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    First attempt at this so a few things: I'm sure I made mistakes with fits in schemes and needs and such, bear with me. I'm also sure I missed some players that belong in the top 3 rounds, point them out so I can correct it on my next one.

    Constructive feedback is appreciated. Brutal feedback is understood.

    Round One
    1. St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford/QB/Oklahoma: Best player in the draft is arguably Ndamukong Suh, but this is not a defensive tackle driven league. Recent success stories of Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Mark Sanchez help push the Rams in this direction.

    2. Detroit Lions – Russel Okung/OT/Oklahoma State: The Lions made a commitment to Mathew Stafford and need to stick with that. I am not a Lions fan but I do live in MI and I believe the Lions offense is close to be very competitive. The Lion’s success and future are directly tied to the success and health of Stafford.

    3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ndamukong Suh/DT/Nebraska: An absolute monster in the trenches, Suh is the type of defensive presence that Morris is searching for in Tampa.

    4. Washington Redskins - Eric Berry/S/Tennessee: I don’t think the Skins take a quarterback here. I am an outsider but I think Campbell can still be the guy. With that said, and Okung off the board already I don’t envision them reaching for Campbell or Bulaga. So instead they take the total package from someone playing in the secondary. I would be comfortable having him line up anywhere. This would allow Laron Landry to pitch a tent in the box where he belongs. With the skins transitioning to that hybrid 3-4 I think having someone like Berry provides them with a lot of freedom.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs – Dez Bryant/WR/Oklahoma State: Let me explain this. I buy what Chiefs fans are selling on Albert. I liked him from the beginning, so it’s no surprise he’s going to turn out just fine. They could use a RT but the value does not line up at #5. Nobody would pay their second best tackle top 5 money. Berry was obviously taken the pick before, and Gerald McCoy doesn’t fit their scheme. Dan Williams could be a Tyson Jackson esqe reach here but I don’t see lightening striking twice. Rolando McClain is what they’ll be clamoring for, but I just can’t get myself to put him here at 5, it’s way too early for a Mike. With that said, they add another weapon for Cassel –sorry.

    6. Seattle Seahawks – Brian Bulaga/OT/Iowa: He has everything you could really ask for in a tackle. Would be the cornerstone of that unit for years to come. Would really like to stop Gerald Mccoy’s slide here but Mebane is off the same build/style.

    7. Cleveland Browns – Joe Haden/CB/Florida: Top flight corner, easily the best of the class. Did not impress with his 40 time in Indy but that can’t possibly erase all the good tape of this kid. Easily still a top 10 talent and Cleveland would be foolish to pass on him.

    8. Oakland Raiders – Gerald McCoy/DT/Oklahoma: I don’t see it being possible for this kid to slip out of the top 10. Granted I didn’t exactly picture this either, but that’s how it fell. I’ll be honest, I don’t know exactly if this is a great fit, I’m sure someone out there will let me know, but he’s just too good a talent in the trenches for him to slide any further.

    9. Buffalo Bills – Trent Williams/OT/Oklahoma: I don’t think the Bills will get caught up in Campbell’s combine hype. I also think that putting a young quarterback in this situation would be a disaster for that guy (Clausen).

    10. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jimmy Clausen/QB/Notre Dame: I don’t think Garrard is as terrible as some, but from what i’ve heard seen it’s unlikely that Clausen makes it past 11.

    11. Denver Broncos from Chicago Bears – Rolando McClain/LB/Alabama: Would have been nice to have McClain play in a Nolan defense but he’s a sick talent regardless. He’ll be the centerpiece of the Broncos defense for the next decade. I think at No.11 the value is just about perfect.

    12. Miami Dolphins – Sergio Kindle/OLB/Texas: To be honest, I had no idea how big Kindle was. He looks like the prototype to be an edge rusher in a 3-4, and has the skills to go along with it. I still believe Brandon Graham is the best pass rusher in the draft, but his size is hurting him.

    13. San Francisco 49ers – Anthony Davis/OT/Rutgers: Underwhelmed at the combine but in the same case as Joe Haden, it can’t erase the good tape on this guy. He would team up opposite Staley and the 49ers would finally have the beginnings of a stable unit up front.

    14. Seattle Seahawks from Denver Broncos – Taylor Mays/S/Southern California: I wouldn’t name my first born after him, but I’m a fan. I think Carroll obviously knows the pros and cons as to what this kid brings to the table, and he’ll know how to get the best out him at the next level.

