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2nd mock draft 1st rounder.

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  • 2nd mock draft 1st rounder.

    I understand that people have their preferences...such as McClain to the Chiefs, and I understand why they have those preferences but i'm taking into account Positions that tend to rise and fall before the draft, Money and Positions(OT's, QB's tend to go higher), and positions of need of the team etc. So open up your mind besides McClain to Chiefs, Bills have to take a Tackle etc etc.

    Round 1
    1. St. Louis (1-15)- Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
    Reasoning: Well its pretty simple. You can take a DT and start Keith Null or you can finally get your franchise QB. I tend to think that Bradford will go # 1 and always have despite persistent rumors that Suh was going to go to the Rams.

    2. Detroit (2-14)- Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State
    Reasoning: They have Jeff Backus but they really need to start thinking about keeping their franchise QB upright in Stafford who didn't finish the year. If you really like Backus then just move him to RT or keep him there for one year and start Okung at RT before making the switch. He will go high and with his combine on top of his good senior year makes him the pick.

    3. Tampa Bay (3-13)- Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma
    Reasoning: A lot of people will say Suh here but a lot of people think that McCoy is the better prospect and is a better fit for the Buccaneers defense. McCoy instantly upgrades their interior and will be a good DT for years to come.

    4. Washington (4-12)- Ndamakong Suh DT Nebraska
    Reasoning: Suh really doesn't fit as the prototypical NT for the 3-4 defense but value wise he is too hard to pass up at this point. He can even play some 3-4 DE and be a rotational player on the inside. He is a mountain and is very strong at the point of attack which might be why he could work as a 3-4 NT.

    5. Kansas City (4-12)- Brian Bulaga OT Iowa
    Reasoning: I know I will get flack from Chiefs fans that say Brandon Albert but Berry would cost the team 40 million dollars at this spot and McClain is falling down the draft boards as we speak. Bulaga is a strong technical player who is not exceptional in anything but not weak in anything either. They need to protect Cassell who they made a huge investment too and he helps upgrade either the LT or RT position depending on where the Chiefs want to put Albert.

    6. Seattle (5-11)- Jimmy Clauson QB Notre Dame
    Reasoning: I am actually a bigger fan of Clauson then most of the people and Hasselback is running on empty up in Seattle. Carroll wants to win now but there aren't many years left to win without another QB in place and that is why I believe Clauson will go here.

    7. Cleveland (5-11)- Eric Berry S Tennessee
    Reasoning: I really think that the Browns want one of the two QB's to fall to them and might even be willing to trade up. If they can't get one of the two, Berry is theirs for the taking. They might have a good trade partner in the Chiefs but i'm not doing trades in my mock draft so they will settle for Berry.

    8. Oakland (5-11)- Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida
    Reasoning: I know that Campbell is the hot pick here after his combine but Paul is just as big of an athletic freak and is a higher projected prospect and can rush the passer in their defense which is what he does best for them.

    9. Buffalo (6-10)- Dan Williams NT Tennessee
    Reasoning: The Bills need a lot of different things and they are setting up an interview with RB C.J. Spiller for a sit down. I think this might be a ploy by the Bills to get someone to trade up and Williams is a prototypical NT who has been moving up the boards slowly. He is a guy I really like to be a force in the middle for years to come.

    10. Jacksonville (7-9)- Joe Haden CB Florida
    Reasoning: I have a buddy who is a Jags fan and he feels that they are going to learn towards a DB whether it be Haden, Berry, or Thomas. Some will say they need a WR but they had good production from that unit last year and they signed Kampman from FA so secondary looks logical.

    11. Denver (8-8)- Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma St
    Reasoning: I dont believe that Brandon Marshall will be apart of the club at the beginning of next year whether they get a first round pick or not for him. Bryant is the top rated WR and he would be a great addition to take Marshall's place next year as the # 1 WR.

    12. Miami (7-9)- Sergio Kindle DE/OLB Texas
    Reasoning: The Dolphins would love to get their hands on Williams(NT) or Bryant(WR) but they both went ahead of the Dolphins pick so they get a pretty good all around player in Sergio Kindle. This might be a trade down spot as well if Spiller is on the board with SF and Seattle both coming up. Houston would be a logical team to trade up.

