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  • Brownleader Preview Mock 4 ROUNDS

    Round 1

    1. St. Louis Rams - Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
    Rams must be praying that Bradford earns the #1 with stellar proday/team work outs. As solid a prospect as Suh is, the Rams just took Long and Carrington-plus the long history passing on a high pick QB.

    2. Detroit Lions - Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
    Okung talk is interesting-what happened to how much they liked Backus play?

    3. Tampa Bay Bucaneers - Gerald McCoy DT/DE Oklahoma
    Bucs should come away with an defensive elite player no matter what.

    4. Washington Redskins - Russell Okung LT Oklahama St
    Campbell 1st round tendered-Samuels retired-Okung smashed his combine. Clausen? No. I’ve yet to hear a good argument as to why the Skins would take a QB here. Snyder/Zorn shopped Campbell last year but this year the decision is Shanahan’s.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Berry S/CB Tennessee
    He pretty much locked up a top 5 selection with his combine. Romeo puts a lot of responsibility on his safeties and Berry’s an ideal fit.

    6. Seattle Seahawks - Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
    Marshall would have been signed already if the Seahawks didn’t want a QB with this pick. Pete recognizes his success will depend on the caliber of his next signal caller.

    7. Cleveland Browns - Brandon Graham DE/OLB Michigan
    TO/Boldin entering the division so the Browns should draft a small, slower than advertised CB with their 1st? No. Ryan’s defense is predicated on the pass rush. Graham is arguably the best pass rusher in the draft and he plays the run. Certainly the best hybrid DE/LB prospect-more scheme versatile than any of the other DE/LB which should appeal to Holmgrem/Heckert. Might be looked at as a reach but he’s one of the handful of 1st rd prospects with real star ability.

    8. Oakland Raiders - Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa
    Back to back workout warriors from the same school after miserably failing on the first? No. I imagine those Cable Davis meetings had to involve getting better protection for JR and this has to be Cable’s top guy for his zbs. Al signs off because he’s put his rep into Russell.

    9. Buffalo Bills - Anthony Davis OT Rutgers
    With Davis I think the Bills would be putting together an impressive oline after the interior guys last year.

    10. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jason Pierre-Paul DE/OLB South Florida
    Jags have always liked the guys with great physical attributes. Problem was they also lacked the work ethic-with JPP that’s not the case.

    11. Denver Broncos - Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma St
    An elite WR prospect who is a little more mature than the epically immature Marshall. Guess that’s a good thing.

    12. Miami Dolphins - Sergio Kindle OLB Texas
    Kindle is ready to start for a 34 squad and is a solid replacement for Porter.

    13. San Francisco 49ers - CJ Spiller RB Clemson
    Drafts best playmaker is what the Niner offense needs.

    14. [Seattle Seahawks] TRADE to Denver Broncos for Brandon Marshall & cond. 2011 pk in sign & trade - Rolando McClain ILB Alabama
    A tad shorter and definitely slower than expected but he’s still a great fit for a 34 and the Broncos need that. Slowest interior LB’s in the league? [Davis & McClain]

    15. New York Giants - Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri
    This is the kind of LB who’s an ideal replacement for Pierce, not Rolando.

    16. Tennessee Titans - Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
    Touted as the most complete DE prospect in this class. I think the Titans would like him over Haden cuz pass defense really starts upfront with the rush.

    17. San Francisco 49ers - Trent Williams OT/G Oklahoma
    Great fit to be the Niners new RT.

    18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Joe Haden CB Florida
    Looks like a dramatic drop but Haden could go anywhere from 11 to 17-just happens that needs don’t quite match up imo.

    19. Atlanta Falcons - Darryl Washington LB TCU
    Washington is like an oversized CB- if he shows the physicality to play at a pro LB level-obviously I think he will- he’s a future star.

    20. Houston Texans - Earl Thomas S Texas
    Thomas is a younger clone of Eugene Wilson and a better tackler.

    21. Cincinnati Bengals: Golden Tate WR Notre Dame
    Plays like Hines and he makes a better fit in the slot alongside Ocho and TO than bug eyes.

    22. New England Patroits: Damien Williams WR USC
    With Moss’ age and contract and the health and age of Welker I’m thinking WR is just as much a need as a pass rusher. This draft is chalk fill of 34 OLBs so they go with Tyrese here who I’ll argue is more pro ready than Benn because of his route running and passion to be great.

    23. Green Bay Packers: Bruce Campbell OT Maryland
    Retaining Clifton means they can bring Campbell along at the less risky RT to begin.

    24.Philadelphia Eagles: Everson Griffen DE USC
    New LDE or even perhaps SLB but his skills as an athlete and rusher should fit well into Philly’s scheme.

