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3/16/10 Mock Draft(2 Rounds)

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  • 3/16/10 Mock Draft(2 Rounds)

    Round 1
    1 St Louis Rams- Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
    Reports are they are really looking into taking a QB, and Bradford seems to be the best fit. He has everything you look for in a QB with nice size and accuracy but how much will his shoulder injury hurt him?

    2 Detroit Lions- Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
    Lions will be a winner in the 1st one way or the other, but getting Suh here is the best option. Suh can be a the franchise defensive player to build around and will have a impact like Albert Haynesworth did for his former coach Jim Shwartz.

    3 Tampa Bay Bucanneers- Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma
    The Bucs get lucky with the Rams taking a QB, allowing them to get one of the stud DT's. McCoy is a perfect fit for the Bucs as a pass rushing DT. McCoy should remind some of former stud Warren Sapp and will be able to get multiple sacks.

    4 Washington Redskins- Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State
    I think Mike Shanahan will try to make Jason Campbell a starting caliber QB, and one way to do it is to have good protection. Okung is the top OT in the draft, having good size and being able to pass and run block well. He fits the ZBS too.

    5 Kansas City Chiefs- Eric Berry DB Tennessee
    KC takes the best defensive player avalible here at 5, addessing their weak secondary. Berry is a stud that can play everywhere in the secondary. He is a ballhawk that is also able to lay a big hit on the ball carriers.

    6 Seattle Seahawks- Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa
    With Walter Jones retiring, LT becomes Seatttles biggest need. Bulaga is a talent OT that is still very young and can develop into a good starter. At almost 6'6 315lbs he has the size you look for in a OT and will protect whoever the QB is.

    7 Cleveland Browns- Jason Pierre-Paul DE/OLB USF
    The Browns just traded former top 10 pick Kamerion Wimbley, so they should be expected to address a pass rusher early. JPP is a freak athlete who has so much potential. He has only been playing football for 5 years and if he is coached up he could be like DeMarcus Ware.

    8 Oakland Raiders- Bruce Campbell OT Maryland
    Theres no doubt in my mind right now that the Raiders will draft a OT in the 1st round. With Bruce Campbell having one of the best workouts ever for a OT, it is expected by many that he will be the pick. At 6'6 314lbs and a 4.85 40 he is a freak athlete that might develop into a star LT

    9 Buffalo Bills- Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State
    The Terrell Owens expirement failed last year and the need for a true #1 WR is still there. Dez Bryant has the speed and size to be able to come in from day one and be the main target for this offence. The off the field problems shouldnt effect his stock.

    10 Jacksonville Jaguars- Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
    With the signing of DE Aaron Kampman, the Jags biggest need isnt as big so this pick can be used differently. Clausen here at 10 is good value and with no real franchise QB on the roster I can see this happening.

    11 Denver Broncos(f/CHI)- Rolando McClain LB Alabama
    The defense started out great, but as the season went on is progressively got worse. One reason was they lacked a true impact ILB. McClain has great and instincts to be a pro bowl caliber LB in the NFL

    12 Miami Dolphins- Brandon Graham DE/OLB Michigan
    With the recent release of Joey Porter, a pass rusher has became the Dolphins biggest need. Graham probably helped his stock the most during the Senior Bowl week, beating OT's during practice and being the MVP of the actual game.

    13 San Francisco 49ers- Joe Haden CB Florida
    Haden here at 13 is great value. CB is one of the biggest needs for the 9ers and Haden can come in day one and contribute to this already solid defense. Haden has nice size and isnt afraid to make a tackle on the ball carrier.

    14 Seattle Seahawks(f/DEN)- Taylor Mays DB USC
    This pick seems like a lock for me at this point in the draft process. Pete Carrol is a defensive guys and I wouldnt be surprised to see one of his own guys end up on the team. Mays is a freak athlete that looks like a LB in the seconadary.

    15 New York Giants- Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri
    With the new defensive scheme being implented, the Giants are sure to look at some new playermakers on that side of the ball. Weatherspoon fits well with his combintation of size and speed at the LB position.

    16 Tennessee Titans- Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
    The Titans get lucky here, getting one of the more for sure prospects in the draft. Morgan isnt a flashy DE like you usually see, but he is effective at both rushing the passer and stopping the run. He has nice size and will be a key part of the defense for some time.