    15. New York Giants – Dan Williams/DT/Tennessee: They are going to have to address linebacker at some point, and the questions surrounding Kenny Phillips’ health could push them towards Earl Thomas here but if they are going to get back to the Giants that we are use to watching then they are going to have to address the interior of that defensive line.

    16. Tennessee Titans – Jason Peirre-Paul/DE/South Florida: Vanden Bosh is gone and the Titans really need a presence on the edge of their front. This kid has all the tools to get after the passer and could wind up being a steal at No.16.

    17. San Francisco 49ers from Carolina Panthers – Mike Iupati/OG/Idaho: I may get ripped here by fellow 49er fans for passing on the lightening in a bottle that is C.J. Spiller but if we really want to be physical in everything we do, the offensive line needs to be addressed. Spiller makes plenty of sense and could be the pick here as well as Earl Thomas. I just feel that adding a potential Steve Hutchinson to the roster is better value when safeties and return men can be had much later.

    18. Pittsburgh Steelers – Sean Weatherspoon/LB/Missouri: I think Weatherspoon can play and linebacker position out there, but he fits perfectly inside for the Steelers. Great football player and the value is outstanding at No.18.

    19. Atlanta Falcons – Derrick Morgan/DE/Georgia Teach: Not sure why this guy has been slipping, but I the Falcons are the beneficiaries for sure. I mocked this with the assumption that the Dunta Robinson deal was going to be done, which eliminates CB as a round 1 need for Atlanta.

    20. Houston Texans – C.J. Spiller/RB/Clemson: Hard to picture the No.1 back falling this far but that’s just the way it sorted out. Spiller adds to an already explosive offense and on paper puts the Texans offense in the category of terrifying. Earl Thomas is still available, and could very well be the pick here, but I just think Spiller is too much to pass on.

    21. Cincinnati Bengals – Earl Thomas/S/Texas: And that brings us to the Bengals. This has to be one of the best scenarios for Cincy. Earl Thomas is an elite talent, and to be fortunate enough to get him at No.20 is a dream.

    22. New England Patriots – Brandon Graham/OLB/Michigan: Might be my favorite prospect in the entire draft. I love the guy’s motor and his ability to get after the quarterback is amazing. I believe the Woodley comparisons are spot on. Patriots get a gem here.

    23. Green Bay Packers – Bruce Campbell/OT/Maryland: Packers take the stud of the combine. He is a risk that’s for sure, but the upside for this kid is amazing. Could be the constant at LT for the duration of Rodgers’ career.

    24. Philadelphia Eagles – Everson Griffen/DE/Southern California: Good frame, showed good speed at the combine, and I just don’t trust Carlos Dunlap to be the guy for Philly. I don’t see a safety that meets the value here either.

    25. Baltimore Ravens – Golden Tate/WR/Notre Dame: The Ravens offense is a WR away from being downright nasty. Tate silenced all the critics about his speed at the combine, and with his hands I think he’s a surefire target for Flacco. I feel like Arrelious Benn may look the part, but Tate is the one that’s going to produce.

    26. Arizona Cardinals – Jerry Hughes/OLB/Texas Christian: A terror coming off the edge, would immediately boost the outside linebackers in the desert. As a 49er fan this pick makes my stomach turn slightly, but I think he’s too much of a talent to be passed on.

    27. Dallas Cowboys – Kyle Wilson/CB/Boise State: No safety fits the bill here and I don’t see an interior offensive lineman left that warrants being taken in the first round. With that said, Wilson could very well end up being the best corner in the draft. Terrence Newman can’t do it forever, Wilson is good value here.

    28. San Diego Chargers – Terrence Cody/NT/Alabama: Questions about his work ethic hang over like a dark cloud. I still think he can be a stud NT at the next level. Williams being cut leaves a hole in the middle of the Chargers defense. A running back here is the popular pick but let’s be honest, the offense runs through Rivers, a running back can be taken later.

    29. New York Jets – Jared Odrick/DE/Penn State: Looks to me like the ideal 5 technique. With Odrick and Cromartie the Jets defense just got better. And to be able to say that, after the way they played this year is just unreal. Benn here could be a possibility, trying to take as much pressure off Sanchez as possible.

