LB, Florida St
    Fast. Enough said.

    71) Philadelphia-from Seattle: AJ Edds LB, Iowa
    Need someone else and Stewart is coming off an injury.

    72) Cleveland: Kareem Jackson CB, Alabama
    Good value and could form a nice tandem with Eric Wright

    73) *Green Bay-from Buffalo: Koa Misi OLB, Utah
    Brad Jones did well as a rookie but the position needs depth.

    74) Miami: Torell Troupe NT, UCF
    Jason Ferguson is old and they need a new anchor in their 3-4.

    75) Chicago: Mike Johnson G, Alabama
    There offensive line sucks and couldnít open up holes for Forte.

    76) Jacksonville: Tim Tebow QB, Florida
    They get the guy they covet without having to spend a 1st.

    77) NY Giants: Anthony Dixon RB, Mississippi St
    Brandon Jacobs couldnít get going this year and Dixon provides insurance.

    78) Carolina: DíAnthony Smith DT, Louisiana St
    Kemoeatu is slow to recover and Carolina needs players in its d-line.

    79) Tennessee: Brandon Ghee CB, Wake Forest
    Cortland Finnegan was the only corner who could stop anyone.

    80) San Francisco: Pat Angerer ILB, Iowa
    Would look good next to Patrick Willis.

    81) Denver: JD Walton C, Baylor
    Neiswager doesnít fit there anymore and needs an upgrade.

    82) Houston: Dexter McCluster WR/RB, Ole Miss
    Do it all small guy is another weapon for a talented offense.

    83) Pittsburgh: Kyle Calloway OL, Iowa
    More offensive line help to keep Roethlisberger on his feet.

    84) Atlanta: Jerome Murphy CB, USF
    The secondary is probably the worse position for them.

    85) Cincinnati: Aaron Hernandez TE, Florida
    And yet another weapon for QB Carson Palmer.

    86) Oakland-from New England: Roger Saffold G, Indiana
    They still need help on the offensive line.

    87) Green Bay: Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB, Indiana of Pennsylvania
    Big corner who could be groomed behind Woodson and play in nickel situations.

    88) Philadelphia: Matt Tennant C, Boston College
    Jamaal Jackson got injured last year and they need insurance policies.

    89) Baltimore: Major Wright S, Florida
    Insurance in case Ed Reed does retire.

    90) Arizona: Anthony McCoy TE, USC
    Will give Leinart a receiving threat from the TE position.

    91) Dallas: Vince Oghobaase DE/DT, Duke
    They could lose Marcus Spears in FA.

    92) San Francisco: Alex Carrington DE, Arkansas St
    Balmer hasnít blown up at the position in their defense.

    93) Cleveland-from NY Jets: Jevan Snead QB, Ole Miss
    Holmgren will want his own guy to groom.

    94) Minnesota: Dan LeFevour QB, Central Michigan
    T-Jack isnít the answer after Favre.

    95) Indianapolis: Arthur Jones DT, Syracuse
    Could have gone higher if not for injuries.

    96) New Orleans: Linvale Joseph DT, East Carolina
    Big guy to plug next to Sedrick Ellis.

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    washington signing none of the bigger fas and making no trades = highly unlikely.

    okungs fine in the first round for now. i am cool with matthews but based on shanahans history drafting its more likely that the skins will wait till later in the draft to take a rb that fits the system well.


    • #3
      I am fine with all the picks expect Hernandez we need a allaround TE not just a pass catcher our OC does not use a TE in the offense unless they can block so Hernandez will never see the field just like Coffman last year

      RIP themaninblack


      • #4
        LOVE the trade AND the first rounder for the Phins! The third rounder is ok. I agree with the position, but Troup may me a little bit of a reach in the 3rd round. He's more of a late rounder IMO.

        And on a side note, why in the world would Arizona take a WR with the pick they acquired for us from Anquan? The reason they are trading him is because Early Doucet stepped up at the end of the season and looks ready to step into his role, with Breaston improving also.

        Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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          Originally posted by skhurst0398 View Post
          60) *San Francisco-from San Diego: Ricky Sapp OLB, Clemson
          Lawson hasnít lived up to the expectations and Ahmad Brooks is serviceable at best. Sapp could be a player that has better pro numbers than college numbers with the position switch.
          What makes you say that? He'd never played 3-4 OLBer before 2009. He didn't begin seeing significant time at the position until week 10. In that limited action he had 6 sacks.


          • #6
            that my friend is an outstanding KC draft.hit on every need


            • #7
              The Pats draft is great since you project Peppers to NE.

              Peppers/Odrick/Hughes/Best/Williams would be an excellent off-season.

              The overall draft, however, is completely unrealistic because there is no way Clausen/Bradford remain on the board all the way down to 23. Seattle, Buffalo, Denver and Jacksonville need QBs either immediately or for the next season or two. Even the Vikings would be insane to pass on Clausen at 30 if they had the shot, which they won't.

              +rep for the 3 round effort, though.

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                Originally posted by skhurst0398 View Post
                Draft Day Trades:
                Buffalo trades 2010 2nd (41 overall), 2010 3rd (73 overall), and 2011 4th to Green Bay for 2010 1st (23 overall)

                9) Buffalo: Bryan Bulaga OT, Iowa
                23) *Buffalo-from Green Bay: Sam Bradford QB, Oklahoma
                33) St Lois: Jimmy Clausen QB, Notre Dame
                Very interesting, not sure if both Bradford and Clausen make it out of the top ten, much less one of them falling into the second round, and think one of them is the first pick in the draft come April... Personally I would love to see this happen if it did, or some combination of one of the QB's falling, and Buffalo trading up to snag one, although I think it would be Clausen based on arm strength, and Gailey stating the correlation between arm strength, weather and the type of QB he wants for the system... Having said that, if Buffalo came out of the draft with Bulaga, and Bradford, or better yet, Bulaga and Clausen I think I would sh@t myself, and abandon all responsibility to go back to WNY and have way too much fun :D
                "It must be contract year!"

                Deion Sanders


                • #9
                  Mehhh Vikings mock. CB is not a huge need for us, and Robinson isn't very good value there. Asamoah fills a need with good value, and LeFevour also fills a need, with ok value. We need a S though. S is probably our biggest need with you having Favre coming back.

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                    Flat out awful vikings mock. You really think the Vikes would pass on Clausen for a cornerback? Robinson isn't great value at 30 anyway. Bad value in the second.


                    Originally posted by JordanTaber
          's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                      Good KC mock.

                      Originally posted by fenikz
                      His soft D really turns me off
                      ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                        Well that would certainly be a dream come true for the Rams. Too bad it will never happen.


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                          i cant take a mock serious if it has jimmy falling out of the first

                          Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                          - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                          - Corner or Wideout in the first
                          - No reaching
                          - No Kelvin Benjamin


                          • #14
                            Osi is only worth the last pick in the second round whereas jeremy shockey is worth a mid/early 2nd? Yeah okay, im not buying that, even if you consider Jeremy Shockey better at TE than Osi to DE or OLB in 3-4, passrushers are more heralded.


                            • #15
                              Good Cards mock and good value on the Boldin trade. No need to get a receiver to replace him though, that is what Doucet and Breaston are for as well as the TE you gave us in the third. Give us Spikes there and I am a happy man.



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