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    Round 1
    St. Louis (1-15) - Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
    Rams have 2 top ten picks on the d-line but no franchise QB. I think it's OT, QB or trade down. But who wants to trade up?

    Detroit (2-14) - Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
    Lions could go OT to protect their young QB but Suh is too good to pass up.

    Tampa Bay (3-13) - Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
    Again could go OT for the young QB but McCoy is a play maker on defense that the Bucs haven't had in a long time.

    Washington (4-12) - Russell Okung, Oklahoma State
    With Samuels retiring Mike gets a future LT for the next decade.

    Kansas City (4-12) - Bruce Campbell, Maryland
    Chiefs have to keep their QB upright and they seem to have a good young RB that could use so holes to run through.

    Seattle (5-11) - Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
    Seattle should be rebuilding this year. You don't get a shot at a QB like this at #7 very often.

    Cleveland (5-11) - Eric Berry, S, Tennessee
    A stud DB to help that under achieving secondary.

    Oakland (5-11) - Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida
    If Al Davis sees that video of this kid back flipping he'll trade up for him. And this takes some pressure off Seymour.

    Buffalo (6-10) - Trent Williams, Oklahoma
    The Bills need to keep their QB upright. Williams is a stud LT.

    Jacksonville (7-9) - Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State
    The Jags get a playmaker receiver. Big, strong, fast and way better than anything on the roster.

    Denver - from Chicago (7-9) - Rolando McClain, Alabama
    Such a great value and in the 3-4 you need athletic LB's.

    Miami (7-9) - Dan Williams, Tennessee
    Starts at DT from day one for the Phins.

    San Francisco (8-8) - Joe Haden, Florida
    CB might not be a huge need but with Clements and Haden teams would be hard pressed to pass.

    Seattle - from Denver (8-8) - C.J. Spiller, Clemson
    Again they are rebuilding. This is a need and fits well with the system.

    New York Giants (8-8) - Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
    Giants could use an athletic LB who can make plays.

    Tennessee (8-8) - Brandon Graham, Michigan
    An instant pass rush nightmare for Manning.

    San Francisco - from Carolina (8-8) - Bryan Bulaga, Iowa
    9ers get a stud LT.

    Pittsburgh (9-7) - Anthony Davis, Rutgers
    Big Ben might stay upright this year.

    Atlanta (9-7) - Carlos Dunlap, Florida
    Freak athlete. Can the Falcons keep him motivated?

    Houston (9-7) - Ryan Mathews, Fresno State
    Houston has yet to have a quality NFL RB. This stops with this pick.

    Cincinnati* (10-6) - Earl Thomas, FS, Texas
    Bengals get a ball hawk safety.

    New England* (10-6) - Jerry Hughes, TCU
    Instant upgrade at OLB. The Pats are old. They need to get young fast if they want to compete.

    Green Bay* (11-5) - Charles Brown, USC
    Rodgers ran for his life last year. CLifton is old as dirt. A need.

    Philadelphia* (11-5) - Everson Griffen, USC
    Stud DE for the Eagles.

    Baltimore* (9-7) - Sergio Kindle, Texas
    Perfect fit for the Ravens.

    Arizona* (10-6) - Tim Tebow, Florida
    Is Leinart the guy. Well this will push him to be. Tebow is a winner and fits with that high powered offense.

    Dallas* (11-5) - Taylor Mays, USC
    Freak of nature. Al Davis might trade up for him. But fills a need and is an upgrade.

    San Diego* (13-3) - Jahvid Best, California
    No LT no problem.

    New York Jets* (9-7) - Golden Tate, Notre Dame
    Gives Sanchez a nice target. This is Hines Ward with speed.

    Minnesota* (12-4) - Jared Odrick, Penn State
    Pat Williams is old as dirt and is in the last year of his contract.

    Indianapolis* (14-2) - Kareem Jackson, Alabama
    Jackson fits right in the Colts system and fills a need.

    New Orleans* (13-3) Kyle Wilson, Boise
    An upgrade in the secondary.

    Round 2

    St. Louis (1-15) - Mike Iupati, Idaho
    Some say he can play OT. I think he's a guard. Maybe RT. But definately a good deal.

    Detroit (2-14) - Devin McCourty, Rutgers
    Could go many different directions. But fills a need and is a good value.