    30. Minnesota Vikings – Nate Allen/S/South Florida: A team with very little to work on as far as the roster goes. I do think corner is an option, as well as DT but neither of those positions present any value greater than Allen at safety here at pick No.30.

    31. Indianapolis Colts – Brian Price/DT/UCLA: The quick/active type of defensive tackle the Colts love to have. Not sure what other direction the Colts would go in this situation.

    32. Champion New Orleans Saints – Carlos Dunlap/DE/Florida: Price would have been the selection here, and I’m sure they would have loved to see Weatherspoon tumble down to 32 but neither of those happened. Dunlap has questions about his work ethic but I believe Williams can light the fire under his rear end. On top of that, with Grant leaving town there is a hole for the champs to fill.

    Round Two
    33. St. Louis Rams - Lamarr Houston/DT/Texas: After passing on DT with No.1 overall, the Rams have to come back to this position. They need some help up front on that defense and Houston is a guy that I think could possibly go earlier.

    34. Detroit Lions – Devin McCourty/CB/Rutgers: Bigger corner at almost 6 foot, 193 lbs and ran well at the combine. Has incredible value on special teams as a do-it-all kind of guy. Donal Driver, Greg Jennings, Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Devin Hester; the NFC North isn’t necessarily the ‘black and blue’ division anymore. The Lions are going to have to get better on the back end and with Delmas and McCourty they take another step in the right direction.

    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Arrelious Benn/WR/Illinois: For some reason or another, Benn slides to the top of the 2nd and after taking Suh, the Bucs will look to add another weapon for their up-and-coming QB.

    36. Kansas City Chiefs – Brandon Spikes/LB/Florida: Questionable pick in the 1st, but with the first two picks the Chiefs land two studs. Spikes could very well outplay McClain at the next level. Massive upgrade in the middle of the defense for Kansas City.

    37. Washington Redskins – Vladimir Ducasse/OL/Massachusetts: Would have been ideal for Okung to make it to No.4 for them but when I was doing this it just so happened that Clifton was on a visit to DC. Either way Ducasse has some great value here. If he doesn’t work out on the edge he’s projected as a stud inside and the Skins need help across the line.

    38. Cleveland Browns – Jermaine Gresham/TE/Oklahoma: Top 25 talent, absolute beast at TE and he falls into the Browns laps. Whoever is under center for the Dawgs is going to be thankful for a target like Gresham.

    39. Oakland Raiders – Jared Veldheer/OT/Hillsdale: Raiders will take an offensive tackle who performed very well at the combine. And no, his name is not Bruce Campbell.

    40. Seattle Seahawks – Ryan Matthews/RB/Fresno State: Not sure if I really buy into the hype surrounding this guy, but he could go even earlier to this (SD?). Either way a RB that can split with Forsett is some kind of priority heading into April.

    41. [/b]Buffalo Bills – Brandon Lafell/WR/Louisiana State[/b]: No NT prospect available here, nor is there a quarterback that could be taken this high. With that said they take a big WR to go over the middle.

    42. Tampa Bay Buccaneers from Chicago Bears – Patrick Robinson/CB/Florida State: Came into the season as the No.1 guy but a down year has pushed him down the rankings a bit. The Bucs are able to cash in on that and grab him with their second pick in the second round.

    43. Miami Dolphins – Demaryius Thomas/WR/Georgia Tech: I trust Chad Henne can be a special quarterback in this league. In order for that process to continue he’s going to need some more weapons. Thomas is a big physical freak at WR and would help out immediately. A NT is an option here but it would be a pretty big reach I think.

    44. New England from Jacksonville – Ricky Sapp/OLB/Clemson: Graham and Sapp could be a formidable duo for the next decade in New England. Tully Banta-Cain was the best pass rusher a year ago, a complete overhaul at the position should be in the cards.

    45. Denver Broncos – Brandon Ghee/CB/Wake Forest: They have got to get someone in there to play opposite of Champ. I know they Just took Alphonso Smith last year, but my understanding is he struggled mightily.

    46. New York Giants – Daryl Washington/LB/Texas Christian: Undersized a bit but I thought I heard somewhere the Giants were going to implement quite a bit of Cover 2/Tampa 2 in which case Washington would be an ideal fit. Rangy guy who could probably cover anyone out of the backfield and would benefit from the play of their first round pick.