    25.Baltimore Ravens : Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma
    Ozzy I’m sure can see that Gresham is a beast and still not 100% back from his lay off.

    26.Arizona Cardinals: Charles Brown OT USC
    Definitely the Cards top need now that Leinart has the reins

    27. Dallas Cowboys - Taylor Mays S USC
    This would be exciting next season.

    28. San Diego Chargers - Dan Williams NT Tennessee
    A Williams for a Williams.

    29. New York Jets - Jerry Hughes OLB/DE TCU
    Jets were scary without a great pass rush last season.

    30. [Minnesota Vikings] TRADE to Kansas City Chiefs for their #36 and #99 - Maurkice Pouncey C/G Florida
    I’m arguing that Pouncey is more valuable to the Cheifs as a C or G than Iupati. Iupati has that all pro potential but his propensity for holding would make Haley’s head explode. He’s a potential liability if this isn’t corrected. Chief greater need is at C and Pouncey projects as a rock solid lineman with little weakness.

    31. Indianapolis Colts - Mike Iupati OG Idaho
    Colts new O line coach should have learned something from the best[Mudd] and get the most out of Iupati. Colts running game disappeared last season and Mike could correct that.

    32. New Orleans Saints - Brian Price DT UCLA
    Price is easy to root for and possibly a steal at the bottom of the first. Great guy on and off the field and is a big upgrade inside.

    Round 2

    33. St. Louis Rams: Arrelious Benn WR Illinois

    34. Detroit Lions - Kyle Wilson CB/KR Boise St

    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mardy Gilyard WR Cincinnati

    36. [Kansas City Chiefs] TRADE to Minnesota Vikings - Nate Allen S USF

    37. Washington Redskins - Ryan Matthews RB Fresno State

    38. Seattle Seahawks - Tony Washington OT Abilene Christian

    39. Cleveland Browns- Demaryius Thomas WR Georgia Tech

    40. Oakland Raiders - Carlos Dunlap DE Florida

    41. Buffalo Bills - Tim Tebow QB Florida

    42. New England Patriots (from Jack) - Ricky Sapp LB/DE Clemson

    43. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Chicago) - Navarro Bowman LB Penn State

