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Saturday 2 Round Mock Draft

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  • Saturday 2 Round Mock Draft

    I don't really like to make mocks until April but now that we have the combine behind us and the big free agent moves out of the way I guess I'll give it a whirl now. A lot will change from now until the end of April but this is just how I see things playing out right now. If you have any questions about the picks just ask :)

    Round 1

    1. St. Louis Rams: DT – Gerald McCoy – Oklahoma

    The recent Sam Bradford talk may prove in the end to be just a smokescreen for trade bait. It’s widely rumored that Spagnuolo prefers McCoy to Suh.

    2. Detroit Lions: DT – Ndamukong Suh – Nebraska

    Whichever of the two big boys drop to them the Lions will gladly except.

    3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: S – Eric Berry – Tennessee

    If the two DTs are in fact off the board then now it gets interesting. Berry could probably be had a few slots lower which makes a trade with a team looking to move up for one of the QBs a possibility.

    4. Washington Redskins: QB – Sam Bradford – Oklahoma

    A new regime could signal a new QB as well. Allen/Shannahan may just not have the faith in Jason Campbell to give him the keys to the franchise for the future.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs: OT – Russell Okung – Oklahoma State

    A pretty sensible pick. With the recent draft picks of DE Tyson Jackson and OL Brandon Albert, it would seem the Chiefs are building from the inside out. A franchise Left Tackle that would allow Albert to kick inside would give the Chiefs two of the brightest young Offensive Lineman in the league.

    6. Seattle Seahawks: QB – Jimmy Clausen – Notre Dame

    Clausen, a favorite of Carroll’s since his days as young high school superstar in California, could finally end up playing for the coach. Matt Hasselback is hanging on by a thread at this point and one more season of teaching Clausen the ropes could prove beneficial for everyone.

    7. Cleveland Browns: RB – C.J. Spiller – Clemson

    Explosion is something the Browns severely lacked on offense last season. At times there offense was downright awful. Adding one of the top playmakers in the entire draft might be something Mike Holmgren has an interest in.

    8. Oakland Raiders: OLB – Sergio Kindle – Texas

    Say whatever jokes you want about the Raiders but you certainly can’t say they don't make things interesting and wild on draft day. Kindle might not be a true Top 10 pick in most eyes but he might just be the best fit for the Raiders organization. Thomas Howard hasn’t panned out as expected so adding a young hungry LB with speed might be a good idea for this Raiders defense.

    9. Buffalo Bills: OT – Bryan Bulaga – Iowa

    The QB position is certainly a ? but to get one of the big two the Bills will most likely have to trade up which isn’t out of the question. If they stay at 9, Bulaga would be a solid addition to an offensive line that features two solid young guards but lacks a true solid leader at the Tackle position.

    10. Jacksonville Jaguars: DE – Jason Pierre-Paul – South Florida

    They’ve been burned by the unwise choice of Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves hasn’t been much to write home about either. 14 total sacks last year is a joke and they will need to look for DE again early because of their past mistakes. Keeping Florida product Jason Pierre-Paul who some are dubbing “The Freak 2” could help out a team in need of some sort of a pass rush.

    11. Denver Broncos: WR – Dez Bryant – Oklahoma State

    The Broncos will most likely part ways with talented but disgruntled receiver Brandon Marshall. This would open the door for the possibility of drafting Dez Bryant, who many consider the top WR in the draft.

    12. Miami Dolphins: WR – Golden Tate – Notre Dame

    This last undersized speedster the Dolphins drafted (Ted Ginn) didn’t pan out too well. Bill Parcells may have faith that Golen Tate, who has been tutored by one of Parcell’s disciples Charlie Weiss, may fare better. Chad Henne needs better options in the passing game to succeed.

    13. San Francisco 49ers: CB – Joe Haden – Florida

    Haden’s 40 will drop him and the 49ers could hope it drops him all the way into their laps. If Haden makes it to the 49ers; it would be hard to pass up the top CB in the draft.

    14. Seattle Seahawks: OT – Anthony Davis – Rutgers

    Getting a Franchise QB and a Franchise OT all within probably a two hour span would make the city of Seattle pretty excited about the future of Carroll’s Seahawks.

    15. New York Giants: LB – Rolando McClain – Alabama

    If this happens, The Giants prayers would be answered. In desperate need of a talented LB to get Rolando McClain would be a dream come true.

    16. Tennessee Titans: LB – Sean Weatherspoon – Missouri

    The next best LB in the draft could in fact come off the board right after the top LB. With their two OLBs over the age of 30, it’s time to inject some youth into the Titans defense and Weatherspoon would be a top choice to do that.

    17. San Francisco 49ers: OT – Bruce Campbell – Maryland

    Singeltary helped one athletic Maryland freak (Vernon Davis) turn the light on and he may have faith he can do it for another. Staley and Campbell could give the 49ers a nice set of young bookends for the future.

