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    First mock of the season. Usually like to do one after preliminary post-season looks at teams and players. Would appreciate input.

    1. St. Louis :: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
    As a rams fan, I would prefer Suh, but it is looking more like Bradford, after bringing in a system QB in Feeley to teach the offense and a stopgap at DT with Robbins.

    2. Detroit :: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
    The lions add another piece for their revamped line to place along Vanden Bosch and Williams. A weakness has turned into one of their bigger strengths.

    3. Tampa Bay :: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
    I don't think there is much debate about what the bucs will do if one of the top two DT's are left.

    4. Washington :: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State
    Washington could go Clausen but I don't think you throw a young QB behind a horrible line and with no young pieces already in place or free agents brought in, they need to add some before a QB.

    5. Kansas City :: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee
    Kansas City goes BPA and fills a need behind a young group of corners.

    6. Seattle :: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
    Pete Carroll gets his golden-boy quarterback and this time he can legally pay him.

    7. Cleveland :: CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson
    Cleveland just misses out on a quarterback, so they add a playmaker alongside Josh Cribbs.

    8. Oakland :: Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland
    Oakland is in dire need of a left tackle and it just so happens one of this year's workout warriors fills that need.

    9. Buffalo :: Brian Bulaga, OT, Iowa
    The Bills need basically an entire offense. Without a QB on the board they go with the next highest priority when building an offense a LT.

    10. Jacksonville :: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech
    The popular pick here, Jacksonville missed last time when picking a top 10 DE, so they are back again in the same position.

    11. Denver :: Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama
    I think they find a way to keep Brandon Marshall, and the Broncos are still missing some pieces on defense, so they nab the best remaining defender.

    12. Miami :: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE/OLB, South Florida
    Miami could be tempted to go Dez Bryant here, but the WR class is deeper and I don't think he would be a good fit in a Parcells club.

    13. San Francisco :: Joe Haden, CB, Florida
    The biggest benefactors of Joe Haden running at the combine are the 49ers who could have been left reaching for the second best corner in the middle of the first.

    14. Seattle :: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma
    He might not be the left tackle they are looking for but he will still be a valuable piece on that line.

    15. NY Giants :: Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri
    The Giants don't really have any pieces on their linebacking corp. They can place the versatile former Tiger in any of the three spots.

    16. Tennessee :: Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan
    Tennessee adds the most natural pass-rusher in the draft to their unproductive line.

    17. San Francisco :: Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers
    Ideally, the 49ers probably would have liked to land Trent Williams, but they will settle for the quickly falling boom-or-bust tackle of the draft.

    18. Pittsburgh :: Taylor Mays, S, USC
    The first USC player off of the board can will not have to utilize his questionable instincts as the enforcer of the Pittsburgh defense backfield.

    19. Atlanta :: Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas
    Could Kindle succeed in the same role as his former teammate Orakpo did in Washington as a 4-3 SLB and pass rush specialist? Atlanta takes a chance.

    20. Houston :: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State
    Houston is faced with a tough decision between Bryant, Thomas, and Wilson. All three have value and fill a need. Ultimately they add a complement to AJ.

    21. Cincinnati :: Earl Thomas, S, Texas
    Cincinnati gets an upgrade in their secondary, not that the best young corner pairing in the league really need help (see success with Roy Williams behind them).

    22. New England :: Everson Griffin, DE/OLB, USC
    The Patriots could use another pass rusher. They hope to tap into the potential of this Trojan to replace the disgruntled Adalius Thomas.

    23. Green Bay :: Mike Iupati, OL, Idaho
    Green Bay has one hole on their team and that is their offensive line. (if you ignore the defensive implosion against the Cards) Iupati probably could use some teaching before getting a starting role, he can get that on GB's OL rotation.

    24. Philadelphia :: Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State
    Supposedly a strength, Philly's corners did not look too good last year. Without an OL or top 3 safety left, they make the easy pick.

    25. Baltimore :: Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers
    Baltimore added Boldin which lowers the probability of drafting a WR. Their next biggest need CB to replace the penalty prone Frank Walker.

    26. Arizona :: Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma
    Arguably a top 15 last year, Gresham falls some but is still a first round prospect giving Matt Leinart a big target in likely his only year left to prove himself.

    27. Dallas :: Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame
    Roy Williams has been a bust in Dallas and Patrick Crayton has never stepped up, they finally draft a viable option in the first round.

    28. San Diego :: Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State
    San Diego cut LT, kept Sproles. I can't see a Super Bowl caliber team risk losing a feature back by waiting until the second to pick one.

    29. NY Jets :: Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois
    The Jets could very well go DL with this pick, but I think they build a young offensive core with a number one WR.

    30. Minnesota :: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee
    Pat Williams wavered in his returned. They resigned Jimmy Kennedy but he isn't a NT.