    13. San Francisco (8-8)- Earl Thomas S Texas
    Reasoning: Thomas is rising up the draft boards at this point and the 49ers could use a ball hawking safety such as Thomas. Other options include a OT or a darkhorse in Spiller as Gore is getting older and getting nixed up.

    14. Seattle (5-11)- C.J. Spiller RB Clemson
    Reasoning: Some people think that Spiller will be a Marshall Faulk, Chris Johnson type back others think he'll be a Reggie Bush. All I know is that Seattle needs a back and he is the best one in the draft. Seattle gets their future QB and RB with their first two picks.

    15. New York Giants (8-8)- Rolando McClain LB Alabama
    Reasoning: They put in a good effort trying to get Karlos Dansby but Miami beat them to it. To their surprise McClain drops to them and they get the card up quick to get a field general and excellent leader in McClain.

    16. Tennessee (8-8)- Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri
    Reasoning: I have had my doubts about Weatherspoon but he had a great combine and a solid Senior Season. He will be Keith Bullocks replacement and is a solid first rounder and might be the best 4-3 OLB in the draft.

    17. San Francisco (8-8)- Trent Williams OT Oklahoma
    Reasoning: A lot of people have their doubts about whether Williams can play LT and will be a reach for anyone in the top 10 but at this point Williams presents good value for either LT or RT so it will fill a need for the 49ers either way.

    18. Pittsburgh (9-7)- Brandon Graham DE/OLB Michigan
    Reasoning: Yes, I know that the Steelers have James Harrison and Lamarr Woodley but Graham fits that defense just too well to pass up despite their other needs. Graham could rotate and be a pass rushing specialist for a year and could line up in a 2 point or 3 point stance on passing downs.

    19. Atlanta (9-7)- Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
    Reasoning: He presents great value at this point. They have John Abraham and need someone to compliment him because Jamaal Anderson can probably be called a bust. Morgan is a good run stopper and can also get after the passer.

    20. Houston (9-7)- Kyle Wilson CB Boise State
    Reasoning: I always thought that Robinson was overrated but he still does leave a void in the Houston Secondary and Wilson is considered the 2nd best CB in this draft. Houston will step right into the starting line-up and help continuing to build on the young centerpieces that they already have in Ryans, Cushing and Williams.

    21. Cincinnati (10-6)- Brian Price DT UCLA
    Reasoning: Price at this point is great Value. With the signing of Antonio Bryant, WR/TE is not as much of a need anymore and Price is a solid mid rounder sliding down to the bottom of round 1. He might not be their biggest need but he would be a great addition to this team in the first round.

    22. New England (10-6)- Rob Gronkowski TE Arizona
    Reasoning: I actually think that Gronkowski has passed Gresham as the top TE on the board. He is a solid pick at this point and could end up being a terror in the passing game with all the weapons that they have. They addressed their OLB situation with the resigning of TBC.

    23. Green Bay (11-5)- Bruce Campbell OT Maryland
    Reasoning: They were bad on the offensive line to begin with last year and got better as the health of Clifton and Tauscher came around. They still will need a young tackle and no one can deny Campbell's potential. He is a boom or bust pick but at this point his is worth the risk.

    24. Philadelphia (11-5)- Taylor Mays S USC
    Reasoning: They desperately missed a guy like Brian Dawkins last year. Mays presents great value at this point. I know that Mays ran fast but his tape doesn't lie that he has all the potential in the world but is not really a ball hawk. Mays has the potential to be a pro bowl safety and could be a leader for a long time on the Eagles defense.

    25. Baltimore (9-7)- Parrish Cox CB Oklahoma State
    Reasoning: Cox might be a little bit of a reach but this is a need for this ball club. I know he is not the same position but there is talk about Ed Reed retiring every year and if I watch Frank Walker get burnt or cause a PI one more time i'm going to freak out because that guy is terrible and is the weak link of that defense whenever he is on the field. At worst, Cox can start out as a nickle or could be an immediate starter.

    26. Arizona (10-6)- Anthony Davis OT Rutgers
    Reasoning: This is tremendous value for a team that just lost the very average Mike Gandy. Davis has a lot of potential but he came into the combine in not top shape and word has it that he didn't have the greatest interviews with teams. He also might not be a LT in the NFL which means that he is bound to drop with all the negative factors. Still at this point he is a good get.