    18. Pittsburgh Steelers: S – Earl Thomas – Texas

    It’s unclear if Troy Polamalu can be Troy Polamalu again after his injury. That’s why their needs to be insurance just in case. Earl Thomas would be a great player in Dick Lebeau’s zone blitz defense.

    19. Atlanta Falcons: DE – Derrick Morgan – Georgia Tech

    The Falcons would consider themselves lucky if a solid player like Derrick Morgan fell and was available to them here. Jon Abraham is on the downslope of his career and the Falcons may not have to look outside the city to find his future replacement.

    20. Houston Texans: RB – Ryan Matthews – Fresno State

    Gary Kubiak finally gets to take a first Round RB and he gets a solid one in Ryan Matthews. The 1-2 combination of Matthews and Slaton would give the team a solid ground game for years to come.

    21. Cincinnati Bengals: OG – Mike Iuapati – Idaho

    Giving Cedric Benson a mauler like Iuapati to run behind would seemingly make a lot of sense for Cincinnati. Bobbie Williams is solid but also a free agent and Evan Mathis can serve to be upgraded. The Bengals might be hesitant to take a first round OL in back to back years. However, for a team that relies heavily on the run and pounding it with Cedric Benson, it is important to have a quality front 5.

    22. New England Patriots: CB – Devin McCourty – Rutgers

    Darius Butler may have a bright future but Shawn Springs, now 35, may need to be left in the past. McCourty is a riser in the draft and the type of DB that has everything that the Patriots organization covets.

    23. Green Bay Packers: OT – Trent Williams – Oklahoma

    Williams would fit in well for a Packer O-Line that was often the target for much criticism throughout the season. He would be hard to pass up if available here.

    24. Philadelphia Eagles: S/OLB – Taylor Mays – USC

    With a need at both Safety and LB, the Eagles may take a kid that can be a force at either depending on how he matures as a player. Mays will take time to get his feet on the ground but he could be a scary player if he keeps refining his game.

    25. Baltimore Ravens: CB – Kyle Wilson – Boise State

    Yesterday’s trade for Anquan Boldin has alleviated the teams need for a go to WR that they have been lacking for years. This could allow them to concentrate on the Defensive side of the ball early where a starting CB like Kyle Wilson is needed.

    26. Arizona Cardinals: CB – Patrick Robinson – Florida State

    Last years playoffs would seem to show that there is definitely a need for secondary help in Glendale. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is a quality player but outside of him there is no CB on the team that could be considered above just satisfactory.

    27. Dallas Cowboys: WR – Arrelious Benn – Illinois

    The team has grown tired and embarrassed of Roy Williams and they will probably look for a player early on to take over for him. Benn is most likely the 3rd WR on most boards and to be able to get him in late round 1 would be a coup for Jerry Jones.

    28. San Diego Chargers: RB – Montario Hardesty – Tennessee

    With the departure of Ladanian Tomlinson, the team needs a bigger back to complement the smaller quicker Darren Sproles. If you were going strictly by Hardesty’s senior tape it would be hard to argue that he would be a solid option to replace LT.

    29. New York Jets: OLB – Brandon Graham – Michigan

    The Jets like what they have in LB David Harris, a Michigan product, and they could look to add his former teammate, Brandon Graham, who has a similar makeup. Vernon Gholston just doesn’t seem like he will pan out and the team could use a solid Rush linebacker for Rex Ryan’s 46 defense.

    30. Minnesota Vikings: RB – Jahvid Best – CAL

    The departure of Chester Taylor brings about a need for a 3rd down back in the passing game. Best has the speed to make a difference in Brad Childress’ offense as a complement to Adrian Peterson.

    31. Indianapolis Colts: OG – Roger Saffold – Indiana

    Last year’s Super Bowl runner up doesn’t have many glaring holes. This could allow them to focus on suring up the offensive line early with an athletic player like Roger Saffold. The in state product would seem to be a great fit in Indy’s offense as an upgrade for Devan or Lilja.

    32. New Orleans Saints: DT – Dan Williams - Tennessee

    Sedrick Ellis has been exactly what the Saints have hoped for and the scary thing is he could be even better with a good DT next to him. Dan Wiliams would be a great complement to Ellis in Gregg William’s defense.