    Tampa Bay (3-13) - Arrelious Benn, Illinois
    Bucs give their young QB a target to throw too.

    Kansas City (4-12) - Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma
    With the loss of Gonzalez the Chiefs lost that safety valve in the middle of the field.

    Washington (4-12) - Brian Price, UCLA
    Steal this point of the draft!

    Cleveland (5-11) - Ben Tate, Auburn
    Harrison is exciting but can he take the pounding of an every down back?

    Oakland (5-11) - Jacoby Ford, Clemson
    COme on he ran a 4.28 we all know where he is going.

    Seattle (5-11) - Damian Williams, USC
    QB, RB and now receiver. All great values. This would be a dream for any team wanting to rebuild.

    Buffalo (6-10) - Toby Gerhart, Stanford
    A hard nosed football player. Instant upgrade at the RB position.

    Tampa Bay - from Chicago (7-9) - Daryl Washington, TCU
    Tamp hasn't had a stud backer like this since Brooks.

    Miami (7-9) - Dorin Dickerson, Pittsburgh
    Freak of nature. Either going to play WR or TE. Figure it out once you get him in camp.

    New England - from Jacksonville (7-9) - Brandon LaFell, LSU
    With Moss gone after this year and Welker probably out this year a need.

    Denver (8-8) - Terrence Cody, Alabama
    A huge man to plug up the middle of that d-line.

    New York Giants (8-8) - Vladimir Ducasse, UMass
    A stud guard and great value.

    New England - from Tennessee (8-8) - Aaron Hernandez, Florida
    What kind of draft would it be with the Pats not taking a TE.

    Carolina (8-8) - Jevan Snead, Ole Miss
    Delomne is gone and the Panthers need a signal caller.

    San Francisco (8-8) - Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan
    LeFevour is a great athlete and has been a stud in College. Might need time to develop though.

    Kansas City - from Atlanta (9-7) - Nate Allen, South Florida
    Ball hawk Safety for the Chiefs.

    Houston (9-7) - Brandon Ghee, Wake Forest
    Fills the hole from Robinson leaving.

    Pittsburgh (9-7) - Brandon Spikes, Florida
    Farrior is old. Spikes is a thumper who would instantly upgrade the ILB position.

    New England* (10-6) - Lamarr Houston, Texas
    Fills the hole Seymour left.

    Cincinnati* (10-6) - Jamar Chaney, Mississippi State
    Jones is old as dirt and Chaney is a freak of nature. Perfect replacement.

    Philadelphia* (11-5) - Dexter McCluster, Ole Miss
    Small RB with great hands. Sound familiar?

    Green Bay* (11-5) - Alex Carrington, Arkansas State
    Perfect 3-4 DE.

    Baltimore* (9-7) - Reshad Jones, Georgia
    Hard nosed safety and insurance with Reed speaking of retirement.

    Arizona* (10-6) - Darrell Stuckey, Kansas
    I know they traded for Rhodes but Stuckey is too good of a value.

    Dallas* (11-5) - Carlton Mitchell, South Florida
    Roy Williams has not lived up to expectations.

    San Diego* (13-3) - Rob Gronkowski, Arizona
    Gates isn't getting any younger.

    New York Jets* (9-7) - Chad Jones, LSU
    With Rhodes leaving Jones would fill a need.

    Minnesota* (12-4) - John Skelton, Fordham
    Whether Favre comes back or not the Vikes need a future QB. Skelton is a freak and would be nice to groom for a year or two.

    Indianapolis* (14-2) - Morgan Burnett, Georgia Tech
    Again fixes that secondary.

    New Orleans* (13-3) - Maurkice Pouncey, Florida
    A steal at the end of the second round.

