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  • Sonny E Mock Draft version 1.0

    About 2 months til the draft, got a better picture after the combine, so here's my mock version 1.0

    1. Rams - Sam Bradford...We all know QBs are the hotter commodity and DTs have a pretty bad track record when they go #1 overall (remember Dan Wilkinson? Russell Maryland? Steve Emtman?) I'm hearin Matt Ryan comparisons and the powerless Rams are badly in need of a QB. Real bad.

    2. Lions - Ndamukong Suh...We all know the Lions are gonna go Suh or McCoy. If you look at the combine results, they ran virtually the same 40 time but Suh had a better vert and had 32 reps compared to McCoys 23.

    3. Bucs - Gerald McCoy...Next Warren Sapp? Perfect fit for the Bucs weak D-line.

    4. Skins - Jimmy Clausen...Shanahan might want to go OT like Okung or Bulaga but I got a feelin Snyder will influence a headliner pick and they'll take the golden boy from Notre Dame. Plus, Jason Campbell is not the answer.

    5. Chiefs - Russell Okung...Easy pick here. Cassel needs protection. Okung is the best OT prospect on the board.

    6. Seahawks - Brian Buluga...They could go a few different ways. If Clausen is available I think they draft him here but since he's off the board they take the best available OT, which is a pressing need and probably the reason why Hasselbeck gets hurt so much.

    7. Browns - Eric Berry...This is like a grand-slam pick for the Browns who desperately need a playmaker in the secondary. Do I hear, "the next Ed Reed". I think he's probably the most for sure pick in the draft.

    8. Raiders - Bruce Campbell...The guy had an insane combine. He ran a 4.85 in the 40 and he's 6'6, 315. He also did 34 reps. It's no secret Al Davis always looks at the measurables.

    9. Bills - Anthony Davis..Buffalo has got a lot of holes, mostly on offense and they missed out on the good QBs and OTs. Maybe they try and trade down or take the best available OT on the board that can protect the blindside. Davis had a dismal combine but he's more of natural LT then Trent Williams.

    10. Jags - Jason Paul-Pierre...Last in the league in sacks. Why not take the best pure pass rusher on the board who is also a local Florida product.

    11. Broncos - Dez Bryant...Keep hearing rumours that Marshall is gone so I think they'll need to replace him. Bryant has got some serious game and supposedly some character issues too, but didn't they say that about Randy Moss?

    12. Dolphins - Dan Williams...Every mock I see has the Dolphins picking a LB but don't they need a NT? Joe Haden is still available.

    13. 49ers - Trent Williams...Best OT left on the board and the 9ers need someone on the right side. Solid pick.

    14. Seahawks - Joe Haden...One of the worst teams against the pass and the best CB on the board that maybe should have not slipped this far - Haden didn't really impress at the combine. C.J. Spiller could be the play here.

    15. Giants - Rolando McClain...If the Giants don't sign free agent Dansby then this would be the ideal pick. Best ILB on the board.

    16. Titans - Sergio Kindle...They need playmakers on D and Kindle might be the best available player. Derrick Morgan could be the pick here.

    17. 49ers - Earl Thomas...I want to say Taylor Mays is the next Ronnie Lott but Thomas is far superior in coverage and the 9ers could use a playmaker.

    18. Steelers - Mike Iupati...This pick just makes sense.

    19. Falcons - Derrick Morgan...Falcons could use a pass-rusher and he comes from GTech. CB could be the pick.

    20. Texans - C.J. Spiller...Here's a guy who had a great combine that should have made his stock go up but fell in the draft because nobody really needed a RB. Maybe someone trades up to get him but Texans could really really use him. This is a dream pick.

    21. Bengals - Golden Tate...Cincy had a great defense but lacked offense. Time to get Carson some weapons. Some are comparing Tate to Steve Smith.

    22. Patriots - Brandon Graham...I'm sure they take the best available OLB that can play the 3-4 to replace Adalius Thomas.

    23. Cowboys (trade w/ Packers) - Taylor Mays...They trade up to take Mays before the Eagles do.

    24. Eagles - Sean Weatherspoon...Best available LB.

    25. Ravens - Arrellious Benn...Best WR available and Flacco needs targets.

    26. Cards - Brandon Spikes...Best available ILB.

    27. Packers - Kyle Wilson...They need help on the OL, but they draft the best available talent.

    28. Chargers - Ryan Matthews...Best available RB.

    29. Jets - Jerry Hughes...Another body to get at the QB.

    30. Vikes - Delvin McCourty...Best available CB.

    31. Colts - Maurkice Pouncey...Saturday's eventual replacement.

    32. Saints - Everson Griffen...or Carlos Dunlop

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    Could live with Griffen now that Grants gone.


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      I would definitely like a Graham pick.


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        Terrible KC pick but I'm tired of explaining why.

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        His soft D really turns me off
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          I would be fine with Tate

          RIP themaninblack


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            Yes, we need a NT, we just don't need to reach for one like Williams. McClain would be better there, unless we sign Dansby, then I would take Kindle.

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              i like the patriots pick, i just dont think it will happen. i think pouncey would be the pick in that scenario

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                  I am not a huge fan of McCourtney, but we don't have many other options.


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        's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                    give denver McClain or Dan Williams.


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                      Well, not the worst Vikings pick, but not very good either. We do NOT need CB that badly that we will take "Best available CB". We have few huge needs and are far more likely to go bpa.

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