    Round 2

    33. St. Louis Rams: TE – Jermaine Gresham – Oklahoma

    34. Detroit Lions: RB – Jonathan Dwyer – Georgia Tech

    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: WR – Demaryius Thomas – Georgia Tech

    36. Kansas City Chiefs: TE – Rob Gronkowski – Arizona

    37. Washington Redskins: OT – Vladamir Ducasse – UMASS

    38. Cleveland Browns: QB – Dan LeFevour – Central Michigan

    39. Oakland Raiders: QB – Tony Pike – Cincinnati

    40. Seattle Seahawks: DE – Everson Griffen – USC

    41. Buffalo Bills: WR – Marcus Easley – UCONN

    42. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DT – Jared Odrick – Penn State

    43. Miami Dolphins: NT – Cam Thomas – North Carolina

    44. New England Patriots: WR – Damian Williams – USC

    45. Denver Broncos: CB – Perrish Cox – Oklahoma State

    46. New York Giants: DT – Lamarr Houston – Texas

    47. New England Patriots: DE – Carlos Dunlap – Florida

    48. Carolina Panthers: QB – Tim Tebow – Florida

    49. San Francsico 49ers: WR – Jordan Shipley – Texas

    50. Kansas City Chiefs: LB – Navorro Bowman – Penn State

    51. Houston Texans: DT – Brian Price – UCLA

    52. Pittsburgh Steelers: C – Maurkice Pouncey – Florida

    53. New England Patriots: RB – Ben Tate – Auburn

    54. Cincinnati Bengals: WR – Taylor Price – Ohio

    55. Philadelphia Eagles: RB – Joe McKnight – USC

    56. Green Bay Packers: CB – Akwasi Owusu-Ansah – Indiana (Pennsylvania)

    57. Baltimore Ravens: TE – Dorin Dickerson – PITT

    58. Arizona Cardinals: OLB – Darryl Washington – TCU

    59. Dallas Cowboys: OT – Jared Veldheer – Hillside

    60. San Diego Chargers: NT – Terrence Cody – Alabama

    61. New York Jets: WR – Eric Decker – Minnesota

    62. Minnesota Vikings: S – Larry Asante – Nebraska

    63. Indianapolis Colts: DT – Geno Atkins – Georgia

    64. New Orleans Saints: S – Nate Allen – South Florida
    Free Willie

  • #2
    Not a bad Vikes mock. Give me Nate Allen over Asante though.


    Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


    • #3
      Overall that's a really mehhhh KC draft.

      I could see Okung being the pick 5th overall, that's fine, but the second round picks are bad.

      I'd definitely take Pouncey in the second if he's available. Not sure what to do with the first of our two seconds but I don't think TE is that big of a need.

      Originally posted by fenikz
      His soft D really turns me off
      ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


      • #4
        Wilson is a meh pick for the Ravens in the first, but Dickerson just isn't a good one. It's a reach for a player that doesn't have a true position.


        • #5
          That gets an F -
          Guard is not a first round need by any means.
          Price is a HUGE reach in the 2nd.

          Brian Price or Taylor Mays at that point in the first.
          Mardy in the 2nd over Price.

          The Twitters


          • #6
            bad phins picks. Tate is a major reach that doesn't really fit a need and Thomas is also a reach there.

            In that scenario, I'd rather go Dan Williams/Nate Allen

            sig by BoneKrusher


            • #7
              love the saints first rounder, im fine with the second rounder

              Saints 2014 draft wish list:
              - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
              - Corner or Wideout in the first
              - No reaching
              - No Kelvin Benjamin


              • #8
                I like Price, and I think that's about his high-end value right there in the mid-to-late 2nd. Iupati, eh, I really like the guy but I'm fading from him for the Bengals.

                The one that stood out is the Browns. Terrible draft for them. Colts draft is rather poor too, passing on Odrick in the first for a OG when it's their Tackle spots that need help.


                • #9
                  The Rams draft 2 players from Oklahoma not named Sam Bradford, interesting, don't hate it though


                  • #10
                    Would MUCH prefer Trent Williams to Bruce Campbell. And I think the second is too soon for Shipley. Maybe Nate Allen or Mount Cody would be a good fit for SF there


                    • #11

                      I wouldnt assume that Seahawks fans would be excited with Clausen and Davis. Fans around here are willing to go with Hasselbeck while he keeps the seat warm for Jake Locker. Davis had his moments of less than all out effort this year and did nothing at the combine to change that perception. I want a tackle, just not him.

                      Everson Griffen in the second saves the day here. My top 3 would be Bulaga/Mays and Gerhart and i think in this mock those 3 would be available.


                      • #12
                        Horrible raiders draft

                        "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


                        • #13
                          agreed with Vidae


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by vidae View Post
                            Overall that's a really mehhhh KC draft.

                            I could see Okung being the pick 5th overall, that's fine, but the second round picks are bad.

                            I'd definitely take Pouncey in the second if he's available. Not sure what to do with the first of our two seconds but I don't think TE is that big of a need.

                            meehhh is saying it nicely


                            • #15
                              The Phins draft is pretty bad. Both are pretty big reaches at those spots. If we go WR in the first, and Dez is off the board, I can pretty much assure you it won't be Golden Tate. Parcells values size at all positions, including WR. Arrelious Benn would be more likely there IMO.

                              Then Terrence Cody over Cam Thomas in the 2nd, as Cody would be a STEAL there!

                              Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner



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