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    Originally posted by 703SKINS202 View Post

    5.interior o line
    for me its a little different

    1. qb
    2. dline
    2b. oline (all but LT)
    4. wr
    5. fs/cb
    6. olb


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      Originally posted by CJSchneider View Post
      I second this.
      Center - Dan Koppen has a ton of experience and knows all the line calls, but New England has had trouble defending against pressure from up the middle this year, and Koppen isn't strong enough to defend against all the nose tackles in the league nowadays.

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        Originally posted by rockio42 View Post
        St. Louis Rams

        A lot of these first couple needs will obviously depend on depth in the situations, Rams don't have one glaring need over another, a lot of areas still need improvement

        1) Right Defensive End - The Rams are relatively high-ranking in sacks among the league this year but Spags love to have a dominant defense and although the linebackers have been huge this year and a pass-rushing DE on the other side of Chris Long would be huge for this defense.

        2) Outside Linebacker (WILL or SAM) - Like I said the first three could be interchangeable so I'll talk about this one next. Right now the Rams have started this entire season with Na'il Diggs and Larry Grant on the outside of James Laurinaitis and while both those guys have showed they are excellent depth players at the position a true impact guy along side Animal Jr. would be a big pick up for the defense.

        3) Wide Receiver - With the emergence of guys like Danny Amendola, Mark Clayton (before his knee was torn up), and now even Danario Alexander the WR position might not be the first round need it was a month or so ago but nonetheless there is still not an impact guy within this offense so someone with the size to pair with an injury risk like Alexander (I am a big Mizzou fan and it kills me to say that) would be great alongside the returning deep threats in Donnie Avery and Clayton.

        4) Running Back - Steven Jackson is a beast but for years the Rams have needed a solid number 2 guy to spell him about 9-10 plays (and not just passing situations like Darby) and this is the year I hope the Rams actually snag a backup for Jackson.

        5) Interior O-Line - The Rams have done a great job solidifying the LT, RT, LG, and C positions but the RG spot has been the big question mark for year. Adam Golberg hasn't been bad this year but some more young depth along the offensive line would be key.

        6) Defensive Tackle - Decided to throw in a sixth need here for the Rams. The defensive tackle position hasn't always been the most important for Spags' defense but the Rams showed real interest in Suh and McCoy last year and so I think that shows they recognize that some young talent and depth is needed on the interior d-line.
        Perfect analysis! The first three are all equally as important and will give the Rams the oppurtunity to select the BPA.


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          Chargers (not necessarily in order of highest need) ....

          First, let me say that we have game-changers on offense. It's our defense that really needs to be improved.

          As it stands now, we have a 1st, 2nd, 3 3rds, & I believe 1 each of 5-7. Two of the 3rds COULD become 2nds, but in reality only one of those (Cromartie) has any chance of that actually occurring. Either way, I'd like to see our 1st 3 picks go towards defense.

          OLB - we live & breathe with our LB'ing corps. I have serious doubts about English & Applewhite really suffers with play recognition. We need a stud here. Currently, I really like Akeem ayers for our scheme.

          ILB - Butler is a complete unknown here. Not a Cooper fan. This area needs attention as well. Hopefully Burnett stays & Siler continues to develop. I could see a guy like Nate Irving with a 3rd.

          DE/DT - Cesaire could well be gone. Castillo is made of glass. Travis Johnson really hasn't shown much & has been injured a fair amount. This is definitely an area of need. Garay played quite well in 2010 but is on the back side of 30. Not a big Cam Thomas fan, Martin is still learning the NFL. Guys I like? Dareus, Kendrick Ellis, Ryan Kerrigan, Marvin Austin, maybe Bailey. I'd really prefer someone who weighs in excess of 300 lbs., is at least 6-4 (for a DE), & has a motor & attitude.

          Safety - Weddle is a decent safety. Stuckey is a question mark. Frankly, I think the time has come to move Jammer to safety which means (dare I say it??) we'd be looking to AJ Smith to draft a DB again. Not a prospect I like to imagine.

          ROT - Clary could be gone & could definitely be upgraded. Haven't done much homework here yet so I don't really have a prospect list. I think we can rest assured that this are won't be addressed before the 3rd at the earliest. That's just AJ Smith's mindset.