    27. Dallas (11-5)- Terrance Cody NT Alabama
    Reasoning: Cody has slimmed himself down to a solid 354 and they have Jay Ratliff but they could easily slide him to the outside and allow for Cody to take up the middle. This will make the Cowboys defense even tougher to run on. They might like to get their hands on an OT so they might trade up.

    28. San Diego (13-3)- Ryan Matthews RB Fresno State
    Reasoning: The Chargers apparently aren't interested in any RB's in FA so they need to take one in the draft and Matthews has moved into the discussion of a first round pick. Matthews would be a good back to compliment with Sproles.

    29. New York Jets (9-7)- Chad Jones S LSU
    Reasoning: They got rid of Kerry Rhodes and do not have a lot of depth at the safety position. Jones is the last of the first round potential safeties and they dont have a lot of picks in this years draft. Arrellious Benn is a possibility here as well.

    30. Minnesota (12-4)- Maurkice Pouncey C Florida
    Reasoning: The Vikings dont have a lot of needs and they could use a future DT to replace Pat Williams whenever he decides to call it quits or a Safety but Center is their biggest need. Pouncey might be a reach but he is not much of one as he is projected to be a solid 2nd rounder.

    31. Indianapolis (14-2)- Mike Iuputi G Idaho
    Reasoning: The Colts just released Lilja their starting Guard and as most of you know Bill Polian isn't too happy with their offensive lineman. The Colts are known as a finesse line and Iuputi gives this group an instant mean streak.

    32. New Orleans (13-3)-Everson Griffen DE USC
    Reasoning: The Saints really don't have a lot of needs but Griffen gives them more depth and a possible future starter at DE. They just released Charles Grant(who i'm sure the Saints wont miss) and Anthony Hargrave is reserve that could possibly be upgraded.

  • #2
    I'd kill myself if we pass up Suh for McCoy !!! Stop it with this McCoy is better for our defense crap !!! We rarely play the Tampa 2 anymore we play more of a cover 2 hybrid.... Besides that horrible Tampa Bay selection it's an ok draft.

    Mike Will & V-Jax


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      I agree about the Frank Walker part for Baltimore, but lets remember the guy is usually no more than a 4th or 5th corner for us when we are healthy. Foxworth, Webb, Washington, and Carr are all above him on the depth chart. We do use him against bigger receivers though, so he does see some spot snaps. Definitely need another corner to take that role, especially if Washington leaves, but I don't think taking Cox is the solution. At least not in the first.


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        Really like the Price pick. You've done your homework.


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          Gronkowski? Really?


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            yes really lol


            • #7
              no we did not address our OLB position. TBC is a backup. Thomas is on his way out most likely? Whose the other OLBs? really?

              Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

              Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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                Great Phins pick!

                Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                  Great G-Men pick.

                  Thanks to Bonekrusher for the sweet sig.

                  NY Giants Super Bowl XLII Champs!


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                    Actually Bulaga is a MAULER as a run-blocker.


                    • #11
                      love the 9ers picks !


                      • #12
                        your buddy has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to the Jags. It will be Berry or trade down. Plus I don't see Haden as the BAP right there, McClain dropping to 15 is crazy.

                        Thanks BoneKrusher
                        IN SHAD WE TRUST


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                          I can dig Pouncey


                          Originally posted by JordanTaber
                's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                            I would take Davis and all of scottyboy's love and affection with it


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                              The Pats really need a TE badly with Watson most likely on his way out and Chris Baker already gone. We tried to pry Daniel Fells away from the Rams but failed, so if Watson is gone the only bodies we would have at TE would be first year rookie UDFA's Robbie Agone and Rob Meyers...yikes.

                              That being said, everything inside me has wanted us to draft a pass rusher in the first since the beginning of last season. I love Gresham and Gronkowski, but I think one of them should be available with our first second rounder. If not; Anthony McCoy, Aaron Hernandez, Ed Dickson, Jimmy Graham, Dennis Pitta, or even Dorin Dickerson could be round 2 options.

                              I think we need to go defense round 1, but TE is certainly a big need for us. I just think their will be more talented OLB's at 22 that will likely not be there in the second than there will be TE's, if that makes sense.



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