    Round 3

    St. Louis (1-15) - Demaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech

    Detroit (2-14) - Joe McKnight, USC

    Tampa Bay (3-13) - Montario Hardesty, Tennessee

    Kansas City (4-12) - Sean Lee, Penn State

    Oakland (5-11) - Jared Veldheer, Hillsdale

    Philadelphia - from Seattle (5-11) - Cam Thomas, North Carolina

    Cleveland (5-11) - Koa Misi, Utah

    Buffalo (6-10) - Linval Joseph, East Carolina

    Miami (7-9) - Ricky Sapp, Clemson

    Jacksonville (7-9) - Torrell Troup, Central Florida

    Chicago (7-9) - Tony Washington, Abilene Christian

    New York Giants (8-8) - Dennis Pitta, BYU

    Tennessee (8-8) - J.D. Walton, Baylor

    Carolina (8-8) - Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati

    San Francisco (8-8) - Jason Fox, Miami

    Denver (8-8) - Corey Wootton, Northwestern

    Houston (9-7) - Andre Roberts, The Citadel

    Pittsburgh (9-7) - Perrish Cox, Oklahoma State

    Atlanta (9-7) - Mitch Petrus, Arkansas

    Cincinnati* (10-6) - Jon Asamoah, Illinois

    Oakland - from New England* (10-6) - Dekoda Watson, Florida State

    Green Bay* (11-5) - Rodger Saffold, Indiana

    Philadelphia* (11-5) - Dominique Franks, Oklahoma

    Arizona* (9-7) - Jordan Shipley, Texas

    Arizona* (10-6) - Pat Angerer, Iowa

    Dallas* (11-5) - Ed Wang, Virginia Tech

    San Diego* (13-3) - Marshall Newhouse, TCU

    Cleveland - from New York Jets* (9-7) - John Jerry, Ole Miss

    Minnesota* (12-4) - Chris Cook, Virginia

    Indianapolis* (14-2) - John Jerry, Ole Miss

    New Orleans* (13-3) - Eric Norwood, South Carolina

    Round 4

    St. Louis (1-15) - Geno Atkins, Georgia

    Detroit (2-14) - Larry Asante, Nebraska Major

    Tampa Bay (3-13) - Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, Washington

    Kansas City (4-12) - Patrick Robinson, Florida State

    Washington (4-12) - Tony Pike, Cincinnati

    Seattle (5-11) - Aleric Mullins, UNC

    Cleveland (5-11) - Anthony McCoy, US

    Oakland (5-11) - Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Indiana of Pennsylvania