    44. Miami Dolphins - Terrance Cody DT Alabama

    45. San Francisco 49ers: Eric Norwood OLB/DE South Carolina

    46. Denver Broncos: Jared Odrick DE PSU

    47. New York Giants: Geno Atkins DT Georgia

    48. New England Patriots- Jahvid Best RB Cal

    49. Carolina Panthers - Andre Roberts WR Citadel

    50. Pittsburgh Steelers - Darrell Stuckey S Kansas

    51. Kansas City Chiefs (from Atl) – Brandon Spikes MLB Florida

    52. Houston Texans - Kareem Jackson CB Alabama

    53. Cincinnati Bengals - Rob Gronkowski TE Arizona

    54. New England Patriots - Thad Gibson LB Ohio State

    55. Green Bay Packers- Devin McCourty CB Rutgers

    56. Philadelphia Eagles - Jamar Chaney LB Mississippi State

    57. Baltimore Ravens - Brandon Ghee CB Wake Forest

    58. Arizona Cardinals - Koa Misi DE/LB Utah

    59. Dallas Cowboys - Vladimir Duccasse T/G UMass

    60. San Diego Chargers - Montario Hardesty RB Tenn

    61. New York Jets - Kam Thomas NT UNC

    62. Minnesota Vikings – Perish Cox CB/KR Oklahoma St

    63. Indianapolis Colts – Lamar Houston DT UNC

    64. New Orleans Saints - Sean Lee LB PSU

    Round 3

    65. St.Louis Rams – Dexter McCluster RB/WR/KR Ole Miss

    66. Detroit Lions - Roger Saffold T/G Indiana

    67. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Kyle Calloway T Iowa

    68. Kansas City Chiefs - ReShad Jones S Georgia

    69. Philly Eagles [Sea] - Major Wright S Florida

    70. Cleveland Browns - John Jerry G/T Ole Miss

    71. Oakland Raiders – Dekoda Watson LB FSU

    72. Buffalo Bills- Brandon LaFell WR LSU

    73. Jacksonville Jaguars - Chad Jones S LSU

    74. Chicago Bears- Jon Asamoah G Illinois

    75. Miami Dolphins – Eric Decker WR Minn

    76. S.F 49ers – Patrick Robinson CB Florida St

    77. Denver Broncos – J.D. Walton C Baylor

    78. NYGiants - Larry Asante S Nebraska

    79. Tennessee Titans – Javier Arenas CB Alabama

    80. Carolina Panthers– Dorin Dickerson TE Pitt

    81. Pittsburgh Steelers- Don Butler LB Washington

    82. Atlanta Falcons– Carlton Mitchell WR South Florida

    83. Houston Texans - Toby Gerhart RB Stanford

    84. Cincinnati Bengals – Morgan Burnett S Georgia Tech

    85. Oakland Raiders [N.E] - Chris Cook CB Virginia

    86. G.B Packers - Jason Worilds LB Virginia Tech

    87. Philladelphia Eagles – Jonathan Dwyer RB Georgia Tech

    88. Arizona Cardinals – Anthony McCoy TE USC

    89. Arizona Cardinals - Jerome Murphy CB USF

    90. Dallas Cowboys – Taylor Price WR OhioJordan Shipley WR/PR Texas

    91. S.D Chargers - Alex Carrington DE Arkansas St

    92. Cleveland Browns [NYJ] - Donovan Warren CB Michigan

    93. Minnesota Vikings - Corey Wootten DE Northwestern

    94. Indianapolis Colts – Dennis Pitta TE BYU

    95. New Orleans Saints - Daniel Te'o Nesheim DE Washington

    Round 4

    96. St.Louis Rams - Roderick Muckelroy LB Texas

    97. Detroit Lions - Jason Fox OT Miami

    98. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Amari Spievey CB Iowa

    99. [KC Chiefs] TRADE to Minnesota Vikings– Anthony Dixon RB Miss St

    100. Washington Redskins – Mike Johnson G Alabama

    101. Seattle Seahawks – Ben Tate RB Auburn

    102. Cleveland Browns – Kam Chancellor S Virginia Tech

    103. Oakland Raiders – Jared Veldheer OT Hillsdale

    104. Buffalo Bills – Arthur Jones DT/DE Syracuse

    105. Jacksonville Jaguars – Shawn Lauvao G Arizona State

    106. Chicago Bears – Tyson Alulua DT/DE Cal

    107. Miami Dolphins – Jimmy Graham TE PSU

    108. Tennessee Titans – Pat Angerer LB Iowa

    109. Carolina Panthers – Colt McCoy QB Texas

    110. SF 49ers – Myron Lewis S Vandy

    111. Denver Broncos – O’brien Schofield LB Wisconsin

    112. NYGiants – Ramon Harewood OT Morehouse

    113. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jeff Byers C/G USC

    114. Atlanta Falcons – Dom Franks CB/KR Oklahoma

    115. Houston Texans – Jordan Shipley WR/PR Texas

    116. NE Patriots – Mitch Petrus G Arkansas

    117. Cincinnati Bengals – Sergio Render G Virginia Tech

    118. Philadelphia Eagles – Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB Indiana

    119. Green Bay Packers – Myron Rolle S Florida St

    120. Arizona Cardinals – Perry Riley LB LSU

    121. New York Jets – Antonio Brown WR/KR Central Michigan

    122. Dallas Cowboys – Ciron Black G/T LSU

    123. SD Chargers – Riley Cooper WR Florida

    124. Philadelphia Eagles [NYJ] – Greg Hardy DE Ole Miss

    125. Minnesota Vikings – A.J. Edds LB Iowa

    126. Indianapolis Colts – Jarrett Brown QB West Virginia

    127. New Orleans Saints – Mike Tennant C Boston College

    Round 5

    128. St Louis Rams - Mike Neal DT Purdue

    129. Atlanta [Det] - Joe Mcnight RB USC

    130. Cleveland Browns [TB]- Ed Dickson TE Oregon

    131. Washington Redskins – Al Woods DE LSU

    132. Kansas City Chiefs - Aaron Hernandez TE Florida

    133. Cleveland Browns - Syd Qwan Thompson CB/S Cal

    134. Oakland Raiders – Linval Joseph DT East Carolina

    135. Seattle Seahawks – Willie Young DE NC St

    136. Buffalo Bills – Marcus Easley WR Uconn

    137. Chicago Bears – Kendrick Lewis S Ole Miss

    138. Kansas City Chiefs [Mia]- Cameron Sheffield LB/DE Troy

    139. Jacksonville Jaguars – Walter Thurmond CB Oregon

    140. Kansas City Chiefs [Car]- Marshall Newhouse OG TCU

    141. San Francisco 49ers – Dexter Davis ILB Ariz St

    142. Cleveland Browns [Den]- Corey Peters DE Kentucky

    143. NYGiants – Dan LeFavour QB Cent Mich

    144. Tennessee Titans – Brian Jackson CB/S Oklahoma

    145. Detroit Lions [Atl]- LaGarrette Blount RB Oregon

    146. Houston Texans – Zane Beadles OG Utah

    147. Pittsburgh Steelers – Brandon Deaderick DE Alabama

    148. Cincinnati Bengals – Mike McLaughlin LB BC

    149. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [NE]– AJ Jefferson CB/KR Fres St

