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    QB - VY is gone, the only QB on our roster: Rusty Smith. With Fish gone, we need a legit QB to build around.

    DL - At DE we have Morgan & Hayes on roster, our only 2 DEs. Babin is unlikely to re-sign. We need another legit starting DE to pair with Morgan. We could go DT, and switch JasonJones to DE. Also Tony Brown is older and is always hurt and we need depth.

    OG/C - LeRoy Harris is a FA. Amano sucked all year.

    SS - Chris Hope is the worst safety in the league. Misses every tackle, and is slower than dirt. His coverage is the worst. Hoping for a 2nd/3rd round SS who can eventually replace him.

    LB - Startin OLBs: McRath & Witherspoon. Both are decent, but neither are amazing. ILB: Tulloch (if re-signed). Only depth we have is Rennie Curran.


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      Jacksonville Jaguars

      1. QB - Need a franchise QB.
      2. ILB - Morrison is a FA and should be upgraded.
      3. DE - Need someone who can first start across from Kampman, and then take Kampman's spot when it's time.
      4. OLB - Durant is a FA and should be upgraded.
      5. FS - Need someone to take starting job from Carey right away.
      6. CB - Okay for 2011 but someone new will have to start in 2012 when Mathis is a FA.
      7. C - Meester is the oldest signed player on the team.
      8. LG - Manuwai is only signed through 2011.
      9. SS - Greene is a good enough starter, but you need at least one legit star in the secondary, which we don't have.
      10. WR - Even if Sims-Walker isn't resigned, let's see what happens with Hill and Dillard first.
      11. DT - Could use a hand-picked backup for Knighton.


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        NY Jets

        4.WR (this could move up depending on what happens with holmes and edwards)


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          Cleveland Browns

          1) CB - Sheldon Brown just doesn't have enough speed.

          2) RT - Even if Pashos can stay healthy this position needs improved upon.

          3) OLB

          4) DL - We have a couple of players who can start at DT and a couple who can start at DE, but the talent level needs to improve as well as depth.

          5) QB - Delhomme wont be back, and I wasn't that impressed with Seneca Wallace's accuracy. At the very least we need a better backup.

          6) WR - Mike Holmgren said he likes our WR's, and was disappointed they didn't get more touches. But we know we still need help at the position.

          7) RB - Yes, Hillis was a beast last season, and Hardesty is a very good talent. But we know Hillis carried the offense on his shoulders and carried the ball way too much. We need a compliment to him, and Hardesty may or may not be up to it. He injured one knee in college and the other during pre-season in 2010. Mike Bell is on the roster but not the back I believe Mark Ingram will be in the NFL. Ingram/Hillis with Vickers blocking (if they can re-sign him), will be a real force in the running game, and take pressure off McCoy to carry the team on his shoulders. Having Hardesty as the backup would give insurance against injury.

          8) OG - Womack or Lauvoa at RG would be ok, but the former is hurt alot and only average, and the latter has not convinced me he'll be anything special yet.

          9) SS - We'll find out this coming season how well TJ Ward can cover, but based on last season I'm not sure he can cover well enough. He sure can hit though. Probably not big enough to play OLB.


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            1. Quaterback Favre is done. Hopefully T-Jack is gone. Webb has ability but still has a long ways to go. Current QBs on the roster are Rhett Bomar, Patrick Ramsey, Joe Webb
            2. Offensive lineman. Any position, LT would be great but we need help at every spot. McKinnie is way to inconsistent. Hutch is our best lineman but is getting up there. Loadholt regressed. Sullivan/Cooper is not the answer at center.
            3. Safety/DB Madieu Williams is the worst safety in the NFL. The rest of our safeties are average at best. Asher/Shepperd/Walker are god awful. Cook is still raw, Cedric Griffin cant stay healthy. And Winfield is getting up there in years.
            4. Defensive lineman Fat Pat is probably gone. K-Will is probably going to get suspended for 4 games. Ray Edwards is gone. Everson Griffen is more then likely gone.
            5. Wide Receiver Sidney Rice will probably get resigned, but you never now. Percy Harvin is a stud but plays best out of the slot. B. Berrian is terrible. Camarillo is decent but probably wont get resigned. Greg Lewis/Hank Baskett= meh.


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              Originally posted by phlysac View Post
              Considering that David carr is the only QB on the roster when the season officially ends, YES QB is a vital need. However, to ignore the titanic need at CB would be a mistake.
              Yeah man I can't agree with you more on our CB need as well.I do think we will be drafting PP or Amuk if either one of them is there at 7 come April.Then go QB round two or three.Hopefully we might be able to grab Mallet in round two if not Ponder, Dalton or Stanzi.