    47. New England from Tennessee Titans – Damian Williams/WR/Southern Cal: Dandy Randy isn’t getting any younger, and sounds like he may not be back after this year. Wes could have a very slow start to this season. The WR group needs an infusion and it comes in the form of Williams. The Pats can afford to go offense after finding two rushers early.

    48. Carolina Panthers – Mardy Gilyard/WR/Cincinnati: Really difficult pick for me, I don’t know much about a lot of teams but the Panthers have to be near the bottom of that list. Thought behind this pick was that Matt Moore is going to need someone other than Steve Smith.

    49. San Francisco 49ers – Perrish Cox/CB/Oklahoma State: Some character issues surround Cox, but if the 49ers don’t have the best attitude adjuster in the league I don’t know who does. He is a physical corner which fits the bill of exactly what Scotty Mac is looking for and has added value in the return game.

    50. Kansas City Chiefs from Atlanta Falcons: Maurkice Pouncey/C/G/Florida: If Brandon Albert is going to develop into the tackle many thought he could be when he was taken, he’s going to have to have some friends inside. Pouncey is great value at No.50 and could be taken earlier than this.

    51. Houston Texans – Tyson Alualu/DT/California: May be a little shorter than ideal for the position but has the quickness to be a disruptive force inside.

    52. Pittsburgh Steelers – Rodger Saffold/G/Indiana: Would have been great to land Iupati in the first but ending up with Weatherspoon wasn’t garbage either. Saffold could be a little light, but bulking up shouldn’t be too difficult. Second best broad jump out of any offensive lineman, good indicator of power.

    53. New England Patriots – Tim Tebow/QB/Florida: We all know the pros and cons of this guy, not much more I can say.

    54. Cincinnati Bengals – Geno Atkins/DT/Georgia: I’ve been impressed with Atkins this offseason. This may be too early for the tastes of some but he is a quick explosive inside guy which could really boost the Bengals front seven.

    55. Philadelphia Eagles – Chad Jones/Louisiana State: Poor man’s Taylor Mays. Physical safety with decent range. Lots of upside here.

    56. Green Bay Packers – Jahvid Best/RB/California: Blazed at the combine and could be a great compliment to Ryan Grant.

    57. Baltimore Ravens – Kareem Jackson/CB/Alabama: Good combination of size and speed. The edges of the secondary are an area of concern for Baltimore and Jackson looks to be a solid NFL corner.

    58. Arizona Cardinals – Charles Brown/OT/Southern California: Zona could use an upgrade at the tackle position and Brown’s name is being tossed around the end of the 1st, early 2nd, so he represents good value here.

    59. Dallas Cowboys – Morgan Burnett/S/Georgia Tech: Good size and range, Burnett was productive at GT. Adding two young guns in the secondary could really put Dallas in position atop the NFC East for a while.

    60. San Diego Chargers – Ben Tate/RB/Auburn: I like Tate and think he could be a solid RB in the NFL. With the RBs available in the draft, passing on one in the first makes sense for the Bolts. They have their choice between Tate,Dwyer,Hardesty,etc.

    61. New York Jets – Riley Cooper/WR/Florida: Real good size for WR. Tebow’s favorite target at Florida, will go over the middle to make the catch. Good reliable target for the continued development of Sanchez.

    62. Minnesota Vikings – Colt McCoy/QB/Texas: Has the thing that Vikings fans and the organization want the most out of a quarterback. Accuracy. His job is not going to be to go out there and wing it around for the W. If McCoy was successful at Texas with Shipley, imagine how easy of a transition throwing to Percy is going to be.

    63. Indianapolis Colts – Jason Fox/OT/Miami: Could wind up going earlier than this, I like Fox a lot. Four year starter for The U, and will be the kind of player the Colts like up front.

    64. Champion New Orleans Saints – Eric Norwood/OLB/South Carolina: Shorter than what you’d like but a high motor kind of guy. I like Fujita, don’t know much about the guy on the other side (Shanle) and would have to imagine Norwood would be an upgrade.