          Slot WR/KR - Sproles is likely gone unless he negotiates a reasonable salary. Don't see it happening. I'd like to see Crayton remain a Charger & bring someone in to learn from him & Joiner. I believe that somehow a deal will get worked out with Jackson. If not, we'll be looking for more than one receiver.
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            Originally posted by Xiomera View Post
            Detroit Lions
            1. Outside linebacker
            2. Interior offensive line
            3. Cornerback
            4. Defensive end
            5. Offensive Tackle
            6. Running Back
            I'd like to revise the Lions needs based on more recent developments:

            1. Cornerback
            2. Outside Linebacker
            3. Right Guard
            4. Strong Safety
            5. Running Back
            6. Defensive End
            7. Slot Receiver
            8. Offensive Tackle
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              1) QB
              2) CB
              3) FS
              4) DE
              5) RG


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                Sam Bradford will be a bust- 2/24/2010

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                  Miami Dolphins

                  1) QB: Enough said.

                  2) RB: SPEED, CAT BACK RB

                  3) WR: 2nd option WR so BESS can play the slot.

                  4) TE: PASS catching TE.

                  5) OG: LG is a giant ?, the oline needs depth badly.

                  6) RT: vernon carey has become sluggish and rather slow.

                  7) NT: depth.. if paul solai isnt resigned.

                  funny how all of our major glaring needs are on offense..


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                    Originally posted by dolfan View Post
                    1) QB: Enough said.

                    2) RB: SPEED, CAT BACK RB

                    3) WR: 2nd option WR so BESS can play the slot.

                    4) TE: PASS catching TE.

                    5) OG: LG is a giant ?, the oline needs depth badly.

                    6) RT: vernon carey has become sluggish and rather slow.

                    7) NT: depth.. if paul solai isnt resigned.

                    funny how all of our major glaring needs are on offense..
                    You guys get someone across from Marshall and I really think Bess will put up disgusting numbers from the slot.

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                      yes sir i agree.. leonard hankerson will be a baller here if he came, i know he started out shakey at miami but with good coaching he tore it up, now with the dolphins and some real coaching, he will be the next great U wr


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                        2011 RAMS TEAM NEEDS

                        1a. Wide Receiver: As the whole nation could see on national TV last week, our WR corps needs an upgrade. While I do believe we have some solid pieces in place (Clayton, Amendola), we also have some question marks (Alexander, Avery, Gibson) and no true #1 WR that defenses have to account for. Most of our receivers are smaller, so what we really need to bring in is a bigger WR. We also need a receiver that has some speed seeing as our only receiver with any amount of speed is Avery, and you can pretty much count on him being on the IR by week 5 of any given season. Any receiver that we draft must also have pretty good hands [note: see how many drops we had vs. Seattle...we had to deal with that all year].

                        So what we need is a big, fast receiver with reliable hands.

                        1b. Weakside Linebacker: Really we need both a SAM and WILL linebacker, but more so a WILL linebacker. This season we weren't able to match up on opposing teams TE's and slot receivers at all and it cost us dearly. When Mr. Irrelevant is your starting WLB you know you have problems.

                        1c. Right Guard: For the most part, our offensive line is set. We have two young bookends (Saffold, Smith) and a solid center (Jason Brown). Our LG, Jacob Bell, is adequate and we could use him for another season or so. However, our RG's have been atrocious this year. We need a guard who is a mauler and can get some decent push in the run game.

                        2a. Running Back: Jackson is a workhorse, pure and simple. He won't last forever though, and its about time we start looking for a backup for him. Whatever running back we draft needs to be good at pass-protection, and needs to be a speedy, change of pace back.

                        2b. Right Defensive End: Long has the LDE position on lock-down for the next decade or so, we just need a long term solution across from him. Right now we have James Hall playing there, and he's been outstanding this year but he's not getting any younger. If we don't end up signing someone like Kiwi this off-season, this is going to be a big priority for us.

                        3. Strong Safety: We have our play-making FS in Atogwe, but we don't quite have a solid starter for the Strong Safety position. We've been rotating in Craig Dahl and James Butler (who? … exactly). They've been getting burned for big-plays all season, so we need to get someone in here who knows how to cover some people.

