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    Havent seen a team needs thread in awhile. With FA coming up, thought Id make a new one for all the mockers out there. I get tired of searching through for team needs the later a mock goes....

    Post your teams needs and order with reasons if possible.

    1. Safety - We really need a playmaking S and if Earl Thomas is there, he would be the pick.
    2. WR - Chad is our only good one, we need a big play guy and a vertical threat.
    3. Tight End - High on the needs list but the front office has said it wont be addressed early, if at all in the draft.
    4. DT - An inside pass rusher. No big fatties, we have our run stoppers. We need guys who can collapse the pocket.
    5. DE - Odom is hurt too much and we need to upgrade over Geathers.
    6. OL - Guard will be an issue if Bobbie Williams isnt resigned we need depth especially OG.

    The Twitters

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    1) LT- Protecting Aaron Rodgers blindside should be priority #1.
    2) CB- Young talent is needed desperately. The team lacks depth at corner and the starters are both quite old.
    3) SS- Atari Bigby is almost always hurt and even when healthy he's only mediocre.
    4) RB- A bit of a luxury pick, but a speedy compliment to Ryan Grant would work wonders for this offense
    5) OLB- Clay Matthews is a stud on one side, but there are some question marks opposite him. Kampman may not be back, and Brad Jones flashed some potential but still was only a 7th round pick.


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      Tampa Bay Buccaneers

      The biggest need by far is DT. We had Hovan ans Sims starting for us. Man that was horrible.

      A pass rushing DE. I have hopes that Kyle Moore, who we draftet last year in the 4th round, can develope in a good base LE. so the need is a pass rushing DE

      A true #1 WR. we have a young talent in sammy stroughter who could be a pretty good #2 WR, but what we need is a TRUE #1 WR

      Talib is fantastic. Barber played decent last year, but is what 55years old ;). Albert Mack can maybe develope in a nickel back maybe, but thats all for him. The need is Corner to play on the other side of Talib.

      Tanrad Jackson is an absolutely beast at FS, what we need is an in the box Strong-Safety


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        1. OT - Chris Samuels has officially retired as expected. Levi Jones is an UDFA and was mediocre at best throughout last season. Heyer was easily one of the worst starting tackles in the NFL and there are no other tackles even on the roster.

        2. C - Rabach is an UDFA who wants more money than hes worth. The Skins already offered him a deal which he turned down.

        3. FS - Landry is obviously a much better fit at SS but moving him leads an empty void at FS. Several trade rumors already this offseason have revolved around bringing in or trading out safeties.

        4. NT or DE? We havent heard yet if the Skins will try Haynesworth at NT or DE in the 3-4. He probably would prefer to play DE but theres no one else really on the roster to play NT. Even if he does play NT none of our other DL players have any 3-4 experience and griffin is really old.

        5. RB - Need a playmaker to share duties with Portis who is coming off a big injury and will be 1 year away from the dreaded 3-0.

        Honorable Mention - QB, 3-4 OLB, OG


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          Kansas City Chiefs

          1. ILB
          2. Safety
          3. Interior OL
          4. OLB
          5. NT
          6. WR

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            1. ILB. It looks like Dansby is gone and behind him is the journeymen Beisel who we cut last year, then the inside linebacker needy Chiefs cut him and then we took him back when we suffered injuries.

            2. OLB. Our projected starters are 33 year old Clark Haggans and rookie from last year Brown who was on IR the entire season. The coaching staff is high on fellow rookie Davis but he is a 6th round pick who also missed the end of the year with injuries. We signed CFLer Baggs as well but who knows what to expect from him. Note: This may change if Porter ends up signing with us.

            3. FS. If Rolle is gone the team will probably give last years 3rd round pick Johnson a chance but he was terrible last year.

            4. OT. Gandy was average and now he is a free agent. Leinart is going to need solid protection. Preferably a LT but there is some talk about moving Brown across to LT so RT is not out of the question.

            5. NT. Most important position in the 3-4, our starter is 36 and a free agent. His backups have been average up until this point.

            Honoralbe Mention - CB, TE, C, QB


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              Philadelphia Eagles

              1. DE
              2. FS
              3. LB
              4. CB
              5. RB
              6. OG/C
              7. DT
              8. QB
              9. TE
              10. WR

              Our 1st round pick should be the BPA of the top 4 positions.
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                1. Safety (Tyrell Johnson is awful, Madieu Williams has been a let-down)
                2. Quarterback (Favre uncertainty and bums behind him)
                3. Cornerback (Aging/injuries deplete our secondary)
                4. Defensive Tackle (Run stuffer... NOT an UT like Brian Price, we have Kevin Williams)
                5. Center/Guard (Sullivan is meh and Herrara needs to be replaced)
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                  Originally posted by akvikefan89 View Post

                  1. Safety (Tyrell Johnson is awful, Madieu Williams has been a let-down)
                  2. Quarterback (Favre uncertainty and bums behind him)
                  3. Cornerback (Aging/injuries deplete our secondary)
                  4. Defensive Tackle (Run stuffer... NOT an UT like Brian Price, we have Kevin Williams)
                  5. Center/Guard (Sullivan is meh and Herrara needs to be replaced)
                  I would make my list like this...

                  Defensive Tackle

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                    1. OT- Jones might retire, but even if he doesn't he's probably in for another injury ridden season.

                    2. QB- Hasselbeck MAYBE has 1 year left, Seneca is not a starting QB.

                    3. S- Babineaux is not a starter, Grant is old and needs to be replaced.

                    4. DE- Kerney is done, Tapp and Jackson are average.

                    5. OG- Rob Sims has a good year last year, but with Unger moving to center, another guard is needed.

                    6. DT- Mebane is great, but the rest are average at best.

                    7. CB- Trufant had a terrible year and Jennings sucks. Josh Wilson is one of my favorite players though.

                    8. RB- Forsett needs somebody to share carries with.

                    9. WR- Our best WR is a free agent. TJ hasnt lived up to the hype. Branch sucks. Butler shows potential but isnt there yet.

                    Yep pretty much everything but TE, LB and C....
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                      1 LT(moving back to power blocking scheme)
                      2 DT
                      3 LB
                      4 OG
                      5 CB
                      6 DE

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                        1. ILB
                        2. OLB
                        3. WR
                        4. NT
                        5. TE
                        6. FS

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                          1 DT
                          2 OL
                          3 DE
                          4 LB
                          5 S
                          6 CB
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                            NT - Someone that can help stop the run while also having the ability to collapse the pocket.
                            OLB - Fujita and Shanle are serviceable but nothing special.
                            DE - Charles Grant is not earning the big paycheck he's receiving.
                            C - While Goodwin made the Pro-Bowl he can be upgraded.
                            CB - If Malcom Jenkins takes Darren Sharper's spot at FS then we need a legit nickelback.
                            RB - A short-yardage back that can grind out the tough goal-line yards.
                            QB - A backup to groom behind Brees.

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                              Slot WR



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