    17 San Francisco 49ers(f/CAR)- Trent Williams OT Rutgers
    The 9ers get another steal in this draft, with Williams here at 17. Williams is regarded as the safest pick at OT. He has expirience at every position on the line, and almost is a for sure stater in the NFL.

    18 Pittsburgh Steelers- Mike Iupati OL Idaho
    Guards are usually high on teams lists as need, espicially as a 1st round pick, but Iupati is probably the best Guard prospect in the last 5 or so years. At 6'6 330lbs, Iupati is considered a beast on the field being able to get a great push in the run game, which is exactly what the Steelers need.

    19 Atlanta Falcons- Everson Griffen DE USC
    With the addition of CB Dunta Robison via Free Agency, the Falcons are able to now address more need on defense. Griffen is a stud pass rusher from USC, that Im more high on than others. At 6'3 273lbs and with a fast 4.66 40, he is a great athlete that has a ton of upside.

    20 Houston Texans- CJ Spiller RB Clemson
    With this very deep draft, you expect some players to drop. Spiller here is great value for the Texans and provides them with another play maker on there already good offence. Spiller can contribute in all ways, running, catching and returning kicks.

    21 Cincinnati Bengals- Earl Thomas DB Texas
    With the additon of WR Antonio Bryant, the Bengals are allowed to address the other side of the ball here at 21. Thomas is a talented DB that can play CB or DB for them. Thomas has decent speed and size and should help an already talented defense.

    22 New England Patriots- Segio Kindle DE/OLB Texas
    Back in their prime, the Patriots were known as a defensive team that will not overly impress you, but would win the game. Times have changed in New England and its time for them to get a legit defense again. Kindle is solid pass rusher who is also a good athlete that can come in and help right away.

    23 Green Bay Packers- Anthony Davis OT Rutgers
    The Packers are blessed with this pick here at 23. Davis was considered by myself as one of the top players to watch this offseason. He hasnt impressed many during the off season and I can see him slipping a little. At 6'5 323lbs he is probably the most natual LT in this class and this could end up the biggest steal of the draft when its all said and done.

    24 Philadelphia Eagles- Carlos Dunlap DE Florida
    Other than Trent Cole, the Eagles really dont have a talented DE to rush the passer. Dunlap is another freak athlete in this draft, containing a great blend of size and speed. If motivated, he can end up being the best DE from this draft.

    25 Baltimore Ravens- Kyle Wilson CB Boise State
    The Ravens made the biggest move this offseason, trading for WR Anquan Boldin from the Cardinals. If they make a few more right moves I can see them ending up a superbowl team. One move that would make sense is getting younger at CB with Wilson here at 25. Wilson has decent size and nice speed and is an all-around good CB.

    26 Arizona Cardinals- Charles Brown OT USC
    If you saw the Cardinals play last year, it was fairly obvious to me that one need they had was a true LT. Mike Gandy is nothing but a backup in this point in his career, and upgrading at LT should be done. Brown is a true LT, being able to shut down pass rushers with his good size and first step.

    27 Dallas Cowboys- Vladimir Ducasse OT/OG Mass
    Its not secret the Cowboys like big Olinemen, and Ducasse fits the pick. Ducasse at 6'4 332lbs has the size to play RT or OG for the 'boys. He is still new to football and will have a chance to learn in Dallas for a year before having to go onto the field.

    28 San Diego Chargers- Dan Williams NT Tennessee
    San Diego's 2 biggest needs are RB and NT and right now I see better value at NT. Dan Williams was considered a late round pick early into the season, but he has no rose all the way to the 1st round. At 6'2 327lbs, Williams has the size you look for and should replace Jammal Williams.

    29 New York Jets- Golden Tate WR Notre Dame
    With the trade that brought CB Antonio Cromartie to the Jets, I expect they feel WR is now their biggest need. They already have a big play buy in Braylon Edwards, so adding a all around guy is needed. Tate doesnt have great size, but makes up for it with his great YAC and good speed.