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                Updated Cardinals
                1) Vet QB
                2) Rush OLB
                3) LT
                4) CB
                5) TE
                6) ILB
                7) OG


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                  Updated Bengals needs

                  1. QB
                  2. LG
                  3. FS or SS
                  4. RB
                  5. Pass Rushing DT
                  6. DE
                  7. MLB or OLB
                  8. #1 WR
                  9. C
                  10. RG or RT
                  11. FB
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                    1. C/OG (Stephen Wisniewski or Pouncey Hopefully)
                    2. WR ( Randall Cobb, Titus Young, Hankerson, Dwayne Harris, Doss, Little)
                    3. CB/OLB
                    4. OT
                    5. DE/DT
                    6. MLB
                    7. CB/KR/PR, WR/KR/PR

                    Not sure if all those WR are 2nd rd worthy, but they are the players I like. I also like Cecil Shorts, but not sure where his draft stock is. I also don't know enough players to name them in the late rounds, but those are the positions I think we could use.


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                      • Texans:

                        3-4 OLB: Other than Connor Barwin and maybe Mark Anderson, not much else
                        CB: Kareem Jackson had a rough year and their best corner Glover Quin may be moved to Safety
                        S: If Quin doesnt get moved, they dont have much other than depth/backups
                        3-4 DE: Mario Williams will be a staple on one side, not sure how Antonio Smith will work out on the other...
                        NT: Everyone says its a need but Wade Phillips says he likes what hes got
                        WR: Andre isnt getting any younger, Walter had a down year, and Jacoby still hasnt taken over the #2 job completely and his contract is up
                        T: Rumour has it backup Rashad Butler will like to walk, leaves nothing behind Brown or Winston
                        ILB: If Demeco doesnt come back healthy, there isnt much there after Cushing & Sharpton


                        • Bears haven't been updated since Thanksgiving.

                          1. Two Offensive Tackles: Chris Williams was a bust, though I think he will be decent at guard. His replacement, Frank Omiyale is even worse. Seriously, one of the worst pass protectors in the league. He has to be replaced. J'Marcus Webb also needs to be replaced, but I have a feeling the coaching staff is going to give him more time.
                          2. Defensive Tackle: Tommie Harris is gone, leaving the Bears with Matt Toeaina and a bunch of backups. Even though it isn't as big a need as a left tackle, I think this is the way the Bears will go in the first round.
                          3. Possession Receiver: Devin Hester is good in the slot. And Johnny Knox is continuing to progress, but Jay Cutler needs something more than speedy 6'0 receivers.
                          4. Corner Back: Charles Tillman is still a serviceable corner, but he is quickly slowing down. I watched Hank Baskett (not exactly the fastest receiver in the game) chase him down after an interception after trailing by 15 yards. I actually like D.J. Moore, but the Bears could definitely use a new Nickel Back.
                          5. Interior Linemen: Like I said, I think Chris Williams will be okay at guard. But Robert Garza and Olin Kruetz are nearing the end of the line. I would love to see the Bears grab their replacements in round 4 or 5 and let them sit for a year.
                          6. Outside Linebacker: Briggs and Urlacher are great, but Chicago really needs another guy on the outside. Even though this isn't the biggest need, it would not shock me to see the Bears draft a guy like Akeem Ayers in round one if he happens to fall that far.

                          Originally posted by SolidGold
                          Originally posted by Monomach
                          Brilliant letting one of Scott Pioli's henchmen have his own team to ruin.  One of the premier GM jobs in the NFL and it gets handed to a stupid **** who makes three facepalm moves for every good one.  Awesome.  Just like handing a new Mercedes to a 16 year old girl who's already been in three wrecks. 


                          • Lions haven't been updated in a couple months, and I have differing opinions than many...

                            #1) OLB
                            Many think Levy can or should move outside, but there aren't exactly any phenomenal MLB prospects this year, and the coaches love Levy's ability to direct the defense on the field. They have NO desire to move him if they don't have to. The coaching staff is looking for a particular type of OLB. Schwartz recently stated they want to run a scheme where the don't have a "weak" and "strong" side because they don't want the balance of the LOS to dictate the coverages and looks we run. They are looking for what essentially amounts to two SAM-type LBs on both sides of the field.