    Buffalo (6-10) - Greg Hardy, Ole Miss

    Jacksonville (7-9) - A.J. Edds, Iowa

    Chicago (7-9) - A.J. Jefferson, Fresno State

    Miami (7-9) - Anthony Dixon, Mississippi State

    Tennessee (8-8) - Austen Lane, Murray State

    Carolina (8-8) - Willie Young, N.C. State

    San Francisco (8-8) - James Starks, Buffalo

    Denver (8-8) - Mike Johnson, Alabama

    New York Giants (8-8) - Arthur Jones, Syracuse

    Pittsburgh (9-7) - Tyson Alualu, California

    Atlanta (9-7) - Navorro Bowman, Penn State

    Houston (9-7) - Javier Arenas, Alabama

    New England* (10-6) - Jason Worilds, Virginia Tech

    Cincinnati* (10-6) - Taylor Price, Ohio

    Philadelphia* (11-5) - Jimmy Graham, Miami

    Green Bay* (11-5) - Donovan Warren, Michigan

    New York Jets* (9-7) - Jay Ross, East Carolina

    New York Jets* (10-6) - Darryl Sharpton, Miami

    Dallas* (11-5) - Ed Dickson, Oregon

    San Diego* (13-3) - Amari Spievey, Iowa

    Philadelphia - from New York Jets* (9-7) - Roddrick Muckelroy, Texas

    Minnesota* (12-4) - Rennie Curran, Georgia

    Indianapolis* (14-2) - Keenan Clayton, Oklahoma

    New Orleans* (13-3) - Wright, Florida

    Round 5

    St. Louis (1-15) - Perry Riley, LSU

    Atlanta - from Detroit (2-14) - Tony Moeaki, Iowa

    Cleveland - from Tampa Bay (3-13) - Riley Cooper, Florida

    Washington (4-12) - Phillip Dillard, Nebraska

    Kansas City (4-12) - Jeremy Williams, Tulane

    Cleveland (5-11) - Rafael Priest, TCU

    Oakland (5-11) - Jarrett Brown, West Virginia

    Seattle (5-11) - Mike Neal, Purdue

    Buffalo (6-10) - Sergio Render, Virginia Tech

    Chicago (7-9) - Myron Rolle, SS, Florida State

    Kansas City - from Miami (7-9) - D'Anthony Smith, Louisiana Tech

    Jacksonville (7-9) - Sam Young, Notre Dame

    Kansas City - from Carolina (8-8) - Patrick Stoudamire, Western Illinois

    San Francisco (8-8) - Thomas Austin, Clemson

    Cleveland - from Detroit via Denver (8-8) - Colt McCoy, Texas

    New York Giants (8-8) - Matt Dodge, East Carolina

    Tennessee (8-8) - Vince Oghobaase, Duke

    Detroit - from Atlanta (9-7) - Kyle Calloway, Iowa

    Houston (9-7) - Selvish Capers, West Virginia

    Pittsburgh (9-7) - Robert Johnson, FS, Utah

    Cincinnati* (10-6) - Myron Lewis, Vanderbilt

    Tampa Bay - from New England* (10-6) - Aaron Pettrey, Ohio State

    Green Bay* (11-5) - Colin Peek, Alabama

    St. Louis - from Philadelphia* (11-5) - Alterraun Verner, UCLA

    Baltimore* (9-7) - Brett Swenson, Michigan State

    Baltimore - from Arizona* (10-6) - Josh Hull, Penn State

    Oakland - from New England via Denver and Dallas* (11-5) - Kurt Coleman, S, Ohio State

    San Diego* (13-3) - Kam Chancellor, S, Virginia Tech

    Cleveland - from New York Jets* (9-7) - Brandon Carter, Texas Tech

    Minnesota* (12-4) - Anthony Dixon, Mississippi State

    Indianapolis* (14-2) - Chris Brown, Oklahoma

    New York Jets - from Philadelphia via New Orleans* (13-3) - Jeremy Boone, Penn State

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    Still a really bad KC draft.

    Originally posted by fenikz
    His soft D really turns me off
    ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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      Don't like Trent as a LT even though he loked good at combine
      lol, a power RB, lol
      not in R3
      Hardy a 34 OLB? Don't think so.
      Render, meh



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        You made 2 mock drafts today and failed both times past round 1 with the Bengals.


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          Please!!! i would really like to hear why you have Patrick Robinson in the forth round everytime you make a mock.

          Still please a SS instead of a LB in the second....or Patrick Robinson ;)
          Last edited by SloppyJoe; 03-10-2010, 07:45 PM.


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            Pretty bad Ravens draft as well.


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              Ya could have just hit the edit button on your other mock...
              My sig pic has now come full circle. Lucky me.

              No offense, but your Raiders draft sucks.


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                Originally posted by FordFairlane View Post
                New England* (10-6) - Jerry Hughes, TCU
                Instant upgrade at OLB. The Pats are old. They need to get young fast if they want to compete.

                New England - from Jacksonville (7-9) - Brandon LaFell, LSU
                With Moss gone after this year and Welker probably out this year a need.

                New England - from Tennessee (8-8) - Aaron Hernandez, Florida
                What kind of draft would it be with the Pats not taking a TE.

                New England* (10-6) - Lamarr Houston, Texas
                Fills the hole Seymour left.

                New England* (10-6) - Jason Worilds, Virginia Tech
                Solid draft. Would rather have Dickerson over Hernandez and Gilyard over LaFell. Like the value on Worilds.


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                  Wow, that Chiefs mock is god awful. I thought the whole purpose of the draft was to help teams?
                  Currently on IR: Rip 2011 Jamaal Charles :(


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                    Originally posted by FordFairlane View Post

                    New Orleans* (13-3) Kyle Wilson, Boise
                    An upgrade in the secondary.
                    Washington (4-12) - Brian Price, UCLA
                    Steal this point of the draft!

                    New Orleans* (13-3) - Maurkice Pouncey, Florida
                    A steal at the end of the second round.

                    New Orleans* (13-3) - Eric Norwood, South Carolina

                    New Orleans* (13-3) - Wright, Florida
                    If we pass on Brian Price for a 3rd or 4th CB I WILL do something mean to something that cant defend itself. Give us Price, and I would say this is a very.... very... solid draft for the Saints.


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                      I'd be happy with the Packers' draft

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                        Uh how can i say this nicely ??? This mock is pretty bad...

                        Mike Will & V-Jax


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                          Take what I said to the other mock, and use it on this one.

                          Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                            Still a terrible Cards mock.


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                              kindle over hughes please.

                              Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

                              Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!



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