    Round Three
    65. St. Louis Rams – Jordan Shipley/WR/Texas

    66. Detroit Lions – Arthur Jones/DT/Syracuse

    67. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Greg Hardy/DE/Mississippi

    68. Kansas City Chiefs – Cam Thomas/NT/North Carolina

    69. Oakland Raiders – John Jerry/G/Mississippi

    70. Philadelphia Eagles from Seattle Seahawks – Jamar Chaney/LB/Mississippi State

    71. Cleveland Browns – Jonathon Dwyer/RB/Georgia Tech

    72. Buffalo Bills – Tony Pike/QB/Cincinnati

    73. Miami Dolphins – Rob Gronkowski/TE/Arizona

    74. Jacksonville Jaguars – George Selvie/DE/South Florida

    75. Chicago Bears – Jon Asamoah/G/Illinois

    76. New York Giants – Reshad Jones/S/Georgia

    77. Tennessee Titans – Chris Cook/CB/Virginia

    78. Carolina Panthers – Dan LeFevour/QB/Central Michigan

    79. San Francisco 49ers – Joe McKnight/RB/Southern California

    80. Denver Broncos – Corey Wootton/DE/Northwestern

    81. Houston Texans – Amari Spievy/CB/Iowa

    82. Pittsburgh Steelers – Alex Carrington/DE/Arkansas State

    83. Atlanta Falcons – Jerome Murphy/CB/South Florida

    84. Cincinnati Bengals – Andre Roberts/WR/Citadel

    85. Oakland Raiders from New England Patriots – Jacoby Ford/WR/Clemson

    86. Green Bay Packers – Dominique Franks/CB/Oklahoma

    87. Philadelphia Eagles – Toby Gerhart/RB/Stanford

    88. Baltimore Ravens – Dennis Pitta/TE/Brigham Young

    89. Arizona Cardinals – Sean Lee/LB/Penn State

    90. Dallas Cowboys – Ciron Black/T/G/Louisiana State

    91. San Diego Chargers – Kyle Calloway/OT/Iowa

    92. Cleveland Browns from New York Jets – Micah Johnson/LB/Kentucky

    93. Minnesota Vikings – Linval Joseph/DT/East Carolina

    94. Indianapolis Colts – Donovan Warren/CB/Michigan

    95. Champion New Orleans Saints – Torrell Troup/DT/Central Florida
    Originally posted by Babylon
    It's called Karma for all the years with Montana and Young.

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    I don't hate this Vikes mock. Nate Allen is a reach in the first, but I really like him, though most think he is overrated. The second and third round picks I can dig.


    Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


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      Hmmmm Indi neeeds a back up QB that can win. They made it to the superbowl so imo Indi can take a chance and i would love to see there 31st pick go to Colt McCoy. If manning goes down its over for the year with painter. Plus manning is getting older and i cant see him being in the league 4 years from now. Would be great to give McCoy a chance to learn from manning before taking over in 2013/14 or so. But thats just what i think would be best for them. Over all a goodish mock better then anything ive made.


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        change the first 2 picks to McClain and Ducasse


        • #5
          Thomas is Fine in the 1st

          Atkins is a reach in the 2nd DT should not be addressed till atleast the 3rd Round

          Roberts is not what we need at WR

          Gronkowski in the 2nd
          Black in the 3rd
          Last edited by Pat Sims 90; 03-05-2010, 06:07 PM.

          RIP themaninblack


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            Originally posted by Pat Sims 90 View Post
            Thomas is Fine in the 1st

            Atkins is a reach in the 2nd DT should not be addressed till atleast the 3rd Round

            Roberts is not what we need a WR

            Gronkowski in the 2nd
            Black in the 3rd
            Pass on Gronk. I dont trust his back issues at all.
            Give me Norwood at that point in the 2nd.

            The Twitters


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              I dont even care about the other picks, McCoy would make my day

              "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                helluva Packers' mock

                Follow me on Twitter!!/aMo_Captain


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                  Horrible Pats draft. I only like the Sapp pick.

                  Originally posted by ElectricEye
                  I'm a whiny little kunt. Feel sorry for me as I go masturbate to a picture of my mom dressed as a teletubby.


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                    Solid eagles mock.


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                      Riley Cooper may not be a popular choice for Jets but it is all right.


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                        Suh to Tampa Bay is looking more realistic each, and everyday.

                        Mike Will & V-Jax


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                          Originally posted by Razor View Post
                          Horrible Pats draft. I only like the Sapp pick.
                          How would you have it instead?
                          Originally posted by Babylon
                          It's called Karma for all the years with Montana and Young.


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                            Jimmy Clausen / Rolando McClain / Anthony Davis
                            Charles Brown / Maurkice Pouncey
                            Rob Gronkowski / Alex Carrington

                            I'd take that


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                              Awesome Miami draft!!

                              Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner



                              Debug Information