                            Peterson and Follett fit the mold, but Peterson is long gone after bailing on the locker room to save himself for FA, and Follett wasn't doing very well against the pass before his injury. Now he may not even be able to play the run that well anymore. Palmer showed the necessary aggression late ini the season, but it remains to be seen if he can pull it all together. The coaches appear to love Johnson's consistency and Carpenter's potential, but both made all their tackles downfield and showed little aggression to make impact plays. I'd love to see us draft two of these, but my gut tells me we'll only get one.
                            #2) CB
                            I feel this is less of a need than most people do, but that only assumes Houston returns. Houston and Smith are both #2 CBs but are perfectly fine as the starters if our OLBs were better at keeping QBs from throwing the underneath stuff. All year QBs could just dump it off to the drags or checkdowns when the pass rush got in their face, and since oftentimes those hot reads were WRs our CBs got the bad rep. But the true culprits were poor LB play. Nobody was worried about dumping the ball off and failing to get the first down.

                            When they did test Smith, he picked off 5 passes, and Houston wasn't tested hardly all year, which meant he was being respected. So if Houston returned we don't *NEED* a CB, but we still don't have a true #1, so if we have the chance to get one we have to. I believe Mayhew let Houston go to FA because of this. Not only did Houston desire to be a FA, Mayhew was willing to let him in case they had a shot at Peterson or Amukamara. If we have the chance to pick one of them up, we will, and we'll let Houston walk whenever FA starts. We have solid depth, to be honest. Vasher will make an excellent NB and Berry really made a big impression in his short time on the field.
                            #3) 3rd WR
                            We had horrible production from our supposed #3 WRs, who I'm not actually certain were ever on the field. Typically you expect a #3 to be a slot guy, but that's not what the coaches want. They want to use Burleson in the slot when we go three-wide, so they'll be looking for a legit edge guy who can stretch the secondary and give Burleson, Best, and Pettigrew/Scheffler room to move underneath. They'll essentially be looking for what normally counts as a #2 WR on most teams. If Julio Jones makes it out of the top 10 we very well may take him.
                            #4) Interior OL
                            Sims played very well, Raiola was his normal self [which is far better than most fans are willing to give him credit for], and Peterman played terribly while he was hurt. But as he finally healed in the last third of the season, our running game came to life and then we won 4 straight games. The OL finally coming together and playing as a unit was a big part of that, and that was without Cherilus.

                            The reason this is a need is because we have never had anyone to push Raiola and Peterman, and we have never had a legit backup at C. We *HAVE* to get a guy who can backup Raiola while pushing Peterman for playing time. So that means we need a guy with some serious skills, not just some development player.
                            #5) Versatile DL
                            This one was tough a couple months ago because another S to compete with Spievey was a big need, but then we signed Coleman. That's a big signing and takes us completely of needing one. That bumps up the need to keep the DL infused with talent. Mayhew and Co. are clearly trying to dominate the LOS like the Giants used to / sometimes still do. Avril, LoJack, and Young give us all we need for pure DE, and both Williams and Hill do the same at DE. We need a guy who can play inside and out on any down and add to the rotational dominance no matter what down it is. He would replace Fluellen on the roster. Early guys like Cameron Jordan and J.J. Watt would be perfect, and later guys like Cedric Thornton would also.


                            • Saints
                              1 Defensive end
                              2 Weakside linebacker
                              3 Defensive Tackle (nose)
                              4 Strongside linebacker

                              5 Interior OLine depth
                              6 Tight End depth
                              7 Safety depth

                              8 Running back
                              9 kick returner

                              Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                              - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                              - Corner or Wideout in the first
                              - No reaching
                              - No Kelvin Benjamin


                              • Originally posted by CheeseKnuckles View Post

                                1. C/OG (Stephen Wisniewski or Pouncey Hopefully)
                                2. WR ( Randall Cobb, Titus Young, Hankerson, Dwayne Harris, Doss, Little)
                                3. CB/OLB
                                4. OT
                                5. DE/DT
                                6. MLB
                                7. CB/KR/PR, WR/KR/PR
                                Center Scott Wells was fantastic in 2010 and is a lynchpin on that OL.
                                The team, staff, like LG Daryn Colledge a lot more than the Packer fans do, as is the case with Wells.

                                The Packers brass apparently really likes 23-year old Nick McDonald, from Grand Valley State. He might be counted on to be the LG if they let Colledge walk, which they don't want to. Also, TJ Lang might be capable of transitioning FT to LG.

                                Everyone agrees that another OT is needed soon for the aging Clifton, although Marshall Marshall Marshall Newhouse has some potential there. But he too might be best off at guard. That's why I don't even pencil guard or center as a top-6 need for this team.

                                Pure tackles.... draft two of them.



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