    30 Minnesota Vikings- Maurkice Pouncey C Florida
    The Vikings know that having a good Oline will help them alot. It allows there best player Adrian Peterson have more holes to run throught and if Favre comes back he will need to stay up right. Pouncey is decent value and is a upgrade over John Sullivan

    31 Indianapolis Colts- Brian Price DT UCLA
    With no good value at OT, the Colts should focus on the other side of the ball with this pick. Price is another player that has a 1st round grade that almost drops out of the round due to the depth of this draft. Even though he doesnt have good height, he is extremely strong and is well rounded DT

    32 New Orleans Saints- Jared Odrick DT Penn State
    Other than Sedrick Ellis, the Saints dont really have a true impact player on the Dline. Odrick is a nice fit for the Saints at DT. At 6'5 304lbs, Odrick has the size to be able to come in and make some plays right off the bat and help the superbowl champs get even better.

    Round 2

    33 St. Louis Rams- Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma
    Great value and give Bradford a familiar option to throw too

    34 Detroit Lions- Patrick Robinson CB Florida State
    Lions continue to improve the defense with a playmaker at CB

    35 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Arrelious Benn WR Illinois
    Josh Freeman is in need of weapons to throw too and Benn is a legit #1 guy

    36 Kansas City Chiefs- Terrence Cody NT Alabama
    Every 3-4 D needs a true NT and Cody is one

    37 Washington Redskins- Ryan Matthews RB Fresno State
    Upgrading at OT helps, now getting another RB to go along with Portis and Johnson may fix this offence even more

    38 Cleveland Browns- Jahvid Best RB Cal
    Cleveland has 0 playmakers on offence, Best is a homerun threat everytime he touches the ball

    39 Oakland Raiders- Cam Thomas DT North Carolina
    The Raiders have needed a true NT for a long time, Thomas has outstanding size and fits

    40 Seattle Seahawks- Corey Wootten DE Northwestern
    Rumor is they might change to a 3-4, Wootten fits perfectly in a 3-4 and can also play in a 4-3

    41 Buffalo Bills- Tim Tebow QB Florida
    The Bills need a face to the franchise and with no franchise QB Tebow seems like a good fit

    42 Tampa Bay Buccaneers(f/CHI)- Chad Jones DB LSU
    Sabby Piscitelli is your starting SS, enough said

    43 Miami Dolphins(f/WAS)- Demaryius Thomas WR Georgia Tech
    Chad Henne needs a big WR, Thomas may rise to even the top 20 by the time of the draft

    44 New England Patriots(f/JAC)- Brandon Spikes LB Florida
    OJ Mayo and Brandon Spikes could make the best young duo of ILB in the league

    45 Denver Broncos- Jerry Hughes DE/OLB TCU
    Other than Dumervil, the Broncos have no other impact pass rusher

    46 New York Giants- Rodger Saffold OL Indiana
    Depth along the oline is always good and Saffold can play OT and OG

    47 New England Patriots(f/TEN)- Devin McCourty CB Rutgers
    The Patriots continue to improve their old defense by adding a young stud CB

    48 Carolina Panthers- Brandon LaFell WR LSU
    Steve Smith is still a great WR, but adding in a real #2 WR will only improve the play of Matt Moore

    49 San Francisco 49ers- Nate Allen DB USF
    The 9ers improved the secondardy by adding Joe Haden, now they help it even more with another DB

    50 Kansas City Chiefs(f/ATL)- Jason Fox OT Miami
    The Chiefs line isnt good, Fox provides them with a legit RT for a long time

    51 Houston Texans- Kareem Jackson CB Alabama
    Losing Dunta Robinson makes CB a huge need for the Texans

    52 Pittsburgh Steelers- Perrish Cox CB Oklahoma State
    The Steelers were exposed last year with their poor secondary play

    53 New England Patriots- Damian Williams WR USC
    Randy Moss' future is in doubt and they are in need of some fresh young talent at WR

    54 Cincinnati Bengals- Rob Gronkowski TE Arizona
    The Bengals are in need of a TE that can make a impact, Gronkowski should help their offence improve.