    150. Green Bay Packers – Sam Young OT ND

    151. St Louis Rams [PHI]- Jermaine Cunningham DE Florida

    152. Baltimore Ravens - Jacoby Ford WR Clemson

    153. Baltimore Ravens [Ariz]- Clifton Geathers DE South Car

    154. Oakland Raiders – Harry Coleman LB LSU

    155. SD Chargers – Kevin Thomas CB USC

    156. Cleveland Browns [NYJ]- Kurt Coleman FS OSU

    157. Minnesota Vikings – Selvish Capers OT Virginia

    158. Indianapolis Colts – Hall Davis DE Louisana-Lafayette

    159. New York Jets [No]- Mike Hoomanawanui TE Illinois

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    Originally posted by borg9
    Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?

  • #2
    I hate the saints second rounder but im fine with the rest

    Saints 2014 draft wish list:
    - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
    - Corner or Wideout in the first
    - No reaching
    - No Kelvin Benjamin


    • #3
      Awful Browns draft.

      I love Brandon Graham, but that is a ridiculous reach. He might be had with our 2nd round pick. Give us Joe Haden

      I don't think he's gonna be there at our 2nd round pick, but passing on Jared Odrick would be an absolute shame... that guy is a stud and he'd be a perfect fit at 3-4 end, which we desperately need help with.

      I like John Jerry and wouldn't be opposed to picking him there, but I'd much rather have Ben Tate at our 2nd 3rd round pick over Donovan Warren, especially since we'd be taking Haden in round 1.

      Kam Chancellor is a poor fit for the Browns, considering they need a free safety and Chancellor could be forced to move to linebacker. Jacoby Ford, Ciron Black, Arthur Jones, and Jimmy Graham would all be preferable with our 4th round pick.


      • #4
        you give us Dwyer in RD 3(assuming Jones does'nt sign here)and it's perfect


        • #5
          Amazing job with Denver's draft. Just one little note: DJ Williams would be the starter next to McClain, not Andra Davis.



          • #6
            Originally posted by Brown Leader View Post
            22. New England Patroits: Damien Williams WR USC
            With Moss’ age and contract and the health and age of Welker I’m thinking WR is just as much a need as a pass rusher. This draft is chalk fill of 34 OLBs so they go with Tyrese here who I’ll argue is more pro ready than Benn because of his route running and passion to be great.

            42. New England Patriots (from Jack) - Ricky Sapp LB/DE Clemson

            48. New England Patriots- Jahvid Best RB Cal

            54. New England Patriots - Thad Gibson LB Ohio State

            116. NE Patriots – Mitch Petrus G Arkansas

            Solid draft. I'd rather have Carrington or McCourty over Thad Gibson and Gresham over Williams.


            • #7
              Pretty good raider mock
              Greg Gross @VittorioTafur Al Davis' scholarship program has died with him. With Hue, it's nothing personal, and nothing sentimental, either. It's gladiator school now. Perform or perish., period.


              • #8
                Julius Peppers is angry at this mock. No need for Alualu. AJ Edds or Major Wright instead.
                I want a sig.


                • #9
                  If this is how the Vikes draft turned out, I would cum all over the place. Great trade. Trading with KC normally works out for us pretty well :)


                  Originally posted by JordanTaber
        's rocket surgery now, folks.


                  • #10
                    In one draft I seen Amari Spievey go in the 2nd and here the 4th. I looked him up on Walter Football and he is a 4th rounder so you do your homework. Good job.


                    • #11
                      Solid eagles draft


                      • #12
                        1 Bryan Bulaga OT
                        2 Carlos Dunlap DE
                        3 Patrick Robinson CB
                        3 Jason Fox OT
                        4 Arthur Jones DT

                        That would make me so happy

                        "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


                        • #13
                          McClain in the first and that would be a great Jacksonville draft.


                          • #14
                            not a bad skins draft. i like matthews a lot but i have a feeling that shanahan will wait until rd 4 or 5 to take a rb. thats pretty much his MO in the past finding guys who fit the system later. okung is the right pick in the first. johnson would work in the 4th but with the signing of Hicks at guard, i honestly think wed go with another tackle, a center, or someone who play on the line in the new 3-4 or maybe even a db.


                            • #15
                              I be fine with Tate but would rather have Benn

                              Rest of the picks are good

                              RIP themaninblack



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