                        4. Tight End: Our only consistent blocking TE has been Bajema, but even he could use an upgrade. I'd be surprised if we brought back Fells. While Hoomanawanui has shown flashes of promise, being one of King Sam's favorite targets, he still needs to show that he can stay healthy. Also, at this point we're not quite sure what we have in Fendi Onobun.

                        5. Defensive Tackle: Fred Robbins has been huge for us this year, but we definitely need to start looking for his replacement. If we can we should bring in Cofield as a FA signing and then draft another guy.

                        6. Nickel Cornerback: Can never have too many CB's. Spags likes physical, press cornerbacks (Fletcher, Murphy) so expect him to pick up another one if he can in the later rounds...unless an absolute can-not-pass-on shut-down corner falls to us early.
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                          QB is the BIGGEST need for the SF team right now its not even funny any more.Please either draft Locker or go later round QB.We got our coach Hargbaugh now we need a QB


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                            it'd be nice if people actually read these... but alas they never do.

                            ATL's ACTUAL NEEDS:
                            WR - need a big possesion guy with some speed.
                            TE - need another TG type.
                            OT - need a guy to battle at LT
                            DE - need a pure pass rusher
                            RB - need a good Change of Pace with a better injury history (meaning no injuries)

                            STOP GIVING US
                            CB - Grimes, Robinson and our group of nickels don't need to be replaced.
                            S - We have 4 very good S. no need to add more
                            OG - we have 4 very good OG's, no need to add more, just keep what we have.

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                              Originally posted by bullg8rdaddy View Post
                              Team needs:

                              1. Pass rushing 4-3 DE - Stylez White is average and getting old. Crowder is meh. Kyle Moore is a bum. Michael Bennett is a high motor back up. Alex Magee is more of a LE IMO. We are 31st in the NFL in sacks and 3rd down conversion % allowed. Simply put, we are horrible at putting pressure on the opposing team's QB.

                              Bowers (2 year starter, All ACC 1st team)
                              Quinn (2 year starter, 2009 All ACC 1st team)
                              Kerrigan (Co-Captain, 3 year starter, 2 time All BIG 10 1st team)
                              Aldon Smith (2 year starter, 2009 All-BIG 12 2nd team)
                              Jeremy Beal (3 year starter, 2009 All BIG 12 2nd team, 2010 1st team)
                              Romeus (2 year starter, 2009 All BIG EAST 1st team)

                              2.4-3 Outside Linebacker - Geno Hayes is still young, but is way too light and inconsistent. Who knows if we can count on him even if he were a better player, because of his off the field issues. Quincy Black has been on the team for awhile and is currently on IR. Not saying that he isn't supposed ot be back to 100% before the season starts, but I think we have seen enough from him to know he is average at best. Hayward is a career special teamer. Would like to see more of what Watson can do in the next 2 games, but still think we should look to upgrade here in the first 3 rounds of the draft. Our run defense is horrible, 29th in yards per game and dead last in yards per rush. UGGHH!!

                              Akeem Ayers (2 year starter, All PAC 10 1st team)
                              Bruce Carter (4 year starter, All ACC 2nd team)
                              Martez Wilson (2 year starter, All Big 10 1st team)
                              Greg Jones, MLB (4 year starter, 3 time All BIG 10 1st team)
                              Zach Brown (2 year starter)

                              3. Safety
                              - Tanard Jackson has pro bowl talent in a junkie's body. He's supposed to come back after week 2 or 3 next year, but who knows if he can get his crap together and help this team make a playoff run in 2011. Sean Jones has been a nice addition, but he has been caught out of position this year and isn't a ball hawk. Cody Grimm was a very nice diamond in the rough and really helped to improve our run defense. Love his heart, attitude and text book tackling. Corey "Hard Knocks" Lynch is more of a ball hawk than Jones, but is a 3rd stringer and it shows. Larry Asante has yet to be activated to my knowledge so I have no opinion on him, other than what I saw from him at Nebraska. He's supposedly a thumper but brings nothing else to the table. We need a ball hawking, play making free safety to play alongside Grimm in the future Bucs secondary, IMO. Grimm could be special at Strong.