    55 Philadelphia Eagles- J.D. Walton C Baylor
    It will be unknown how Nick Cole comes back from his knee injury, Walton can play C and OG

    56 Green Bay Packers- Koa Misi DE/OLB Utah
    Kampman failed at OLB for the Packers, Misi has been rising the boards as a 3-4 pass rusher

    57 Baltimore Ravens- Aaron Hernandez TE Florida
    Flacco got his #1 WR with Boldin, now they add another weapon for him to work with

    58 Arizona Cardinals- Ricky Sapp DE/OLB Clemson
    The Cardinals lack a true pass rusher for their 3-4 D, Sapp is a good athlete that will help

    59 Dallas Cowboys- Morgan Burnett DB Georgia Tech
    Good athlete for the secondary that needs alot of help at safety

    60 San Diego Chargers- Toby Gerhart RB Stanford
    LT is gone, so a RB is needed. Some team will fall in love with Gerhart and he fits what they need

    61 New York Jets- Alex Carrington DE Arkansas State
    Jets biggest need on D seems to be another 3-4 DE. Carrington is good athlete at 6'5 285lbs

    62 Minnesota Vikings- Daryl Washington LB TCU
    Great value here. Daryl is a good fit a OLB and adds nice depth

    63 Indianapolis Colts- Jared Veldheer OT Hillsdale
    When your QB is the best player in the league, it might seem smart to add players to keep him up right

    64 New Orleans Saints- Matt Tennant C Boston College
    Jonathan Goodwin is overrated and keeping Brees on his feet should be priority #1

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    I'm a big fan of Jerry Hughes, but I think Rodger Saffold makes more sense.



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      I think that Gronkowski might be the pick instead of Williams, but never the less this is an excellent Patriots draft!

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        Bills Mock...

        Like Bryant alot, and am in the he's better than Crabtree group. Not sure the Bills would/could pass on Clausen, Davis or even Williams in the first for a reciever they still could not get the ball too (my whole no one to protect the no one throwing the ball arguement). Of coarse I said the same thing last year in regards to Oher, and they went with Maybin (I win ;) )... Tebow in the second looks like a strong possibility right now from all the chatter going on, and the personal workout scheduled. Bryant has the value, not sure if that value translates well to Buffalo at the current time. As it is they would have to grab a LT in the third, Fox, Washington, or whomever... If the first pick was Davis or even Williams and the second remained Tebow I would like it much more, as it is, its not bad, Bryant/Tebow, hmmm... It is growing on me...
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          i like matthews but i think the chances of drafting a rb that high now are slim to none. after signing larry johnson i think its more likely that if we draft a rb its going to be in the late rounds. id go with saffold, hughes, or mccourtey instead.


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            the 19 players Atlanta drafted the past two years have 0 combined arrests. Everson Griffen has to. Simple math shows that Everson Griffen will not get drafted by Atlanta.

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              As I told Scott I'd be furious if the giants don't draft a DT in the first or second round. We can't start next year with Canty and a recovering Jay Alford as our only DTs worth a damn. Our run D would be epically bad, again.


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              JPP is a better and more productive player than Brandon Graham
              Originally posted by abaddon41_80
              Is Shaun Hill a top 10 QB? Definitely not. Is he a top 20 one? Almost certainly.
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              Most misleading 10+ sack season EVER.


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                  Pretty nice Patriots draft! Personal preference though, I might like Gresham in the first and then Ricky Sapp instead of Damian Williams.


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                    OK Vikings draft value wise, sucks that we didn't fill any of our top 3 needs(S, QB, NT) but we filled other needs with good value. Pouncey is a good pick b/c of his ability to play RG, not C. Sullivan will definitely be given another year at C as he was more than serviceable in his first year starting. Herrera however could be replaced at RG as he really struggled this past year, plus it would give a good eventual replacement for Hutch.

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                      For the Phins, I think we would take Morgan or Kindle over Brandon Graham. They are a better fit as far as what Parcells usually looks for in his linebackers. But Bey Bey is the PERFECT pick in the 2nd!

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                        Not huge on the first Vikes pick, but the second rounder is great.


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                          Tennant is wayyyy tooo high.


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                            Originally posted by Razor View Post
                            I think that Gronkowski might be the pick instead of Williams, but never the less this is an excellent Patriots draft!
                            Razor has it right. The Pats have no TEs on the roster. Not a bad TE, not a replaceable TE, not an old TE - flat out zero TEs. One of those first 4 picks must be a TE. They even updated the roster on PFW a few days ago ---> Zero TEs on the depth chart.

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                              Great Pats mock, it would be perfect if you replaced McCourty with a TE.



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