    31. Indianapolis :: Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State
    The high-motor DT could finally fill the DT spot for the Colts.

    32. New Orleans :: Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida
    The Super Bowl champions could be destroyed by free agency. They use this pick to improve on a solid yet unspectacular piece on their line.

    Round Two

    1. St. Louis :: Brian Price, DT, UCLA

    2. Detroit :: Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama

    3. Tampa Bay :: Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida

    4. Kansas City :: Vlad Ducasse, OL, UMass

    5. Washington :: Jahvid Best, RB, California

    6. Oakland :: Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama

    7. Cleveland :: Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU

    8. Seattle :: Demaryus Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech

    9. Buffalo :: Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

    10. Miami :: Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU

    11. New England :: Montario Hardesty, RB, Tennessee

    12. Tampa Bay :: Mardy Gilyard, WR, Cincinnati

    13. New England :: Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona

    14. Carolina :: Damian Williams, USC

    15. NY Giants :: Chad Jones, LSU

    16. Denver :: Corey Wootton, DE, Northwestern

    17. San Francisco :: Koa Misi, OLB, Utah

    18. Houston :: Perrish Cox, CB, Oklahoma State

    19. Kansas City :: Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford

    20. Pittsburgh :: Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech

    21. Cincinnati :: Aaron Hernandez, TE, Florida

    22. New England :: Geno Atkins, DE/DT, Georgia

    23. Green Bay :: Nate Allen, S, South Florida

    24. Philadelphia :: Daryl Washington, LB, TCU

    25. Baltimore :: Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida

    26. Arizona :: Eric Norwood, LB, South Carolina

    27. Dallas :: Tyson Alualu, DT/DE, California

    28. San Diego :: Thaddeus Gibson, OLB, Ohio State

    29. NY Jets :: Ricky Sapp, DE/OLB, Clemson

    30. Minnesota :: Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State

    31. Indianapolis :: Morgan Burnett, S, Georgia Tech

    32. New Orleans :: Navorro Bowman, OLB, Penn State
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    KC just signed Thomas Jones so grabbing Thad Gibson/Sapp/Norwood woulld suffice for the seocnd round second pick
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    <TACKLE> i will ngata give you a bj raji
    <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
    <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
    Originally posted by Hermstheman83
    What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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      Very solid eagles mock, nice job.


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        I saw that we passed on Dez Bryant and thought it couldn't get any worse. But it did. LaFell sucks. That is all.

        Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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          You are just a terrible person.
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          I have an iPhone.


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            I'd be happy with that for sure


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              Thomas is a nice pick

              Hernandez is a horriable pick has the same skill set as Coffman. We need a all around TE

              At that point with no All around TE and WR worth that pick i would go Alualu

              RIP themaninblack


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                Vikings draft gets a big thumbs-up.



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                  Both Saints picks are off! Dunlap or Hughes would be the pick in the first based on your scenario.


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                    Just as an FYI any mock that doesn't have the giants picking a DT in the first two rounds is going to be awful for the giants. We actually have some talent at LB, Boley's a stud when healthy, Goff looked like he was good and solid and Sintim has a lot of raw talent. I completely agree that we could use a LB, I love Daryl Washington if he falls to our pick in round 2, but we need a DT more. Canty faced a lot of injuries last year and our only other DT worth a ****, JAy Alford, is coming of knee surgery so who knows when he'll be fully recovered.


                    Originally posted by AcheTen
                    JPP is a better and more productive player than Brandon Graham
                    Originally posted by abaddon41_80
                    Is Shaun Hill a top 10 QB? Definitely not. Is he a top 20 one? Almost certainly.
                    Originally posted by JBCX
                    Most misleading 10+ sack season EVER.


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                      19. Atlanta :: Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas
                      Could Kindle succeed in the same role as his former teammate Orakpo did in Washington as a 4-3 SLB and pass rush specialist? Atlanta takes a chance.
                      too bad in Atlanta our SLB has to actually cover players. Kindle would be a horrible fit for hte scheme and his character doesn't fit with T.D's history in the draft. Atlanta has not drafted anyone with any sort of arrest or character issue in the draft since TD got here.

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                        wonderful vikings mock.


                        Originally posted by JordanTaber
              's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                          I'm sorry, but our next biggest need after WR is definitely not CB. It is far and away an interior pass-rusher, whether it is a 3-4 DE or a 4-3 UT. After that TE would probably be a bigger need than CB, where we have no depth behind Heap who isn't going to be effective (if he even is now) for much longer. We have two starting corners, Foxworth and Webb (who was our best defensive back when starting last season). Frank Walker is nothing but a 4th or 5th corner on our team, and he only played due to extensive injuries last season. I hate how people get the idea in their heads that Frank Walker and/or Chris Carr are starting corners on our team.


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                            Thanks for the comments so far, especially with the team needs and scheme fitting.


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                              Good first round pick with Spoon, but no need for a S in round 2




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