                              Quenton Carter ( 2 year starter, All BIG 12 1st team)
                              Rahim Moore (3 year starter, 2 time All PAC 10 1st team)
                              Eric Hagg (3 year starter, All BIG 12 1st team)
                              Mark Barron (2 year starter, 2 time All SEC 1st team)
                              Ahmad Black (3 year starter, All SEC 1st team)

                              4. Offensive Line (other than LT)
                              - Lets be honest these guys have been overrated when healthy and now that they have been hit with the injury bug we get to see that we have been doing ok with their backups/rookies filling in. Joseph and Faine are supposed to be the most talented, instead they are the most overrated, IMO. Trueblood lost his spot to James Lee after an early season injury and only got it back after Lee suffered a 2nd quarter injury in the Detroit game. Trueblood looks like he should be a mauling run blocker, exactly what I would expect out of a RT, but he isn't. Larsen and Zuttah are young OL that we have that have done well filling in this year. Not sure about Lee. I could live with any highly rated OL being drafted early.

                              Gabe Carimi (4 year starter, 2 time All BIG 10 1st team)
                              John Moffitt (4 year starter, 2 time ALL BIG 10 1st team)
                              Marcus Cannon (3 year starter, 2 time ALL MWC 1st team)
                              Nate Solder (3 year starter, All BIG 12 1st team)
                              Derek Sherrod (3 year starter, All SEC 1st team)
                              Anthony Castonzo (4 year starter, 2 time All ACC 1st team, 2008 2nd team)

                              5. Run stopping DE - See above for complete DE analysis. We could very well take 2 DE's this draft, much like how we doubled up on WR and DTs in 2010. If the elite pass rushers are gone by the time our pick comes up (which is very likely) and if we choose not to trade up, I would not be upset if the BPA in the second round was a strong LE. Wouldn't want to draft one in the first, though.

                              Jared Crick (2 year starter, 2 time All BIG 12 1st team)
                              J.J. Watt (2 year starter, All BIG 10 1st team)
                              Pernell McPhee (2 year starter, 2009 All SEC 2nd team and 2010 1st team)

                              6. Change of pace RB - some speed for our Blount Force Trauma. Don't know if we don't already have that in Kareem Huggins (IR), but if the BPA in the middle to late rounds is a fast, pass catching RB then so be it.

                              DeMarco Murray
                              Noel Devine
                              Kendal Hunter
                              Shane Vereen

                              7. Big bruising FB
                              - Earnest Graham is not a true FB. Pretty sure Blount is bigger. lol

                              Owen Marecic
                              A good list, but my take is a bit different...

                              1) RDE
                              2) LDE
                              3) RT
                              4) LG

                              Simply put, we have huge gaping holes in our lines that need to be fixed.

                              I'm under the opinion that, due to the CBA, there will be very little free agent movement this year. Because of that, I expect most of our FAs to return.

                              I'm not ready to throw out OLBs under the bus yet. Give Hayes and Black another year to prove their worth, then toss them out if they don't excel.

                              What I DO know is that we don't have an NFL-caliber starting DE on the roster and that Dominik just said that rushing the passer is a priority.

                              Safety depth will be handled by Grimm and Jackson's probable return.

                              I believe Huggins and/or Lumpkin will be our change of pace guy.

                              And yes, we do need a true FB.


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                                Dallas needs:

                                1) CB -- Newman is a goner unless they want to pay him $9M in 2011
                                2) Pure Center -- Gurode was a converted OG, move him back there to replace Leonard Davis, protecting Romo is a top priority when you realize how the offense plummeted w/out him, note that an A-gap rush broke his collarbone vs. the Giants
                                3) DE -- Spears is history too, unless Bowen wows new DC Rob Ryan he like Hatcher will remain a backup, Olshansky didn't set the woods on fire last yr. either
                                3a) NT -- If Ryan wants Ratliff moved to DE
                                4) PK -- Yeah it's this important, no faith in Buehler whatsoever, FA kickers have been awful in Dallas lately, better to draft one
                                5) Backup QB -- Kitna is 38



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